IS THIS THE MOST CRUCIAL TIME FOR BITCOIN? – Cryptocurrency/BTC Trading Analysis

yo what's up guys how is I regret doing hope you're all having a fantastic day once again we have a very interesting market to be trading and right now in fact most people aren't even trading at all if you just take a quick look at the volume that's just sorry we have a volume of eleven point seven billion dollars traded in 24 hours so this is now you know it's been decreasing for quite a while and that trends still definitely sticking around I hate all this window stuff and the the actual numbers of positions open with human traders actually are quite low if we look at the volatility today we've been bouncing around within look at the ohlc on the daily this is courtesy of the Don alt Twitter page you guys know I love his content we've had a high of six thousand five hundred and fifty eight and a low of six thousand four hundred and ninety one so it's about a seventy dollar trading range really were not going anywhere in the market right now it's been a very sad was very boring market I mean I was actually struggling to retain perspective on this myself because yeah I mean it's very frustrating we are living through these 1-hour candles these four hour candles and yet all we have is the net result as a $70 move in one day you cannot profit off that little volatility and so definitely it's getting quite frustrating I think for a lot of the market and that's why I mentioned that you know is this well as title of the video is this the most crucial time for Bitcoin now you know one thing we have to bear in mind from a psychological standpoint and I think you guys may be noticing now I've almost started to move away slightly from the technicals and I've started to focus so much more on the psychological side of things that's because before I was really bad a market psychology I hope but I'm definitely getting a lot better and you've seen that play out with results and you know one of the best ways every single one of you will understand what I mean completely bias is if we take a look and we sort of cast our minds back to the euphoria of December January December 17 and January 18 you know what kind of emotions we had at that time and really I mean with we're talking about polarizations so you know we had that complete polarization of euphoria right at the top right I mean this is when people didn't even expect the people didn't expect Bitcoin to stop anywhere near 20,000 I mean the next stop was 30,000 27,000 that kind of a thing complete you know a complete polarization to the bullish side and then you know we look at the complete reverse opposite of that when we capitulated down on initially to $6,000 and that was you know absolute fear I mean it's the most fierce fear that I think I've ever seen in a market and we're at another polarization now right now which is why I say that this is so crucial and it is boredom this time it is boredom in the market you know I asked a question in the live chat right at the beginning and I'm really happy to see the responses that we had I also let's get some sentiment here in one word summarize how you feel about a market and I'm gonna say mine where we're live so what we have was calm calm before the storm bullish that kind of a thing this is really really good I you know the majority of the market right now is not feeling tough at all there is a lot of frustration there is a lot of capitulation even happening right now obviously low volume capitulation a lot a lot of there right now I mean that's why like I mentioned human traders do not have many positions open in the market right now I've got a couple people saying that we're going down to 4,000 Bitcoin is dead that kind of a thing that's the kind of sentiment we have for a lot of the space people are a few afraid to accumulate eh I think you've hit that on the mark right there you know people are afraid not only to accumulate but also to distribute you know what we have you know generally people talk about two major sort of consolidation reasons I guess and the first one is accumulation so when we consolidate there would be ideally people either accumulating here meaning that it's going to go up or people distributing here meaning that when they accumulate they're gathering more Bitcoin right their buyers and the reverse side of that is when they distribute they're getting rid of that Bitcoin very slowly in a very controlled manner in these kinds of areas because they expect it to go down and as you guys already know my sentiment on that is I have no idea which way this is going I'm leaning bullish and I'm gonna give you a few reasons for why that is but in a you know and things like accumulation or distribution in a situation like this we will only know in hindsight so you can call it accumulation but it's only going to be accumulation if prices go up because like I just said accumulation is when people are buying but at the same time people are buying people are selling and so the reverse side of that is this is if we go down this turns out to be distribution that's what people are gonna look back at this and call it and so that's why giving labels is useless if you guys follow my Twitter page