Israelis: Do you see non Jews as equal to you?

Israel (religious Jew)
Beit Shemesh Do you see non Jews as equals?
as human beings? Yes, of course So all rights that you deserve
they deserve as well? Yes, rights I see myself as more special
but for sure they deserve rights What does “more special” mean? In what meaning? Explain to someone who
doesn’t understand In the religious meaning Which gives what? I think I have a greater mission My mission is more important Ariel (religious Jew)
Jerusalem Are you Jewish?
– Yes Are the Jewish?
– No So what’s the purpose
of the question? People outside want to know
from a Haredi point of view do you see Jews and non Jews as the same? I will answer you politically I don’t want political In the eyes of God
we all are created In the eyes of God we are all created but as you know as the Bible says Jews are the chosen nation so you can’t exactly consider that when there is testimony
from God that we are different So it’s not my opinion
it’s God’s opinion I just happen to follow God Avi (secular Jew)
Haifa Are non Jews inferior to Jews? Inferior In no way are they inferior There is no connection There is no connection
A Jew and a non Jew in terms of IQ
or in terms of morality It only has to do with traditions Jew have specific traditions non Jews have different traditions They could be here or here or the opposite There is no connection Yishai (religious Jew)
Hadera Do you see non Jews as equals? In rights, as human beings? Yes, I see them as equal
because they are God’s creation It doesn’t matter according to the religion
they are human beings If they act like human beings then they will be equal to human beings Why do you think they
don’t act like human beings? I didn’t say they don’t If they don’t act like… But why did that come to mind? Because…also me Not just non Jews
also a Jew if he doesn’t act like a Jew
he is not considered The Torah tells you
to kill him, if you have to Kill him?
– Yes Of course, there are Jewish law according to the Torah I am saying
not…. So I am saying Someone who acts like a human being
has the right to be a human being so he has the righs of a person Someone who acts, God forbid
not like a human being has no rights as a person Yarden (religious Jew)
Modiin Do you see Jews and non Jews
as the same? I know there are all
sorts of views that there is a difference
between Jews and non Jews From my point of view I really don’t understand any of it It is something that I don’t think anyone understands really understands Many people take it to all sorts of wrong places I know that God wants
us to love one another and to respect one another If you are outside Israel
and meet someone not Jewish do you see him as equal? Yes Totally, I work with people
who are not Jews in my work I see no… The way I experience it
I try with every person to be with love and respect for him You’re religious, I will ask you do you see Jews and non Jews as equals? Oded (religious Jew)
Rosh Haayin As equal?
– Yes Rights, do they deserve the same?
Things like that Yes Just for Jews, the Creator
gave him a way of life and the non Jews don’t have that
they missed out Let’s say the right to vote the right to live where they want In Israel? Not only No, it’s a Jewish country I don’t think the Arabs… It’s a Jewish country
why do they vote? it’s our country But they do vote
They have that right I don’t think they should They are citizens I think it is our country There are now 13 mandates for the Arabs Do you want an Arab Minister of Defense? They could give the
territories to the Arabs It’s not okay It’s a Jewish country
It’s our country Do you differentiate between
Jews and non Jews? Meaning, do you see them as equal? David (secular Jew)
Rishon Lezion Do I think they are equal? Or what is my opinion? Your opinion, if they are equal That still there is no equality That still there is no equality No, no, let’s say you have a neighbour who is Jewish
and a neighbour on the other side
who is not Jewish Other than you like one,
and don’t like the other Do you view them the same?
– Yes Equal?
– Yes If you see a Jews and non Jews
as equals? Yes, we are all human beings There is no difference Ariel (religious Jew)
Ramat Gan As long as he doesn’t do
anything bad to me Why would he do something bad to you? For example, there was a
terror attack yesterday in the West Bank No, but let’s say you see
someone here from Sweden No difference, I would give
money to a non Jew who needs it collect money no problem Do you have a different opinion? A little different I think a Jew is a little more … of course, I will have a big preference
to help the Jew over the non Jew Why? Because the Jew is my brother Yaakov (religious Jew)
Bnai Brak Let’s say there are two people
on the street who need money would you give to both
or just to the Jew? I would give to both But for the Jew he has more effection Are you just saying that for the camera? No, I would give to both Firstly because I am a human being secondly to not to create hate
(between the two needy people) Yehoshua (religious Jew)
Ahiya (West Bank settlement) No
– meaing equal in worth No Explain I see Jews as the chosen nation They were chosen by God Does that make Jews better? It makes Jews different It’s not all Not all of our body parts are the same They are all part of the body there is the mind, the heart the foot They are not all the same But all part of the same body Do they deserve the same rights? Let’s put it that way Jews, non Jews,
anyone who lives here Does everyone deserve to be treated the same I think not I think this is the nation
of the Jews and the Jews should have more rights than the non Jews Give me an example There is the right for Jews to come to Israel and to get citizenship which isn’t for non Jews This is the land for the Jews The Jews can come and live here I think Jews should have
more rights than non Jews Can you give another example Maybe a law that doesn’t exist
or a right that should exist I think Jews should get land here like the Bible says When Joshua came with the Jews to Israel each one got his own plot of land I think each Jew should
get his own plot of land and non Jew shouldn’t What about the ones
who are already here? There is an issue in Jewish law
about having non Jews in Israel There is what is called Ger Toshav
(resident alien) if he keeps the seven Noahide laws then he can live in Israel

