Its all About UTILITY for Crypto Mainstream Adoption

a rate going for a live stream
action minute talk about utility
two nights of testing out the
issue that I was having earlier
wi and see if we can keep this in
the green, without having the
cycle as it was earlier cycling
nine green rate yellow green
read y and see all this of this works
out hopefully and I can have the same
disruption and we had this morning , wanna make sure that the a
live stream is gonna be solid
four and Monday on Monday evening so on going through, do a full live
stream of tonight were to talk
about utility had a bunch of
stuff prepared of this morning and all wanted
to get to it and we can really
get, through wall of all and I
plan and talking about it and I was running into some
of technical difficulty , as part of the process and so,
I figured that the sins of got a
great to live stream coming upon
Monday night, with the and I, a solid live stream tonight,
make sure that we’re not having
the same type of lag issues an ig Lai said at a bunch of
stuff that I wanted to cover
earlier , but was not able to get to sew
of bear with me aside as I pull
this all together offer some
reason Toby S. Tom earlier this
mo are right now it’s looking a
good solid green of only dropped about 400
frames , which actually I think is some
pretty good so that’s even get a
few more of people in and then
we’ll start kicking off tonight on hope everybody had a out one
or full on Saturday on looking
for two great Sunday of have you
give you guys ever heard of of the world run of the world
Ron you actually takes place a globally of it starts in
different parts of the world got
exactly at the same time us so
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what’s amazing about the world
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pretty cool , let’s see what is of a Leonard say here on a fact
that all these excerpt the
videos need to justify why the
price has a move is a big red
flag to see tonight, yet keep us I keep this
posted on there on my like to
look at it from a terms of if you’re diversifying
that saw some of you know you
have everything is up a
long-term of approach to even with the IPO Sea or us
of BT CL tce th when every one
of a put it in whichever turns
on its all relatively
speculative on but when it comes to excerpt
he it is one have the only that is
currently up and they currently has a a
world of real world utility of that and a that’s actually
been a put into a play as we
speak so whether that’s through
the rebel net, ex rapid solution
or n of you buy one to take a look at
that is true one exurbia stayed
relatively unstable and
consistent, regardless of the
the OPS a it into all utility, overall so
that you guys could of tide
tweed is out I’m gonna send out
a quick tweak up on this on the
vide receive I can get this out real
quick as want weeded out on this
normal am not streaming on non
and Saturday nights on that see and see if we do Y just
mainstream adoption utility , say live now to sit through
the cell pond, twitter real
quick on and then we can get to
it on now and time is it set
nine 9:00 PM and 8:00 PM 54 used and, a line or 19 as to case of the
beloved say that’s not that’s
not accurate, okay so and the only login and tweak the
dow and should be going out here
awesome OK are fit this and that
weed out and let so let’s let’s
get into this so it can really
ant I’d let me know enough you guys
see any, lag me anything year to
one talk about anything specific of the degrade on a
does one make sure the all the
settings are are solid as having
some of technical on issues on
the on now when we when we talk
about utility of this is really up important
you know so really market as a whole and
this goes back to not mention
this a couple times on the on
the stream that dotted the ceo
of.base of meaning that this the
transition is critical, and so a
transition into utility also
will bring about a more
mainstream adopti you get more mainstream
recognition of what the digital
asset space really is what
digital assets are I threw more
mainstream re on and so that’s a that’s to be
important , now a wood as we discuss a
utility and we really go through
that on it’s interesting to
really stay on in tune with what
the m a rebel and rebel net have made
it and have made huge waves and
the marketplace in the banking
industry on and there’s actually on Bloomberg end and this is a
good starting point off for two nights of topic into
nice conversation as we’re talking about utility on because in this article on
Bloomberg it was so RE it was
referring to technology and
articles written by Doug and
Alexander o that banks in general up and
have used a black chain or
digital assets on to swap
currency on so I think that you it’s a
it’s an accurate statement yet
and inaccurate statement filled
with a little bit of
misinformation black chain in the cross border
payment on a space in the
exchange of currency space on so that in first and foremost
is an important up and really
it’s an important move on in the right direction in the
direction that we wanna see on
as it relates to on utility, and
mainstream adoption so now in t those two are utilizing black
chain technology to eight in the article again it
states it was the first row
between central banks OK so it
may be central banks however again is not the first time now what’s wrong with this
article as a pro and con here all what’s
wrong with this is that not once to the mention the fact that
seems 2012 of rebel through rebel net or
even what are three is doing
than operating out of the
initiatives of our three all
when it comes this statement through this
Bloomberg article really makes
it look like all of this is a
new project of the really hasn’t
of it was linked up with singapore’s
project open network is part of
the test now this is what’s
interesting done in partnership with a
censure and Jp Morgan chase Inco
so as we know which AP Morgan a
Jp Morgan of through and with
Jamie eye in terms of a conversation
on terms of what we’ve heard on in the media us so now that
we really can identify that
Thomas if you’re a team in the
picture and beyond its a await your ego title of
