Is The Crypto Market Controlled By Whales – IRS Takes on Crooks – Brad Garlinghouse

how everybody welcome back to the CIT clip to afternoon edition whereby real liquor the news are making the headlines in the crypto world today so let's jump straight in before we start with John Stratton if you want to join my freakin training class coming up and a chance to join a premium group which is only open for one week only there's a link down below to join the pre clip to class they've got coming up at the end of July so you still would tend to do that as well so make sure you click on the link below as well ok let's jump into the markers see was happening just now make sure it on we are indeed okay where are we just now just kind of refresh this Bitcoin has gone down slightly just now so we'll just say with market capitalization as at the moment we've gone over all market cap of two hundred and seven times go indoors that kind dominant still at 65.8% still a two-year high just like but going to self ten thousand three hundred and six dollars and the mornings coming back down question today as Bitcoin gonna fall today is where we've been manipulated and we've been set up for a big price drop and Bitcoin could be it could be Japan content stuff up 19% Ren ref token harm heft of luck token has just jumped into top 100 by Tommy grisha and open double-digit greens so and the red we have a Metaverse ATP clipper coin xmax nano or go chain-link lioka model all down as well but not that much prob about 17% and the red and about 83 percent in the green and today I would just have a look at the Bitcoin price I just literally just jump back up so manipulated this market is not literally just jump back up so I don't know what's going on there so Wars down at ten thousand two hundred just jumped up four hundred doors within a space of about two minutes yeah literally two minutes so don't know what's going on they are Beaupre and a heavily manipulated market is not and it's weird to watch and I can't it's not good for the market when it's been manipulated like this when it's so volatile like this it's no good at all and I don't then in news that would suggest why I just have to look at see if there's a music just come on so look eclipta panic nope there's nothing over the last couple of minutes so don't know why were showing up like this to show up 400 doors that says manipulation just pure manipulation in the marketplace just now we've seen over the last couple days i supplies he's shooting down from the kind of 13,000 mark will look you over the four ola sure exactly what I mean so from 13,000 we've seen it with a fourteen thousand a big drop of four thousand then jump up of two and a half thousand big drop of three thousand jump up there or nearly four thousand again drop because Canon psychos just now so I've been heavily manipulated to slow it in the market space which is not a good thing overall for crypto just makes them this kind of look like a joke that few people can manipulate the markets like this and it can be there everybody's jumping on board and hearing some kind of news at the same time that says not what else says their manipulation can itís worse and it's not good for the clip tomorrow at all and thank you dose I'm not treating Bitcoin at the moment cause obviously was going down and there's a clear clear sense that was going to go down further but now it's kind of changed again so topsy-turvy okay I look at the news just now Bitcoin IRS tapes on crooks and the good guys as well and turns out there's no air power mandate on your offshore Bitcoin account as a government making a tactical retreat and it's war vendors and taxis first of all have to thank a deepen and James Oklahoma and Rob for the new stories for today and they can't provide the cue lead the news for me and I can look at them and test it well can look over a lot of them and test them so a big thank you to adapt Robin James for today's news stories and response to requests for guidance from an accountants group the tragedy Financial Crimes enforcement network has recently declared the clip tokens account held by exchanges located outside the country don't have to be disclosed that means you don't have to compare shoot balance assets on the foreign bank and financial account report and which is AF bar the report which is filed on a phone call day and then saying one one fool is required to Ana taxpayers financial assets and held in foreign institutions top ten thousand dollars so that's gonna make a big difference to a lot of people so this could have an effect on the kind of place in Bitcoin or it can ecliptic on CA in places as well so acceptor trader says mysterious we are building massive by walls so this is a strange one as well and it just shows you again the manipulation so clipped a change of state and athili employer is making a huge splash and except to exchange balance account of three hours Capital CEO Susie and or Suzu the flavor has bought three hundred thousand aetherium worth about seventy million dollars in recent weeks most recent buy order cooks and at twenty thousand theorem what to buy four point five million doors now the big buy orders triggered a debate over the whale was trying to create the illusion of demand to push the price of ether back to an entire clip to mark your higher so this is from big kids now side bearish I know it's counterintuitive but it is bearish this is called a prop but an often will get food if it begins to fill the officer of this is a loading wall where you see a huge sale auto-scaling others so initially that's what you would think however camel traders combined says usually Article II by disagree here whoever the sin today is had a 350 plus BTC Bible the other night and watch the entire order gear sold into piece by piece I don't see this as or perish so that was a strange one as well possesses haven't quite a lot of balance you see these big orders for aetherium I've got a picture here somebody's taking screen shoulder you can see this altar here 435 Bitcoin worth at 4.5 million dollars so it's not prop bet here it doesn't look like you're bothered done this a number of times on Sunday I said pretty cryptic where was accused of selling 15,000 aetherium when it cut to exchange but stamp and triggering a cascade the push back coin and the overall Club to