Joaquin Phoenix Or Heath Ledger As The Joker The Debate Is On Fire

Warner Brothers has dropped the first trailer of Joker movie, Wednesday 4th April that set in 1981 the Joker follows Arthur Fleck a failed Stand-up comedian who is driven insane and turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City through several films in which he excelled And mastered the characters that he cast joaquin has always had that dreadful and dark side So that makes you feel his strength and his excellence presence joaquin can give you a warm and funny face however in contrast he may surprise you and dazzle you with his many artistic talents when his tiring and terrifying side emerges and perhaps The most exclusive splendor of his personality was in the film gladiator 2000 that set in Roman times which gave the cinema a qualitative shift to what is beyond the cinematic representation and directing In 2001. He was nominated an Academy Award for Best Actor supporting role for the gladiator movie in 2006 nominated an Academy Award for Best Actor in walk the line movie in 2013 was nominated for Golden Globe Award as Best Actor Motion Picture Drama in the master movie It’s been a long time No actor has been shown in the art scene to give the Joker the sinisterness and madness that characterizes him from other villains The only fear can be appeared in the horizon is when the audience could not appreciate the next actor who would play this character? Perhaps one of the most fears of DC fans is to assign roles to non-professional actors and the artwork becomes trivial and worthless Many Joker fans did not like the performance of Jared Leto in the latest Suicide Squad movie 2016 where many of fans were waiting for a high performance But they were shocked by the low performance of Jared Leto While others thought that jared leto gave the Joker character another shape of madness that suit his Psychopathic personality and his performance in Suicide Squad movie was spectacular Some others compared him to Heath Ledger performance kill the batman at this time might be we are close to wetness a Radically change in this new movie and as we are waiting for the Joker movie We hope this one to be on top of aspirations of lovers of this beloved character The question is whether Jackman will give us a were close to that of Heath Ledger in the batman the Dark Knight film 2008 or will he surpass it in waiting for the movie to go out to the cinema screen? We hope the film will be in the best of the obsessive desires of this controversial character Thank you for watching this video. And if you are new here, please subscribe to our Channel the galaxy collector TD WL See you soon in another video

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