I think it was just yesterday or something I said something about how labels are useless it was exactly the same kind of an example as this to link to my Twitter's in the description if you guys are curious for that now let's go back to this crucial time market psychology right now lots of boredom this is almost definitely going to play into a lot of volatility unless you're starting I really just put out a video today he's talking about one of his indicators showing us that we're about to see a big move now if you guys watch one of my previous videos you will know that I also share the same sentiment because we have the biggest and cleanest opening for a breakout that we have seen probably this year within this established downtrend that's where the Ichimoku cloud has become so thin now as resistant it's actually widening again so we do have this sort of one and only chance between perhaps let's say the segment story the 12th of October up to the 22nd of October so this range starts in about five days and it goes on for only 10 days that's a 10-day window to breakout this lines up with where a lot of people with that time analysis are starting to think that we're gonna get a major move we don't know which way that major move is going but as I've said I have my reasons for believing that it is going to be to the upside now very importantly as well it's also yeah it's key to touch on a bit of a sort of pep talk kind of thing here where it's very dangerous now to start turning your back on the market when we have these big decision points right these 20k tops 6k capitulation extreme boredom and frustration in the market these are where big things happen 6,000 to 11,000 was a two times gain 20,000 down to 6,000 was a 3x short right these things don't happen very often and we're in exactly the same place right now and every time we hit these areas it is not easy to make the right decision because well if it was easy everyone would do it taking something straight out of GE a song there if it was easy everyone would do it right and and so that's why you know this time we're very aware of can't speak it's time we're very aware of it and I I want to shine even more light on that just to make sure that you guys watching this also have the chance to play this really well now how are you gonna play this obviously it's not easy because we don't know which way this is gonna go up or down but I have shared my full sort of trading strategy for this in VIP I've actually updated today because of some advancements we've had in the market some developments rather so if you guys are interested in VIP go ahead and hit me up there's a link in the description join the free telegram channel there it's the first link in the description click on my name at the bottom of any post in that telegram channel and send me a message this is one of the messages I got today someone was on a flight and he was playing out ripple signal go to ripple and see what's up with that we played a pretty nice short on ripple down from about 7700 so she's over hair to roughly where we are right now that was a sixty percent profit this guy landed and sold profit on a rifle pretty dope stuff and then someone else mentioning that he made his fee is back with ripple on the same day that he paid pretty cool stuff there so if you are interested and go ahead and hit me up for my full game plan on how to play these things of course I am putting out a lot more signals in the free channel as well so you can get a taste of what's going on over there as well now if we do look at other alt coins like I mentioned in the telegram channel this is actually something I'm going to be covering in this stream ripple is one of the big ones I want to touch on today this is where I'm seeing a good amount of opportunity on if we do break out on the Bitcoin the deal is also most likely gonna follow pretty nicely with that if Bitcoin is about to start a nice leg up old coins are going to follow most likely I mean you just look at coin machi cap for a quick glance of what's going on Bitcoin down or 5% I mean that summarizes the entire market what I've been saying for the past what you know 10 minutes now Bitcoin being done by you know hardly anything basically meaning gods that is just going sideways and then of course the rest of the market just you know the maximum swing we're seeing is that 3 percent within the pot you know the top 30 and maybe we're gonna find one you know okay actually not we're not even seeing okay there's one NOAA coin with 16% profit today but I mean we're not with ya we're not seeing any big swings today in the market at all but we are seeing a lot of opportunity so that's sort of magic word I mentioned that I'm gonna share in screen sorry in stream that magic word for me is opportunity because this time we are overtly aware of what's going on and we're set up to play it beautifully and that's why today I do want to start focus on the altcoins so actually let's start with ripple today we have a little bit of talk about with tron as well but ripple down to the six one eight retracement here we've got a pretty nice set up now is this gonna go up that's the million dollar question it looks pretty nice now of course