Is YouTube Over?

[trumpet playing taps] [Ethan]: Guys… it is a dark day. I’m out here, I’ve got my black beanie… I’ve got my black shirt… I’m here in memorial. Today is the day that YouTube died. Look at these earnings. It’s like a pulse; I’m flatlining out here. “Vape Nation”? See ya. “MTV Hates White Guys”? Well, YouTube hates white guys too apparently. To be fair it probably doesn’t have anything to do with my skin color, (louder) but I’m going to push it all the same; make this video more dramatic. “Leave Ken Bone Alone!”? What is– how was that even controversial it’s just Ken Bone! He’s totes adorbs I’m not– I’m just supporting Ken Bone! They’re racist against Ken Bone. I’ve never been this scared on YouTube; I’ve never– like, everyone memes, like, “haha rest in peace YouTube,” this is the first time I’ve donned black… and come before the camera today and vigil and remembrance. We have Jenna Marbles saying, “same dude, I also had a bizarre selection of videos demonetized with no notification option to appeal.” If Jenna’s is not safe, it’s coming for all of us. iDubbbz, experiencing a similar meme. This is not a meme, Ian. I’m out here in black… and you’re making goofs about this? I’m flatlining, dude! Even Kwebbelkop, rest in peace to his dad, was unsafe.. from the slaughters. To those of you who don’t understand what I’m talking about: recently there was a huge controversy on YouTube, I think that was sparked by the PewDiePie Outrage™, where brands thought their videos were running on racist, anti-semitic hate speech, and they all started freaking out because they thought, “Hey, this doesn’t represent my brand!” and they all started pulling en masse from YouTube, and YouTube has lost, like, hundreds of millions of dollars; there’s not enough ads to go around on YouTube for– for everybody; many of my videos are making like twenty percent of what they were just one week ago. Our finances are in order, as long as it doesn’t– doesn’t just parkour away from us in the near future, we’re fine. But for the small channels– for the people trying to come up, who aren’t there grinding and slamming? I’m very concerned for them. There’s been a lot of misinformation. There’s been a lot of panic, and my hope for this video is to explain what’s happening, why is it happening, who are these people, and HOW DO WE DESTROY THEM. No, I’m kidding about that part, I don’t want to destroy anyone. Is black– do you think black is advertiser friendly? I don’t know if I’m allowed to be in mourning. Should I put on something more colorful do you think? Eugh. Please don’t m– please do not demonetize. Ok, so this all goes back believe it or not, to our favorite company, the most legitimate source of news on the Internet: The Wall Street Journal. I would show you this article… but it requires you to pay. If Wall Street Journal was like– it’s between your first baby; your firstborn child buying a monthly subscription for me, I’d be like “sorry, Ezekiel.” This is some biblical shit, dude. I will sacrifice my first child to not pay the Wall Street Journal. /But/, one of the authors, one of the architects of this whole hit job from Wall Street Journal – his name is Jack Nicas, and he is on Twitter and luckily we can pretty much discern what’s been happening by following his tweets, so let’s jump into that. Let’s get a temperature for where these guys are at. This is his pinned tweet: “Exclusive: Pepsi, Walmart, Starbucks, GM, Dish, FX, pulling Google ads after a Wall Street Journal… (inhales and exhales sharply) after we– did I mention that we broke this story? Wall Street Journal– I worked on that! I did something with my life! After Wall Street Journal found their ads on racist YouTube videos.” Here’s my favorite part about this: “Google also showed ads for Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Amazon, P&G, Geico, and Toyota on racist videos. Some didn’t comment, some KEPT SPENDING.” So not only is he celebrating all these brands leaving for advertising on racist videos, BUT he’s shaming – he’s publicly shaming the companies who continue to spend to support YouTube, and their creators, and their audience. Some didn’t comment and even some some of these racist immoral advertisers—continued to spend against us did you not see our paper where we said you to business behaving for racism? Right, so this guy, Jack Nicass, and by the way dude his profile picture he’s got a press thing but it’s expired four years ago. Is that the last time the Wall Street Journal wrote a good article? And then he says, “A week after Google apologize for showing ads on racist videos, YouTube is still rife with examples.” And here he shows a coke commercial on a video called “Chief Keef dancing to Alabama [n-word].” This guy is just spending his whole day on YouTube typing the n-word and refreshing the page till he finds a Coke ad on it, right? Screenshoting it, sending it to all the brands, shaming everyone. It’s like, do you not have more time—do you have friends, do you have kids?! Just something to do? Is that what you do the whole day, just go to—you type the n-word? Probably making the n-word like the most trending search keyword on YouTube you got whole fleets of people just type it in racist shit dude you’re the ones for the reason they’re getting paid man and just to be clear this guy does completely echo the Wall Street Journal’s belief. He’s the author of this article that was posted there entitled “Google’s YouTube has Continued Showing Brands’ Ads with Racist and Other Objectionable Videos.” I’ve been on YouTube for a long time—long time—I know how this system, the algorithm, works to a certain extent. I know, for example, you can’t put the n-word in a title of a video and not get demonetized. I know that, I know that. And I have to say I’m a little bit suspicious of these guys and they’ve already proved that they’re willing to fight dirty. I don’t know, this is just my opinion, but I’m skeptical of this. I think… I-I’m skeptical of the legitimacy of this screenshot, that’s all I’m saying. If this is true, then I agree that’s inappropriate. I agree Coke ads shouldn’t be on this video but I am extremely skeptical. Like I’m not seeing thousands; I keep hearing this this phrase “racist videos.” Their ads are running on “racist videos.” Is this it, just one video with Coca-Cola? Are you talking about PewDiePie PewDiePie’s video That’s not racist. I want—I’m curious, where are these races videos? Five billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Five billion! All right, you found this one example; what else you got, dude? Five billion. It’s like you wanted to start shit. You are on a mission, it started with PewDiePie, you wanted to prove that he was racist, now you… yet it, yet it hurt, didn’t it? It hurt that people fought back, that you didn’t get PewDiePie murdered, that you didn’t get PewDiePie executed and and disbanded from the world. You wanted to, like, cast him in the Mines of Moria like a fucking Balrog demon but he did it! He emerged beautiful and great like a phoenix, dude [Angelic Choir] and it pissed you off, didn’t? And you got angry at all the YouTubers supporting him, bunch of racists, huh? So you went after the brand. You sat in your basement, and you’re just typing in “N-word,” typing in horrible racist shit, and you’re refreshing, you’re screen shotting. Five billion videos every day, and you’re in your basement with your spaghetti and your Pepsi-fucking-Max, you were able to find a couple. You get a couple of screenshots, you send it to every single major brand in the world, and you wait for the, you know, the cards to tumble. And they did; they tumbled, dude. And I just want to commend you, I gotta tip my beanie to you for the excellent work you’ve done. You have ravaged the community, you have put YouTube in such a hard spot and I don’t blame them for the way they’ve been reacting. They’re doing what they think is best. It’s just a shame that these guys have any credibility at all and I’m really looking forward to the day when we can all just look at Jack Profile-Picture and really think about that as actual analogy for the Wall Street Journal itself—’Expired’ [Got ’em] four years expired’. I mean, if you guys think I’m kidding about him sitting in his basement just clicking refresh, continue to read these tweets. “We are now at the point in the story where reporter can spend few hours on YouTube and spark big brands to pull spending on Google.” You can hear him jerking off! I only spent a couple hours on YouTube scrape…keeping screenshots and I fucking started the whole outrage. It’s like he’s getting off, dude! He loves it! He loves the power! Took a couple of screenshots and the whole fucking YouTube ecosystem collapsed. He loves it, dood! He’s got one hand on the mouse, he’s probably screen shotting with this fucking toes because he can’t stop fucking jerking it with the other hand. But here we are, and sometimes people throw rocks from glass houses. I mean, if you’re going to be so sensitive, right, if you’re going to look at the world in such black and white pictures, to call PewDiePie white supremacist, that is not a nuanced stance. That is a very hard line black and white stance. If you’re going to throw rocks at glass houses, you most definitely shouldn’t be making tweets like this, “Just attended my first Hanukkah party. Had no idea Jews were so adept at frying.” Now this was written by Ben fritz, one of the architects of