Jake and Amir: Bitcoin

hello you were watching Jake and Amir Wow hamming it up much she's Ziva holy guac these Bitcoin things are a dinky donkey I gotta have one buh-buh-buh-buh-buh buhbuh bag stop it do you even know what a Bitcoin is yeah the future of everything you know money bitcoin is like money but I'm better you're overusing your air quotes why do you think bitcoin is better than money because it's worth more than cash yeah jackass one bitcoin is currently worth four hundred and fifty cash well you're using that word wrong a bitcoins worth four hundred and fifty dollars this last time I checked was still more than the $100 then I bought it for six months ago so you know what man you are exactly what's wrong with Bitcoin you and your speculator friends are just treating it like a stock hoarding King coin waiting for the price to go up so you can sell it to the next jackass at a profit Jake sorry didn't you buy like ten Bitcoin a few months ago when they were selling for 1,200 coin yeah I do because I believe in Bitcoin why uh cuz it's the future of everything I love you how is it the future of everything oh um it's untraceable for one untraceable meaning meaning it's worth more than cash jackée and how is cash traceable and uh Pat it's digital it digital it is digital bit contigent how our dollars trans down to my final point it is um an online cryptocurrency mr. castles so uh Hurwitz from way downtown Jesus wish em here why don't you tell this base taeju what we do to Jack ashes I'm not Jewish I am you jackass buddy I think you should lift me up what I just wish the game-winning three so I think it's only fair that you come over here lift me up like a champion and gave me your Bitcoin excuse me uh okay this is absurd oh yeah you're heavy no not this is so weird what's your coin based login and password we're gonna sign in we're gonna move all your Bitcoin over to my digital wall you said you already had Bitcoin I did have Bitcoin and it was in mal Cox it was hacked and now it's gone alright I made the three it was from downtown you're hurting my back then let me down as you let me down I'm sorry hey I'm here you know for what it's worth I'm proud of you for standing up to that a really weird bullying no we're bullying was the highlight of my life Jack ash hey if you liked that video click on us to subscribe

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