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♪♪ Friedman:
He’s one of the most notorious cybersecurity entrepreneurs
in the world who made millions
off of his antivirus software. In 2012,
amid allegations of murder, he fled his then home of Belize
to Guatemala where he faked a heart attack
to avoid deportation. He eventually made his way
back into the U.S. and rose to prominence
once again as a 2016 Libertarian
presidential candidate. To this day, he remains
a controversial figure, and he’s here with me now. John McCafe? McAfee.
But that doesn’t matter. McAfee. For people watching at home
in their mothers’ basements, they don’t necessarily see
that you have… Can I reveal that you have
security guards? Of course, absolutely. So you have… Everybody knows it. …one, two,
three gentlemen. Actually four
if Jimmy is here. Do you fear death? [ Laughs ]
No, not at all. Despite the military presence
surrounding you? Yeah, but that doesn’t mean
I fear it. That simply means I choose not to voluntarily
wander into it. Let’s talk about
McAfee 2.0. What’s that? You now. I would call it 400.0
or something. I mean,
I have reinvented myself, but you can call it two. That’s fine. That would be
the newsman’s perspective. Newsperson. Newsperson? What does that mean? Women also
work in the news, so “newsman”
is kind of reductive. I know, but listen. You need to cut me
just a little slack because, number 1,
I am 72. You don’t look it. You look like
you’re in your mid-40s. Why, thank you so much. Oh, well, gosh,
in that case…[Laughs] …well, I’m going to call it
newslady. Well,
that’s also condescending. But, newsperson —
you’re right. You know why? It’s an extra [Bleep]
syllable. Too much effort to make
52% of a population see themselves
in an aspirational way. All right.
Please, I apologize. You’re putting me down
tremendously well, and I admire
your intelligence and drive. Um, you recently announced that you are running
for president in 2020. Yes. Why? I ran in 2016. I didn’t succeed to the level
that I desired. For those who don’t know, what is a libertarian other than a white guy too cheap
to pay for birth control? [ Laughs ] A libertarian. You are a free individual, free to do and think
and believe as you choose. In 2016,
you lost to Gary Johnson. Yes. How did that feel
to lose the unpopular vote? It didn’t feel like
anything. I had a good nine months
of national attention, because really that’s all
that matters to me. Did you think Trump
was going to be president? Yes, I hoped he was, actually,
because the alternative was not very palatable
to me… Did you think he — …and I will not
tell you why because it will implicate me
in horrific situations. Sounds like
you’re asking me to inquire, but I’m not going to. I am. I am actually, because I’m not sure
I’m going to say it or not. Do you understand? Well, it sounds like you’re egging me on
to ask you. I am. I am. I want to respect
your privacy. I am, actually, because I’m not sure
I will say it. I’ve never said it ever,
ever. Well,
if you want me to… Not in six [Bleep] years
since I left Belize have I ever stated why. Do you want to? Absolutely. Okay, well, then,
you’re welcome to — Okay, so, when I went on the run
in Belize, I had friends
in the U.S. Embassy in Belize. I knew what was coming down.
I’m not stupid. I had arranged for
the head of security, I was going to come in. He said, “Sir, we have it
from the highest authority we are not to allow you entry
into the U.S. Embassy.” Understand me. Who was the highest authority
in the State Department? Hillary Clinton. I’m an American citizen with a [Bleep]
American passport. I’m sorry.