it is gonna follow Bitcoin the deal is heron what I especially want to highlight with ripple right now is that in a typical market this is a really good set up Detroit this is a very nice long you know we've got daily EMA support her as well I believe I shared this in gold if not yeah it's definitely been in VIP so if I go ahead and show you the EMA ribbon it's got great EMA support on the daily it's even got the 200 EMA here so that's just another sort of gentle tap to make it go right to make it go higher but as you can always say I suppose we're not in a typical market condition right now especially because like I mentioned we're out one of these polarizations now you get the euphoria the complete fear and the absolute boredom over here we're in that boredom straight right now stage right now rather and that just means that it's a lot of safe time to be trading anything now we add to that the salt on the wound I guess is that we are about to close on the weekly so when you close on the weekly it brings in a little bit more volatility and so trading anything at all you know the the risk is exacerbated even further and and so it gets a little bit more risky with that as well rip although conventional terms it's a great trade but with so much uncertainty right now like I mentioned I don't know if we're gonna go up or down I mean like I say I'm leaning 51% bullish but that's such a weak confirmation of me thinking it's gonna go up then you mean you may as well not even count it and you know with such polarized sentiment as well you know which way we're gonna break I'll be even going to break as a as a third question to be posing sort of outside of our box yeah you really you know you will have to take on that risk for ripple that is for you to decide we have made some posts on that of course like I mentioned we made a 60% profit in VIP shorting it and we already if the if the time calls to also long this as well and I want to take a quick look at one as well this is something I've been watching very closely for a fair while now I'm seeing a lot of opportunity on this one you are also going to now see a second issue with all of these alt signals and I'm well wait for you to see if you can figure it out but I think it's quite obvious what we have on Tron right now is a very nice shorting set up based off probability is it going to break up this time chances are it can again it's gonna rely on what bitcoin is going to do if bitcoin is gonna go up Tron is gonna have that adrenaline to push past this VP VR resistance as you can see this is a pretty big resistance it's the biggest one it has had for a very long time to reach this level you can see Tron has bounced off one so I'm not even gonna count this it's too many times but it's bounced off a lot of times over here and it's also used it as support sorry as resistance over hair hair hair and right now is it resistance once again that's the sort of big question here as well now like I said ripple looks like it's ready to go up tron looks like it's ready to go down Bitcoin looks like it still can't make up its mind and so you've got three hugely conflicting signals and of course you don't trade trottin based off what ripple is gonna do but nonetheless you want to find some sort of consensus you want to find some agreement across all of these coins because if not I mean it's like going long on on Bitcoin and going short on aetherium and that kind of thing as it can work sometimes but it's a very strange thing to be I mean put a you know for another example if you're trading stocks in the tech industry it's like going long on Apple and then short on Google I mean you know they're both nearly the same thing and I'm saying long with perhaps 2x knowledge 2x leverage rather sorry I was reading Chevron's common they're great to see you in the chat by the way Chevron if you get you know if you're trading a very low leverage and you're doing opposing trading ideas on on some very similar stocks in the same industry it just doesn't really make sense and that's the kind of issue I mentioned that you guys might be able to pick up on it's that Tron is giving us a sell signal rupal giving us a long and Bitcoin you know for me personally do make up your own mind Bitcoin giving me a very week long signal as well and so I this is yeah it's a very strange time to be trading right now with that yeah I think I've covered most of what I wanted to so I'm ready to go through your questions I haven't seen many in the comments Dakota Diesel how much for VIP I'll send you that information in a message so like I said if you want to join click on the first link in the description and then click on my name at four flights at the bottom of any post in crypto mafia gold and send me a message from there I mean pool a short Apple was just sort of an on-the-spot a example Spanish chicken I don't report anyone elses I don't even follow the news I don't think that's possible Bitcoin will go up also will go short I mean the other scores King that's definitely possible we have seen it happen in the past but alts have in recent weeks and months shown that if Bitcoin is going up also will not be left behind I think we're at that time now where people are