John McAfee For President? – NULS #1 on GitHub [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

welcome and today is June 4th and in today's edition of daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news I'll cover the market and see where it's going I'll go over some market news including John McAfee running for president and I'll see selecting two new participants for the p2p competition so stay tuned so the first thing I want to cover is the news and this gives me a laugh John McAfee who seems to be in the news every day pretty much there's always something going on with John McAfee and today he decided to announce that he was gonna run for presidency of the United States in 2020 there's no chance in hell that he's go win and he knows that so there was several tweets that he you know that he tweeted out and here's one of them saying that don't think I have a chance of winning I do not but what truly changes America is not the president but the process of creating one so basically he wants to give it a shot and really to bring more awareness to the crypto community so I'm sure during his campaigning he's gonna be talking a lot about Kryptos right and probably about the evils and banks and this and that so serving the libertarian party would actually work very well so we will see I mean it's still two years away we know that John McAfee you know even though he has done some questionable moves about chilling icos and coins and stuff like that but ultimately he is bringing awareness to the crypto community and whenever I see him do an interview on CNBC or anywhere else he is extremely eloquent in terms of talking about his points so that's a good thing right all right moving on from this we have Internet giant Baidu which is basically Google of China they are huge all right so they're coming out with something called a suit for chain so this is quite interesting this was from yesterday I missed this but I want to talk about it because it's dubbed super chain and what does it do super chain can insert and remove consensus mechanisms to solve the current energy consumption problem and it is compatible with the development system of Bitcoin a thorium interesting so seems like super chain well first of all this is like oh this is a protocol I'm not an actual chain so if adopted if this protocol is adopted you could say move from poofer work to proof of stake to proof authority I mean it seems like that is what it's made for so it's quite interesting but again another Internet giant those of you guys in the u.s. probably haven't heard of I do but those of you guys in China and Asia probably have because their their Google equivalent in Asia so they are looking into blockchain as well so this is definitely very positive another huge combination which is SBI they are a huge financial giant Holdings company basically they're involved they invest in a whole bunch of stuff okay and they are huge in Japan and they have decided to come out with their own crypto exchange what's interesting is that the crypto exchange will focus under training of ripple okay and this is because there has been collaboration already between ripple and SBI a lot of people asked me is like hey you know what ripple has a lot of these partnerships with banks or immense companies but they're not actually utilizing XRP they're using the other services that doesn't require it so how does that help XRP tokens well this is one example right because once you get your foot in the door step right once you get your foot in then it's much easier to collaborate and do other projects so the fact that SBI Holdings it came out that exchange that's trading ripple is not by accident could have selected just like everyone else in the world Bitcoin and Heath area but they selected ripple because they already have this partnership and you know ripple was in there year saying hey you should trade ripple first right so this is one example so this is why I like ripple a lot all right I do think their price action is gonna be a little bit more stale because of how big they are but however I think they're really poised to to gain a lot more adoption in the future because of these partnerships they already form so this is really good for again for kryptos and specifically for ripple right so moving on Columbus you guys heard of coinbase Quimby's has been making a huge number of moves recently you know we heard they bought paradox right and then they're going to a RC truck you are to see 20 training because of it they're rebranding them you know the G Dax to coinbase Pro they've also added other things such as like vault services of Cristo do services and the coin base is worldwide although most of the customers in the US but looks like they want to expand a Japanese market which is really really good jab Japan is the number one country in terms of Bitcoin and crypto trading followed by South Korea then the US right so it'd be foolish for coinbase not to try to explore that market and I'm pretty sure to go expand into South Korea pretty soon after that right Knowles has tweeted this out that they are number one on github for commits right and people ask what is the communities they didn't actually answer commit it's just any changes in their code right so it's surprising that I mean changing the code doesn't really mean anything and the grand scheme of things but the fact that ten contributors to the nulls project has made more changes than 100 + k'm you know contributors for Yeo's and that shows they're cranking away they're not just sitting idle and doing nothing right so those of you guys our null Steve or trying to be and also are wondering what's going on in the main that this shows you the team and the contributors this is open source project so they are open source there's contributors from around the world there they're working hard they're working in their butt off to make this a success and this kind of shows they only have ten contributors to this project when someone like AO says a hundred plus so I think this is very positive thing although some of you guys might say thank God you know so what right alright so that's pretty much where news today there's not that much else going on let me cover the market real quick so the market cap of Kryptos has dropped to three hundred and thirty six billion yesterday was around three hundred and fifty three to three hundred fifty five billion we definitely came down a little bit BTC dominus went up so basically we took a step back and this is kind of to be expected right and why I say that is because I've been using this chart to show you guys that in this current wedge that we're in you know we've been going up and down up and down right and now we're hovering around the bottom so we haven't broken out of this which is really good right so we're staying consistent with this we're still below the moving averages right I just showed you guys an article yesterday from pantora Capital the CEO and you know the founder of the company who controls over a billion dollars in crypto asset he's like buy Bitcoin alright and the reason why is because it's below the 200-day moving 200-day moving average and he's like the day that that happened do you buy it a year later it'll be up two hundred forty percent right and we as and we are below the 200-day average ever since you know March right so we try to break it a couple times like here we failed here we failed here we failed right so I think there is something to that you know Bobby so we're nowhere close to that we're not even past the 50-day moving average but overall the channel right are you know the channel from this this wedge is still holding true right we hit it a couple times up here and then we came back down and I do expect us to go back up you know originally I said 9,000 but correcting this a little bit probably you know 1889 hundred but you know we are gonna see some up and downs up and down right so that that's why today I think is to be expected but overall I think we're all waiting for that mid June to late June and see what happens and overall a lot of people are participating myself included that the second half this year we're gonna go up and I think if this can explain why right if we do break this out and maybe we'll start heading up right back up to 20,000 right here so alright so that is the market overall not too bad and I do think it's it's to be expected lastly the p2p competition right so yesterday those of you guys are joining in my live session thank you so I talked about you had to make their nominations on yesterday's video and this page which all the rules are stated in the description of all my videos quite frankly to me I think this is gonna be the last competition to the last week that I'm gonna be running this because I've been keeping track of the comments and people that's participating and frankly it has not been going up and it has been going down I so I know that the market has frustrated a lot of people has you know a lot of people exited the market because of that but the whole point of competition was to stir up some some can you know just fur up some enthusiasm competitiveness bring something light to the market and I feel like this is just not working there's not enough people that really care about this so this will be the last week I'll be running this unfortunately I've been running it for 11 weeks so today this week will be the 12th week and I won't be selecting the market suspense right now so based on yesterday's video here let's plug it into that's random picker 184 commoners so this is what I'm talking about previous weeks it was much higher than that all right a to K selected silica good choice okay and Blin tour selected switch shield interesting hmm okay there's one of the ones that covered recently promising mio coin so we'll see alright so this week is silica and switch oh and unfortunately I know a lot of you guys are playing a lot of guys or wishing to get picked but I think I'm just gonna end this competition so this will be the last week I would reveal the winner in next Sunday's video right alright guys thanks for tuning in and that's it for today's edition of daily Bitcoin a cryptocurrency news and make sure you hit the likes and subscribe the channel take care bye bye