that that they’ll see brief and
to you right there to also have to strive
comforting to subscribe to an
like and how to nine notifications of a tighter I love I and the so if an unending and yet know if tonight so to see where we’re
recovery let’s get back to sew
this article again bringing the
sunlight into on mainstream auto
an on mainstream a recognition of black chain mainstream
recognition of Ide digital assets on so what
what’s the issue with article
again a van on the move on from this
is the fact that it’s the test
is done in partnership with Jp
Morgan so here’s Jp Morgan which
is to me you know competition is
good on its it’s healthy in all
of it proves the case of their
deftly seen a proof in the case
of of and let seen we pulled this
of this quote and that’s the monetary
authority of Singapore me as a
Uri OK so his quo was Private
Jasper Prudhoe Bay and had built
on previou we’ve heard that up making the
cross border payment in
settlement easier on more
efficient this is something
again that we’ve se of its stated he reset only
through continued collaboration
and fundamental research will be possible for this
technology to mature and for
policymakers to fully understand
its potential now again if we’re
living we didn’t realize that this,
technology already existed and
been utilized we’d say you know that’s pretty
amazing that are actually doing
this you know but done it all but the
debts of you know that’s
interesting and oh so any help but see a
Carolina says anybody else in
the Chad all we do have some
people on so looked and speeches
to popp it on glad glad he’s into love
tap line was on early on to the
guys run the live stream earlier
this morning on we got a little bit more
involved in international
politics and then there’s a ton
of stuff that I wanted to talk
about regar let’s say again be up for
tonight tonight I was stunned
going through and trying to do a
live stream test not sure how
many peop on a one to make sure we go
through in my settings are are
solid and you’re in a way of 15
watching so if you guys wanna
try to done and and so you’ve got a lot
of the great things to cover all
regarding the utility and maimed the mainstream adoption
so there’s a lot of little pieces that of a kurd
really over the past week are so that were going to piece
together tonight to to a deadline yes you started
and ivar of ending the day that Stefan beck
and Evelyn be an issue to a tie dye totally appreciate the
fact that you are starting the
day and ending the day up on the live streams I know I
was not on the lyceum all the
peso on by glad the glad to have
you on again and I get a saw
some and fortunate the trampoline pay
a place that a bar last week
were there and they ended their
two for one so could you imagine
t the two for one that we
anticipated was was ended and
then we went back today
expecting only getting one and
asset and he said n glad to see one tie you live in a rocket it’s
great that means you does
waiting and waiting on standby
mode toe are getting ready to move it
some point a good beads and be
this year could be five years
and up to oh so mainstream mainstream
adoption on so it better known
than great to see one here a
glad you made an tonight were going to really I’d
get into law or to talk a little
bit more about mainstream
adoption and I utility so it’s a Guinness and blue Moon a black and blue you know I
haven’t tried it before and
tried to others of Zion united
try the blacksmith that’s kinda
since med of light so so we’re just going
through all of the fact that
there’s a little filing a little
foam own little flood little
posit a way that in the article on
bluebird a, failed to mention
the fact that a lot of the sun
test is being going on now in
utility is trying to make it sound with
a partnership with Jp Morgan so
on it but let’s move on from
there I think it’s it’s
important n on so from their let’s let’s
move on and and this is out of
action only skip this one does
windows of john Mcafee and east
of ab in a little bit because I wanna
go into more mainstream adoption in there to specific
articles that came out this week
of that are very important all
when it comes to mainstream
adopti very important when it comes to
overall utility and recognition
of the space so we know that on
NASDAQ had I had listed up and l a previously on and so were talk
about that the index that crypto
currency index off for a big win
for theory and now I’ve NASDA as that wouldn’t add something
like this and jeopardize of
reputation at this point if they
didn’t believe that this was a
growi affected to bring it into their
index is going to also then
provide the mainstream
recognition now this is interesting also because
we have NASDAQ: this as an
article that the employing from
was at sea and.desk in April 30
and this is a trend in the right
direction on and so were deftly
seen a positive signs again of
of mainstream adoption through
mains or bonus begin to see more a
positive signs of the hands on
utility because of the end of
the day of that’s what we wanna
be abl on coal oil fantastic a glad the
year I use a not using oil on if
you guys haven’t registered a
4.0 yet go ahead and go to coil and a CD to know their names all
but only type in mind as a
starting point to get an idea of
how it if they don’t have a
search tiny talking type of the same
time as a working for me, but
any us of this is when you go on
the onto what cant acquire all
you whether the person’s registered
name is on foil and mine in this
case is all report in each of
the lr keep your T cell on so
tha on that CD and ski heard about
the exurbia lacks always added
valued and look for yet neither
really looking up of a to see
what of the crypto currency index of
but again I think it’s an
important initiative that it’s
moving away let’s eat apple and
I work of war we refer into we thought
about our at our eye a or on toes is well known as co 10 poll in which all what are we
referring to their own temple
and Brian died Darcy Jeff what was
the story today with that they
excerpt he ought to set I don’t
know of a sudden I miss that all
t on what I will look it up men
