Japan To Shock Crypto World with Bitcoin ETF?

is Japan about to launch a bit coin ETF and if they are what does this mean for Japan and the crypto markets as a whole well according to an anonymous source who told Bloomberg who reported on the story who I am now quoting yeah it's one of those kind of stories guys but nevertheless it is a very interesting story because it's likely going to be true these kind of rumors don't come out of nowhere although we don't have any confirmation yet from the Japanese financial service agency it will be really cool to see that come out but we don't have it yet now the rumor is that they are indeed looking into launching a Bitcoin ETF for the domestic Japanese market now this isn't a big contrast of course to what we're seeing in the United States right now the United States has been quite friendly towards Bitcoin futures but the Bitcoin ETF has been a real struggle for the u.s. to regulate Japan has done the opposite or seems to be in the process of doing the opposite they have shot down Bitcoin futures attempts but they may be looking to let a Bitcoin ETF in now previously the FSA has come out and said that well we don't like the idea of the Bitcoin future is they just stoke speculation and that's not actually good for the markets but a Bitcoin ETF might be something a little bit different this certainly comes at an interesting time considering the ongoing dysfunction of the United States government continuing the shutdown because right now the CFTC and the SEC the SEC of course more important here the one who's presiding over the decision for the Bitcoin ETF running on a bare-bones staff which is highly problematic for the organization when it comes to all the different things that they want to be regulating at the moment I think the decisions on things like the Bitcoin ETF or the Bitcoin futures that are thinly coming out from backed at cetera cetera cetera are going to be delayed a lot now Japan interesting timing coming in and saying we're gonna do a Bitcoin ETF again we haven't had that first announcement yet from the FSA but the United States has not given up on the Bitcoin ETF the Winklevoss twins said the other day and I am a that they are doubling down on their efforts to get a Bitcoin ETF launched and of course a lot of other players are working on getting a Bitcoin ETF launched as well chances are we'll have quite a few come to the market but the US government has to start working again Japanese government currently not suffering from such a problem and Japan is a super important market when it comes to Bitcoin it always has been and it probably always will be now we've seen some negative stories coming out of Japan recently we've seen a DMM and a GMO both shut down their Bitcoin mining operations they couldn't find it to be profitable running those operations in Japan but overall Bitcoin in Japan remains incredibly popular there is very proactive and forward-thinking legislation for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Japan which is totally awesome as well as that we had a recent date where yen surpassed the US dollar in trading volume for Bitcoin now that is interesting because Japan one country that uses the N the United States yes everyone in the USA uses the US dollar to invest in Bitcoin the USA is twice the size by population of Japan so just let that number things sink in for a second but more importantly the United States is not the only country that uses the US dollar to invest in Bitcoin although I would imagine that Japan's probably the only country really using the yen to invest in Bitcoin so you can see how powerful the markets are and how much demand there is for Bitcoin inside of Japan versus everywhere else combined basically which is quite telling obviously it's not accounting for the euros and things like that but the US dollar markets have been the biggest markets for a long time not to say that the yen's gonna maintain that momentary lead that it did have over the dollar but nevertheless it really does show that there is a huge appetite in Japan for Bitcoin and something very important to keep in mind here too the Tokyo Stock Exchange is the third biggest exchange in the world at to the New York Stock Exchange in the Nasdaq that is something really important to keep in mind here as well to see the world's third-biggest Stock Exchange potentially bringing out a Bitcoin ETF that could be massive on a totally different scale considering how Bitcoin crazy Japan is and the Bitcoin ETF is just one giant thing which could happen we do have confirmations the other very very exciting things are actually happening in Japan right now with just the double down overall on how important the Japanese market is for the entire crypto economy now we do have two stable coins which are either recently launched during the process of being brought out the first one is being launched by me Zhu ho Financial Group they announced this in December they're gonna be issuing their own digital currency coming up in March they are one of the largest financial institutions in the world with 60,000 employees and one point nine trillion dollars in assets under management so kind of a big deal they're are launching this as part of the J coin project looking to bring digital currencies to the masses they also work with Japan Post Bank and 60 other regional banks across Japan and they're not the only ones looking to bring out a crypto yen stable coin we also have mu F G who is the largest financial company in Japan and the world's fifth largest bank holy cow they have 2.7 trillion in assets under management now the MU F G coin is again a Japanese yen stable coin they're taking some very tentative steps in terms of launching that they did announce that May last year they brought it out as some very very very limited test runs with some employees at a couple of shops in September so we don't have any big forward movement on that yet but we might very well in the near future see some very explosive movements from these giant financial institutions in terms of issuing a crypto yen the Japanese financial services agency also reporting that currently they have a hundred and ninety companies who want to be registered as cryptocurrency operators that is a giant number holy cow now we don't know who all of those hundred and nine we are but we have had announcements from a few of them saying that yes they are in the process of working with the Japanese FSA to get that authority but we do know that a couple of the big ones are very big indeed one of them is line Corp now line is launching a cryptocurrency token called link this will be in-app currency for one of the world's biggest messaging and video apps they have hundreds of millions of existing users super big in East Asia in fact it's the biggest messaging app in Japan so that is a big deal without a doubt to see them launching a cryptocurrency and to be going of course through all of legal routes that they need to to make it as compliant as boss well I know compliance is a dirty word but better to be playing by the rules and to be mass accepted than to try and work outside of the rules in Japan has definitely had a lot of people wanting to play by the rules so very interesting to see what lines link is going to look like when it gets active because just think hundreds of millions of people potentially using the link token as an in-app currency that is very very big indeed when link gets launched if it does get adopted by people on the platform it could easily become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in a very short period of time add into all of that fun that the Japanese financial services agency has recently released a new draft report outlining new cryptocurrency regulations covering everything from hacking deep dealers privacy coins margin trading etc etc they are very serious about properly regulating the industry and in having an open transparent and clarified set of rules for people to play by and it has been paying off very well for Japan because we see a lot of businesses wanting to open up shop in Japan a lot of businesses wanting to access the Japanese market which is of course crazy for crypto so see the Bitcoin ETF coming to Japan potentially again have to remember it's anonymous source telling Limburg who I'm reporting on so who knows I'll believe on the FSA actually comes out and announces it officially but it would definitely fit in line with everything else that we see happening in Japan it could be a very big deal for crypto if we see a Bitcoin ETF launching on the Tokyo Stock Exchange but of course those are just my two satoshis on the topic of a Japanese Bitcoin ETF you will let me know what you think about it down below in the comment section thank you so much for watching today's video you guys are super awesome if you enjoyed this video leave a thumbs up on it if you're new around here subscribe to the channel if you want to know when I put out a new video hit that notification bell down below long live the blockchain and peace out til next time

