Japan starts looking into Bitcoin and Crypto ETF, may come as soon as 2020

hello and welcome to the cryptocurrency news channel today we're going to talk about how Japan is considering an ETF and they might actually have one before the United States now we've been talking about a Bitcoin ETF for like a year now basically and every single proposal has been denied because the FCC's main concern is price manipulation going up and down and definitely the current hash war has not done done anything to alleviate those concerns so the February deadline February 27th on the etf decision I give it a 50/50 chance of pass or fail if it fails I think the price is going to drop some more if it passes I do think the price is going to rise so it's kind of a flip of a coin could be really bad a really good type of thing so but but other countries have moved ahead in cryptocurrency adoption we know Switzerland or the Swiss have gone through or was it squeezed I forgot one of those two countries has gone through with a Bitcoin ETP which is an exchange related product which indexes several crypto currencies and other characters are way ahead of the United States and cryptocurrency adoption so the FSA which is Japan's regulatory body has actually decided to vote against approval of crypto currency derivatives lately and they're taking several measures of regulating the cryptocurrency space because of the coin check hack which was lost resulted in the loss of 534 million dollars that is the biggest hack since mount GOx although if you take the percentage that's very very smart small compared to MT GOx so the conclusions will likely serve as a backbone for a build the Liberal Democratic Party will probably submit during the current diet session that ends in March with the eventual goal of becoming a law as early as 2020 so we are talking about next year generally for crypto currency derivatives but looking at the light which the US regulators are looking at the ETF which may not even may be completely denied in February that actually might be before we get any kind of those products in the United States pending on how how how long we actually take for initial adoption of the stuff but Japan's not like you know the only country that's exchanged interested in age exchange related fun like I mentioned Switzerland approved in the ETP and a Swiss exchange six announced the trading of an ATP so so it's both those countries Switzerland Ed's yeah mainly Switzerland that has actually been really pushing head now Switzerland's always been kind of like the financial capital we're all known for their skiing their finances and their chocolate but also not really that great on regulation because we're all we all know the famed Swiss banks accounts that really help with money laundering and tax evasion and privacy so it's not surprised that Switzerland adopted it but if this thing passes in Japan even if the US doesn't get an ETF this might spur a cryptocurrency rally because Japan is one of those powerhouses so we're hoping there's a lot of action in Japan and one of the one of the politicians from an opposition party which means it's the party that's not in power has said crypto currencies and XRP will grow a lot or explosively in the future but any action is still down the line and I think the earliest we'll see a Bitcoin ETF in Japan is by 2020 but they have the proposal in the works but like the United States they actually have to see more regulatory measures taken and more assurance for the customer before they approve of this exchange related fund so that is today's topic I think Japan is moving ahead with this but they still got at least a year to go in terms of regulation and probably more than a year so that is today's news check the free xrp free BTC and free dose in my description links also please check out and Twitter it's also my description thank you and have a nice day

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