Jim Rogers on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency [Ep. 15]

Well, the blockchain has a great future. Blockchain is changing everything we know. It’s going to change even more.
Blockchain is going to put … A lot of people will lose their jobs
because of blockchain, but a lot of people lost their jobs because of electricity. And electricity turned out to be
a good thing for all of us. Likewise with blockchain. That’s different from cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is going to disappear, and go to nothing. But blockchain is going to
be wildly successful and important. Mainly because the governments have the guns. People will tell you,
“We are smarter than blockchain.” The crypto people will tell you,
“We are smarter than the government.” And they are. My goodness, they are smarter than the government. But the government has the guns,
and if the government comes in and says, “You are not gonna do this any more.” Then, you are not going to do it,
whether you like it or not. You might, but other people won’t. You know, a hundred years ago, people could use anything they wanted as money. And then in the 1930s, the British government
and the Bank of England came in and said, “From now on, it’s an act of treason to use
anything except our money.” People used to use anything for money. But an act of treason means they execute you. So needless to say, people stopped
using many other things for money. That would happen again with cryptocurrencies. Money will be on the computer, there’s no question. It already is in China. It’s hard to use money in China now. But it’s all going to be on
the computer and the internet eventually. But is it going to be independent currencies? I would love for it to be. Hallelujah! If we could get away from the governments. But whether we like it or not, In the end, the governments have the money
and the guns and the power. And they will reassert that.

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