40 thoughts on “Is Litecoin Cash A Scam Or Legit Altcoin? You Decide!”

  1. Intetesting that charlie lee and his flock would stomp on this project and brand it a scam. I mean he did the same thing by forking litecoin off bitcoin. Kinda the pot calling the kettle black kinda deal i think. Well regardless i will invest it the project. Oh and didnt he sell off his litecoin holdings? Oh and coincidently at a record high…. Hmmm whos the scamer i wonder???

  2. I would think that you have found out that most LTC wallets have many address. I printed up my Address and Pub Key and found that I have 4-5 on my Jaxx wallet. Check you address and find out if you hold them on other address other then the one on you main address link. You will have it somewhere on the wallet. @– .17 this is a steel of a buy if you are selling even buying the best website so far is https://mercatox.com/wallet

    Happy Trading.

  3. Altcoin Buzz We would love to speak with you about our progress as we are only 1 month old today. New exchanges have been added and we are working very aggressively towards adoption.

  4. I recently entered in my public litecoin address into the lcc balance checker. I entered the 3-address and the M-address. Both said that those were not valid litecoin addresses. Did anyone else have this problem? and do i need to enter in an L-address? Thanks.

  5. honestly not good content. You're just reading their website. Nothing we couldn't do ourselves. What about the price spread btw Yobit and the other exchanges. No mention from you. Tells me the relatively short amt of time you spent researching. Gotta do better than this dude.

  6. Charlie Lee is also a schuck who says he only holds coins he believes are beneficial to crypto ( doesn't hold litecoin the coin he founded). Please don't invoke his name.

  7. Well, I think what the scam part is…is that they are counting on people not doing the process CORRECTLY! From what I've read, there were 2 ways to do it. The first was to move your LTC BEFORE the fork to a wallet where after the fork you would move the LTC back to the ORIGINAL wallet and then import your private key in that wallet you had moved the LTC to before the fork and that lets you claim the LCC. NOW, think about it, if they have a way to get that private key from the wallet you downloaded from their site, they now have the private key to you ORIGINAL wallet you've moved the coins back to. I would assume you'd need to then change your private key but what about those who don't? They now have access to your original wallet with the private key. That is what I think we'll see a little later, coins may begin to be stolen. I have LTC but I am not claiming my LCC at this time.

  8. Replay protection is actually a protection against a transaction being done twice, to give the recipient the money again, or to do the same transaction to a new recipient (to steal the money). It is not a refund mechanism.

  9. Ï got ~3000 of ~4000 owed by the 10/1.. but what good does it do me as I can't sell them anywhere. Yobit is the only place trading it but you cant deposit LCC to sell as accounts don't have LCC wallet adresses.. I even bought 1.2 LCC with BCC to see if that would make me a LCC wallet to deposit to…NOPE!! CAN'T EVEN WITHDRAW LCC TO MY LCC Core Wallet!!!!!!!!!
    I wouldn't be surprised if someone puts a hit contract out on these fork scam guys…..FUCK LCC!!!!!

  10. This guy is heavy on Charlie Lee's bandwagon. I suggest you all just wait until we launch our updated roadmap.

  11. Hey Steve, If you have listened to others, I can understand why you have been given the impression that Litecoin Cash may not be a serious cryptocurrency. I was skeptical too initially, but then I think it's healthy to be cautious. However, after I joined the team's Discord server (link on their website) and after chatting with the dev team and the rest of the community, I really warmed to it. Following some conversations with a couple of the dev team one-to-one, and observing how they kept emphasising "safe forking" to everyone (which is claiming LCC using an empty wallet), I could tell that they were genuine. After I helped other community members, they asked me to help out as a moderator. Now that I have more insight about the project from the inside, I have seen the pure talent and enthusiasm of the team first-hand, and the big plans they have for the coin's future. I honestly believe in it, and wouldn't either waste my time or, even, be involved at all from an ethical standpoint if I had any hint that it was really a scam.

    OK, Charlie Lee implied it was a scam. However, the shear numbers of people who have been helped by the community and team to claim their LCC shows that this has already been debunked.

    I think CL was simply referring to the choice of name, due to the confusion it may cause. I can understand this, but the LCC devs are kind of traditional coders, and I think they were just forking in the traditional, open source code, spirit of forking, to make it clear where the original code had come from. They also have an "interesting" sense of humour sometimes, which I am…gradually…starting to appreciate. 😀 Actually, it's why it's such a pleasure helping out with them, because everything's done with a bit of fun and lightheartedness, and I think that also comes through in the friendly community.

    Litecoin Cash is only 2 weeks old and the price is simply finding its natural level. This is understandable while it's only available in a few exchanges, but a number of team members are working tirelessly to coordinate with other major ones to make it more accessible. I think this will help considerably to support the price.

    Just to note, though, I don’t believe replay attack protection has anything to do with rewinding the chain. There’s a good article on bitcointechtalk.com that explains what it actually is – please google it. The dev team strongly believe in Satoshi’s vision, so I don’t envisage them ever rewinding the chain.

