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all right guys it's March 5th and it's that time again 4 so thanks for tuning in today is definitely a good day a lot of big assignment we're seeing some greens and people are asking is the bull boy is to pick white bull market here and I'm gonna talk about that a little bit and there's also a lot of a lot of good news everywhere so a lot of things talk about very exciting day today I'm excited I hope you guys are so thanks for tuning guys make sure you smash up the lice and subscribe to the channel especially if you're new and let's get started of course I'm going to be reserved Q&A until the end of my spiel alright so market cap we're roughly around 130 132 billion this is a significant jump from even yesterday now we haven't broken 3,900 or 4,000 so we're still not back to where we were a week ago two weeks ago upper this is a good start it's a good start we of course yesterday we started hovering down a little bit now we're seeing a good up especially especially I mean bitcoins 3% we'll take that especially you look at all the all points surprised ripple actually didn't make any moves today but Ethernet 7 % EO s 13 14 % litecoin finance coin especially 18% I've been talking about finance coin a lot right they continue to execute and I still get comments like from people like oh all you ever do is she'll buy Nance coin are you paid by that I'm like dude face the reality it's a strong coin it's actually very good to be holding of course I'm gonna be talking about a lot and I will talk about it some more today also Tron try and finally start a moving because they now something is it's actually a complete surprise complete I left field and I don't know what I think about it so alright so let's get started let's look at the news starting with finance so cz says he he says B&B probably has the most use cases then and the other coin and I have to agree with them the reason why finance continues to go up is because cz keeps finding ways to improve basically why someone should hold it the use cases alright now we know Justin someone like Justin's son from Tron he comes with a lot of marketing stuff right but he hasn't really found really good use cases why someone should hold TRX or BTT for that matter since BitTorrent has not been integrated fully yet but cz continues to do so and this is what impresses me and why it continues to skyrocket right for the last I mean it's for the last month or so it's gone up from like $8 now almost a 14 remember I told you guys before at its peak it was about 20-something but if you look at the ratio compared to BTC it is at its all-time high and there's a very good chance that B and B could be the first or second coin to reach all-time high since 2017 and that's pretty impressive so war to use cases he doesn't he doesn't really explain but I think a lot of you guys know already right obviously there's a lot of trading pairs now with B & B I'm financing is the biggest exchange in the world right and then you get trading discount fees right so of course that's another reason to hold it or it actually two reasons to hold it now they're doing icos where you can only use B and B to purchase if you want to participate that's another use case they came out their decks they're having competition on that decks the list just goes on and on and on so I mean this is the reason why Finance is so strong or BnB is so strong and he actually did a live AMA yesterday if you look at finances Twitter account a lot of people that tuned in he answer a lot of questions it's about an hour long and it's good it's good that he's still sharing still communicating on the members it talks about a lot like the haters and he also did talk about a lot in terms of how their delisting process works because there's some controversy around that supposedly some good companies that that you know got blindsided that they were looking to Liston and so forth he basically explains that you know what if they they have their own process their internal process if they determine that if you know you're not executing in some way whatever they determine they're not hope giving forewarning so now I'll give you a first chance second chance third chance because his reasoning is if you do the bad companies will find ways to dump their coins so if there's gonna be a de listed coin there just go do it they're not hooking any warnings about that and I kind of agree with that and you know it's unfortunately if you don't agree with that I mean you're projecting you don't want to deal with that kind of stuff well then you have to go get listed somewhere else because they are in a position to command that just like they're in a position to command 100k to be lit listed on their decks they are the biggest right so I I'm a big fan of B&B I've been saying that for a while right in terms of the use cases I've always said if you want to save on trading fees just that alone I'm buy Nance why wouldn't you hold some B&B right just that alone would be worth it but now seesee has found a lot more use cases for it right so BMD is not the only one that jumped litecoin actually jumped tremendously today to 14% just out of nowhere and it's neck-and-neck with Yost right now between four and five which is good because I like to see them way above Bitcoin cash now let's unknown I don't know there's some news from – way low saying that there are go have official remittance service utilizing bitcoin and litecoin that could be the reason it could be that my coin just has been oversold and people want to stock up on it or it could be this and a cz you know the irony behind it is too because cz actually tweet us out that that like coin is it's partnering up with some k-pop artists and and they're gonna be utilizing litecoin for VIP tickets so that is also very positive course in the in in Asia kpop Korean pop artists are huge huge okay not just in Korea but China and everywhere else so that could be the reason but litecoin also did jump up pretty big today so that's also very positive a lot of like when fans out there and they're not alone all right so here's the thing about Tron