ready to put their money back into alts and why is that happening because bitcoin is so boring so people want a little bit more action it's it's scary it's one of those things where you say that the q''-word police officers often say never say it's quiet today because if you say it's quiet then suddenly you got a spike in crime or whatever like to see but you know jinxing it I guess to be less academic about it and we're in this very similar sort of situation right now yeah let's take a look at a theory I'm sorry I forgot to cover that where's the coin base chart yeah I mean well the main reason I haven't covered a theory I'm today is it's doing basically the same thing as Bitcoin there is really not not much to read up on on this if anything to me a theorem looks a lot more bearish than everything else because it's still you know it's it's not giving any education that this trend being downwards has reversed I mean like I said there was a bit of a double bottom but that's kind of been invalidated now yeah I mean it still looks like it very easily could continue on downwards if Bitcoin is going to break down if theorem is gonna be the most bloody coin there is I think I think it's gonna drop a really hard and there's gonna be a pretty nice shorting opportunity but of course it would be quite but to me I'll be quite upsetting seeing it go and stay below $200 I wouldn't really like to see that but yeah I mean it's um it will depend on what bitcoin is doing of course all of it will but I'm seeing a theory I'm struggle a little bit definitely if I have a gun to my head and had to choose one odd coin to sit on for the next five years which one would it be you'll see it would be a theory and probably as long even though I just said a theorem looks pretty bad I hardly even classic theory was not coined maybe like coin as well yeah like coiners or a theory I'm I would not pick anything else everything else is speculation yeah maybe tether I might choose tether that's always a safe pick but yeah literally nothing else mastani said a big I've missed that comment now where is it oh that's so annoying sorry wait I think I've got it yeah Oh sunny said a big move is coming with a big coin on an indicator you use it yeah Irish paddy that's something I mentioned near the beginning of this stream I think so as the walk is just gonna go sideways for six months cliff Smith no I don't think it's gonna go sideways like I've been saying this dream I think we're in for a lot of volatility that's why I mentioned I think this is quite a crucial time for Bitcoin I don't think it's coming sideways for six months my sentiment before I think as Irish paddy picked up on you were right about the the sideways action you said a good few days ago yeah my sentiment before was that we were gonna go sideways for a very long time and Bitcoin has done exactly that I mean I know it's you know when I said that I got a lot of hate but I you know I you know we throw those things to the side it'll really matter it's been going very sideways for the most part trading within a 12% range only breaking above for how many days it only broke out at this 12% range for a period of ten days so as much as I don't like saying it as much as you guys don't like hearing it yeah we did end up going sideways for a very long time and in the same vein I think we might be asking for volatility now but when it comes we're not gonna be happy with it because it's gonna be very overwhelming what's happened now is very used to these kinds of price ranges right we've seen we're at six thousand five hundred and thirty three we have seen this you know ten dollar price range for a very long time now to the point where even if we give you know even if we do go up seeing new numbers is gonna be quite sort of unsettling um and yeah the same applies for if we go down in fact it's a lot worse if we go down with too sensitive to this trading range now that it's gonna be really painful whichever way we go of course I'm gonna become painful if you go down fairly euphoric if we go up I think but we can only really know when it happens so yeah I don't think we're going sideways one is pushing 400 I didn't even look at Tron in the short term let's take a look at Tron right now yeah I mean no trans be just been going sideways like this for a little bit earlier today I was watching it peak and yeah I did want to put in a short was actually going to make this a VIP signal but I decided the risk is a little bit too high it's got a very similar set up to when it topped out before so you're seeing the volume peak you didn't really expect this but you see the volume peak and then on low volume it starts declining quite a lot same thing happens when it peaked lost time volume went really high and then on basically no volume it just carried on going lower we've got exactly the same setup right now this time we we are continuing to fight higher and that's why I mentioned you know there is a chance that this time it's not going to act as resistance that also fits in with the theory that the more times you test the level the more likely you are to break it this level is not going to be easy to break in my opinion Ripple I mean Front has tested at way too