market a large into a downward spiral as well so there's big players in market desire and clearly been manipulated clearly as can be just even from a couple of minutes ago I can see Kenya without me missus last by most so wicked s if you look at her so even on a five minute charge just say this is going down further and then boom it goes up five hundred dollars clear manipulation up see and bad Garlin house highlights key differences between retro statics and Facebook's approach to digital assets so repo CEO Brad darling has joined CNBC's Squawk Box to talk about Facebook digital asset Libre and it goes on to say I think on a most macro level has been good for the world because it's brought a lot of attention on a set of technologies that really can't been for mainstream banking mainstream consumer experiences around banking a thing there's a little bit of perhaps arrogance maybe Silicon Valley elegance with how Facebook approached us and just somewhat recently running into some things without shaken some of the boxes and so he's admit just what I've said as well that Libra has been good as going everybody talking about cryptocurrency and Silicon Valley and components as well there's a big sport way on cryptocurrencies just now so going how says he agrees with Treasury secretary Steve Nanshan and who has issued a warning about nutritive assets like we've learned the dangers of unregulated cryptocurrencies which I have to agree with as well when asked why I suggested Silicon Valley arrogance is a plague Arlen House responds I think the conversation with regulators for Facebook started some time ago and I think that the Eclair heard loud and clear so these reservations and I don't think they took the time to address some of them I'm going house points at the Facebook's liberal Association of consortium of companies that were oversee the new project has zero banks by failing to ask legacy and players to collaborate Facebook effectively clashed at the party so it says that there's a huge opportunity to change the way our the world financial systems work and that was very beneficial to consumers businesses etc but again it's not competing with the banks and David Marcus came out when I announced Libre and said this spells the end of Western Union that was a huge call to action to the banks around the world that had been watching big tech players that they're fearful are going to come into the space so the big banks are watching and this is Brad Garlin house responding to questions about Libra on CNBC as well brought gowing how scale of our potential houses repo and xip as well but still is not doing anything at the moment and crept upon chief accepts invitation to warn before lunch with Tron's Justin son so Jeremy alia the chief executive officer of crypto powered finance firm Circle has just accepted an invitation to join Sean and batons CEO Justin Sun for a lunch date with legendary investor Warren Buffet alia who founded a Goldman Sachs back to circle in 2013 will attend the event along with Charlie the creator of litecoin the world's fourth largest cryptocurrency who has also confirmed has a tense in attendance as one of the sons guests so now you got Warren Buffet who got Justin something but Charlie you know the got Jeremy earlier at the table as well so I wonder who else is gonna join they'll be interested to watch as well and privacy cryptocurrencies dead cash prepares for a friendly fork about five hours time which is feeln gone and the privacy or until cooked occurrences eight cash will spawn a new blocked in network called Y cash Hopey the first of us came to post a near identical code base to the Zed cache block team but function as a separate network and de facto competitor posted on April the effort spearheaded by long term Zed care supporter how it would have Lou described in Isaiah cash fallen poster why cash was a pre-emptive move to resist future community decisions that makes them dead cash system of developer funding known as a founder reward beyond a promise 10% cap of total token supply that's already happened and preserve cash so why cash is no coming out as well all coins back on that eyes with Lakeland leading the chart and this was kind of earlier on today but seemed to have gone down a wee bit no so if you look at and we'll just look at my Nance as the one people cheating on so look it by an answer the Mont and look at exchange and just see where therefore they also tune I can see there's no in one full page or the odds gone up but rain has gone up mana fun T and B and D GT just know and but the rest came to going down so that's obviously the Bitcoin rising ten thousand five hundred and sixty two they've just come back down again so they are the weird kind on the rise like chrome is leading the charge but it's just so often don't just know it's unbelievable Bitcoin doesn't go away for Congress needs to understand about kleptos so this was them from Bitcoin so CNBC is fast money after testifying on Capitol Hill melt dem explains for Congress is getting wrong about Bitcoin and Facebook Libre as well so speaking to CNBC meltem and Demers de miners chief strategy officer corn shares highlighted the Oh regulated regulated nature of the Bitcoin space exchanges and water providers have to comply with anti-money laundering provisions and different jurisdictions that surely contrasts greatly with the usual sign bias is posed by the anti bacon cloud us treasure tragedy sacred St luncheon and even remark the government doesn't want Bitcoin to become the next West numbered bank account and so she goes on to talk about label as well everybody's can't talk about Libre has no you know again it's not even out yet so she would come later on in January but still not just now a flip-top will institute bitcoin ban i think a lot of people are and as liberal dragging bitcoin down so since libre can a Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has come on talked about Libre coming out and obviously there's been a lot of political unrest so this is Tom Lee fun showerhead Anna was Thomas Lee appears to share in these fears and over the past three days lead posted tweets outlining his fears that bitcoins five minutes of theme could expose it to the AIA or President Trump currently back on place actions likely to mean choppy until the media and legislature focus