what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from the tech cash house hope all of you are having a good one as always folks and welcome back the weather outside is beautiful and it's time for a nother video so with that being said folks if you do like this video because in today's video I'll be discussing an opinion from John McAfee which really you know seems easy to overlook but it's very very reasonable okay this opinion is very good at kind of showing us what we can expect to see at least to a certain degree in the future from Bitcoin and it's something that I've been touting for a very long time it's something that I've referenced several times in the past and really it's very important okay so with that being said folks if you do like the video do go ahead drop it'll like subscribe and share from where those things help the channel out a ton and they are greatly appreciated also if you want to john mcafee bitcoin shirt check out the merch link right below the video but anyway guys with that being said let's see if we can get mr. John McAfee to 150 likes 5,000 views and share it with your bunnies you know your friends would probably really appreciate this okay so why exactly am I saying that this thing that you know both John McAfee and myself have talked about is going to push Bitcoin upward to prices of roughly 50 grand okay 50 grand right now seems pretty lofty you know however we are breaking price points at a pretty decent clip now and the price has been pretty stable for a while so definitely no complaints about that on my part but that being said why exactly is this still very possible why is this something that really could come to fruition in just a short while well here's the thing okay technology always moves on technology is kind of an unstoppable force and really if you look at the last several hundred years alone in human development technology has come extremely extremely Pharr okay even in the past two decades technology has advanced any much faster rate than we've really ever seen in recorded history okay despite you know maybe some advancements made by the Sumerians or something four thousand years ago technology now is really growing extremely quickly and you know we cannot deny that technology is an integral part of our lives as humans technology plays a massive massive role in our existence and that is really something that we can expect to see grow going into the future so here's why that's important okay and this is something like I said that I have touted in the past technology is going to continue to grow not only in you know automotive industries not only in manufacturing not only in other areas as well but it's going to keep growing you know in many different areas such as financial sectors okay and we have seen that even in the past couple of decades with debit cards with credit cards with electronic payments okay with transacting between peers being easier than ever and that should kind of tip us off you know that really just looking at these developments with a payments especially looking at things like we chant in China which is huge over there payments are huge and they're becoming just as big in the United States these things really show us that new technologies in relation to the financial sector are big ok these things have the potential to impact our lives in ways that really people don't even think about yet ok the changes that we're going to see in the financial industry over the next several years right now are really kind of incomprehensible we don't exactly know what's going to happen but here is what we know here's what I know ok as someone who is research crypto for many many years over half a decade and a soin who's been involved in the standard financial industry for many years even over a decade ok I can really see here that this technology ie payments and other forms of financial transaction that are coming to the fore as of right now are going to fit perfectly hand-in-hand okay with current cryptocurrencies as we know them right now okay so what I'm saying here basically is right now as cryptocurrencies exist they are good enough to lead us into the financial future and they're only growing in they're only developing more and more and that's something that we all really need to understand okay cryptocurrencies as we know them are growing still right now they are good enough for us to use they're good enough to form the backbone of our financial systems if implemented properly but as McAfee says in a tweet that I'm going to read in just a minute they're still growing okay and technology is going to push through any sort of hang-ups that we might experience Bitcoin right now is still doing pretty darn well despite the fact that in 2018 it had a really rough year okay so it's in no way dead it's really in no way slowing down and things are only improving so what exactly did John McAfee have to say here okay well he actually said and I quote you say the world's powers will stop Bitcoin impossible new technologies always win all deal after in the world plus a huge war with the most powerful industry in the world at the time the railroads did not stop the Model T from assuring in the age of automobiles okay and what he is essentially saying here this is a really great tweet in my opinion okay because what he's really saying is despite all of these setbacks you know that new innovations experience when it comes to pushback from the large industries that currently prevail new technologies end up taking over it's only a matter of time okay think about electric vehicles think about Tesla okay think about Tesla versus Big Oil big oil companies don't want electric cars to become mainstream Tesla looked at that and they said you know we know that's going to be difficult going forward we know that they're going to be setbacks we know that we will face you know tough times and there will be times where our company struggles but Tesla Elon Musk you know everyone involved in that company is still pushing through and they're becoming more profitable than ever okay the Model T and trains that's a great example presented by McAfee okay trains in the big Train industries laughed and automobiles okay but automobiles now are huge all across the world so we're going to see the same thing in the financial industry okay big banks big financial groups right now look at pic point and they look at the passion in the cryptocurrency community and they laugh okay they laugh because they don't take it seriously yet but at the same time these big banks and organizations are secretly getting involved in crypto okay they're very hypocritical they want to get in and make money on their own terms they don't want the common people like you and I to really succeed all right that is what the Bears really don't want you to know okay but we all need to realize that these innovations are coming they're going to be strong okay these innovations will change the world and cryptocurrencies will go hand in hand with these standard financial systems to make big waves okay it's going to happen and it could result in $50,000 prices or more very soon that's not unreasonable okay so that is the point that I really want to make from this video you know the financial systems of the world right now might laugh at crypto developments and might say you know this isn't going to go anywhere it's done for and really we need to look to the past to understand our future okay so anyway guys hope you enjoyed and learned something if you did drop the video and like do subscribe and share from worke give me your opinions and let's get serious okay let's defend crypto because it is a great thing all right I'll see all of you in the next one have a good on folks and adios


  1. Oh my god painful to watch. Never heard someone talk so much and not say anything of value, you could make this video 1 minute.

  2. I believe we have reached the bottom. And they the price has been manipulated for as long as possible but just like a football held under water it will always come back up.

    The market had been flooded with institutional money (through the back door) for some time also. After that is mass adoption.

    It will be one hell of a ride, just waiting for the golden cross. Make sure you all set your stop loss when in profit to maximise on any drops.

  3. Ok, give me some new mining technology, some new improvements to blockchain, an example of a "big bank". Otherwise, this was just a rehash of pro-crypto talking points that aren't exactly WRONG, but in no way evidence that BTC is going to 50k in the next few months.

  4. nice video . has anyone else seen the generous givea​way. more info is at: … got myself 3.0 Bitc​oin

  5. So John Mcafee points out that technology grows quickly therefore BTC will hit 50K by the end of the year, is that seriously the argument your making?

  6. Sorry but this was awful, you were speaking about the general market of crypto and nothing around why $50k in months.

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