Jim Rogers: Market Warnings for All Investors // 2017 bitcoin us dollar collapse market crash 2018

Jim Rogers: Market Warnings for All Investors // 2017 bitcoin us dollar collapse market crash 2018 david moadel interview markets with the great mr. Jim Rogers
and again I thank you so much for your time I wanted to ask about your travels
right now you’re in Singapore let me ask you this is Asia the place where people
should be looking if they don’t want to get into US equities well everybody
don’t invest in what they know a lot about if you don’t know where it is you
can’t find it on the map this don’t think about investing it in Asia the own
hoping people are successful in investing are in most things for the
people who stay with what they know I happen to think that age is going to be
the most important content in the 21st century move here so that my children
would know Asia and which meet Mandarin to prepare them for the 21st century I
know there’s lots and lots of opportunities and they just see them
every day but that does not mean somebody should
invest don’t take with what you don’t totally
understandable you’ve done so much traveling you’ve written books about
this and I really recommend people check out your books on amazon.com what have
you learned about human nature and just about finance and the financial
psychology in general from your travels well we’re all pretty much the same Beck
I know we’re all the same may have different colors again organs engines of
language of food or sports or whatever it is but essentially we’re all the same
we all want the same things for our own happiness and our children we want peace
we don’t want a lot of charm oil in our lives but everybody is nearly everybody
is ambitious everybody does want a new life a better life for themselves and
for their family I also have found that no matter where you go and throughout
history people have always needed a spiritual element some kinds of religion
not everybody but religion is very powerful throughout history in which
country in the world so we have a lot of similarities all of us
politicians are good at robbing us up and they start screaming about our
different languages that are different colors skin or religious or something
and they stir the pot because so there have been advantage most people
to get probably emotional and patriotic it’s not going to anybody house the war
has never been good for anybody good for commodities producers and a few
politicians but nobody else we’re always studied in most ways I
totally agree with that that’s great words of wisdom there so right now are
you a stacker of precious metals and why or why not well I’m not sure what a
stacker is I don’t know the term did you mean by somebody who collects or is best
in in rock piles yes if that’s what a stacker is if I do have precious metals
my precious metal since the 1970s I’ve never sold any I at least any of the
physical precious metals Oh certainly so in the futures markets etc but now I
do have gold and silver coins and I’ve never sold in I hoped it might well my
plan is that my children will have them something the only problem possible
problem with that Damon is them before this is over
gold and silver may turn into a gigantic bubble it may just so sky rocky is
whenever people have lost confidence in governments or currencies throughout
they’ve offered reverted to gold and silver and if that happens this
government since the problems are so massive gold and silver might turn into
a bubble and you always have to sell bubbles I hope it doesn’t happen I think
that like my children that have mine might go to jail for something with the
if goldenseal return to a bubble I will have to tell ya
speaking of bubbles a lot of people are concerned that crypto currencies are
experiencing a bubble type situation right now with the massive growth
what would cryptocurrencies be something that you would get into right now if you
hadn’t already well no I see the symptoms of what’s going on there now
over 2008 I’m told there over 2000 crypto currencies and all this is happen
in just a few dumont of year less than 10 years in fact so there’s a sign so
what’s happening with the price of Bitcoin
you just looked at that chart compared to any chart of any bubble in history
nothing tells you the name it would have been very learned so I’m
not buying into currency Sparta because I missed it I wasn’t smart enough to
anything because I’ve known about this about crypto this point for this two
thousand nine or ten I guess so I missed it completely first which means I’m not
a good person dad but I certainly see all the signs of a bubble right now if
it when things calm down hopefully I’ll be smart enough and involve if it’s the
right thing to do once again we’re speaking with mr. Jim Rogers
author and commentator and investor extraordinaire again I really appreciate
your time with this today I’m going to put links to all of your books in the
description of the video people should check those out on Amazon you know in
writing those books you’ve written not only about finance but over about your
travels I understand that you’re teaching you’re you’re having your
children learn Mandarin why you know why Mandarin is that is that going to be a
