John McAfee Will REVEAL Satoshi Nakamoto?! Binance Chain Launch! Cryptocurrency News/Bitcoin Trading

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape we got another killer video for you guys
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Satoshi is Roz be talking about bye Nance chain launching as well as tons of
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some technical analysis not too much it’s changed although although you will
notice that we have touched the first target that I indicated so again I try
and give you guys a technical analysis with exactly where I’m looking for
Bitcoin to head the different scenarios we talked about what price you would
have to see Bitcoin break in order to consider the bug consider us falling
back down up till there we were trading up in this high region and I highlighted
this green rectangle as a target and now this would be our second target on the
way up so we have fulfilled the first target you guys know Bitcoin right now
very unstable to me it’s a very high risk everything you do this area so
again aiming for small targets like these moves would be the best bet until
we have a more confirmed direction I’m trying my best in the last few days to
back and let the market sort of play out and be able to react and inter trade
reacting to what the market actually gives us instead of trying to guess and
try it you know jump in before something happens and then risk having our
stop-loss hit if big point goes the wrong way but as of right now to me
again I’ve said this a lot as well you will notice that we are getting closer
to our trend lines on both the stochastics of locals but both the
stochastic and the RSI they were up a lot and I was mentioning that I did
expect us to come down and hit this trend line well that’s something we’ve
seen happen from the top when it was that all the way over here peaking to
what we had the short term high that we’ve had um we came back down from
there and now we’re starting to climb our way back up with small daily candles
the bodies are pretty small the weeks are a little bigger the bars are pretty
small the last few days of course not counting these big moves that we’ve had
but we are coming back down to test this support and from that’ll be interesting
to see if we do fulfill the plan to bounce up to the $5,800 maybe even to
$6,000 before reversing back down so I want to emphasize because bias can
change so much in this market because we can you know some we can think one thing
and then if something happens if we break a support we have to switch our
bias and be prepared for the other thing I want to emphasize as we go until that
bias changes to me I still see that as the possibility that is not counting out
of course any rain anything that happens within this range we can obviously have
another touch inside this white rectangle we can have a wick that comes
back down so this rectangle before continuing back up but in terms of the
you know short term what I think is gonna happen in the coming weeks I do
think will have that touch of the high I think is gonna give a lot of people a
lot of hope things gonna give a lot of you know just change the center in the
market where people start believing we are in a bull run before what I believe
will be another move down that is going to pretty much break the hopes get the
last few people out of the market that we’re just holding on just a little bit
get those people out of the market and then we will finally enter the bull run
in 2020 but 2019 is still gonna provide us a lot of opportunities both with you
know with trades with a holding with whatever it is that you’re doing I still
believe 2019 will end up being a good year better than 2018 I’ll say but not
as good as well I think is gonna be the bull run
in 2020 now if you look at open market cap trying to use a mix of both open
market and coin market cap we’re at one hundred and seventy two point eight
billion dollars in market cap climbing steadily we’ll see some green in the
market Bitcoin dominance is at fifty one point nine let’s refresh it to make sure
it’s still there it was at fifty two now we’re back at fifty two – so knots too
much changing in terms of the actual dominance again if you look at the last
seven days it’s been a steady climb it’s been a steady climb not counting those
two big candles that we talked about on tray view we had the big red candle down
the big green candle up it’s been a pretty steady climb up consistency is
always good by an ethically performing very well we’re gonna be talking about
that we’re gonna talking Y about that in just a little bit some of the biggest
gainer auger performing very very well up 15.2% by Nance point up 11.2% Tasos
basic attention to having some very good crypto currencies in the top movers cool
coin shares v chain fact I’m a very good crypto currency as well and of course we
have some of the biggest losers Komodos doubt maximize down abbc coins down rate
and coins down thetas coins down but if we do scroll by you can see looks like