report back on sold not not 100%
sure of what that’s all about to you have deftly Ira of telly Slade what’s up and to see one tonight tight so so now are you know
we’re seeing that the
recognition of of of the of
Nadler we’re seeing NASDAQ’s
recognition of a ano now we go a step further, let’s
see if it wasn’t in this article
all by the way on May 13 through
May 15 is consensus in New Yor up over that we can over May 13
of the 15th on in in new york’s
own button check it out online
consensus up and then if we can
t on bond on Monday Stream as well
but there’s a ton of of
advertising on this up on the
site that I’m looking at so tough we go into a little bit
further on terror connects level this is OK
so this is interesting to see
now we have of who was it, but
see you next level CNBC out
after from the NASDAQ studio now this
person is ran on new owner of any Xhosa the
shell that seat we did all of
that it’s going to launch this
is May 9 a from times square so
this to the next level so we know
that they’ve there adding a bit cloying to theory an
excerpt the index that to the
end of the two there whether the
overall tube as its crypto
currency in starting May 9 and it’s going to
launch from times square on it
says here the NASDAQ studios in
the middle of all the action and on their way too in front of me
work I’m not to mention to
arrest so that’s pretty cool pudding crypto right into the
heart of Manhattan so again a
light is it taking this a whole
new level what we’re seeing is a day full
of a nine a silly adoption yet but
we’re seeing the full embrace in
on all of this of technology are
these revolutionary of the fin get it there so so so far we’ve
seen a lot of the grassroots efforts
we’ve seen the early adopters
we’ve seen the content providers
we’ve seen the content shares on on in this article now this
article was on CC an all one
didn’t show up here on actually
got yesterday as an art form
yesterday and I like what they say here
because I agree with this on the
timing of the movie surely no
accident a bit cloying bulls are back in
institutional Investors
Investors are now beginning to dip their
toes into the crypto waters to
allow pools that now there’s
also that the exact same time
there w on pension funds and layoffs is
are actually invested into a
crypto what they found was that
more than 20% of institutional
inve that were made since 2016 so
three years so for for them to
make the SIG knowledge may
already know this is going to be
public a all were going to see NASDAQ’s audit were to see a show on and
on the NASDAQ broadcasting us so
that’s going to be very cool as
well right out of domestic stud more mainstream adoption on more
utility and light so let’s say you love
tap line that see tech Serbia of
what’s on the Audi glad you’re
on that saw some of the seaweed a light we got 99 for a a a spur
the moment of decision that
brought this live stream of did have a great live stream
earlier this morning I wanna
make sure that a little fat few
technical glitches one make sure
ev I directly after the and I with
the Anaya I think we have a lot
of things to discuss so all you
guys all will really have a good upon the on the a on the chat
Monday evening so tight now that’s a glitch jump
over from what’s happening with NASDAQ and
only throw this out there
because this is I think also
important on their stilled
discussion over where the potential what the possibility of a bit
cloying pricing can be as we roll through 2019
as we approach on 2020 up and so this is something that that big points gonna reach of
$1,000,000 by the end of the
year he standing buy it now the
thing is he’s not alone all with
a b I he said that the expectation
of big point in the price of
$250,000 up by 2022 so then
there’s many others of that
share that s of this is what’s going to begin on to hit the mainstream so
right now these kind of
conversations are being reported
on by CC and but now imagine the
fact that is going to be a paean to the
airwaves are now going to be
captured a bye bye a a crypto show by
Africa’s crypto traitor and
again broadcasting starting on
May 9 off from NASDAQ studio so
people t NASDAQ is also added again onto
their crypto currency index we originally had a bit cloying
there they’ve added the th and
now they’re adding or have added
excerpt he as a on May 1 I think as we see the news drop on the II firmly believe that there’s a lot of things
going on behind the scenes and they are also when it comes
to mainstream adoption there’s a certain a progression
of that they won everything to
go through it doesn’t help the
dump everything suddenly on the one hand and you also
have to see a preparation time of the different of entities
whether it was in the trade a
fidelity or even in NASDAQ so I think that’s all important and I let sea of soup kind of a
feedback we got over here and
just take a quick break your array could see it and let’s go
back up here on sun, looking tap
line of care wonder why the
price is not move all the other use some not, I’m not
heeding this one in your insight
it’s crazy of you think they’re
holding the price down until
they’r read it somewhere off to use on
but someone it discussed on muck
moving from the mom and pop
investment which are really all
of to the large institutional of
movers and shakers on I think we
saw you know and when we look
back to the larger run up on and
th , and a 2017 going to be a 2018
and was a lot of fervor behind
it we saw the news media picking
up we saw the news channels talk and was a ton of excitement and
that’s what they need excitement
for their news viewership so now
are they suppressing I don’t t in suppressing a somewhat
suppressing the pricing I
believe that their fun articles
and their flood media on and
maybe the lack and negative there going to
instinctively hold it down the fact that now the
institutional I Investors are
starting to gain a little more
momentum it’s going to become
accepted on the than were to start seeing a bump
up of the volume untraded with a
bump up the volume traded I’ll
sister you know you’re going to takes just what happens you know
you see more by request because
you’re gonna start seeing a bump
