John McAFee + Last Opportunity to invest in Cryptocurrency

Hi guys, this is SH. This is my third Youtube video Have you ever heard of McAfee Software? I’m sure you have heard about it. Who’s the founder? John Mcafee Let’s watch this video. Proof of how John Mcafee looks like 😀 Let’s visit SKRAPS Official website this time. Same person is here, right? Yes. This man is John Mcafee. He’s supporting SKRAPS and he is working as a Senior Strategic Advisor in SKRAPS He’s very smart and I believe he is a genius. Finally, the SKRAPS ICO token sale has finished. and I hope you guys have seen my previous video and participated in SKRAPS. Let’s visit John McAfee’s twitter this time. John Mcafee twitter Let’s check his postings. tweets March 17th. Hey, Alexa. What’s the date today? Alexa: Today is Tuesday, March 20th. See? He made this tweet only three days ago. He will spread SKRAPS all over the world, which will increase the possibility of SKRAPS being listed on Large Exchanges like Binance or Bittrex
(FYI: when John Mcafee mentioned about TRON(TRX) few months ago on twitter, it directly affected the price of TRON and helped them skyrocket!!) Lastly, I think THIS week will be the last opportunity for you to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, and Lite coin in this low, current price. Bitcoin will start to increase with Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Lite coin. They are gonna increase Way more percentage than bitcoin. Cryptocurrency cannot be divided with Blockchain Technology. That’s why the price will skyrocket starting in few days until the end of April. Few countries including Korea, China They ban ICOs right now but they cannot ban it because of their future They will allow it anyways because they want to develop several technologies based on the Blockchain Technology. Just like a Semiconductor Technology, or Monolithic Technology Just like an INTERNET Think about the past. Only a few years ago, Just before the Internet came out to the world. Blockchain Technology is gonna bring new REVOLUTION to our daily lives in next few years and these beliefs made me to invest all of my assets into cryptocurrency starting from 2017 August. So what I really want to tell you guys is that this week will be the last opportunity to get in to cryptocurrency Ethereum, Lite coin, Bitcoin Cash or even Bitcoin. Anything is fine. They will skyrocket in few days Don’t miss this last opportunity. And, by the way, don’t sell your cryptos right now. It’s not a time to sell it. This is your last time to buy your crypto. Buy more cryptocurrency for your future investing. I strongly recommend you to sell stocks and buy cryptocurrency now just like my previous videos that I posted on 2017. Thank you. Have a good day.

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