Japan Travel Tips Coin Lockers in Japan, Luggage Storage in Tokyo Japan,Traveling Japan with Luggage

What’s going on YouTube? It’s Lesli with
My Tiny Atlas and in this video we’ll give you a rundown on how to use the
coin lockers in Japan so you can leave behind your emotional baggage and
sightsee freely. So I’m excited to bring you guys our next travel Japan tip. So most Airbnb gets you to check out at 10 a.m. / 11 a.m. We just checked out of our
Airbnb in Kyoto and we’re playing on going to Osaka for a food adventure and
then we’re gonna catch an overnight bus to Hiroshima at about 11 p.m. So we’re
stuck with our luggage for a few hours. What do you do with them? That’s a good
question, I’m glad you asked! So we’re here at Kyoto station. These are lockers.
This is a lifesaver. How it works is it comes in small, medium and large. Green
means it’s available and if it’s not light up it’s not available.
This is where packing light is convenient. So Jimmy and me packed a decent
sized luggage, not too big. This is our luggage in here. We actually manage to
fit both our luggage in a medium locker. The medium Locker is for a day and it
costs about 500 yen and yeah so now we can go explore Osaka freely, my hands are
free. If you bring a large luggage it’s trickier to get the lockers just because
the large lockers are limited and they may not be free. So if you are carrying a
large luggage I would recommend coming early to get the large lockers. So this
is how you pay for a locker. Click the English option. We already put our
baggage in our locker. I’m gonna click that and you’re supposed to pull the
lever down. And we’re gonna pay cash. Get rid of some of
our coins. So this is the receipt. Make sure you keep it because you need it to take out your stuff out
of the lockers. Make sure you have all of your important stuff. Make sure you’ve
got your passport just because you never know what’s going to go wrong. It’s
always good to have your passport on you and if you plan on going shopping make
sure you also have your passport because a lot of places allow duty free shopping for
foreigners. Yeah so we’re all set our hands are free we’re ready to go
explore Osaka!

22 thoughts on “Japan Travel Tips Coin Lockers in Japan, Luggage Storage in Tokyo Japan,Traveling Japan with Luggage”

  1. This was one of the things I was really nervous about prior to my trip, how small does my luggage need to be to fit in one of these bad boys?! Hope this video was helpful!

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  2. Japan seems so futuristic I love it! Those lockers that glow up are amazing haha Great advice video makes me want to go to Japan now! 🙂

  3. These are honestly the best! Used them myself when I went to Hiroshima, Osaka, and Kyoto! Getting’ better at being in front of the camera! I’m just wondering how many of these videos you have back logged on your computer lol… waiting to be unleashed! XD

  4. I've never really come across a vlog that talks about lockers ! Unique insight .. I've used the lockers one every at Shibuya station but the lady that does the voice guidance has a really loud voice ! Literally a person like 20 meters can here it 😀 kinda embarrassing tho lol

  5. That's gret ! this tip is so helpfull! thanks ! do you know if we can leave our suitcases inside for several days ? We're planning a few days trip inside japan, and we would like to leave our huge suitcase behind… for 4 days.

  6. Geez, wish we had seen this video before we got to Kyoto. Had trouble fitting luggages into the lockers 😂Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello! thank you very much, i was looking for the measures of the lockers, specially the large one!… thanks blessings!

  8. What if I need to access my luggage for some reason and then lock the locker again. Do I then need to restart a new cycle and pay 500 yen again?

  9. So they don't take credit card? Only cash? And also how much input the coin depends on the size? Please replay kindly o am leaving this Sunday

  10. Does anybody knows if there is a luggage storage in USJ? We are checking out that morning and going from our hotel to usj is abit of a mission, will we be able to find sufficient storage for our suitcases?

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