well what is up ladies and gents and welcome back to the 10th cash house for yet another video here today hopeful if you're having a good one in today's video I want to go ahead and yes once again rundown John McAfee's Twitter feed because ok recently he's been talking about his presidential bid at quite a bit now John McAfee if you did not know is running for president of the United States of America and yeah it's gonna be really interesting you know I don't necessarily know if he has the audience behind him to win I do think that it's really cool to see such a Pro crypto candidate running but at the same time John McAfee is a bit of an anarchist and I'm not entirely sure you know if he would if he would win I think would be really interesting if he did I might vote for him you know I'm not entirely sure if I would but I may you know depending on his stance on various things but essentially he is running for president and that's good for a couple of big reasons because like I said before he is still very very Pro crypto and I want to go ahead and reference a tweet that he tweeted out about 19 hours ago which really just reinforces once again his incredibly you know steadfast dance I suppose on Bitcoin and crypto despite you know it you know falling back in terms of price despite it kind of being pulled back in terms of overall valuation market cap he is still extremely bullish all right and he is still defending crypto out there pretty much every single day okay so in a tweet he recently put out a guy named Vlad at Vlad one nine four five two nine three one said tweeting at John McAfee is crypto debt for you or crypto is dead for you question mark very interesting English and McAfee replied absolutely not it's the greatest nasan force in the world today okay so that right there further shows that while John McAfee is running for president you know his presidency is not distracting him from his overall sort of involvement in crypto the crypto space and he is still as involved as he ever has been in the past a lot of people I think are kind of turned off by all the promotion on his page lately for his presidential run and a lot of people think that he's shifting his focus away from crypto I to other things and I mean yeah you've got to focus a lot on a presidential run when you are running for president I mean you can see there's just plain pauses really quick wave pauses – there's an absolute ton of stuff on his page about his presidential run but you know the thing is he is still as bullish as ever and he still knows that crypto will grow and he's still reinforcing that on his page it's not unrealistic though okay he's being positive but he's not being absurd he's basically saying yes I believe that crypto is a force for good I believe that it's a force that's going to change the world and it's going to make a big impact okay but he's not saying you know anything absolutely insane and he's not like just throwing random price predictions out there he's basically reinforcing his prediction and you know just using it as sort of a platform on his run which to me is another significant aspect that we need to consider okay this is going to be one of the first major Pro crypto candidates to run for the president ever okay pretty much of you know in the history of the presidency no one else has been this Pro crypto than John McAfee and John McAfee is once again simply running you know there's no guarantee that he'll become presidents but it's good to see this sort of interest from a candidate you know who's just in and of himself sort of a walking vehicle for the promotion of crypto currency so if he runs if he gets interviews if he does anything he can go ahead and take crypto a bit more mainstream than it currently is and mainstream is the way we need to go okay even if he simply drops the name Bitcoin or drops a couple of other cryptos in a couple of different interviews and is obviously Pro crypto as someone running for president that in and of itself will make a big impact okay people will see that people will realize that there is more of a presence of crypto in the United States and you know people will I think I'll begin to appreciate that okay so basically he hasn't really said much more you know outright about Bitcoin or crypto as of late he's obviously been doing a lot of recruiting and a lot of talking about his you know his um a sort of involvement with the presidential run he he talks about some political things and really you know his crypto postings have been pretty light as of late but you know the one that he recently posted in response to Vlad definitely did catch my eye you know he is still as supportive as he ever has been and he says absolutely not crypto is absolutely not dead it is the greatest asset force in the world today it's not dead and it's only going to get better okay he says it's Nessun he says it's new and that essentially implies that it's very new it's developing it's changing and that you know we will evolve with it as we go along so I don't doubt that McAfee will be taking a lot of donations in cryptocurrency Bitcoin litecoin etherium etc and it's really interesting because he is currently sort of fighting a battle with the IRS and while he's doing that he's also basically running for president it's kind of odd to see the whole thing unfold but you know what we are in a very interesting time you know politically speaking in the United States career politicians are obviously not the only people that can win offices anymore and that's both a good and a bad thing okay you get a lot of people that bring a lot of new things to the table you also get people that are inexperienced you know so really it's just it's it's all up in the air but I like the transparency that he has I like the fact that he does promote crypto and he could make it more mainstream and you know sort of bring it to a greater audience I think that would be extremely extremely beneficial and really only good things could come of that for cryptocurrency you know at least in the United States will this change things on an international level you know maybe if he wants to be elected he could actually implement more widespread crypto policies and basically you know maybe influence foreign policy in regard to crypto currency and money banning a lot of states you know such as China for example have majorly cracked down on crypto currency and have basic restricted everything relating to it you know maybe a pro crypto president like McAfee could have a big impact on that like I said you know there's not a whole lot about Bitcoin right now or crypto and you know on his Twitter feed it is still fun to scroll through and see it and see everything that he has posted I always enjoy it but you know sometimes it's a big bit extreme but um that's McAfee for you right so anyway folks I guess I'll go and wrap the video up there there's not really a whole lot else to see here I did just want to go ahead and bring up that he did say that recently and you know I I I appreciate his on whose politics of time so anyway anyway let me know what all of you think about this as always keep it real cube right here the tech hash house and I have a good one folks will see all of you in the next one keep it real and good bye


  1. how does a accused murderer within a alied country obtain asylum in the U.S. during Obamas presidency with Immunity? interesting enough leave just before the next run with a reason and a platform to take votes away from Trump. At the same time Congress comes to agreement during the SHUTDOWN to investigate crypto to justify this coke heads run?

  2. McAfee is running for President but doesn’t want to win – he even tell people not to vote ? for him !
    He just wants a platform where he can promote issues important to him – crypto privacy freedom –
    #Bitcoin #Apollo #Skycoin

  3. Mcafee doesnt actually want to be president. Hes just using the world stage to inform the public about crypto.

  4. I think he's a bit optomistic but going for President wow is he for real make america crypto?$$ maybe?=+?

  5. The reason he is running for president is to bring awareness to crypto. He has stated this. He does not want you to vote for him.

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