40 thoughts on “John McAfee For President? – NULS #1 on GitHub [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]”

  1. George..please keep this p2p is a great idea..hope to hear good news from you on the competition being continued..:)

  2. I would vote for a guy who eats shit while laying under a hammock, before I would vote for Trump in 2020. No brainier.

  3. You should not stop the competition and punish the people that participates. It's a good comp and some of us look forward to this. I, for one, am learning a lot about the crypto space via this comp. Don't stop the comp!

  4. George, I was going to participate 6 times and 6 times I forgot. Because usually everyone busy on Sunday doing family stuff, move this to weekday and will see the difference!

  5. Hi George! Excited to be in your contest. And the timing may be good for Switcheo. They are steadily walking into the future with nary a false step. Exchanges are making book, and decentralized exchanges are the way forward. Imho. If Neo and Ont succeed, they will only help the fortunes of SWTH. Good luck to us all!

    Also, I would like to see the contest continue. It is another reason for people to watch your channel. The more reasons, the better.

  6. Nobody talks about the lack of volume for the passed 5 months, we will never have a rally without more volume, and even if we do have a short-lived price rise, it isn't sustainable

  7. More people will participate in p2p when the market picks up. Why would you punish those currently participating? With not as many people playing I feel like I actually have a chance and I like that

  8. THIS IS THE BEST COMP ON YT… please dont stop it

    its the best way to do it…. i think you gotta just talk about it each week and give updates on who is winning each video

  9. I agree with most people. Please do not stop the P2P competition. Its hard to watch on sundays as its my only day off, move it to a week day? I think that might help out?

  10. Recently the Zilliqa-coin was issued! This year this very coin will make the real X-es! Now they begin to speak actively about it, and soon they will pump! I advise to participate in their airdrop

  11. Hi George, please dont stop the P2P competition. I have been following you since august last year and the P2P competition has been something to look out for every week since you started it.

  12. Hi George. Please please don't stop the P2P competition. Suggest you move the "betting" day away from Sunday and into a weekday. Then start the video with the competition instead of ending the video with it. Worth a try? Keep up the good work and enthusiasm. We all need it 🙂

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