up of identified on undone Gen of whether it’s to NASDAQ were
CNBC are or are you elsewhere on that’s a component of it I
think we’re also seeing us a slight separation of of excerpt he if we want folks
in an excerpt he from the
movements of the DC pro or con all were deftly seen some
positive movements I also I do
think it’s a positive that word
of beginning to see some form of stability and out
over a period of time in the
price points in a never helps to
see large spikes up on as we saw
al on a buildup odyssey that
there’s some big all utility
news and big on momentum you
might see bigger spikes as a
kind of a goes and want the same thing and
wanna see big spike some big
drops because there to put lots
of money and on their you know
there to are putting you know millions
tens of millions or 100 and a plea and you know
what ever up so they need to
have some relative stability as
they’re moving money on into the
spa on and I don’t think it’s so
crazy to think about it that way
either a because we have seen
and it’s it’s very obvious that
ther online other manipulations
happening but I don’t know how
or why it locally that that what
we just talked about helps out a
litt smash the likes of banks may I
be on sometimes I forget to talk
about all of the lich but now would be
awesome of throats and budget
that the likes of a Gavin
subscribe to new subscribe if
you know town that see here talking
long-term I agree that that’s
what’s important on Tom Mullins and his wife had
a great time of what I miss here all it’s a tech Ser PK of luck and tie that sell its go down here
what’s up Johnny bowl in a
sudden you’re doing some us and
live streams of last night into
day of led and show that Garrido of our
agency we got here to 350 know
what the plan unhappy with 350
THS Point to I’m happy with the
dolla because of weak and continue to
accumulate onto accumulates up
and keep adding on and same
thing with some of the others
appear and oust now’s deftly a good
time to one to accumulate so others going to be accumulation
periods and this to be selloff.
So on and to me this is
long-term Yum putting money and
that I’m it’s awesome to all its ceo see we’re out
here of OK we go over here are fit guy so where and when we
just leave off here we went
through on john Mcafee OK here
we go as is interesting because if
this was a chapter was on read
it, about five days ago, have an
exact date weir’s and eight
other t on not just for stellar axle and
and it’s also relevant when we
think about what rebel and
excerpt here doing on so let’s let’s look through
this and an I just thought I was
really interesting there
something on as I drill down on
to real and the move did, tse here to that in this case there
talking about a stellar up acquisition of
chain of also a scene via up a
relationship potentially with up
with world wire and visa of
being de on and so so really that that was a really
the point of this lonely drill
down a little bit years as Baeza
work, chain doesn’t explicitly explanation of soul it’s a tough let’s see how this was our
it so the question views of
we’re OK they might as well be
working on a clone of stellar
pride so I think there’s a little bit
out of our whack, so to weigh
the way this conversation and of
going because it also was very
re Tauzin explicitly mean that visa
works on the public ledger they
might as well be working on a
clone of stellar or a private
one of toy or tank of America hour
bank of England whomever might
be you know this is still relevant
’cause this person was saying
that Baeza might as well a
creator rather than their own
instead o so here’s what this boy burns
said I thought I was very
relevant across the board for
this industry of a mad and if there was one
Internet for country each with
its own ISP offering access and each with a different set of
available web sites to imagine
the imagine this this scenario,
says how frustrated how frustrat it would look like, now that
would look like the current a
banking system with a platter of
the inter Internet bridges to
allow so basically a saying that meet
every up IE is speeding in each
Internet there’s a specific
Internet per each country and
its an in that country all but that you
know then how are you going to
then access see about half that
a bridge a between this various tear their focus here is stellar
are AM from the other
perspective it could be excerpt
he is as a bridge asset on and
so this is only to be evaluated using
called upon and shortcomings so
that it can work to improve
itself and value of such
infrastructure i and sell their new business
seamlessly without costly
infrastructure that is prohibit
Le approved a bit of lee
expensive for the a big guy so spot on the way
explains in his conversation is
relating to stellar you can use
it for stellar or you can use it
fo is not to have 100 different
stellar networks, see one of one
on in this regard IBM is ahead
of any other willing party by
sever tear job of embracing the role
of network operator on and so then he goes on and on
and on on and there there’s
odyssey more involved in and
this conversation I think that
really and what’s happening with these
banks as they tried to replicate
as they try to create their own
you could you imagine at this point of that they are
in their silo so the chain PM a group whoever that might be
let’s say renounce 200 banks all
utilizing the Jp Morgan solution
there in a silo they still need over to the bank of America grew
over to the bank of England
group a right now there would be
no I in are connectivity and the
w , tse only go back a see what we
got going on here I’m just gonna
go back to some of the notes if
you guys get any of feedback o and see excerpt the pilot,
welcome light heavy on to if if ever the mood yet you
got your jet taking the start flying around
the world picking people of OK’d
of bank of America: jp employing
the paypal: will not work it that’s also the yield problem
been a very a probable outcome is that they can work on in
their very own you know they’re
there oriented in a in a silo so
they’re going to be stuck in
their of not only can not be used
outside but, someone said that
