Is Tronbet Binance IEO A “WIN” for ANTE Holders?- [VLOG#108]

SloNita here you thought I was gone
but I am NOT I have been working in the secret caverns the operation is complete
Tron well has made the successful purchase of Tron bet yes so everyone
would turn that anti coin you get one gazillion who enjoyed and we start dice
we mined ten trillion and then you make no money so and then we list on by Nance
at 80% reduction of price and you lose sorry so with more crypto gates what’s going
on guys hope you enjoyed that little tidbit you know slow Nita has to come
out every once while to talk to you guys to tell you
what’s going on so as the intro sort of spoofed and parody
Tron bet does look like it’s going to my ego was this an inside sale did they
actually sell the platforms wink Jamie who really knows I think the most
important thing really is that on the initial look a lot of people aren’t too
happy with the dilution which occurred you know they said they’re looking at a
60 to 80 percents ieo by Nansen launchpad and reduction so but is it
huge news to get a gaming platform on Finance I
mean most definitely that’s kind of like the holy grail of you know you know
things but you know I was reading the telegram some of the people have done
the math if you had like 10k and ante the IE o price sets it back sets you
down to 4k which is a pretty massive reduction in your stake in the company
so I understand what what they’re doing they lowered the price because if they
set the price too high it’s it’s not gonna go up so I would expect it’s
probable in my opinion that once at ie OS that it could give back to the price
at least that it was before but we’ll have to wait and see does it seem like
it’s in the best interest of all the ante holders long-term I mean yes and no
I guess if you see the bigger picture you know it looks like you’re expanding
the platform massively to a whole bunch of people which could bring new gamblers
to the dab space versus the short term you know on the surface the value added
it looks like he lost some equity in this solution through this you know
this whole reported way and the funny thing about this is and obviously crypto
is not regulated and I’m not accusing anybody but if you think about it the
people that had their ante unfrozen right before the announcement doubled
their money they could mine dice or and or they
could get in on the finance launchpad and a 60 to 80 percent reduction of what
the current price is so basically they’ve made like four or five eggs if they do any
information about this so I would keep an eye on that because inside trading is
I’m not allocating to anybody but that’s that’s like jail time so let’s just hope
I would have think it would have been in the best interest of Tron bats team that
nobody on the team was selling large blocks of their ante otherwise it could
be investigated you know and just all depends I mean if you have a whale that
had $100,000 worth of ante and now it’s worth 40,000 she’s probably gonna be
pretty pissed off you might be calling this lawyer so and the blockchain
doesn’t lie I mean there were definitely I’ve seen Trotsky and transactions of
people dumping 50k Danny while everyone else’s ent was frozen and that’s in this
whole debacle that’s the biggest the one thing I only wish good things for John
bad because I don’t think hating on another platform I’m just telling you
the facts that give you the facts on both sides you know there’s
been a lot of competitive hate lately in the dab space and people just need to
get over and support other platforms you know if they’re legit you know wish I’m
walkin and you know enjoy the ride because you know legit things only
perpetuate crypto further and result but yeah there there were some big
trades Oh so the one thing I had the most problem
with with this whole Tron trade thing is is I didn’t have a lot of antique but my
auntie was frozen in a contract a contract contracts are supposed to be on
the blockchain in my auntie terms of freezing my auntie for 24 hours cognize
changed the terms the contract so basically the auntie
auntie mode and everyone was stuck because they changed the fries to ten
days which was just in my opinion was super duper unfair on their on their
part to do that because who wouldn’t love to double
their money with an Eng one and z12 for you I mean I would’ve sold in a second
you know now I’ve got a bazillion wind tokens from the little auntie I had so I
mean like I said I only had a couple hundred dollars worth because I had
accident the position a while ago but I just don’t think they should have done
that and changed the terms of the people’s frozen points because you’re
basically violating the contract and that shows you also that that really
wasn’t a contract that was just a bullshit lock that they can change any
time they want any and you know I was in the telegram and people are posting
anonymous polls you know do you trust the admins you truck call this a
mechanic purpose that you trust these people I
mean obviously they made a shit ton of money like a lot of money I mean if they
sold a couple hundred K ante and double all price and all-time high
boom huge huge gains then you roll that into the binding of launch pad at the
60% reduction boom mega gains yeah they’re just stacking gains audience on
gains and you know you just have to realize there are people left holding
the bag and yeah I don’t know but you know and secondary news the truck the
dice mining got underway and it was insanity last night there was like 52
million in the difficult but still nowhere near close to the 88 record
I think I was 200 250 280 million it’s 48 hours but still would have been
120 150 million so people definitely have interest in mining dice even though
there’s like a million coins I think the dilution is going to be
massive because you know you you’re gonna need gigantic dev pots to support
that many coins it’s literally kind of almost like Tron
Wow in the number of points so if you’re a whale I mean you’re gonna have to have
your mind or running 24 hours a day to keep up with you know with these I
don’t know it’s I mind a little bit just to test it out
and see I definitely could tell they had the house edge turned down you know
there’s a lot of other people reporting huge win streaks and stuff honestly I
mind for a couple hours last night just to test it and my balance didn’t even
move so that was odd and you know I moved I
mind like 500 and I was able to maintain balance so yeah they’re their edge is
definitely turned down so you know again best of luck to them you may have a
couple crazies whales though that I mean I guess if you see the bigger picture in
hopes that it’s going to moon on the launch pad
you know best of luck to you I would actually probably get in on the launch
pad if I could versus wanting to be an ENT long-term older because now we had
the conversion and the dilution so but anyways we will keep him updated on
this situation as it goes along and as always I think the binding of launchpad
is locked out to America us people so
but anyways in other news exciting news you know bankroll Network staking
hopefully is launching today we’ll have an update on that which is totally
awesome I know some of the other youtubers and stuff for like these other
platforms have already stated I mean you know bank teller
you know it seems like he’s always like to be careful and take calculated risk
and you know he likes to make sure it’s tight
so there’s definitely not a problem with that so stay tuned for info on that and
the divs on credits has just been on fire like wow all I can say is
definitely it’s been solid solid gains and you know if you’re new to bankroll
Network and you have got in you know do your research watch some of
the videos understand the platform it’s a complex platform there’s like five or
six things going on and you know understand it a little bit before you
throw TRX at it and try to play the game so that’s my advice to you but anyways
happy Monday hope you guys are having a great day so far
as always this is cryptoslo, if your not talking gains, then were not talking

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