particular advantage at this point well my view of China is going to be the most
important country in the 21st century whether we like it or not and a lot of
people don’t like it a lot of people who dispute that that back with my children
who are very young they were born in 2003 in 2008 though I’m trying to
prepare them for the 21st century I won’t get done instead Asia I want
to speak Madrid they vote to be commander like natives down in tents and
children when Chinese speaking contest here in Singapore witches makes you very
proud was a bit of a shock blue-eyed children are the best managers
vickersontour Chinese country so I have I am achieving that part of my goal what
I want to prepare them just because they speak Mandarin will not make them
successful in the 21st century but it will give them a leg up totally
understand that and finally the big question which is going to come first in
your opinion Dao 10,000 or Dow 40,000 and why well that’s a perfect question I
can give you the case for both what’s the way the markets are acting they
often have a blow up blow off things right now you know and we probably know
that most stocks are down on the New York Stock Exchange
the Badger line isn’t which is an odd weighted index of all stocks that’s been
down for 2017 even though the SP and the Dow Jones are made new highs so to be
good could be yes to both matter if not not an engine specifically with the Dow
but if you talk about the market they’re already seen most socks go decline being
held up by a few what could well happen and they’ve been I’m horrible on the
worst part in China in the world on the worst short-term trades in the world
what is what I would suspect is going to happen but I cannot make some
predictions because I’m so hopeless but I would suspect the market will have a
prevention the Federal Reserve and American other central banks will panic
they don’t know what they’re doing they’re bureaucrats and academics they
will panic they will do something to save the market the market will have a
great skyrocket because everybody says aha
they don’t ever have to worry again it’ll set a top tether that’s 45 who
knows what I don’t know what that number is
a few big companies to attract the averages event your average is higher
and then we will have the worst player market in your lifetime but I mean I’m
not as good at market time I do know of a horrible market is coming in in the in
the foreseeable future that does not preclude some kind of blow
as often happens you know it’s been 20 and nearly 18 years since our last big
blow off 70 years since our last big blow off it could happen again
periodically in American history and not periodically in every country’s history
so maybe we’re overdue for both overdue for the biggest blow up in a
long time and the worst fair market in a long time you’re a very moderate modest
sir but I’ve followed you and your predictions for a long time and I think
they’ve actually done quite well with that I recall you making statements
about the US dollar for example and low in the hole the dollar is getting
crushed whether it’s due to the Fed just printing money like there’s no tomorrow
as usual for whatever reason and and just finally if I may want to ask one
more what are we gonna do you know when the when the US dollar just becomes
almost worthless I mean what is the likely scenario well I certainly expect
that to happen eventually we are the America the largest debtor
face the world no country is ever as such I
mention our Jessica I represent every politician in Washington from Donald
Trump own town or enough depending how you look at it says they’re going to do
something about the debt situation but they’ve been sending that for decades
and it can take just at work so American does have serious fundamental problems I
do expect another big rise in the dollar but that will be the last one if you
look back at what’s happened to other currencies in history that have had this
kind of situation they all want them going down dramatically very very
dramatically and some eventually disappear or get the rebadging you know
they start over and just call in the old currency give me a new currency that is
undoubtedly going to happen of when the US dollar finally has
the cloud is not present getting it horribly it was certainly don’t ask I
mean 50 percent difference in as normal in markets like this it’s a shock
obviously but when you have mace you’re making currency devaluations the major
ones have always known down at least 50% no you should be mortgage it well if
David people should be knowledgeable and then they get knowledgeable it will be
worried and then hopefully they will get prepared mr. Jim Rogers we need you
around because you’re giving us not you’re not scaring us you’re giving us
that reality check that we need so badly again people should be checking out your
books they are available all on Amazon correct sir
yes yes any bookstore can order at Amazon anybody absolutely very good sir
I recommend people order all the books that you’ve written I’m gonna list them
in the description the video and thank you much saying I know you’re a busy man
thank you so much for your time you welcome back you’re welcome back anytime
thank you David okay thank you for watching please like comment and
subscribe and I’ll see you next time