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  1. Hi Cory can you ask what Israelis think of Law of the Return? What's interesting about this law is that it applies to people with at least one Jewish grandparent, in other words, people who might not be Jewish but have Jewish ancestry.

  2. Its all because of religions ,the Christians believe in Bible and they are ordered to look the Jewish as a special one that's all this craziness starts ,how come !!!

  3. to points to all non jews watching . no one gave an proper response according to hallkaiah. Judaism as all religions other then sieksim say it is the correct religion . due to this people se there religion as better . that doesnt make someone better. In judaism , both torah and halkaih non jews are equil in all ways to jews if they follow the 7 laws of noah.. they have equal share in world to come. further a non jew who studies torah is equal to the high priest in terms of piety .

  4. Fun game Idea: Mix some headlines/ articles from Jewish newspapers and some Daily Stormer articles. Contestants see if they can distinguish the author by responding either "Whew, it's a Jew" or "It's gonna be anudduh Shoah." Just spitballin'. Shalom.

  5. Now ask Muslims the same. If theyre honest, they'll use the Quran: (sura 98 verse 6) "Indeed, they who disbelieved [in the prophethood of Muhammad] among the People of the Scripture [Christians and Jews] and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding ETERNALLY therein. THOSE ARE THE WORST OF CREATURES."

  6. I didnt like the fact that the Question put forward was sometimes twisted by you for the outcome you wanted. It was too obvious in your video. Especially when negativity was felt by you. You should of let them answer it in anyway they understood it.

  7. I think I'm perfect. However, no one else can be like me so they all have to have all rights I have. I just think the sun shines better on me.

  8. Abraham was Babylonian, not Jewish. Moses' wife, Zipporah, was not Jewish but Midianite. Esther wasn't fully Jewish, she was part Persian. Job wasn't Jewish. The legacy of Judaism is colored with the triumphs of non-Jews and Jews alike, and that's something to be proud of.

  9. As everybody knows…
    The hipocricy of Jews who says "yes, we are all equal n blah blah blah…BUT(!)…" is really disgusting.


    #BoycottZionism #BDS #BoycottApartheid #BoycottIsrael #EndThisIllegalOccupation

  10. if the same question could be made for european jews living in any European country , I bet the answers would not be th same we watch in this video….nothing like being majority and feel superior to others, being " chosen " by a private and exclusive God….

  11. love the video Corey! But I can only wonder how the answers would differ if it was a private conversation behind closed doors without a video/audio recording device and Jews speaking among Jews

  12. there is also a clear difference between far right fanatics(zionists) terrorizing the Palestinian population and judaism (jewish religion/spiritual doctrine) . we are all from the same planet .

  13. do the same in France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, etc ….I want see how is the feeling of being part of a tiny minority in non jewish countries….and how they judge the majority…

  14. I would like to see a video where religious Jews that say, "Jews are chosen," are asked the questions, "Chosen for what?" I used to go to synagogue and was pretty religious. Prayed 3 times/day, read the Torah and Haftorah portion each week, ate Kosher etc… i still do those things except go to synagogue, but at some point I realized most Jews that I was around would say they were "chosen," but couldn't for their life tell you what they were chosen for. I think many of them would have done as much for a Jew or non Jew equally that were in need, just as the people in this video said. It's just funny that everyone says, "chosen," but between 10 Jews there would be 15 different opinions on what that means.

  15. 8:06 Given how Israel is constantly expanding its boarders bit-by-bit year after year it's inevitable that "the Land of the Jews" might one day be "the World of the Jews" at which point only Jews will have human rights and the rest of us will be second-class citizens of the world, if not their slaves. What a shitty belief system.

