Is It to Late to Get into BankRoll.Network Moon?

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what’s going on guys so this is a follow up as I said I would I missed out on the
moon launch but strategically I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it
all day you know kind of the concept is it too late to get into moon and I’ve
come to the conclusion no for several reasons number one just the sheer number
of players versus any of the other games on bankroll is a very very low so if we
look at credits and we see the stats four thousand players anchor is 22 and
luck 725 so realistically we got maybe only what is that 400 let’s see let’s go
back to credits stats four thousand so four hundred divided by so we have about
ten percent participation so that number one to me is a red flag that hey a lot
of people were just waiting to see how moon worked exactly so with that being
said that’s a very good indication that it’s very early still for me now the
price three point six three if you’ve been in the DAP game and you’ve seen you
know p3d and all these other ones but the coin price can stratospherically get
high with any kind of FOMO so I think the three six three price really is not
too bad considering all things considered now the primary reason that
I’ve been thinking about of why I still want to get into moon
even though I missed the launch is just pure human greed because think about it
a lot of those people that were day zero launch people are oh I’d and greed you
know and holding on they’re more worried about losing something than the gains
they can get that’s just basic human nature so do I think that there’s gonna
be a massive dump I don’t know but basically there’s three scenarios
there’s complete stagnation which from is possible but I don’t think is
probable there’s complete FOMO if the price starts to raise and then there is
the reverse a mega dump so that the people could ROI and try to withdraw a
chunk of their funds well you know what it really doesn’t matter because if
there’s a race to get their funds it will be a massive onslaught of divs for
me even though I’m kind of in I would call this phase two so week one so
actually let’s call it phase one week one of Moon when there’s dumpers so
that’s the the second scenario is there could be a bunch of dumpers of people
trying to get their money out of the system you know to buy banker to buy
more credits whatever but like I said that doesn’t matter because when you
don’t pick goes to credits anyways and then I get dibs on credits because I
have credits so now third scenario complete FOMO in the price skyrockets
once again I make out so the fact that we’re this far along and the player
count is relatively low as compared to the rest of the ephod games on this
platform I am going to get in so I’m gonna do I’m
gonna do 11,000 so we’ll do it one thousand okay I’m just gonna hit Auto
sign okay yeah thousand I’m going to do several
buys thousand a thousand a thousand a thousand a thousand a
thousand where are we sitting 3,000 left thousand thousand one more buy-in a
thousand all right very very nice so probably put in
another 10k tomorrow and my thoughts that would be put me at a pretty
comfortable point now could I go more yes but I am saving up for the mining
event which is happening Saturday for the mining competition doing a hundred
thousand TRX luck a mine and a hundred thousand B TT giveaway so I have to save
some of my stack so most likely we’ll move some more some credit divs and such
into moon but I want to get about 20k in just so like I said I don’t miss out on
the potential on Sunday when the first opportunity for people to dump so with
that being said that’s what I’m doing this is crypto slo
you’re not talking gains then we’re not talking

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