you can even connected with a a
bridge asset that it’s going to
happe on its it’s not possible on its
not going to be an open
exchangeable network on they also I don’t have in
this is what is unique about, the the up excerpt the
ledger on is that instinctively
on it has an exchange built into
the ledger to exchange into any
c on so that’s up to one of the
huge losses of the excerpt he
has above any of the others on
and so even if let’s say you
could of and are still the need to bridge
asset on and let’s say there’s a
way to do it by visit some of
setting and I don’t know yes and to oh isn’t everything the flow
through it eventually on a I
think it will be I think if
eventually on it’s going to have to go over
the inner ledger you know it
just on it seems that that’s the
direction on that’s what they’re on tap light USD to Mexico vx to
be works 100% on we can send
even excerpt the tip of an egg and send it anywhere in
the world right now on I can send you excerpt he
anymore when anywhere in the
world right now on we have seen one make of the
platform a little bit more
seamless to send up to make it the more I
you know I count friendly unsaid
just to impede a peeve for going
on in a business transaction that said you know something
that’s really important to
identify and I agree with you
you know it just isn’t gonna
work and that and that’s also as we go back to
an eye in I started out the
conversation focused on this
article from Bloomberg it was
specific I in order to put this project
together a bank of Canada on the
monetary authority of Singapore
ought to utilized the black chai another stock is working with
each other than I can go to work
with of the bank of India unless the
bank of India somehow you know
why I’m going to participate
with Jp Morgan and anyone that
isn’t , well that’s to say it’s not
just is not flexible but is not
to be function to only see are what II lost my
own tie the moneyed move down the
list here now if we wanted to
step over two of a little of
conversation on regulation but
the befo Orion this is a Jamison cast my
target of a , R.I. let’s see on exurbia
Hollywood us a stellar net has
lumens and stellar pay: exit
acts are you bell has excerpt he
and hou an everyday see a caveman
welcome glad you made on Tom yeah I think that’s that’s
the issue is it you can have
only need a simplified you know
so as markets expand and develop
on and may even stay there right
now a there’s different ways to
move money out between people are different hats of deftly a
young not not that the best
solution not the easiest
solution necessarily on but
again you know i a right now how might it and
move excerpt he if you need
Accel and Ya wanna work with
excerpt he be one to work with
Exel and yo , send you excerpt he’s that
will automatically then be
easily converted over Taxol am
up in and I think you know
that’s really on until one begins to dominate anno can we say Ann and I brought this up before
all we have we had the argument
between coke and Pepsi we have
the argument between burger king , and those of Indio ongoing for
four decades on and we might
bend still see those same types
arguments as we move in on to
the and we saw android apple of
hints oh on the ceo some some
changes of whiskey: I love that
idea and know what we should of every time you if you drink
something and you’re in a in a
public environment and you
mention anno Jamison cast me I
should get and he does happen to be treated
something got your viewing
audience are you know if your were you
tweedy something out a Updike to
you know Janus and they all son
you get a odd Jamison points and on your micro payments
transacted on through the AMA
excerpt the ledger and bone you
know you can have a transact it
over to wan are thinking are thinking of
ways to use a advertising eye
and a I together so a eyes
always listen to what we’re
saying Washing toe of light that see here of
locate your ego exurbia
Hollywood I think excerpt in excellent as
for bridge currency and outdoors
free commerce on Exor PLO and so
was seller paid: on the stella on and there’s a lot of
discussion on axle am also being
utilized off for micro payments
on a specially the primary project of stellar
all was to do the hour each on
to help of bank the on banked
off or in in a micro payment a
sense and the reason why I thought I
was so important to look at
what’s happening and take things
to a much different perspective
on i and then economically and then
drilled down all the way back
down to us on the ground of how
are we going to help facilitate the rebuilding
of economy’s in these destitute
nations and digital assets in my
opinion are their way out of it’s their
way to freedom and it’s their
way of four for a really
stepping out of from underneath
the thumb all RE sheen’s that don’t allow
them on to really develop on any form
of of a free economy or a
entrepreneur EO growth on and so
finding a way for them on TV
&Banks tawny any more of a really on a
smaller scale of if you know everyone runs
rather cell phones and someone
selling oranges on and the UC currencies are no longer
valuable and weakened as
transferring excerpt here and
Exel and cellphone a cell phone
up and we and the global economy and to me
that’s that’s freedom of look a sow’s ear think OK
were also go fish and sea
liquidity and number of payment
rails is Key I agree with that
to be a gu of the of the general of
mainstream adoption of one of the solutions and we we
look at you like a on what was
it Betamax and a VHS of in the
eighties, which 11 out as VHS as
a off for the purpose and yelled
of what the what it’s been I use
four on and more you adaptable
word adoptable, so I of its ear top of a adela nice
I’m glad to ports and scotch and
that one of my of my scratches
out and I have to go way over on on to get more sundown to a
little bit of ice cube either
large ice cube the big brown
eyes to other two guys going am
as I get tell many of Anand is getting thirsty and I
enter an ounce of fortunate as
water here to contact line to exurbia and up
to and or diabetes see as
freedom and then that’s the
direction we need to move into
so , let’s see here let’s see up to