  16. The Assyrians called it Palashtu Palastu, the Greeks PHOENICIA, the Romans Palestine, the Egyptians Peleset… They called themselves PHILLISTIA… PHILLISTIA, PALASHTU PALASTU, PHOENICIA, PALESTINA, PELESET…. no "Israel", no "Judah"… No Abrahamic Religion

    The Region now known as Palestine, has NEVER been called "Israel" or "Judeah", there is simply no Archeological evidence for the existence of Anything Biblical, since the area of Canaan, has always been called PELASHKU (Assyrians, Persians, Babylonians), SYRIA PALESTINA (Romans), PALESET (Egyptians), or PHOENICIA (Greeks).

    "The word Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines, who in the 12th century BCE occupied a small pocket of land on the southern coast, between modern Tel Aviv–Yafo and Gaza. The name was revived by the Romans in the 2nd century CE in “Syria Palaestina,” designating the southern portion of the province of Syria, and made its way thence into Arabic, where it has been used to describe the region at least since the early Islamic era. After Roman times the name had no official status until after World War I and the end of rule by the Ottoman Empire, when it was adopted for one of the regions mandated to Great Britain"

  17. another issue I think many religious Jews in Israel want to ignore is the covenant of the land. The covenant said that "if" you obey My Torah and keep my statues then you will live in the land, but that didn't happen. So today when Jews say, "this is the land of the Jews," we have to ask, are Jews obeying all the commands of the Torah? I realize that there are small communities that are very obedient, and that's great. But the covenant is not based on if a few small communities obey the commandments. And if the nation as a whole is not obeying the covenant that they point to, then any religious person should simply look at the covenant and give thanks that by His mercy God has not driven people out of the land in spite of breaking the covenant.

  18. Choosen for what?to follow the law of Moses and to pray to only one God,you are not special because of beard,language but to follow God's commandments,

  19. Why would they have been kicked out of more than 100 very different countries? Is it all those countries fault? What is always the same thing in the equation?

  20. so, the second interviewee (the religious man in Jerusalem) believes his god tells him he is one of the chosen people. What an amazing coincidence! What are the chances of that happening! How lucky is he to believe in the one real god and other people's gods are not real!! 😉

  21. Are not all the tribes of Jacob His chosen people? Which leads into, not all of the tribes were Jewish. Which leads into, no Israelis/Jews are not the only chosen people.

    The big question would be who are the Kenites that claim this? 🤨

  22. I haven’t been in Israel before but I think jews & arabs have the same bad traditions & thinking..maybe only Tel aviv has some modern & open minded people who are secular & different..there’s no peaceful variation in this country I guess

  23. I really like this show. I like the dialogue. It shows Israel has a lot to learn and improve. What the israelis from this video acknowledge is discrimination against another race/religion- Arabs/Muslims. When it comes to antisemitism Jews get angry, but islamaphobia or Arabphobia it’s acceptable. That’s hypocritical. For 2000 years it wasn’t the Muslims who would persecute the Jews for the death of Christ. Jews lived amongst Arabs/Muslims and where protected against the Christians. Things changed after the creation of Israel. I just wish peace love and harmony amongst these two families

  24. Some of the people of the world very jealous that is a very bad thing that can serve only satan Allah so you need to clean you soul quickly is better

  25. I was binge watching your videos before I visited Israel and I did have a rental car but I had no idea there was the opportunity to go on an interview trip with you! Too bad I'm back home…

  26. Ask the Israeli when did they get scattered by ship and sold as slaves in every land according to Deuteronomy 28:64, 68

  27. All ρolιsh sqυatters must leave PaΙestιne

  28. I would ask back the last guy. If non jews should have less rights than jews in Israel then should jews have less rights in other countries like USA France UK or Canada? If you say we all are creation of god we are not more or less we are same with same rights. It just happened with jews before WW2 the governments took bunch of rights from jews. It wasnt right, and i say it now too its not ok in israel against non jews or in any other country against jews. We are same and equal.

  29. I wonder whether religious Jews consider individuals of partially Jewish origin (1/4, 1/2) as "true" Jews equal to them or not.

  30. None of these people have quoted the scriptures the Torah or the Bible and it seems none of them know the scriptures who are these people….