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  2. Hey Lark,
    Great videos. I also really like the one on Mediterranean 7!
    Was thinking regarding Link, that only trades on bitbox. According to my calculations it already has a marketcap around $1.5 bln, with a supply of 1 bln and a price of $1.50. This would make it almost a top 10 coin. Isn't it pretty overpriced this early? Whats your thoughts? Thanks man.

  3. Tron to the moon folks just have a look top 9 now. BUY BUY BUY, All cryptos sideways but TRON?? ON FIRE!!!

  4. Following your video it reminded me of https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/japanese-crypto-regulations-to-tighten – contractory stories here and Brave New Coin does a fairly solid jobs of reporting IMO.

  5. ☘️?fab Information about Japan ☘️? they think outside the box !!!! Love it … it’s all very exciting .. ☘️?thank you for all the positive chat keep up the good work ☘️?

  6. How does all this affect BTC and other independent cryptos? All i see is a bunch of countries moving toward a cashless society by introducing crypto versions of their national currency.

  7. Well If they do offer a BTC ETF, but if its a different then other things, could be an ok thing maybe. I am still some what at crossroads on my thought of an ETF. However with Japan being crypto friendly. Might have the ideals and constructions of this in a proper way that could make everyone happy. VS in the USA with the SEC all over things etc and all the Warren Buffets and Mr Forbes. Could be something that really help in mass adoption in the future. Now if only we could figure out how they get the white icing in the Oreo cookie in there, lol, good work as usual . JR

  8. I said this to my small crowd…Japan and Asia as a whole will be the ones to give us mass adaption. The 300+ year trend is going to Asia now

  9. I'm all for Bitcoin going to 1B per coin. If you look at every ETF in the stock market, there's an "inverse ETF." That's how market-makers make the most guaranteed money. They allow people to play both sides. If there's an ETF, it would come with, or soon be followed by, an inverse ETF and they would balance each other out. You have to know the stock market well to understand ETFs. There are 1X,2X and 3X bull and bear ETFs. There may be many of them for Bitcoin. The more, the more the market-makers pocket. People also can't buy an ETF and stay in it because, as with options, they have a decay mechanism. Bitcoin will, hopefully, go up for many reasons but an ETF won't be one of them. It might artificially drive the price up, via ignorance, but it will be slammed back because market-makers know there are always two sides to play.

  10. "Holy Cow" Lark!! Love your enthusiasm, puts a smile on my face. Yeah like most things the US is falling behind in the adoption and regulation of cryptocurrency. However, this doesn't mean that we the retail investors are going to lose out. After all this market is a global one and if the Japanese want to make strides into the ETF then it will surely help all boats rise. Go crypto!!!

  11. News like this would’ve exploded the crypto markets back in 2017. Even a Japanese Bitcoin ETF approval may not move the markets in 2019

  12. ETFs…. Ripple…. I don’t like the dilution on the Bitcoin concept….. not one bit.

    Still, I might invest lol

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