Japan made bitcoin a legal currency – now it’s more popular than ever | CNBC Reports

China accounted for 90 percent of
bitcoin trade just one year ago. But with Beijing banning initial
coin offerings or ICOs and regulators shutting down
bitcoin exchanges there, Japan is setting out on a different path,
embracing the crypto movement. Bitcoin trade here in Japan accounts for
nearly half the global trade volume, compare that to 25 percent
in the U.S. The number has surged since
the government passed a new law earlier this year,
recognizing the digital currency as a legal form of payment. That law encouraged some
big retailers here to partner with bitcoin exchanges and begin
accepting the digital currency. There’s already more than
4,500 stores that let you pay with bitcoin here, and
the Nikkei says that number could increase five-fold
by the end of the year. So we’ve recruited Mai Fujimoto,
who’s also known as Miss Bitcoin here in Japan, to take us
to some of these stores that are accepting
the digital currency. You ready to go shopping? Yes, sure. Okay, let’s head out. Let’s go. Mai’s become a type of
‘crypto evangelist’ in Japan, blogging and tweeting
about all things bitcoin. Her nickname? A way to familiarize people with
what was largely an unfamiliar space until recently. You started investing in 2011.
How much was bitcoin then? About 1,000 yen. 1,000 yen? That’s roughly 10 U.S. dollars,
a price that’s jumped more than 700 times since. Here’s 10,000 yen. Okay. I’ll give that to you. And then how do I
get that in bitcoin? Okay, so this is your QR code
and I read this QR code. Yeah, that’s it. This is Bic Camera, it’s one of the
biggest electronics stores right here in Japan and they just
started accepting bitcoin in April. So we’ve got our bitcoin on our phone.
We’re going to go spend some money. So that’s .00336 bitcoin,
it basically amounts to 1,803 yen. I did manage to get
a very cute towel. Polka-dotted. And all this shopping is
kind of making me hungry. So Mai, do you know
of a good restaurant around here that
accepts bitcoin? Yes, I know of a sushi
restaurant near here. Sushi restaurant?
Okay, let’s go there. Fatty tuna and mackerel aren’t
the only things on the menu here. A bitcoin ATM greets customers
looking to top up their digital wallets. In your daily routine,
how much of what you use is bitcoin and how much do
you pay in cash or credit card? Maybe, 90 percent
I pay not bitcoin. I only use bitcoin to
send money overseas. Mai says regulations built
trust in the currency, but people aren’t necessarily
using it to replace cash. Bitcoin’s still considered an investment,
not an everyday currency here. Many people have bitcoin now,
now buy bitcoin. Maybe we need time to use
bitcoin, so maybe they have to learn more
about bitcoin. That curiosity’s led to an increasing
number of public seminars like this one on ICOs. Hardcore hackers
aren’t the only ones here, but housewives,
bitcoin newcomers, even professional matchmakers
like Chieko Date. She tells me her son
encouraged her to invest, and she has 2 million yen
in four currencies now. Japan hasn’t been
without problems. Three years ago, the first major
bitcoin exchange ‘Mt. Gox’ collapsed and declared bankruptcy
after hackers raided its accounts. That’s partly why regulators are
responding with stricter rules this time, requiring exchanges to maintain
minimal capital reserves, separate customer accounts and
establish anti-money laundering and ‘know your customer’
or ‘KYC’ practices. Bar owner Mike Verweyst says
those rules aren’t pushing his customers away from
the digital currency for now. He processes bitcoin
payments every day. It’s surprising to see in Japan,
they don’t really seem to be the first to adapt to
new concepts like this. In fact, they shy away
from change mostly, but maybe they’re going to
grab it and run with it, I hope. And with bitcoin still
largely banned in China, there’s plenty of opportunity
for Japan to take the lead.

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