shift to other matters so Tom Lee says Washington a media coverage of clip to a Bitcoin is turning into too much of a good thing because my push to real Donald Trump towards the escalation need break said China trade world little banks back in the headlines Bitcoin choppy until then came to see now just no but I do feel that as manipulation has just jumped down again for $200 hundred and sixty five dollars within the space of a couple of minutes so it'd be interesting to see where it's going to be at the end of this kind of broadcast as well Beach in and the headlines be chain holders can get their heads around this place thing so good things come to those who wait and the beach in crowd feels like they have been waiting forever since the release of the main they're waiting to see the number of transactions increased on the beach in blockchain but they're honest when the Walmart China was going to use the VHD implode team for the new food safety and traceability platform the Walmart China blog chain traceability platform things were starting to positive again not only did Walmart and nine so they're collaborating with Beecham but they're also going live imminently already upon and the number of daily transactions increasing on the blog team by July the 16th number of daily transactions reached over 1 million and that's a huge step forward Chinese klepto startup and the community behind it but poor by the price yeah so positive response and increase in the DS surrounding the Omaha announcement but nothing related to the number of transactions and here's where the community is racking their brains trying to somehow to pieces together and figure out why 1+1 doesn't equal two and so because we change the coin BT has seen a tough year with the price falling heavily v ET is now ranked 30th coin market cap at the time of writing the ranking of market caps has become an accepted way of competing one club to consider another blah blah blah and bitcoins up also don't pick when it's down also down so this is really kind of talking about beating and why it's not will be a six apply and demand finance bring ability back like a phoenix rising from the ashes so all the fancy partnerships or the millions of transactions haven't moved in needle and all the place much higher for PT but there's another future event the holders are pinning their hopes on which is basic supply and demand model currently opt South Korean are producing about 38 million Vth all daily and in the past few weeks the number of ETA to a point has been getting very close to reach or even surpass that number a couple of times I won't marry to the low thirty million on July the 16th I'm I know BTO each a to a bond was thirty five point four million and just a few more million and the next big milestone has been reached so I think with me chain I think they've got a very good product there but everybody asked I'm frustrated but a lot of people get frustrated overall with doesn't fight my child don't to do that overall with all the kleptos just not with all the old coins just now so it's a so all-time low VT is one of those quality companies that is going to come back when the old coin purge has happened so when el cajon parts happened onions are gonna get a lot rid of a lot the shake coins and all the projects have one man Dave teams a lot the projects with all my ideas I've never been implemented a lot that crap base over and just get them out of the market and the rights of the tea and likes lots of other ones as well I'm not going to name all of them but there's gonna be a lot of dead coins basically very very soon before the end of this year that was going to happen the old coin project is happening just know but meantime the old the true and good old again caught up in the crossfire by the moment a Bitcoin still legal in India accepted regulation and the works so Finance Minister Bitcoin regulations coming respond to requests for clarity on the state's view of cryptocurrency Anurag Thakur India's Minister of State for Finance corporate players probably denied any token was illegal I'm gonna go much into that but and India is still legal for the moment so they're looking for regulation as well New Jersey takes online market to court over 2018 klepto token sale so the US state of New Jersey has taken legal action over the right securities violations by token pirate online rain grant to marketplace pocket ins and so New Jersey return aid a consolation pocket and sold the tokens for either cryptocurrency an initial token Auckland but neither the fund on matter had registered with the bureau so New Jersey's taking them to court for that let's see what happens so transpires for that it's not big story and Bitcoin is a demographic mega trend survey concludes so survey sentiment has improved dramatically blockchain capital asked the hardest pool reset phone to conduct a study comprising a sample 2209 American outdoors April 2009 the results highlighted the Bitcoin is a demographic mega trend led by younger age groups the only area where all the demographics match younger demographics was awareness regardless of age the vast majority to the American population has heard of Bitcoin so thank everybody is here to Bitcoin because it's been on the news but I don't know much about it I think that's that can adaptions there and this study there's been kind of called–oh drop across thousands of dollars and who doesn't really tell us much and to be honest but I have no look to the thule the thule report itself and but just tells us the younger age group or into Bitcoin and actually buying Bitcoin as well basically and we'll go back to the Big Crunch are just before we finish up the PTC's USD be entered to see where that is over the space of the last 10 15 minutes ten thousand five hundred and thirty-four and when we started it was that we were kind of down here 10235 so it's jump back up again look at the 15-minute chart and see that big candle there so it's going to be as look like it's going to be a really choppy I think is still think as manipulation but just looks really really choppy just like so not good market to trade in but there's always going to be trading opportunities so keep you Lizer keep your eyes peeled for that okay until next time namaste take you RINO

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