Is Nash DEX The Safest Crypto Currency Investment Ever ?

all right so let's be completely honest there cryptocurrency is not as safe as everyone makes it out to be whether you're getting scammed or you're getting hacked and another thing is people want to be millionaires overnight if that's you this video is not for you I'll see you on the next one but in this video we're gonna talk about why Nash's dex is probably the safest investment in crypto ever coming up now your money working yeah what's up brewski so I went into a long position bitcoins at nine thousand two hundred and I feel tomorrow when I wake up it's going to be over ten came and I could just feel it alright I'll talk to you tomorrow bro yeah nine thousand four hundred bitcoins already going up yes it's a beautiful morning Oh wonder what's the price of Bitcoin ten thousand five hundred I just made some Street games overnight let me go cash that bad boy out yes make money with his sleep baby what the oh come on $16 did I just get hacked what's up my fellow crypto lifestyle is you guys know I'm not full of shite or about that fake life so let's dive right to it but first of all the commenter of the day goes to a bishop cache and he asks me hi brother currently what do you think it's cool it's worthy to hold or not digit X tokens so right now this is what I did I have traded 90% of my alts excluding gnash of course for Bitcoin I was writing a bitcoin train and I will buy back those other alts later on because right now it's all about Bitcoin dominance okay so if you guys want to be featured in my next video do leave a comment below and I would love to help you out or hit me up on telegram and I would also feature your telegram message on YouTube okay so you guys remember what happened to bye Nance about I don't know two months ago right they got a hat yes we cut withdraw for about two weeks and you know it's a sad thing because that's why I currently trade my Bitcoin and altcoins on what-have-you that's my go to trading platform but I'll tell you this much they have lost their reputation due to that and as soon as Nash launches broski's yo I am shifting everything to Nash and that's going to be my go-to spot a huge misconception in the space is a lot of newbies think cryptocurrency is the safest investment like any crypto because it's exactly that it's backed off of cryptography but that couldn't be further from the truth man and this is why I am super bullish on Nash probably just as much as I am on Bitcoin like when you look at Nash man Nash is doing every single thing right it's so hard enough to make a positive trade in this manipulative markets you know let alone you got a worried about hacks scammers or even the exchange exiting on you man so this is why Nash you ready for it is the safest investment in all of crypto so why do I use buy Nance if you know the centralized exchanges are the future well it's very simple Bonanza is a smooth experience the performance is amazed it's superfast that's why nobody wants to really train like professional traders right they don't really want to trade on shitty Dex's right I think the best decks right right now in terms of looks is I decks okay but it's still slow it's not as fast but national they're gonna make an exchange that has the performance of a centralized exchange or a sex I mean like having sex doc my sex have a/c not an SRE I'm not a perfect that so another beautiful thing about Nash that separates them from the rest of the decentralize exchanges is not only are they going to be super duper fast okay and and perform just like a sex a centralized exchange but they're also going to have VTC protocols or BTC trading which is ginormous man if you look at any other decks out there again idec's in my opinion it's probably the the most attractive one right now in terms of user interface it doesn't look like a freaking atari from 1970 doesn't look like a Super Nintendo game idec's does not have Bitcoin pairings because why it's on the II theory of network so the nash developers they're gonna allow us to trade a Bitcoin that's another reason why Pro traders do not want to go to our decks not only is it super slow and the interface is garbage to be honest but they don't got Bitcoin pairings and that's a big big big drawback for any professional trader a huge safeguard for Nash is this you don't have to worry about the good ol shark also known as the SEC coming after their ass think of the SEC like a shark okay the SEC is a shark in the water they're the king of the waters right and you know any exchange that's in their path they'll swim up to them and bite them right in the ass just bum-rush them right all those sexes if you don't know by now the SEC is targeting centralized exchanges why because they are trying to manipulate their token BnB token or whatever okay X token as a utility token well in all actuality it's not it's just a poor excuse to say to utility talking so you could bypass the SEC but I'll tell you something right now the SEC is gonna come after their ass and they're gonna bite them right in the bum now think of Nash the SEC won't even bother it's not right because Nash the registered security that's the safest safest cheapest thing so you love to worry about hackers you don't gotta worry about scammers you don't gotta worry worry about the SEC coming because it's the first ever registered decentralized exchange ladies and gentlemen wow that's quite the rationalization with the shark and the SEC and all that other stuff but it does kind of make sense I think that's why Nash is so cool because they are allowed to be traded in 50 states across America now why do you think vine and said hey man we're not accepting any Americans anymore you guys can't trader why because the SEC went knock knock on their door say hey brah we don't want to shut your ass down so you better be compliant so that's why they told their American customers look man I'm so sorry but we can't have you guys anymore get with the program okay like what especially for Americans you guys should be relieved that Nash is coming because you actually have a place where you could safely trade from the SEC and also from hackers man so that's major that's massive well I believe it's like 50 states so I think the other two or three what is it – I live in Canada I don't know you guys got 53 states with you – I don't know but if you live in those three states that you're not allowed you're kind of screwed what is a safe investment well a safe investment is pretty much a place like a an exchange in this case – where you have full control of your own funds and your own private piece saying a TCL man there are other exchanges out there other Dexter's rather out there right that's true where you can hold your private keys and you know have both control of your funds but unless you like to trade and wait in between ten freaking long minutes for one transaction to take place then by all means go ahead knock yourself out but I'm not about that all right I'm not to mention they don't got BTC pairings I'm not to mention they're not a registered security the SEC will come after them one day man so that's it man I'm gonna leave you guys with this remember investment is one way you have your full control of your funds you own your own private keys it's a registered security don't you don't have to worry about the SEC you don't got to worry about hackers you don't gotta worry about the exchange exiting on you man so that's why Nash is the safest investment in crypto and if you're not registered right now man what you waitin on how many how many videos do I gotta make for you guys man I think this is like my ninth Nashville the register is only by invite and I would leave the registration link in the comment section below man I do appreciate each and every one of you until the next video man you know what I'm gonna say so I ain't even gonna say it I lied I'm gonna say it hashtag sure us yourselves too many you too was overrated and if you ask me they wasn't even supposed to make it in the spirit though YouTube is their little cartoon this so give up become an actor or an actress kid

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