right and Tron has surprisingly has stalled even even this past months where we kind of seen some sideways movement we've seen a lot of these big cap coins actually make gains especially compared to BDC right so they've been slowly getting up so now you can see like someone like litecoin is about 50 dollars euros is getting close to $4 by deskaway obviously went up a lot stellar so so it hasn't moved but Ron really hasn't moved and they announced that to go introduce tether introduced tether an on ERC 22 other it's gonna be TRC 20 token that's on top of the the Tron blockchain so I don't know I don't know how to feel about this because I'm not a fan of tether but I understand me there's like two billion dollars in tether they do still have a lot of sway the market neck recognition and all that stuff so I'm not I'm not sure I mean I guess the only thing is and I don't know because I was first thinking that hey those people that have their coin you know have all their money and stable coins such as tether they can easily move it to Tron now right especially to their taxes or apps but you really can't because it's another version at space it's a TRC 20 token not ERC 20 right so there has to be a conversion of us DT from me RC 22 TRC 20 so the Texas have to make that so I don't know I don't think it was simplifies things so I I'm actually honestly surprised that Justin is not creating his own version his own Tron stable point I mean now that they have bgt and they have TRX well why not come out with something like I don't know TRX s or something for TRX stable coin right I I don't know it just surprised me I still don't fully trust other there's still controversy around it so I'm not sure this is such a good thing but the one side effect that could be good is if there's a ton of us DT printing on the tron network all that influx could help Tron and all the other TRC 20 tokens and the overall community as a whole as a side benefit we don't know who knows but this is interesting but this is the reason why Khurana has been moving but in terms of B TT recently no movement at all it's been hovering around and just so you guys are aware right those of you guys are trading B TT you gotta be very aware of this on Finance when you look at a B TT to BTC trading pair because the difference between the price is so vast all you see is should toasty values where it's like 0.20 to 0.01 to 0.2 0.2 1 and you'll see it like that like there's no movement right and you're just thinking well overall it's not moving look at something that's more comparable like B TT to BM B then you can actually see there is a value to B TT and it does go up and down and overall has been going down right and it's very important I actually just thought about it recently it's very important if you go trade B TT do not do it with the BTC pair because you could be you could be shafted like royally because of how large each Atocha value is compared to BTC versus compared to say something like B and B which is much smaller denomination so think about that those of you guys that are trading BDT be careful about that all right moving on Kraken Kraken which is well known exchange I don't know how big they are honestly but they are well known and they're helping with the quadriga fiasco they recently bought a future company that offers crypto futures not just Bitcoin Bitcoin ether like coin bit coin cash MX RP and over a 30 day timeline okay just one month they had a record of 1 billion dollars worth of futures trading volume 1 billion in just 30 days so this shows just like we saw I showed you guys like a couple weeks ago CMU CME's Bitcoin futures volume is exploding and Kraken is also verifying the same thing and this shows interest is definitely coming back they're coming back you know BTC overall hasn't been moving but I think it's only a matter of time because all these companies who trade futures is not normal retail investors all the institutional investors and then they're getting more and more involved with Bitcoin futures you know that they're there they want to get in now right they see that hey bottom is here let's get in while we still can before things go up and I think this is one of the major indicators out of outside of Technol indicators but you look at just the market conditions overall I think this is one of the major indicators actually showed that yeah money is starting to flow in and that's very positive all right so moving on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey which is a big big big Bitcoin fan he actually recently revealed that he's cost averaging the long haul okay he's been buying $10,000 worth of Bitcoin every week so you add that up there's about five hundred twenty thousand Bitcoin per year which is not that much in terms of his net worth for most of us and that is a tremendous amount of money but in terms of his net worth he's following the same principle that I've been saying right don't overbuy spread it out costs average long haul that's how you truly find it bottom and never invest more than what you couldn't afford to lose and in this case $10,000 a week for Jack Dorsey is nowhere close of being more than what he could afford to lose so this is what a lot of the the rich people are doing a lot of people think that rich people like like they're all day traders something like they they have all the time in the world to sit in front of computer for 10 hours like you and I no they don't they're very busy what do they do they're buying and accumulating for the long haul because they know they truly believe that bitcoin is gonna become a digital currency of the internet in the future or they believe it's gonna be the ultimate store value or it could be both which is which is why they continue to accumulate and hold right so it's got I'm glad to see this kind of story comes out because a lot of people just think of it as nonsense but it's it's true this is how this is how this is how it works all right moving on brave bat right bat bat today some people can play oh it hasn't been moving right but it has been moving it actually has been moving quite a bit and where is Beth well I just