I’m not wanted in America. I’ve got no crimes
in America. Is it not reason to say, “I don’t think
I’m going to vote for you”? And yet you’re here now. For a month and a half,
I was on the run. The reason that the government
wanted to collect me was that after they had
raided my property in 2012 in the jungle, shot my dog, abused me, destroyed a half-million dollars
worth of my property over a bogus charge, I was pissed off. And, so, I donated
to many secretaries within the government laptop computers,
really nice ones that were preloaded
with viral spyware. Within a week, the entire
government computer system was under my control. I was watching,
monitoring, listening. I was looking for information that they had set me up
for that raid. I didn’t find that. I did find out that the
Minister of National Defense was the largest drug trafficker
in all of Central America, and the
Minister of Immigration, the largest
human trafficker. We don’t want to get
killed by them either, so we’re probably
not going to air that. You’re not going to —
That’s fine. That’s fine. Friedman:
It was getting a little hot in John McAfee’s compound, so we decided
to step outside. Cheers. To you. To you. Let’s get into Bitcoin. Okay. Explain Bitcoin to me
in terms you would use if it were real. It is real. You tweeted that if the price of Bitcoin doesn’t go to $1 million
by 2020… I will eat my member,
yes. …you will eat
your own [Bleep] Eat my [Bleep] Now, I may choose the mode. If I choose to get
a Bangkok prostitute and ask her,
would you please eat my [Bleep] over the next 5 years,
that’s fine. But that’s different
than eating your own [Bleep] Is it, now? Because if
a Bangkok prostitute ate your [Bleep], you wouldn’t be eating
your own [Bleep] Do I not have the privilege of subordinating my task
to a subordinate? To someone who doesn’t know
a lot about Bitcoin… Yes. …it sounds like you,
John McAfee, want to eat
your own [Bleep] Eating my [Bleep] is not something
that is difficult. For me eating it, I have no interest
in doing that. So it isn’t that you,
John McAfee, want to eat
your own [Bleep] It’s that you believe
in the power of Bitcoin so much so that you’ll put your [Bleep]
on the table, chop it up, put it in your mouth,
swallow, if Bitcoin does not — Absolutely. If it doesn’t reach
at least a million dollars by the end of 2020. What if, God forbid,
you get prostate cancer, have to remove
your [Bleep] anyway… Well, then I won’t be able
to eat it, will I? Well, you can have
the surgeon put it aside, and then you can eat it,
but either way — I don’t think that people would expect me to eat
a 2-year-old dead [Bleep] I’m sorry. If John McAfee
is to eat a [Bleep]… Yes. …it’s going to be
the freshest [Bleep] right away. And eat it raw
like I eat sushi. Farm to table,
[Bleep] to mouth. Farm to table
and [Bleep] to mouth. If you could murder
someone…else, who would it be and why? It would be
the entire leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel. Off the record…. …did you kill your neighbor
in Belize? I did not. Why don’t we take
a bathroom break? Keep your mic on. Feel free to… [ Laughing ] “Keep your mic on so that we can hear you
while you’re in the bathroom talking to your wife
about murdering everybody, including all the people
here on this set.” Right, no.
That was funny. I’m sorry.
That was a joke. It’s so funny
if you didn’t all have guns. If I had done this
so many times, do you think
that I would forget that I am wired and mic’d and I’m going to say something while
I’m in the bathroom? Please, God. [ Laughs ] I’m sorry.
But go ahead. Let’s say
I’m a female voter. I’m fed up with both the Democrats
and the Republicans. I don’t know you’re wanted
for murder in Belize. How do you win my vote? Well, first of all,
I would tell you I fled Belize because they were wanting
to collect me for a person of interest. That’s all. A person of interest. But I’m not a politician, and I don’t have to be one. I’m just a human being
running for president. What are your thoughts
on the Me Too movement? The Me Too movement? Do you believe that
alleged victims of assault should be believed? Let me tell you
about assault. I have been assaulted more than any man
on this [Bleep] planet that’s still alive. Do I complain? [Bleep] no. So that’s a no? You share many qualities
with President Trump. You’re both
iconic American brands. You both have been accused
of sexual assault. And you both
have been rumored to engage in sex play
with bodily waste. Why should Americans
vote for you? Well, obviously, forcibly forcing myself
on someone, that would be an issue. That’s absolutely untrue. As to the rest,
what I do sexually, please God,
is that not my business? Your body, your choice. It’s my body, my choice. The nomination — Why do you keep
touching your gun? No, I’m sorry,
I always do that. Does that concern you? Yeah. Why? No, please. No, no, I’m sorry because my hand
goes there. Everything okay?
You guys are cool? -Everything’s good.
-All right. If these guys are not cool,
we’re all in trouble. -[ Laughs ]
-Okay. -We’re still rolling.
-Okay, hypothetically, please don’t shoot… They never do. …what would the hand signal be
if you were in trouble? It would be, like… No. …this, okay. Okay. All right. So, if we’re in trouble,
I’m part of them. Okay. I am not letting
these bastards take all the heat. Why?
I’m one additional guard. Do you think — Now, please don’t
pull out your firearm again without telling me. I won’t. Yes, ma’am.
I’m sorry. Do you think that you should
have a firearm on you while you’re drinking? Yes, I do. Okay. Women get shit on a lot
in our culture. You know what that’s like. I do. I think you would make
a better president than Donald Trump. Okay. Narrator: John McAfee
is a Washington outsider who’s tired of
politics as usual, a tech entrepreneur,
alleged murderer, and businessman who might not
grab you by the pussy. If you’re a woman thinking about voting
for Donald Trump in 2020, think again. Women get shit on
a lot in our culture, and I know
what that tastes like. John? McAfee: Yes. That was beautiful. Yes. I’d like it again
a little softer, and I’d also like you
to mention that you’re pro-choice. Right. McAfee: This is actually going
way better than I thought. I don’t think these people
are trying to [Bleep] us. I don’t. I think that they’re truly
going to do one of the greatest
documentaries. Let me warm this up. [ Microwave beeps, turns on ] And this is
Turner Broadcasting. I mean, this is huge, hundreds of millions
of viewers. Now, this is
some big [Bleep] here.

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