29 thoughts on “It's the Blockchain Panel”

  1. I'm from New Jersey and that host is even too sarcastic for ME. He has no wit or charm to get away with the stupid things he says.

  2. This dude said white guys on stage, what an asinine comment. I can't watch this now even though I came to see Vitalik.

  3. Who is this obnoxious fuckwit interviewing? Maybe it would be a good idea to have someone less obtuse leading the interview..

  4. Biggs,,,, do better at moderating. You come off as arrogant, but I wonder if you're just not prepared to talk to this content.

  5. No matter what happens in life at least I haven't sat next to some of the pioneers of this day and age and rambled random shit like "Can you cut the goldfish from it's life?"

  6. people keep trying to find out what interesting things can come out of blockchain tech but so far the answer is, nothing much. Definitely will change ecommerce but that's probably it.

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