had it said number 27 217 million and that's not too bad and this is because there was some speculation that they could be added on the the new Galaxy S 10 phones but overall they they continue to execute right so now the story is where is it they have hit 20 million downloads and this is not surprised me because when it comes to browsers Brendan Eich who was the founder of brave he knows what he's doing he he co-developed Netscape right and co-develop Firefox and you know what else do you need right these are very major browsers especially Firefox while them one of the most what I will use ones today outside of Chrome so this guy knows how to how to program browsers and it is deftly in it's definitely growing I'm using brave right now and I think whatever you know the opted for add that is coming very soon I think that's gonna be a big thing and I just wrote about it by insider program that I think you know they could be acquisition target because they do have so much traction so it's interesting think about that but I've been talking about battle I really really like what they're doing and I think they're gonna be a powerhouse in the future all right moving on Bitcoin miners they are supposedly investing again they're buying all the used equipment you know how how things move really fast we saw pictures and heard stories about all these miners like selling their a6 on the open market or dumping them and open straight well now they're all being bought back yeah I never understood being a Bitcoin difficulty always adjust right if it if everyone shuts off the difficulty will adjust and it'll become profitable again so that's what's happening now things have stabilized people are turning their mind and the Asics back on they're doing more deals so any any notion that all the Bitcoin miners somehow go bankrupt and disappear that's that's a nonsense all right yesterday's big story coinbase right with their with their team – neutrino team and how they were involved with some unethical stuff with human rights and all that stuff so claim base you know it's his PR nightmare they have to do something so they did announce a day they they fired all the all the people that was part of team which I think it's everyone right I think the whole group was for just this one team called a hacking team see it says even an article it's unclear how many of Newt really employees have worked for the hacking team except for two three senior executive lists nine and black the black chain start up the website so we don't know it could be the whole entire team and you know the top people are the ones and those are the ones you probably want to keep so if you through all the top people that you might as well throw out the whole acquisition so yes the quad base definitely felt felt the pressure of that and and they caved it and I think this is a good thing okay it's a good thing for coinbase they don't want this to be lingering on and they have plenty of money they can go higher and in the choir another blotchy analysis group right lastly coffee for bat so we talked about this already I don't know why this is a big surprise but there are new developments well one of the things for back is the fact that they go come out the payment gateway so that's the one like Starbucks can can take Bitcoin as a payment right and that was always talked about but then it kind of died down because everyone's focused on the futures but now it seems like Starbucks is go get an equity deal in Tubac before they were just a partner now it seems like they want to buy into backed and somehow it's being correlated that if they do this then then they will asset Bitcoin for as a payment I don't know why it has to they have to get equity first before doing that I just don't get it I don't think the story really adds up at this point overall I think they want to do it Starbucks and Microsoft and all these other companies their sign up partnership because they're interested in getting in and I think it's gonna happen it's just a matter of time but most people are focused on just the Bitcoin futures that back is trying to come out with but this is also part of adoption then this is gonna be a huge thing so just want to bring that that point up I think that's it I think that's it overall we got a big sign on BTC chart we got a big sign about a week ago I talked about it you know there's a big finger pointing upwards right not I'm not a middle finger just index finger pointing upwards and that's what it looks like overall you know even though we've been doing sideways but we have this is BDC keep in mind if you look at some of these other charts especially for the big cap points they have been moving tremendously okay tremendously over the last month BTC hovering and that's okay but if you look at you know I'll even bring litecoin up because I feel like litecoin over the last month right or actually last three pretty significant gains and even the last month pretty significant games right and you look at someone like I don't know Leo's even right again pretty similar pretty similar the last month pretty sizable gain and we're talking about from 230 down to up to 376 that's that's what it's almost like a 40 percent gain in one month so a lot of people are finally starting to make some money back right I know it's not close to 90% but it does show what another one of the indicators that does show that the market is definitely improving right more faith is is coming back which is why people are buying buying and holding because if they weren't holding there would be no sustained gains right and especially like someone like B&B which I have to bring up is just it's just crazy okay the the growth within the last three months have been staggering staggering you're looking at a bottom of $4 ok 437 all the way up to 13 44 within the last three months that's just that's just insane even the end of January okay so about two months ago they were at $6 so that's more than a hundred percent so someone like finance which is why I keep bringing them up they are just executing flawlessly all right guys that's enough what I have to say let's let's turn it back