many times and so it is gonna take more than one two three four tests to break it maybe but um I still don't like the risk to reward on this the road and the you know reward would be pretty good but I'm not too happy with the risk you know if you want to use a types tight stop-loss and make this trade for example I guess that could work out nicely but it's something that until I see something to change my mind I'm willing to set out on this trade just take a look at what else we've got going on here Spanish chicken yes I mean like I said when I take ideas from someone else like Donald or Alessio I give them credit where it's due but if I'm not giving credit or something it's because it's my own stuff etn has been interesting today I hadn't been watching it and a lot of people talking about it though could we go to 5k and shoot straight up immediately or you think they're going to stay down for a while in this case so Sagi if that's how you say it that's something I've thought of and I'm very glad you asked that question that's a very good question there is this hope that I think some of us have and it is hope it's exactly that so it's quite unhealthy but it's that Bitcoin might go down to about $5,000 roundabout here and then quickly bounce up it sounds good when you think of it that way and it sounds quite possible but if you think of it the other way in that Bitcoin has actually dropped down to levels like five thousand seven hundred before and sentiment has really gone very bad to the point where if it were to drop to $5,000 again or rather if it were to drop to five thousand dollars at all it would have to be really bad you know so bad to the point where it can't recover immediately and when you think of it that way to me and that is how it's gonna be right if it's going down to five thousand dollars it's not going down to five thousand dollars with sunshine and roses it's going down on a very gloomy atmosphere and it's gonna be very hard to pick it up from that kind of a situation so as much as I wish it would I don't think it will is there a teves situation eventually Nick I mean there always is I don't pay attention to it anymore what else we got ripple in a descending triangle check that out if you mean this that's not a descending triangle yeah that's not a descending triangle I'm not sure what you mean by that am i fan of ocn Stephan ocn has made me a lot of profits so I do like ocn but I am NOT an all trader and I hope to never be an all trader again you know if we're talking about regular buying and selling if it's leveraged out trading sign me up but um yeah I'm not too keen on OC and even though I've made a lot of money from it I think they're pretty good I have an amazing marketing team but it's just not for me I keep on missing these comments when I start to read them gets more things update is the next Bull Run will bring altcoins the all-time highs once again I'll take good question a lot of model coins I think we'll start to hit all-time highs again but only the good ones only the ones that are proven themselves and I mean really proven themselves coins like yo Stella kadhai no Tron you know these are good coins kind of it hurts me to say that you know the top 15 right I mean they didn't just get that by being well they did but he didn't just get there to be by being coins but it's gonna take seriously proven coins to survive the bear market and then reach all-time highs on an export market on and that is I think gonna be such a it's such a bad probability to be playing that I don't even think it's worth trying to play that probability that's why I'm always looking to you know well now what I'm always looking to do is is trade on leverage that kind of a thing Simeone that's that's why I kind of laughed and said that it's that they got there by being shipped coins perhaps we need to crash in order to get this bearish sentiment out the window no boobless yeah I mean I believe the the common way to put it is that bear market and when sellers have been exhausted and so yeah what we need is sellers to exhaust themselves and sellers have not been exhausted right now I don't think I genuinely do not think they've been exhausted yet many people here and of course many more outside of this will capitulate if we go down to levels like five thousand dollars and that means sellers have not been exhausted and when we look at it like that that's why I mentioned even the way I'm leaning very very slightly bullish instead of being neutral hmm I don't think that's gonna result in was going very high like I said I think that could mean me top out in the mid 7,000 couldn't even top out at eight thousand eleven thousand six hundred being the absolute top and then we will continue on much lower that's how I think it's gonna go yeah because yeah because sellers haven't been exhausted and our market trend is downwards yeah we are in a bear market I'm in bitcoins down like sixty seventy percent return a bear market there's no confusing not all right let's see what's up with this I saw one question I wanted to get to I've now missed it though there's a pretty good question as well I hope I can find it technical analysis who is your best friend the news is all completely