what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from the tech cash shells as always guys open all of your having an awesome one now in today's video I want to go ahead and cover another John McAfee opinion that revolves around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being revolutionary not simply because of their trading values that's right not because they trade in a certain range or they're worth X number of dollars but because of the future potential that they represent for the ever changing economic markets now with that being said folks this is something that I've touched on lightly before but I want to go ahead and bring John to Candy's opinion kind of into the fold because it is really a pretty good one when you go ahead and break it down discuss it and let all of you know what I think about this so anyway guys with all of that being said I will be covering mr. McAfee's opinion talking a bit about the value of Bitcoin over time versus the inter day trading ranges and up a couple of other things as well so as always folks if you liked the video go ahead do drop it a like to do subscribe and share for more listings all the channel out eight fun and let's go ahead and go for two hundred and fifty likes for mr. John McAfee and five a thousand views now with that being said folks I say this time and time again unless you're trading Bitcoin every single day you don't necessarily need to worry about what the price is at during the immediate time that you're thinking about it say for example you look at bitcoins price every five minutes that's going to wear you down because the price changes all the time and Bitcoin doesn't stop trading on weekends or holidays or overnight or anything like that it is constantly being traded constantly being moved around and for that reason if you follow it too closely that can really get you in a state of fatigue and you don't want to get burned out when you're investing in something getting burned out is possibly the worst thing that you can do because if you log in every single day and you see Bitcoin fluctuating back and forth and you Ord you're watching the price moving all over the place that's gonna freak you out okay nobody likes that nobody really likes to endure that unless you're trading pretty regularly which isn't something that you know is necessarily bad people trade regularly and that's totally fine but if you're an investor that's buying and holding long term and really hoping to turn your Bitcoin into a very lucrative asset checking too frequently is really not in your best interest you want to go ahead and check when you can maybe once a week or once a month if you're really focused on hot Erling long term but you don't want to excessively check price now checking news is totally fine being informed that's honestly a good thing in my opinion you know listening to experts that in my opinion is a good way to keep yourself informed and basically knowledgeable but checking price charts every five minutes not necessarily the best thing you can do okay remaining calm and relaxing is awesome okay and it's something that more of us need to learn how to do now myself included you know sometimes I check the coins price a bit too compulsively and honestly guys it's not necessarily good for me when I do but what I really like to think of is I really like to think about the far-flung future the coin is only ten years old if it is ten okay it has come so far in so little time okay it is absolutely revolutionized the financial sphere in a very limited length of time and for that reason it is bound to continue to have a fairly significant impact going into the future so that's one thing that's definitely important to consider okay we are looking at a big change in terms of finances in terms of transacting and that's something that's really going to really you know change the way that we use money checking the charts every five minutes isn't necessarily going to make that million-dollar price of Bitcoin come any sooner I am of course a fairly long-term trader I am someone who does trade uh somewhat regularly with Bitcoin on a decently regular basis but recently I've been accumulating more I used to do a lot more in and out trading that was kind of how I made more money with it but as of late I've just been kind of steady and I've been holding on and that's always a good thing to practice as well and that's pretty much what McAfee is saying in this tweet that I'm gonna go ahead and read fried you let me know what you guys think about McAfee is he nuts does he know what he's talking about let me know as always in the comments section and let's see what exactly he's saying so McAfee said in a recent tweet and I quote traders view the crypto trading market as the gauge of a coins value this is a fallacy true value comes from the market of goods and services exchanged through crypto the influence of this market will soon outweigh the market on which we now depend change is coming so in other words what he is basically saying is too many people put too much emphasis and too much value on the current trading of cryptocurrency or basically on what the market is doing any given minute like I already said so like he says traders view the crypto trading market as a gauge or as the gauge of a coins value and really what bitcoin is trading at in terms of volume or volatility or price at any given moment isn't necessarily as important he says as the longer term outlook in the future we're going to see a major impact and as he says the influence of this market will soon outweigh the market on which we now depend standard financial markets change is coming so basically he's really reducing this down by saying these standard markets of the world are starting to slowly slip away as crypto gains a lot of dominance and that's something that we've really been able to see coming for a while now remember bitcoin was born from the 2008 financial crisis a time when the US dollar lost a lot of value and housing one of the previously infallible assets that someone could buy took a serious tumble the view of the financial world was basically turned upside down and for that reason it's so fitting that Bitcoin emerged from that market downturn and as one commenter actually comments below the tweet they say those of you in the old school who believe this is a bubble simply have not understood the new mathematics of the blockchain or you did not care enough to try bubbles are mathematically impossible in this new paradigm so our Corrections and all else and what they're saying here for all intents and purposes is that bitcoin is fundamentally different from the financial markets that we've seen crashed so many times in the past yes 2018 was a bad year yes 2018 was rough but we are moving on from those lows we're moving on from those low values and that is so so important to note ok another commenter actually writes Bitcoin has created a new paradigm of unprecedented scale and the backlash against it is also unprecedented bubble scam chip coin scheme and other derogatory czar like get a horse laughingly shouted at new owners of the first automobile people sell your horses I love that tweet also because really it is a good one with any new technology with any new development there will always be backlash against it because people simply do not understand how currencies are changing a similar to so many other technologies currencies are pretty much always evolving ok we really haven't seen one standardized currency other than maybe gold in the history of humankind now that we're in the digital age or as I like to say the age of high high technology we are moving on to bigger and better things yes gold has been used for for the past several thousand years but now we need something new something scalable and something highly transact able and that's basically what McAfee is saying here as well he is saying we need to move on we need to see change and honestly that change is coming very soon a lot of people are worried about kryptos collapsing Kryptos dying honestly guys I say no to all of that well cryptocurrencies in my opinion are very much here to stay I'm not worried about that at all okay think about North Korea they are collecting Bitcoin think about Russia they are quite possibly buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to basically make themselves effective in the world market in the face of tariffs and other restrictions countries countries are buying in that is massive okay that is absolutely massive so this will change the world as we know it I mean the Bitcoin time traveller that I quoted the other day said it would and honestly I think that's pretty darn reasonable so of course guys I want to go ahead and get your opinions on this topic in the comments section below do all of you think that major change is coming and that the world will be mainly you know majorly impacted by cryptocurrencies over anything else let me know what you think in the comments section any comments are welcome please give me your opinions I will see all of you in the next video stick right here at the tech cash house for more have a good one folks and adios


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  2. Emotions are the keyword.

    Profits trigger joy.

    Losses cause discomfort.

    But the discomfort with losses is much greater than the joy with profits.

    Therefore one should not look all too often on the Charts, after one bought something.

    Especially if it is something as volatile as Bitcoin.

  3. The video talked about nothing related to the title. Good job- click bait. Try adding your opinion at the end. Also- LESS McCaffe please. There is so much more in crypto to talk about than u doing 100 videos quoting McCaffe. I’m a fan but you can and u need to do way better.

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