    Psalms 83:1-18
    [1](A Song or Psalm of Asaph.) Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God.
    [2]For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.
    [3]They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.
    [4]They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.
    [5]For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:
    [6]The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;
    [7]Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre;
    [8]Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.
    [9]Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison:
    [10]Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth.
    [11]Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna:
    [12]Who said, Let us take to ourselves the houses of God in possession.
    [13]O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.
    [14]As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire;
    [15]So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm.
    [16]Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O LORD.
    [17]Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish:
    [18]That men may know that thou, whose name alone is "………." , art the most high over all the earth.

  31. Yo Corey do me a favor every time you make a video about religious people please interview me.
    It's going to help clarify so many misunderstandings.
    It all comes down to spirituality in the end day and in the spiritual books it's explained that yes we are chosen for the purpose of making the world holier cetera but we must not forget that we were all thought about as creations at the same time, meaning to say that when God had the thought to create the Jews, He had the non-jews in the same thought but the unity goes even deeper because when we say everyday that God is ONE we literally mean that everything and everyone are part of the oneness of God Almighty.
    You choose how close to God you want to be and how pure you want to be but you were and always will be a part of God Almighty whether you like it or not.

  32. The t a l m u d states they will each get 2800 slaves when their messiah arrives. Google it if you dont believe me.

  33. Ask them why do they trace their lineage through the mother when scriptures state that the lineage goes through the father's x begat x who begat x who begat x. Never goes through the woman's lineage in scripture

  34. It's a very natural response by religious people. Just like religious Muslims and religious Christians believe they are the chosen ones, so do religious Jews. Each religion believes it's special.

    However, Israel is a secular and democratic country that gives equal rights to all citizens. So don't mix up the personal views of some religious people with the state of Israel.

  35. Corey, can you ask Charedi Ashkenazim if they would marry Sephardim or let their children marry Sephardim and ask Charedi Sephardim if they would marry Ashkenazim or would let their children marry Ashkenazim .

  36. Identification with any religion, philosophy, ideology, race, ethnicity, nation, etc., invents the illusion of division and separation, which breeds conflict, violence, and suffering.

    As long as this illusion persists, there is no Love, no Peace, no Joy, no Kindness, no Goodness, no Compassion (Passion for All), no Beauty, no Creativity, no Feeling, no ExperiencING, no Lucidity, no Truth, no Wisdom.

    As long as this illusion persists, there is no Communication, no Communion, no Connection, no Relationship, with anyone or anything in daily life…none whatsoever. Only their limitations and imitations.

  37. I think it's very different if you ask "are they inferior" or "are they the same". For me it's like man and women. Equal, same rights, but not the same. And that's OK.

  38. Anyone who lives in Israel can not realistically answer this question with yes because it is an inherent belief that they are above everyone and are ‘gods chosen people’ hence the unlimited crimes against humanity they’ve performed and continue to on a daily basis.

  39. Incoherent. Do Israelis see all human beings as equal? Or do they think Israel should “grant rights” to every person in this world? Do jews think they are better than non Jews?

  40. Corey , you are my Jewish Brother (Im Pravoslav Christian). This world is dominated by satanisam that infiltrated all institutions and nations. Who is standing for God's Truth and Justice, in this world , has to suffer great injustice. I can not help you financialy but my deepest prays to God our Father include you my brother

  41. It's a trick question that needs qualification.

    The Jews have a different responsibility and mission.

    It's not about better or worse or this Western understanding of "equality".

  42. You're asking two different questions.

    One question is about basic equality as human beings…the other is about responsibility and mission of different peoples.

    And you seem to be conflating the two.

    There's a concept in Torah called Ger Toshav.

  43. This is the root of the problem. Seeing Jews as beings worth more by default only because of their culture/ ethnicity/ religion is discriminatory, the same way as Racism, Nazi or Fascist ideology is discriminatory.

    Corey, I loved the question 😀 As everybody else said before, the same phrasing of the question would be much preferable, to get more accurate results 🙂

    You did a very good job with this video, it's the question that needed to be asked, thank you. I love that you are trying more to interact with us, starting with giving us an invitation to come to Israel and film together 🙂 Can't afford it, but maybe someday, I'd love to meet you 🙂

  44. Although I am not an atheist, from some of the above answers I come to remember Marx's saying, that <the religions are (foolish, I add …) peoples' opium >.

  45. All Jews are equal to the wickedness of there's minds an hearts let every man on this earth he judged for his thoughts an actions

  46. Corey as much as I fully believe in your Ask project, you do realize this video showing some of our crazy fringe loonies, along with badly worded concepts on what the religion actually means by 'chosen', is of course a comment section catalyst for bringing all the antisemite termites out the woodwork, right? Gur ruh and Matias Brachini are weeing their pants in excitement right now.