agree man yeah I mean there are times when ta doesn't work but more often than not it does work and you know it only needs to work X amount of times for you to make your money so it doesn't need to work 100 percent of the time the news yeah it's all man the new seriously I mean it's a waste of time can I look at litecoin I don't like analyzing litecoin mate um I do it occasionally but litecoin has a mind of its own I always make myself look like an idiot when I ant always like Guin right now yeah it looks like it's at a key level look but yeah if if the market is still going down then yeah litecoins looking at a single-digit bottom I think most likely yeah well Bitcoin dominance decrease if I miss that as well I think he was asking if we get a bull market good question that's also I think about a 50/50 split that's quite hard to cool Bitcoin dominance is quite high right now like I said I expected it to go to 60% and I still almost do expect you to go to 60% if we're going down a Bitcoin – if we're going down rather before we start a bull market then yes 100 percent nearly non financial advice Bitcoin dominance will continue to rise but if we do start a bull market now it's closer to a 50/50 I still don't think it's worth being in odds but like I said I think a lot of people are ready to take on that risk to enter odds because Bitcoin has been so boring yeah what about the news 9-ball so the news is really good the news is really good market wide but one thing that turned they said when I went to his conference and rather seminars and this really stuck out to me is that even things that have hit bear markets very prolonged bear markets things like Microsoft if we look at the dot-com bubble around 2000 2001 Microsoft then reached a new all-time high in fact let's pull up the chart because I know I'm gonna be wrong about this but I believe I believe it was in sort of the early 2010's I'm going to pull up the chart so we can look at that and the point here is um actually let's find the numbers first before I talk I've actually forgotten my point now uh-huh but yeah the top $59 when did it reach $59 again 2016 so that is you know a 16 year bear market and yeah I've just remember the point now the point is that even though stock prices took you know 16 years to recover and that's a very long part of Microsoft sort of lifetime it took a very long time to recover but between its previous bubble and when it reached a new all-time high Microsoft was still developing and still improving this is when we got Windows 7 you guys remember Windows 7 it's the king of operating systems it still is today in my opinion the best PC operating system ever we've had Windows 8 bit but you know it's still innovation 10 we've had a lot of innovations from Microsoft in this time Microsoft has no doubt become a better company from when it hit that com bubble compared to when it reaches new all-time high in 2016 and yet despite that the prices didn't go up again and what was your question I forgot oh yeah then use that's why I don't think news is so important with Bitcoin because yeah it's gonna get stronger it's always it it has been getting stronger in 2018 even though prices have been going down but that doesn't necessarily mean that's going to be reflected in price bullish news will only affect prices in a bullish way in a bull market that's like that should be framed on a wall I mean that's a really good quote how people quote me on that quote me on that rather later on but yeah Windows 8 Francisco yeah I mean it's yeah it bullish news we'll only you know result in prices coming up in a bull market you ask yourself why backed hasn't resulted in a $1000 move up by now and it's because you know it doesn't matter in a bear market there's no matter what news you get it is you know it's a bear market and yeah we go back to the point of where I always say that yeah news is BS filthy made 111 percent on the ripple signal for Pfizer's a market wizard thank you very much fealty very glad yeah I mean I think was it your message I showed it might have been in the in the screenshot yeah it's it's been pretty dope yeah I mean I feel very honored to be called a market with it as you guys know that's one of the big books I'm reading through right now and yeah I mean Wow being compared with actual market Wizards is pretty cool Thank You Phil T I put windows 7 and all my computers I hate all the newer windows since I mean I would have done the same I really wanted to actually just a couple days ago but you know when you want to play games like the new Red Dead it's not even coming on PC anyway but you know you want to play the newer games you kind of need the new operating system so it really hurts like yeah of course as we all know Windows 7 was the peak of os's is a moon day tomorrow I have no idea Jam what will be Tigger what will trigger the Bull Run US stock market crash turkey crisis nothing's gonna trigger a bull run like what you mentioned I'll take those are wrong negative things I don't see why they would trigger a bull run bull mountain bull runs happen when this confidence you know when there's excitement a stock market crushed turkey crash whatever that's not gonna bring excitement as much