52 thoughts on “Jim Rogers: Market Warnings for All Investors // 2017 bitcoin us dollar collapse market crash 2018”

  1. He sounds like an honest voice in a sea of financial doom and gloom vested interest bull shitters that infest Youtube

  2. I like Jim Rogers a lot, but he's been warning of the same things for as long as I can remember. The way I see it is if you're an active or semi active investor there's no need to be on the sidelines do to economic concerns or fear of future financial bubbles. Just monitor your positions, use money/risk management techniques and honor your stop losses. You never know if a correction will lead to a bear market or continue higher, but it shouldn't matter if you're using good risk management. A black swan event could occur at any given time, but you can't do anything about those so you just have to live with that rare possibility.

  3. Keep in mind that this guy was best buds with George Soros at one time. He comes off like a Warren Buffett type minus the licking of an ice cream cone.

  4. Most of the people don't understand the changes that crypticcurrencies will bring including this guy.

  5. Great interview.  I really appreciated his input regarding Bitcoin as every average Joe still expects Bitcoin to go to the moon.  Not so sure myself-I think it is in for a significant correction.

  6. When someone has the cash, they like to spread fear into other new investors, give me a break. Crash or not, stick to investing before you get left behind and look to catch up to ppl like this, don't listen to this crap.

  7. want to make Money follow the sheep they all do exact same thing, if currencies colapse they dont go to gold the will buy crypto currencies a fed scam to keep control

  8. he is an investor, and moved to Asia. Meanwhile Dow Jones everyday hits another record and USA is booming in general. Whoever wants to keep his money: Dont listen to this fool.

  9. i dont understand what he means , sell his gold and silver if it becomes a bubble , the whole idea behind holding gold or
    silver is to preserve wealth when the dollar becomes totaly worthless.

  10. Crytocurrencies are not based on the USD nor are they created by it so it cannot bubble with the USD or Euro. Crytocurrencies are not FIAT currencies. He knew Bitcoin existed but he has no idea how it works so he cannot say that it trends like other bubbles.

  11. This stupid looser said crash will happen in august now what he's pushing the date further and when it won't happen AGAIN he will push to a later date again, I'm so sick of these fear monger just to get people to buy gold/silver, some are worse like Mike Phoney Baloney and all them losers. look at charts you will see that gold remain low for years and years and years, look at them.

  12. Jim Rogers keeps advising us to invest in only things we know. Well what if we know nothing? Than do nothing? Invest in Farm land even though we can't even grow weed? How to find knowledge would be much more helpful than just going on about crash coming. Afterall isn't that why we listen to him? to try to gain some knowledge?

  13. People who missed the run up often call the increase in bitcoin a bubble. The truth is the bubble popped in 2013. What happen after that was the crash then consolidation followed by aN increase that reflects the increasing use of the currency. We may have a bubble eventually but this isn't it.

  14. Yeah sure, bitcoin will die for the 200th time lol. Meanwhile it's just reached 3970 USD as I write this. You may not want to invest on Bitcoin but you surely as hell can trade it everyday and profit a LOT from it! And hey.. as everybody knows, even crashes can be profitable if you know what you're doing!

  15. So what if bitcoin crashes… that means to buy at cheap prices… I don't get why these people try to scare people…? Everything that goes up must go down.. Jesus Christ people

  16. I don't get why people are so worried about bubbles.. shit happens.. if you're so scared take your money out… history has shown stocks will always go up… nothing will rise forever… stop trying to scare people..

  17. Jim Rogers missed out on massive gains when he left the US, then Asia got hit hard. Rogers lost a lot, believe me. He left the USA at the bottom and went to Asia at the top.

  18. upto how much can you earn if you invest in the US Stock Market? is it million dollars? the highest amount? please answer my question.

  19. Jim was with Soros back in the day when he was a punk on Wall Street. Still you better read his first book for chuckles when several times his ass was in the breeze. Then in his second book he bought his ass out of Africa. If Jim is on the last plane out.., that's the plane for me!

  20. Sounds like a reasonable prediction, stay in the market with some money on the side. Buy the blowout and monitor your positions carefully.

  21. lol poor old timers still pushing precious metals….. Crypto is the new collapse haven, easier to buy and accessible to the entire world…. Silver and gold during 2008 was out of stock, premium prices inflated and couldn't get a hold of any… Crypto is the new world reserve currency, investment and protection against corrupt government.

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