    You ask an Interesting question about what happens to an unclaimed LCC balance that is due when LTC was held on an exchange. As the exchange has the private key for that address, the address is effectively owned by the exchange (even though each address typically holds a specific one of their customer’s deposit). That exchange would be able to access the LCC. If an exchange doesn’t support the LCC fork (ie, it doesn’t automatically issue the LCC due to its customers), then the balance will remain in the exchange’s control. As there is literally no time-limit on people claiming their LCC, it will sit at the address indefinitely until someone moves it out. You can check the addresses using the litecoinca.sh block explorer to see if that has happened.

    I can empathise with you – it can be tricky using the Balance Checker, because you have to follow the transactions that made up the balance to the receive address. Come over to Discord, and I will personally help you through the whole process, and make sure you get all the LCC due to you (ping @CryptoniteClark).

    Lastly, and just personally speaking, I found it a bit frustrating how static the Litecoin development has been in all the years since it was forked from Bitcoin. CL is an incredible ambassador who has raised Litecoin’s profile so much, but there is so much potential technically that has yet to be fulfilled. I’m really excited when I hear hints of the directions the LCC dev team wants to take LCC, and I can’t wait until they’ve had the time to implement them. It’s early days yet (Rome wasn’t built in a day), so just try to keep an eye on it.

    All the best!
    CryptoniteClark, now on the LCC Community Team

  12. Anyone who buys into this guys shit is doomed to fail, as this guy doesn't know shit. The reason the price was fluctuating so heavily is because YoBit was the only exchange listed with a wallet installed instantaneously, so that means the only people controlling the price were on that site. They have since then made 5 new listings, and have applied for many more. The technology with this team and coin is surreal, as it uses a block heightening formula that not only copies DASH, but improved it so. NOT to mention the billions of dollars people spent on their SHA256 equipment in order to mine, but are now not making anything. Oh, and before I forget.. They're including atomic swaps in app – LCC specialty.

    Do not listen to this idiot, and I would also recommend that moving forward for any of his videos, as he clearly does not do any due diligence to inform people (other than of his opinion). Listening to uneducated Youtube opinions for the sake of Youtube personalities is a good way to get burnt a lot of cash, or in this case.. lose out on.

  13. Steve to claim your LCC you have to use the address that you had originally sent your LTC to, not sure if you already knew this but just trying to help you out. So if you used a different address everytime you sent the LTC to your wallet then you will have to find out the private keys to every one of them and claim them individually. Atleast that is my understanding.

  14. i received my lcc with no problem it has given me no reason to assume its a scam, this alleged scam has added over $1000 dollars to my portfolio so scam that fella

  15. I did get my LCC at 10LTC to 1LCC. Didn't lose my LTC at all. Charlie Lee was just emotional over the issue.

  16. I received my LCC 10:1 for my LiteCoin. I sold it as soon as I could because I thought it was a horrible crypto. I wouldn’t say it’s a scam but I think it’s a few guys trying to make some easy money (which they did). Glad I made $ on this but it was a lot of work to jump through the hoops to claim it safely and then find a way to sell it.

  17. I received my LCC with no issues. The team seems to be putting effort into the development of LCC. I'm not saying the fork was necessary, but it certainly does not seem to be a scam IMO.

  18. I have invested in arcona.io , among many others, doesn’t seem it will give a big X, but bonus system is okay, so most likely won’t waste a lot.

  19. its a scam they got our private keys and we gave it up willingly and i still haven't got my lcc yet !!!

  20. Yes Steve.
    If you have done a bunch of sends from your wallet, you would have made change transactions back to you. Those would have gone back to new addresses in your wallet. So you need to get all those addresses and keys. You can do a wallet dump of your addresses and that should help you.
    It sounds like you've sent litecoin after the snapshot. So you need to get the addresses where your litecoin was stored at the time of the fork.

  21. I think people will be surprised at how high it goes. Much like those who dumped their Bitcoin cash at $400.

  22. Litecoin cash is not a scam. I got my litecoin cash. The only reason its considered a scam is because the original litecoin team did not approve of it.

  23. You had to have your LTC on the wallet at the time of the snapshot. then you claim them in the new LCC wallet. There are videos to help. I got mine. it was rather easy.

  24. I was able to follow the directions and I received my LCC at the ratio of 10:1. It hit a price over $7 and now a dollar and change… You do need to give your private key. I used my Exodus wallet and just emptied my wallet before giving away the private key. I enjoy Exodus wallet and so I just created a whole new wallet. You need to remove hidden files on your computer to be able to really start from scratch with your wallet. If anyone needs any help feel free to ask. Good Luck

  25. ‪Ethereum BLUE! The team is made up of former Apple and Visa developers. They have HUGE plans for the crypto space. Easily the most undervalued altcoin on the market.‬

  26. I got my Litecoin Cash with no problems, quick and easy. I don't really care if its a scam or not, I already got rid of it.

  27. its easy dude, literally just import the old wallets private key into your LTC Cash wallet (make sure to move funds out of it first). I got 10 to 1, but only had 2 LTC so not much really 🙁

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