the PewDiePie story and a employee of the Wall Street Journal. And I have to say that this tweet is more offensive than anything I’ve seen on YouTube, anything that PewDiePie said. “I just attended my first Hanukkah party. Had no idea Jews were so adept at frying.” Is that a Holocaust joke? Are we talking about me, uh, me being in the oven? “Jews were so adept at frying”? I mean, it makes my stomach churn, dude. This is disgusting, even if you’re not making a Holocaust joke—which is kind of hard to even consider that it’s not a double meaning—it’s kind of, like, that’s like saying “I just went to the blacks house. I just got—I had no idea that blacks were so adept at frying chicken.” You’re fucking racist, dude! That is just a straight horrible, racist, anti-semitic remark. And while Wall Street Journal’s out there tossing stones and bombs everywhere trying to feel relevant, their own employees, their own architects, are tweeting actual racist, anti-Semitic shit on Twitter! Is he fired? No! Was he reprimanded by his company? No! So where’s the fucking consistency, dude? If you’re going to go out and accuse a whole platform of being anti-Semitic, you better fucking take care of your own people. Same guy, “Could really do without the racist jokes about about Hispanics on ‘mom’.”
[Other Guy]: “To be fair they rotate through the major ethnicities. They almost never win.” [Fritz]: “Well I’m obviously not counting jokes about black people. Those are just funny.” You know, I wouldn’t have a problem with these tweets, dude, if you didn’t go out and accuse the whole fucking world of racism. These people are lunatics. They’re power hungry, desperate-for-attention lunatics, and they’re-they’re willing to burn the whole fucking world down just for a juicy scoop to feel relevant again. After looking at this whole thing, I have some thoughts that I’d like to share with everybody. First, I want to say to YouTube: I think that YouTube’s getting too much shit for their involvement in this. They’re… they are having hundreds of millions—I read somewhere even like a several billion dollars— in lost revenue. I mean, they’re working for us, they’re working for them. They’re trying to save the brand, they don’t know what to do.
My criticism of YouTube is better PR, guys. Let’s communicate. If you’re just like, “We’re losing a bunch of money and brands are pulling out, so we are going to stop. We’re going to pull a bunch of videos and do all this stuff. There may be a lot of casualties so feel free to use the appeal option.” Say that publicly, explain what’s happening. Communication has always and consistently been YouTube’s biggest, biggest fault.
Hire some creators to help express yourselves. Hire me, dude! I’ll speak for you. You need someone to speak for you, hire me, dude. The blog posts don’t cut it because we’re on YouTube, we’re talking about videos, we’re video consumers. Can’t write a blog post and expect more than a thousand people to read it. It’s not reasonable. Let’s figure something out. Let’s go, d00d, hire me, hire Ethan. #HireEthan for PR
To all of the brands, to all the sponsors who have stayed with creators, who have stayed with YouTube, we need you now more than ever. And I thank you so much. And that leads me to thank our sponsor today Dollar Shave Club. Guys, I need a clean shave because I’m about to go look for a job. Dollar Shave Club is one of the best razors I’ve ever used by far. Look how clean that is, dude. Look at this. Butter! Just butter! Look how clean that shit is, m8. You order it in the mail, it shows up—you don’t have to leave the house, man. Except to look for work, which all my friends on YouTube are going to be doing. But if you’re just sitting at home like these guys at the Wall Street Journal™, you can get razors right to your basement. It’s amazing quality for an amazing price. The first razor is just one dollar. Go to Dollar Shave Club com /h3h3. Link is in the description. New members get a one-month trial for only one dollar and free shipping on the first month. After that, it’s only a few bucks. We win, you win, we all win. Guys please go show Dollar Shave Club how much we appreciate the brand and sponsors who are sticking with us and standing behind the creators through all of this. I’ll be on my way to McDonald’s to apply for a job there, as, uh, Ben Fritz said—I didn’t know this about myself, but being Jewish I guess it has to be true— I’m *very* adept at frying, as Ben pointed out. So I’ll be going to McDonald’s and hopefully be working in the fryer. I guess they’ll probably look at me and be like, “Oh, you’re Jewish? You’re *very* adept at frying; let’s put you on the fryer. That’s what Ben Fritz, who works for the Wall Street Journal, says.”