excerpt the pilot you don’t look
old enough on to remember
Betamax vs. the chassis of a and that that’s a compliment I
guess you know that’s I
appreciate that so I do I do a tie was around back then I was a
long time ago so does anybody
that wasn’t on that was a way
back in history I told my son
that weed and have on tablets we can
have all phones to watch a you
know with with you to or
anything like that and leading have computers and
then he’s looking at me like you
not what you’d have computers
and phones use of what did you
wat but if you get you to a nice if
other was immune to a a a so we
did was go outside from law from
loved us connected to the eye f and at that so we did the
limiting ourselves, other than
watching TV and I told my son
was growing up all where I am
where I was on my mother would even allows
down a color TV switches that a
black and white TV and with a
little dial on it so you him as
tel to a telephone of a tablets were up
or pills a swallow that’s right
mobile phones are disposable on
cord and you’re lucky I if you
ha on and they were too old school
of black phones of them and the
ever seen as the black dial
phones super heavy the kind they and
keep next to the door night’s
opening one came and you can
whack more than with it, but
that’s so and had to dial an an ice show
to my son like you know I need
of this phonies looking at it
and decide many of the imagine
going of Mendoza the days and I
remember getting the first push
button phony nominee get that
high: it’s the greatest thing
ever and I see you’re still tear
still caught you’re up to the
cord and then you have to
remember people’s phone numbers
in awesome w and Jawad so glad you made on , yet those crazy like a member
of China think of my first UC
cordless phone and can remember when it was
unsure we had one I know we had
one in the house and 1. a pager up and at ice Devon PG and two in
the pages are awesome to write
you get the pager a number of in
my pager and then you have
certai you can read it for messages on
a young guy got the numbers
right here a like a lower some
other things and then there are certain
sequences of digits of that
meant something seeking to send
someone a message and bony sent
on the of and a side up a phone and of
trying to find a pay phone
anywhere around here again about
that it’s all areas and as a good
times and of a letter that you
now running around the fields
Mendoza I try to explain my son
like m on it but the other snakes and
other things it could be in
there so on but anyhow like a
member in a growing up we went
outside type remember you know I know
real boys are guessing we got
into law ridiculous things and I and a Federal cleanup on
an acre member of and what I
know we did we get aunts and try
to finance and B’s and spiders
and and so it’s better that the kids
are inside is sitting on their
tablets on how to tell what’s at sea of 558008 on
a calculator upside down good
times and a of a tap exactly that Soleil areas to
a a a a man also to memories and it’s funny to run away from the eyes and a
rate staff and all renault’s
great, that be a great stream
last night and auburn rain everybody if you
guys and checked out auburn rain
yet all you started streaming
I’d been streaming but took over as gladden died day of joint is
channeled to get a chance so a
big slick watts up and then we
had we had scorpions of weak X’s
s to the top bid by the centipede
and begin light on 10 minutes to
to live on to get to a hospital to only be out where forget
about it you wouldn’t you would
make it back but is greatly
gifted the centipedes and the
scorpions 10 times anyway is a so lightly
his son I’m coming up as a fast
hour but on behalf of ways of Teo kind of in the desert yup it
was kinda desert numbness area
com so there’s also too crazy
stuff all living under rocks and sewing we we like to flip
over rocks for sure is kids and
the bees to isolate kitchen bees
for some reason on light so by then you try to
translate that information over
over to the kids now and the logon and what’s on you
to to so for them you know doing
anything is like a pranks and a
watch Mr. Beast and they watch
all these other guys that are on
their on and then now it’s all about
Mr. Beeston and others and outs
of the Ireland boys of those
guys are cool of men Mr. Beast other I like
watching some thoughts to one of
what I see in watching a little
oil city and watching with
either so, let’s see here to a PF exactly climbing trees
do you know it’s insane to things that we did I know of lights a check this out sub
is I think is important now I want around all of this
conversation out were taught
about mainstream adoption or time by utility of Czar
Meineke starting to want to her
on a night we were on a cell
with the with the kids were
doing Tennes on so of sy so and with the with everything we
talked about again we see what
was having with NASDAQ to see you know really bringing
about the mainstream recognition or identification of of the crypto space the digital
asset space on Ben we fast
forward and there’s a thin tech forum taking place on May 31 now this
is through the SEC the U.S. on
SEC and we seems a big move into
Thailand with their SEC and the other ahead of them where we are
in the U.S. as are many of the
other countries all were way
lagging behind in the U.S. on in
th why is this important it’s
important because the SEC is
point together a forum
discussing the importance and
significance off in so as I drilled through there
are other agenda on over that that the course of
that day I mean really find
anybody that I thought was
really that exciting tune to
want to ment , where there is some lawyers
saw someone some of financial
people on the panelist of Arnold
see any of digital asset people
on all my enough to figure out what
they need these people what,
contributions and they make when it comes to
faint act your someone from fit
a fidelity brokerage services on and then we get into the wood
is MIT Media lab OK we’re
getting a little bit closer of
mickey drilling down and then we
have , then we get into a delight to
OK so we keep drilling down
through the day and finely and
