8 thoughts on “Is Matic Network a Good Investment? Matic Network Binance Launch Pad Success”

  1. Mainnet is already live! Beta goes live on June 29, mainnet with all partnerships goes live September 29 FYI

  2. Hello. I do not understand English so in writing it would be easier for me. I own more than 8000 MATIC. He has incredibly climbed. But he is going down again. What do you think of MATIC NETWORK in the days, weeks and months to come? Should we keep them warm?

  3. Nice video. Good information. Just want to note that the Mainnet beta is being launched Q3, full mainnet is Q4/Q1 2020 per their white paper.

  4. You know how AOL was best in the internet beginning? Well this is Yahoo, maybe not Google but it is the next level in Crypto.

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