  47. This right here shows how prejudice Jews are, sounds exactly like how a member of the KKK would answer without the hateful rhetoric

  48. Corey, what is up with you in this video? You are deliberately 'Shit Stirring" and this is not the way to speak or treat your people. What sort of question is "Do you see non Jews as equal'? How can you possibly determine the equality of a person when there are so many different aspects to take into consideration. It's a nonsensical question! I have news for you, there are not two Jews in this world that are equal, can you understand that. Also, what is this with asking everyone slightly different questions, all slightly leading. Not good! How can a Jew be the same as a non-Jew? Both are unique in their own ways, therefore, how can they possibly be the same. Now again, if you were to ask that question to two non-Jews, asking them "are they the same", of course they are not, they are both unique. Understand this well!

  49. The amount of views are low, the amount of contributions have gone down. Why do you think that is so? You are a leftist anti semite, perhaps? Get a life troll! Your questions are fixed. You are "apparently" of very poor character. Get a life or get a job. I could go on be I'll bet you get my point. 🤪

  50. Dumb… Play it like the Muslims.. Laugh and say.. Yeah we got some crazies but not all.. It creates antisemitism hesitating that much.. .. Are we the same yes.. Are we equal yes… Just because YOU believe something doesn't make US different.. How can you not understand that. I want to at least believe in the positive aspects of religion. I respect Jewish supremacy of religion.. And business.. Like Asians.. Great at math, teach their kids, culture preservation embracing racist stereotypes..making the culture assimilate to you..did great in America for awhile, but your cyber team can't keep up with the internet..time to embrace the crazy like the Catholic church.. Thank about it lol.. I am extremely impressed by the results of Abrahams plan..congratulations.

  51. The problem is that other people may understand this wrong. So you have to understand why Jews don't make themselves popular with such statements.People that feel more special are totally wrong. "The chosen ones", why should anyone be a chosen one? God don't prefer certain group of people! Ignorant people

  52. The Assyrians called it Palashtu Palastu, the Greeks PHOENICIA, the Romans Palestine, the Egyptians Peleset… They called themselves PHILLISTIA… PHILLISTIA, PALASHTU PALASTU, PHOENICIA, PALESTINA, PELESET…. no "Israel", no "Judah"… No Abrahamic Religion

    The Region now known as Palestine, has NEVER been called "Israel" or "Judeah", there is simply no Archeological evidence for the existence of Anything Biblical, since the area of Canaan, has always been called PELASHKU (Assyrians, Persians, Babylonians), SYRIA PALESTINA (Romans), PALESET (Egyptians), or PHOENICIA (Greeks).

    "The word Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines, who in the 12th century BCE occupied a small pocket of land on the southern coast, between modern Tel Aviv–Yafo and Gaza. The name was revived by the Romans in the 2nd century CE in “Syria Palaestina,” designating the southern portion of the province of Syria, and made its way thence into Arabic, where it has been used to describe the region at least since the early Islamic era. After Roman times the name had no official status until after World War I and the end of rule by the Ottoman Empire, when it was adopted for one of the regions mandated to Great Britain"

  53. Corey, your problem why your views are low and why your contributions drying up, leaving you to beg for contributions at the beginning of this video, is because the questions you were 'Asking" were pretty lame. The good news is you are picking up your game and you are now asking more interesting questions like before. All you need to do is stop interrupting when you don't like their answers, and you should allow the person you are interviewing to explain their position without trying to influence the answer. In other words, shut the fuck up and let them answer the question.

  54. Yeah, he said it, " If they abide by Noahide". Of vourse you will get a variety of answers but I have heard many Zionists and Chabadists exoress Jewish supremacism. Btw Cory. I have watched a bunch of your videos now. You are pathetically uninformed in all respects.

  55. QUESTION. ASK HOW MANY OF THE RELIGIOUS JEWS ARE BELIEVERS/PRACTICIONERS OR KABALLAH. a good 90%+ go by Babylonian Talmud. Only a handful, you can tell which ones quick, are the true Jews.

  56. Keep it up Corey! Don't mind the trolls and haters in the comments at all. For some people, hearing truth is like turning on a light in a dark room, and their eyes can't take it.

  57. It’s a very odd question tbh, it’s like asking a white person “Do you think Black ppl and white people are equal” like

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