panel member for tea have of
three pa on one is Christopher Ferris
from IBM and the other is Todd
Macdonald from our three and
then we get into the Wharton
school uni are in working for other
companies finally get to the
panel for any actually see all
of the moderate are here
Skywalker special industry trends and specific use
cases for financial markets till
finally they round out the rest
of the day on in panel for on timely at the end they rounded
off as someone from IBM and are
three specifically ought to
discuss on and an odyssey as we
know you also the Wharton school Ya
Ya and to try auburn value that if read
about that could point 2020 , tse here tonight let’s of the kids so
let’s either the last thing I
wanted to bring out the gun
around this out by this all
planned out c ennio so let’s see here this and
this is cool so this was again
this is a couple days ago things move so fast it’s insane to know this was an article that
I found actually on crypto
briefing Ta, I wanted to put
something up theirs are in my
mind neck an actor or kill me for some
reason up OK so this is of
crypto regulation in Finland and
Russia have good data and are
ugly or g that good to bad and the ugly of
a so to this is really cool because of bone according to this
article the way they wrote this of both
Russian Finland have introduced
a new route on new regulations
around crypto currencies of and
a so we see again Russian Finland and making a move on in the
right direction on 21 to provide some form of
all regulatory or regulation
over the space now here’s the critical question to specially when you think
about other Russian government
or you even know where it’s
coming out of Finland on either
way on by the quest or he could be
the U.S. Data really matter all
but here but his government
regulation and a sign of adoption or an attempt to control to think that’s an important
question because we talk about the need for
regulatory clarity and talk about the need to
provide regulation around crypto
currency to have now it said
deftly a valid question and a
valid con a further means of adoption of the technology is it going to
help a further the growth in the
space and the expansion of the
technology or in order to up control of the
monetary flow of the populace on
so I think that’s important I
believe we’ve seen that form of implementation in
China all when they attempt to
shut down a bit cloying mining
on and they have an all out come
out against of digital assets entirely on in
general , but there is some negative of
perspective on already
fermenting on at the government level we
deftly saw us and negative on
attention and negative of
momentum coming out of the
government’s in as we saw some of their primary,
exchanges and were forced to shut their
doors in India by due to the
control of regulation that really forbid
them on to provide a means of
exchange us so that really a
stifled the business and really stifled
of that potential and
possibilities of that were being
created the point now all we also then in all of this
stuff that’s going on we saw us of us as a DB was that
the Saudi Arabian of something
banker until his stance for the
part of HSBC and can be complete and they created our own direct
rail on two India on wars I
forgot wares from wasn’t like
Singapore to India or wherever
was whe a it’s not you they would be
utilizing ex rapid all were
allowing their their public to
utilize excerpt he and ex rapid
solution would be utilizing a digital
asset behind the scenes of two
where large organizations can
quickly move money cheaply a
bill woul us so that could be allowed but
there still a lot of discussion
and conversation so in India a
regulation could death could be
c of the populist as we also saw
during the same period time on
back and was in October of the
Indian government actually a
began fiat currency and removed it
from the marketplace of in order
to force even those on the smaller scale
than rely on fiat and can afford
to be in an electronic banking
environments are really pushing of allowing them to use utilized
digital asset on to help of bank more of those
in the impoverished class which
it are around 700,000,000 people on in India that need to be
banked so us and that’s where
you start seeing that relevant
question is government regulation of good
or bad so tell me let me throw back up
your let me see all will run the
cell during a little bit on a
one to go to law doesn’t keep
everyb I agree with that time the ID all what’s good
about this tack is that the
global and that its global just finding
the right location of that as reads to help grow
the space of like Malta not
exactly that such a great point
of that if you don’t add to your
eithe and that companies all will move
to and really like magnets be
attracted onto those countries
that provide of that type of
regul to help of building develop the
technology into the space I
couldn’t agree more with that of and then odyssey Bryan dozen
Christine Le guard say of that
the banks will have to adopt or
die on I think banks do have to
adopt are died the question is
on exactly what Jan I think I do
believe that as we transition from our perspective of banks
are already on notice because we
we’ve talked about on Indian
previous trains helm of how the
exch moving over onto accepted it’ll
assets and then he would be for
a digital asset exchange two
then become a bank can do online
ba of because a pulled right now
could potentially do it they
could potentially be a bank, and
there’s other entities that are
bein all of it can also then a
provide your interest on on the
money held but with a pulled you
can send U.S. dollars I can hold
Euro that’s quasi banking on now and into banking environment
wanna make sure the year FDIC
insured so that your money held
is protected in case something
happen a on an OS let’s say we’re
putting the trust in another
entity in order for them to have that
trust there has to be a big
organization that’s ensuring the
trust is well on and so there’s
a lo and are going to have a much
more difficult time on moving
into the digital asset space
again than I believe these
digital asset is beyond all what many of the