to you guys Oh quick a quick word from our friends CERN labs what do you think about ripple well I mean I think it's too centralized but I definitely want to meet Chris Larson [Laughter] I'm gonna play that clip until that end of time I can't get enough of it alright guys what kind of questions you guys have um thought that grin I I don't know I did some research on them I like beam a lot better than grin because they're more of a startup company and beam is also the one that's gonna be helping like coin to implement minimal Wimble so I actually liked beam a lot better than than grin Lincoln I know you're all bought like coin so I talked about like one a lot today what do you think will all be rich here we're well first of all you're part of the crypto R Us community you're ready rich let's let's let's state that first but in terms of individual wealth life-changing wealth it's just a matter of time okay we're all in it to make life-changing wealth right short term it's sad it's boring it could be profitable trading but overall the ones that are holding long term right all the all the crypto millionaires billionaires that exist now they're all holders okay they aren't they're not day traders okay they're all holders and all they did was simply buy accumulate and hold for 3 5 10 years and that's ultimately what does go come down to right I think that's just a matter of taking advantage when you can yes guys make sure you hit the likes and if you're new so hopefully you enjoyed this do you see bad at $3 so that's that's gonna be tough I think even at its peak it was at 60 cents not to say it can't happen right I speculated recently if their their target acquisition target and they're gonna be bought out I saw one big then once again this space they could certainly jump up huge so it could happen probably not anytime soon but it could happen it's a within reason let's just like it's it's a lot more attainable than say XRP hitting $576 let's put it that way this is reset CERN Labs commercial that is worse than the one you played I have to I have to find it rich body says and BTC how much do you think the average cryptic guy like us viewers should have the average blue-collar dude what will it take what would it get us ten years from now speculate George well that's I don't know because average viewers you know they're everyone's wealth is different but in terms of BTC you know I think even one BTC is go put you whoa that the article that came out before SATs point two BTC let's go make you a one percenter with BTC right and and that's that's relatively attainable now even one BDC is attainable but just think about when one BTC becomes fifty thousand becomes a hundred thousand becomes five hundred thousand how a table how attainable is one PTC for most that's going to be not attainable right so even to have one and just hold that for ten years will I in my opinion lead to life-changing wealth for a lot of people now a lot of people already have that money so one is not enough maybe 10 because 10 could then lead to five million dollars right or even more and think about it some people are saying PDC could go to a million each right so in that case even having one BTC is enough so it really depends it really depends on your financial situation but obviously I think for most people if you don't have one PTC that is a goal to try to attain because that is gonna put you into the 1% for sure there's there's supposed to be 21 million right I say supposed to be because there's actually a lot less because a lot of people already done the homework about 7 to 8 million Bitcoin is already lost so out of the circulating supply right now about 17.5 million there's really like 10 million ok so think about that so that the supply is very low think about how many people on earth we're gone by eight nine billion people right so eight nine billion people that's going to be trying to share you know roughly what 13 13:14 million bitcoins you know just having one is go put you not in the one percenter category probably the point one percent you know category so it's hard to say Tony while congratulations that's that's a big thing be prepared for that fatherhood is as not easy as it sounds we're not done yet and LTC still pumping good good Derk Derk is asked Mozilla Co I haven't heard much about silica other than their main debt was coming out where are they overall they held pretty well but they haven't been moving and honestly a lot of the mid caps have not been moving with the exception of the few a lot of mid cap simply isn't moving and on days like today yell go up for up to ten percent but then on down days they go down for two ten percent as well right now honestly because we're still week right we're still week we're still not sure we're not fully in the bull run yet the ones that have been gaining have been the big caps the big caps in terms of top 15 top 20 they really have been moving right I just showed you guys like coin went up substantially euros up substantially finance coin up substantially so a lot of people are contracting big cast because they believe in it more they believe that it holds more it's more stable and that's the way it's going be for a while until in my opinion we truly have some huge recovery like once we get back up to 6,000 and we start moving upwards from there maybe back up to seven eight ten thousand then I think a lot of these big caps are mid caps since you something like a silica Hollow icon theta theta has not been moving for a while nan-oh these will recover back up in a big way XRP Erica well obviously if you have XR paid your name then you're biased towards xrp arrest right but yes sir can you tell us why XR p is not good a general per picture I think you know because you have XR p your name ready but I I like XR p I think the argument against XR p is just like the commercial then I you know I participate most people think is to centralize that XR p themselves own too much well that's because they operate like a business they actually sell x RP the company ripple sells x RP to its clients that's why they hold so much but they're selling it to them they're actually