as we would like to think that bitcoin is a hedge and you know the US stock market will fall so institutions will come into Bitcoin as a hedge Whoville write it down right now that is not going to happen that is not going to happen at all bull markets thought when this conference bull market startling yeah when there's a lot of euphoria when there's happiness not when there is uncertainty it's not when there's fear not when there's doubt Johnny yeah let's mash up those likes guys get those likes pumped up a little bit of course if you're not already subscribed go ahead and do that join the free telegram Channel with a link in the description new 'bless I don't analyze the monthly chart on Bitcoin at all I occasionally look at monthly analysis from other analysts that I respect but I mean the monthly chart is way to long term bitcoin is in my opinion a little bit too volatile to be looking at a child like that we had a big test on 3/3 October if you're in break support and Bitcoin don't follow and breaks up this is why we assemble this yeah good point galaxy though I do think that even though these small breaks breakout have happened they're not very significant in this kind of a market it's the same thing as the news I mean we had a breakup but still nothing really followed from it so yeah that's still my sentiment young market knows like one doesn't summarize all waiting for the first draw I mean it definitely could be it with a very optimistic view it could be but I think it's a lot more like samurais ready to to kill themselves right seppuku that kind of thing if I said that right it's not you know ready for battle it's it's ready for giving up ready for capitulation if anything yeah I mean there's I don't I don't see much strength there that's why I said you know it is gonna take sort of not a Black Swan event but something quite unusual to make us go up but I am still like I always say leaning a little bit more bullish I'll let you guys know of course if I change my view on that let's see how long this has been going on for it's been about a 30 minute stream I'm gonna look to wrap this up real soon and it's like a couple final questions and then and then start yeah and start going off for a bit I can't understand some of the comments here out of the bear market if we break 7.4 KJR Jeon I don't think so I think we're only out with the bear market when 11600 is crossed if we're being very generous then when 8200 is crossed but apart from that idea it's gonna take a lot to be out of this bear market I think tomorrow will see some actions alright you think tomorrow they'll they'll see some anomie see some action with stock trades coming back to work Rafael no not not necessarily yes the weekly close will bring a little bit of volatility stop hunting that kind of thing but I don't think yeah I don't think there's gonna be anything crazy just because it's a Monday tomorrow there never really is if I'm not mistaken bull trap at 7200 Harry norm definitely quite possible yeah we can't rule that out yeah without though I am going to be wrapping this up now I really hope you have enjoyed it you've taken away something useful like I said VIP has my full game plan on how to play this entire range and also making some really nice profits on us we've had sixty percent on ripple and if you guys miss these screenshots I mean absolutely right this was filthy I've yeah remembered properly coming off from a flight and seeing a pretty nice profit so you know like I mentioned this is one of the best feelings ever I've been traveling a lot and yeah having profits why would you do that yeah nothing really compares to that it's pretty cool and one of our other members who made back the fee from paying us in the first day that he paid so pretty cool we need to get some sort of a Medal of Honor for those kinds of people yeah if you guys are interested in VIP there's a link in the description the first one in the description go ahead and click on add for flights at the bottom of any post in the telegram channel when you click on that link and send me a message very simple very quickly it's the only way to join a lot of impersonators be aware of those but yeah with that I am gonna be heading off good livestream thumbs up thank you very much but and yeah with that yeah I'm off peace

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  1. The current bottoms ALL relate to a price Bitmain needs to maintain to make their miners profitable (salable in western markets when tied to electric costs and ever increasing difficulty factors). If the market price is high enough Bitmain can concentrate of mining and miner production but with $16 billion in assets they have the most to gain/lose in BTC tanks. Here are some dates and bottom supports that Bitmain will cover if needed.
    11/01/18 6711
    12/01/18 6982
    01/01/19 7264

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  3. Mda trx zrx and arn all had decent moves today with mda and arn doing 40percent or higher gains. Arn took a huge dump afterwards though.

  4. The big boys are playing chicken at the moment. When someone makes the first move just watch how fast it moves.

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