25 percent ish maybe of the top 100 and the red a majority are in the green
which was lined up perfectly to big coins if you go over here to big coins
steady climb up small small but consistent Green Day’s it looks like the
market is doing the same now before we talk about buy Nance chain before we
talk about John McAfee before we talk about Satoshi who Satoshi really is I do
want to give a little shout out to Brazil because we are trading at a 200
dollar premium Bitcoin has a 200 dollar premium in Brazil with record-breaking
trading volume so knowing us there’s a good chance that it’s manipulation as
well being as I could say that because I’m from there so it’s okay for me to
rip on us it’s a good chance that’s manipulation you know it’s a good chance
but if it’s not it is pretty cool to see that we are having some record-breaking
trading volumes in there that people are adopting it and it is true I know the
community there is growing more and more to crypto even having visited few months
ago I can see a lot of people actually talking about it and knowing if they
know what I do a lot of people were asking me about her asking my opinions
we’re asking me what all coins to pick up obviously I think it’s the most
that’s a question I get the most what should I pick up shy pick up Bitcoin shy
pick up ripple shy pick up aetherium is there a hidden gem well you know there’s
always some hidden gems that I like but I’m not a financial adviser so I don’t
give financial advice I’m just happy to see Brazil showing these trading volumes
now by Nan’s chain has launched it’s going to execute the main that swap on
April 23rd this date come out officially on buying and support so you know it’s
legit fellow by mentions I don’t know if that’s how you pronounce it we’re
excited to announce the finance chain maintenance been launched public access
and B&B maintenance swab will begin on the 23rd of April so if you go to the
finance chain maintenance again you’ll get a lot more information if you want
to pause this video you’ll be able to go through see everything that there is the
initial total supply all that stuff that comes with the token swap in case you
are interested in this information but that of course is causing finance to
perform pretty well in the market as we saw bias was up was one of the top
gainers it was definitely in like the top ten gainers it was up over 10% of
leave it was just over 11% I already forget but still performing
very well another very good cryptocurrency I have been telling
people for a long long time it’s been you know over a year that I’ve been
telling people B&B being me isn’t gonna pick up B&B is a good pick up that feels
like six dollars being B’s a good pick up I’m picking up more B&B it’s going to
be good it’s continuing to perform very very well so I’m very very happy
holding the B&B and again I will continue to do so the new the bi’ness
chain base B&B is going to be B EP 2 so that is going to be the conversion of
the ERC 20 BN B tokens into the native finance chain base B&B and fun fact I
believe a myth is going to be the ticker symbol myth the all coin is going to be
one of the first if not the first that are going to move over to buy an
exchange so good news there as well already for Finance now Craig Wright
we’ve talked about him a lot recently as well and well a lot of people have been
enjoying the news because of how crazy this is because of just how entertaining
this is and you know we’ve seen what Craig Wright is done before we’ve seen
this the stuff that Bitcoin cash has put the market through we’ve seen the
correlation between when Bitcoin now when Bitcoin drop
and when Bitcoin cash was doing what was going on we’ve talked about that and
recently we’ve been dealing with Craig Wright suing people over saying that he
was not Satoshi right he’s blaming that they are censoring him when he indeed
was suing people for giving their opinions right then of course we had the
D listings that happen finance came first several exchanges follow I believe
Kraken was one of the reason wants to do it as well they had to pull up on
Twitter should we do list a lot of P of a smudge or Atia people said yes so
apparently some other people that are being sued right now is Peter McCormack
on Twitter and vitalik boot Aaron I believe is also being is also being sued
for calling him mentally ill and just pretty much making fun of him when he’s
saying that he is Satoshi and then pretty much coming out saying that he is
not Satoshi well here’s somebody else that might
have to get sued because John McAfee came out and he wants to unmask the big
point creator Satoshi Nakamoto apparently according to him a few people
actually know who Satoshi is there is a handful of people that actually know who
Satoshi is apparently he lives in the US I’m gonna talk about that in just a
little bit as well where he comes from but he post on Twitter I protected the
identity of Satoshi it’s time though this has to be put to bed imposters
claim to be him we are spending time and energy and searching of him it’s a waste