they release quarterly profits and earnings and stuff like that so I think a lot of people have that against them and they think that their security and this and that but overall I really like the idea of what they're trying to do try to become like the digital base for all currency transactions right which is XRP trying to replace USD and they have a technology for remittance or for transferring money that is gonna be really easy to use and really cheap and they're trying to disrupt how things work right and that's why I like them so but people will always say well they're too centralized you know act like a crypto company and this and that you know it's just it's just your personal preference I guess how you view things these decentralization there's many levels of decentralization right it's not just it's not just how you know how much the coins how much the team holds the coins in terms of the percentage these a lot of a lot of teams outside of ripple holds a huge percentage of the overall supply but it also comes down to the nodes right and it comes down to leadership too and it's just the whole bunch of stuff so you gotta you gotta weigh each one didn't form a write an article talking about XRP is a scam no they didn't I think you're just making that up anything about fusion they're supposed to have a AMA they told me they're gonna have a AMA early March I haven't heard it that I haven't heard about the time but they're supposed to introduce a new partner axp which I had some concerns with and they kind of answered a little bit better but overall I think that AMA will shed some light on this partnership and they're ready to move to PSN – which is their second phase that are testing and that is that is that's go commence pretty soon then that that yeah I had that article I don't know why I'd closed it but I talked about a little bit Venezuela they're gonna have a crypto remanence program that supports Bitcoin like one I think that helps like coin a lot more but I don't know if that's really the trigger for the market up I mean the trigger could be you know just like I said BOTS brought us down recently right and now BOTS could be bringing us up because honestly you look at the other indicator I'd like to look at is the Long's and shorts for BTC right so if you look at BTC shorts on a day like today right normally before when the market starts rallying up the shorts would increase because that means that a lot of bears are betting that we are go go down right so look at the BTC shorts right on vinick's it did not move at all in fact it went down so what does this tell you right it tells you that the Bears the Bears are not so certain that we're gonna go down any more right if they were so sure that we're gonna go back down to 2500 or 1800 or whatever they think this will be going up astronomically like this right the last time in December we had a little rod and you see all the Bears like no way that's sustainable let's stack on the shorts but what's going on now shorts are actually decreasing because the Bears are starting to realize well I don't think we're gonna go down any more so I'm not gonna make any big moves and I brought this up many times especially in my insider program that we're at we're at the same level in back in August now in terms of the shorts that's out there so I think this is very sniff again because a lot of people are still thinking we're gonna head back down and there's a possibility of course but this is another major indicator that hate the longtime Bears right where the whale bears that that that that happen to market movers that have really started to move us down there they're not doing so right now alright guys I think that's it last question Shane said what exchange sites do you recommend while coinbase is still the easiest one to use but now they got rid of new neutrino it's much better but they were still selling users data which I know a lot of companies do but they have to admit it but yeah I use Finance I pretty much use – for everything funding coins that I'd like to trade that it's not my Nance like on ku coin they they're another one but I know a lot of people outside the states they use a lot of different ones like quadriga for surprisingly one was very big bit panda I here's big and Europe also use Gemini which is in the US but there's other ones like okay XY be they've been around for a while but a lot of them is reporting they have financial problems so I hopefully nothing happens to them so alright guys that is it so overall market is looking good you know in terms of what's my title is the Bitcoin bull market here not yet not yet but I do honestly think we're in recovery mode I do think that if you were going by the psychology of a market cycle that we are coming out from here the depression stage and every single rally we have up you know we're gonna be in disbelief or most feeling that be admissable Eve that this is a sucker's rally we're gonna head back down no way this is the true recovery right and I think we're right there I think we're somewhere around here that we're starting to come back up it's early but we're the worst is behind us and we are gonna be recovering it's not a bull market yet okay but I do think we're on a path of recovery and I think a lot of indicators such as the volumes exploding right and also the shorts decreasing and then and then there's other things fundamentals is gonna get better it is getting better every day and those things are going us back right so that's my thought thanks for tuning in guys make sure you hit the likes and subscribe to the channel and I will to you guys tomorrow at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time all right take care

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  3. Thanks for pointing that out with BTT and BTC pair. I've made a lot of mistakes in the past with other altcoins vs BTC or ETH. i should have looked at altcoin vs USD or USDT (or pick your favorite stablecoin). I was mislead into thinking I wasn't doing too badly when actually, I've lost 1/2 or more of my value in terms of USD!!

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