smaller banks can ever imagine
doing so it has since it also allows for
these big, exchange is the
easily buy out of banks and
absorb and into all what they’re
already and whereas some of these large
exchanges like a point base to have a bit stamp or a up or
by nance might already be too
large and I think that stamp was
bought out and I believe are
bits of that some were to start
seeing some true on merging of
all of the banking exchange of
type thing, so that that’ll be
interest to sell so rial of SA British
bank to look at the knee us to a
chirpy by when you post set up
again on checking out alone
where , no most people don’t wanna move and
I’d just as the government fears
on the easing its citizens I
agree that to a lot of people
don find a way around it, but if
their mobile, and they can pick
up and go there to pick up and
go similar to the way by nance
did a lets the rain excerpt the and
Surrey exurbia and the rebel net
will be mass adopted the up on the ice is because
you’ll have wealthy entrepreneurs and
companies leaving on two
countries that will incentivized
space and that’s what’s,
motivate them and people will get up and will
move because of that, and so you
have less of Sr. has eight
British bank, aren’t so sold so again I think this was
really relevant as article again
from tiptoe briefly talk about
Russian Finland , did talk about 40 areas and
rush of what many say just that
to summarize so we can move on
done in a bill drafted by the
econo the sandbox trials will be state
monitored and users of crystal
crypto currencies will be immune
from prosecution for working wi it’s crazy right of memory that
again of this is in Russia tie this is an initiative that
test crypto currencies now would
you want to enter into a sandbox
trial where the trials are a monitored up by the government and the
users are that period of time
will be immune from prosecution and working with for work in
crypto com know you know whatever
problem with that I don’t think
that I would participate because the government in any
point in time can say you know
were shutting it down OK when I
you shut it down and not you
runnin of I don’t think that that’s a
good way of a coin about it
honestly I be a little nervous it says
here of the movies that out as a
major advance in a mainstream
adoption for Russia so whatever
it takes so I think it’s it’s
good bec I’m sure there’s plenty that
will jump in on that opportunity a country that appears to be
warming to the use of virtual currencies
within its borders up and the
air like the article said here
is I just said it’s a stance of
le to variant of varying times
hostile on an inconsistent so I was still be very concerned
myself personally coming from my
perspective of even getting
involved but you can see where
the co of monetary control China India of three major and Russia
three major countries that are are very of anno one of the concerned about allowing the the
public eye to have some freedom
of freedom of movement of
economically speaking that they
can’t to that that’s deftly concern
but at least at least these
countries are coming out one
where the other way as the U.S.
side you everything slow you know but if
that’s also good you know we’ll
want the government to move too
fast and make it you know, and d of government and the Congress
people could be very susceptible
to lobbying from large financial
organizations and large banks s on because we’re to shutter
speed off now that you don’t
make a decision a so I think
there’s a lot of other of
extraneous Tenne Tom so well we’ll minutes or
days, nine, 1022 so on that I’m
really glad all you guys I
joined in and held in here on as
weak as to be just a just one more note
on it regarding not Finley and
because I think Finland on says
here of the financial
supervisory informed the media that the
Nordic country would enact the
act and virtual currency
providers from May 1 to was
enacted the law which we saw similar on type of
of a law of active pass through
the U.S. Congress back in
January actually two of them focus specifically on money laundering and combating
terrorism so so that’s
interesting all but it’s not
clear how they will interface of
existing tax established taxes of 30% on any
crypto transaction that that’s a
terry very up off high a tax
rate and and we have to
understand to do something a positive it
said FDA law saw drop encrypt
all activity as it effectively rendered a
link ripped the crypto on buyable on so that’s not a
good thing of so on but I don’t
like that the tax on bailey’s
they’re talking about it moving
it f gets more in-depth intuit we
will go through all the other in
the minor die details as you to
check it out only see to thoughts and interesting
article in the ways and they
just throw this in the chat all
you guys can check it out on I
think it tone there we go there you go light to owed see where we’re at here
on a Ryan and yet that I really
think all of you guys for all
for being on crash monkey what’s
u a semi idea to seems like 2019
the year of regulation fueled by
the anti terrorism aspect that
you from a government
perspective again concern is the is the
circumvention of being able to
utilize digital asset for money
laundering in for a terrorism
support be a currency and Trans gonna
happen where the other on threw
wide digital asset that of the
black chain obvious so it’s a
lot m Tino Sones so that’s interesting
a day out of many wrap it up
tonight Monday night we’ll be
back on a another live stream of
Mon on going to have digital nomad
investor on with me or to do it
deeper dive into a lot of of
these of topics when it comes to
a i the digital asset space and you
know what it what it’s really
didn’t mean for mainstream
adoption so I think that’s to be
awesom on helps out so, I think that be
great enough Augusta to watch
very inspirational so anyhow again it rode only
appreciate all you guys for
being on tonight a look for to
see you guys on Monday nights on
until t , keep on how to lean your crypto a check you guys a
later and going thru minus of the
things up in the stream by an AL light on shaky as Al

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