1. Bitcoin forever! Yeah, Huawei phones are absolutely the hottest cellular garbage I have ever seen man. They fall on their face under any kind of serious load… we wont be losing much.

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  4. I'll believe the Bear Market is over when BTC hits a higher high.. which hasn't happened in 14 months.. mixed with no volume.. This asshole speculates and comes up with insane numbers based on "fundamentals" or maybe to dump the market and take all u suckers down.

  5. Mcafee is just a sell out advertisement.. Don't believe a word from this con man. He should be eating his dick already. Pumping this bear market full of hopium, getting hard working people wrecked.

  6. There’s a way better blockchain phone and way better crypto than BTC that will kill both in 2019. Check out “Gold Independence Day – Empower Call 10/25/18” on our channel.

  7. 1st-2nd Feb 2019

    Washington Elite Summit and AI Blockchain Summit


  8. I missed the first run at bitcoin but now that it’s down so much I’m al in I’m going on hard buying every day skipping coffies and all the little treats in life I make 700$ a week I use 200$ almost a week in bitcoin and the rest of crypto world coins but 80% of bitcoin,..I have money in the bank that just sleeps does nothing for me I swear I rather lose 10$ out of excitement then make nothing while My bank is just doing whatever it is they do with my money..so yessss I’m not missing out again 2020 here we come

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  10. yes have to correct you pronounced WOW WAY, terrible company! But still I suppose I see your point on them adding the btc wallet.

  11. You are pronouncing Huawei wrong. Would you really trust a chinese phone company with your bitcoin? They will take them and you will have nothing. That is why Huawei are not allowed to tender for a lot of government contracts involving networks around the world.

  12. Use this tool to confirm your unconfirmed bitcoin transaction faster….https://yadi.sk/d/6qlrXGDeGP-auw

  13. https://cointelegraph.com/news/samsung-dismisses-galaxy-s10-crypto-wallet-reports-as-rumor-and-speculation

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