100 thoughts on “Is YouTube Over?”

  1. In these dark times its SO important to give thanks to our amazing sponsors, huge gratitude to Dollar Shave Club.

  2. "Duuuuuude I never knew that blacks were sooo adapt at frying chicken." Don't act so surprised because our chicken tastes delicious and not like your tasteless mush

  3. YouTube should have used their data set to stand their ground and fight back against the accusation. Short-sighted dimwit CEO.

  4. didnt leafyishere upload a black 1 sec background and he took it down after 2 mins because it got demonitized argh old youtube

  5. The Wall Street journal should not be blamed for something that one person did. It is not the wsjournals fault, it is (I forget his name) the guy who was posting the tweets. Don’t get mad at an entire company when it is only one person being an ass. He probably got fired, too.

  6. This whole racism thing has gotten out of control. It's not even racism the things people are saying are racist. I don't know very many people that are sincerely racist and actually believe they are part of a higher race and that there is such a race. Someone invent a word for people that think everything is racist so it can be recognized.

  7. Almost 2 years later and outward anti-semite who thinks "black jokes are just funny" Ben Fritz still works for WSJ. Weird how no media outlets that stood silently on the WSJ starting the ad-pocalypse while at the same time ignoring one of their bureau chief's being called out for anti-semitism, want to do write-ups about PewDiePie being a Nazi.

  8. Jenna Marbles content is one of the most wholesome and apropriate on Youtube if its getting demonnitized the situation is really bad

  9. At some point, collectively, we need to move to a better platform. If a youtuber could contact his other youtuber contacts and form a mass agreement with any youtubers they can get on board, they all could start posting on another platform as WELL as youtube (maybe post there early?) and a mass of the community will now be going to that other platform, hopefully bringing more youtubers along. Slowly we switch platform.

  10. Jack nicas…. Say it so yourself….jack..pauuuuuuuse… Nicas… Now say it in modern gang slang. U need money so it time to (jacks name here )

  11. WSJ is just salty that a guy with a personality and a camera is more successful than their dying corporation

  12. Congratulations Hila and Ethan on your successful birth. I'm very proud for both of you. All the best to you and your new family ❤.
    What I think we need to do is as minorities like Greeks and Jews is hit back. People were outraged at Will Wheaton for all his higher than though non racist content.
    I fight back against his profile picture. I told him since he is so aware of ALL he does to not offend anybody. I told him as a Greek person, I take great offence at him sporting an Ottoman Fez as his profile picture since my people were oppressed and abused by the Turks for 400 years. I demanded he take it down. No apologies but he took the picture down shortly after. We can fight back, we can win this war on Social Justice Warriors.
    Strangely, I had previously liked and added this video in one of my playlists but was no longer there.
    Love you guys.

  13. That's all journalism is now is literally reading tweets maybe like 4 journalists actually go out in the field, or pretend to and get shit news

  14. Fuck wall street journal, fuck the guardian and fuck buzzfeed. Theyre race bating hatred bating fucking assholes. They write and try to demean all sorts of ‘celebrities’ big and small whatever u want to define them by. These people are lunatics to a definition. Ethan please keep on looking into this stuff i know these are old as fuck but they keep doing this.

  15. come on man your grasping all they did is identify a Jew as a Jew that is not racist. I know you're pissed off and rightfully so but don't start being half-ass like everybody else is.

  16. Don't hate! I Hope Ben Fritzs antisemitism got you that frying Job at Mc-Ds and helped you through the ad apocalypse… You fryingly Adept son of a Gun!!!

  17. Main stream news outlet jobs are disappearing and now they’re just trying to take everyone down with them. Don’t feed in to these temper tantrums, ad block these pussies

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