Japanese Soccer Coin Bank

What’s up guys how y’all doing? I got another coolest coin bank straight from Japan. Look everything in it even in Japanese Let’s see what it does. When I saw it, I was like whoa I have to have it and put it in my collection and of course show it to you Well, let’s open it up and see what it’s all about boom Whoa looks like I have to put all together. This is cool. Oh look, there’s a little stickers. I can put it on the side So this is brand new as you can see. Let’s put up the most important stuff. This is a goal right here This is awesome. I never seen anything like that. I can’t wait to show it to you Boom look at that this guy legs out spinning his hands are spinning too So let’s put him in like this. There is the description picture description So I think I’m supposed to go like that and of course It’s not battery included. Oh this is where they- all the coins are going to go in. That’s a big container Okay, the battery’s over here 1.5 AA batteries There you go. I’m so excited, let me just show you what it does. I hope it works. Let’s see I’m going to stick a coin in here What? Nothing happened How does this work? I have no idea. Oh again, right here is on and off. Okay, I turned it on. Let’s see Then I’m supposed to stick a coin in here. Oh my gosh look at him running. Ohhohhoh, You just scored! Wow! This is awesome. Let me show it to you even closer. Let me stick this so it looks cooler. I got my quarter right here. I stick it in here and he running and… Boom! Wow! Did you see that? Look you celebrating. Oh my gosh. This is my favorite coin bank Stick it in there, look at that kick… Boom! and look you go celebrate and jumping around. Wow. Can I do with this smaller coin? Let’s find out yes, you can have a five cents nice Can you do it with a penny? Yeap, you can do it with a penny too Ohhhh This is awesome. I can do this all day. I gotta show you different angle Look at him celebrating. I never seen anything like that. Might as well put sticker up So it looks cooler on the video as well. Very easy to put it stick it sticker on Nice, it looks cool. Let me show you from this angle This is awesome. Look at him celebrating and jumping. So cool and one more angle from here That’s awesome One more time, let me show you close up awesome I love it. This is my favourite. If you guys love soccer you have to have this kind of coin bank Okay, let me stick this in. Really quickly you see there is a little logit right here That’s how the coin get stuck in a… Do you see it? Awesome Boom. Wow! Every time. So satisfying. This is insane. Well guys, I have no idea how I keep finding these pretty awesome coin banks This is a really amazing. I love how he scores, and then go celebrates. It’s awesome Whoever designed it Genius, and [I’m] really happy that I found this one Let me know in comments below what do you think. Give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you next time

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