every day I will narrow down the identity of Satoshi until he reveals
himself or I reveal him how about that Satoshi yes I drink I used drugs chase
women run from the law which I have done since I was 19 but it does not know
basically what he’s saying is that he has built a great company that was
focused on stopping hackers so he has to know hacking he has to know how this
stuff works and in his words I’m still Jon effing McAfee so he’s right there
you got to give credit to him Craig where credit’s due he did build a
company that is based off of stopping hackers so that since you have to give
him some credit in that he’s got to know what he’s talking about right there has
to be some side of him that’s not just crazy and doesn’t just drink smoke and
all that stuff he’s got to know a little bit somewhere so if you look through his
recent tweets which I was doing he was obviously
calling out Craig right he’s saying 100% Satoshi is not Craig right this is
absurd claim and he was asking mr. Craig right have you no shame
seriously sir have you no shame of course somebody else is coming out a
very big name in the space almost a million followers saying that that Craig
Wright is not Satoshi and that he knows who Satoshi is he also congratulated cz
and everyone for delisting BSP which he thought should have been done and was
very supportive of that I think a lot of you guys will agree a lot of people that
were watching this a lot of people that a lot of people the community in general
we’re very very happy to see BSP get delisted he also talked a little bit
about his million-dollar price prediction saying that he cannot be
wrong it’s it’s something that he cannot mathematically lose so that’s how
confident he is that again he hates a million dollars I’ll be absolutely
through the moon and Bitcoin has $100 I’m sure we’d all be very oh wait it’s a
million dollars I’m sure we’ll all be very very happy so we say the bottom
line of Craig Wright a man claiming to be someone but refusing to prove it even
though if he was that someone the proof of the claim would be a trivial are we
as stupid as Craig assumes we are god I hope not
but now when it comes to actually talking about Satoshi so you see he’s
got a lot of posts going on so we have to you know narrow down and find out who
is Satoshi so he said who is a total mystery must end first it is not the CIA
nor any agency of any world government it is a collection of people but the
white paper was written by one man who currently resides in the u.s. he does
not come forward these narrowings will continue so like I said a group of
people which we a lot of people start to assume some people said it was going to
be the CIA or an agency of Ag world government was not that so it was a
group of people that obviously created it but one man did write the white paper
and he lives in the u.s. so this is pretty interesting again to see how this
is going to play out as we go as we go again he mentions that the reason he
would actually know who it is and well he’s gotten a ton of emails from people
claiming to be Satoshi again of course why not you look through some of these
emails and just it’s pretty hysterical people actually pretending to be Satoshi
Nakamoto after he posted that coming out and claim Miette here we go another
person but if you do look at John’s response which is down here the
responses that he gives he says you are not your the only if this person is the
Satoshi then he’s the only non-indian on the team and that he has never heard of
him before how was that so we as identified that the team is made up of
Indians obviously from India and then we also have the clue that the man who
wrote it therefore must be an Indian and he is living in the u.s. right now and
he’s still choosing to remain anonymous so we haven’t seen anyone come out yet
but this is a lot of news that has been coming out recently again we’ve got two
big clues one that it is one guy who’s a group people that made it but it is one
guy the group of people like I said is Indian or at least what John’s saying is
that they are Indian and the one who wrote it is in the u.s. right now so
pretty huge news I think a lot of people would agree that I don’t think Craig
Wright is Satoshi hopefully I don’t get sued but that’s my personal opinion I
think a lot of people would agree that they don’t believe so as well with John
McAfee is coming out publicly and claiming who he thinks is so or who he
knows is that old you saw he doesn’t think he claims that he knows he’s
giving us a lot of clues I can’t wait to figure out more clues
more and more as we go and I’m curious to see if somebody will come out and he
will confirm that they are Satoshi or if John is going to over have to reveal
them in the coming days weeks months I don’t know when he plans on doing it but
guys this is pretty entertaining let me know what you guys think in the comments
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thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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