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what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kirby here your cryptocurrency expert back with another edition of the daily livestream today I'd like to talk about Bitcoin just ripping right now guys through the resistance level I know tons of FOMO is kicking in as sentiment across social media is in an uproar ladies and gentlemen these days are particularly funny chaotic and you know overall this is what we love to see here inside the cryptocurrency market so welcome to the stream everybody who also covers some news concerning coinbase um you know some bot manipulation some graphics cards stuff etc so you already know the deal if you guys like these daily crypto videos and nightly live streams smack that thumbs up button click to subscribe tick the little bell and let's get this crypto all right so our first resistance line has been broken here now what I find funny guys is that the past few days right we've been in an equilibrium pattern where nobody really has been you know trading like full-time traders other you know traders that do this full-time that are not on insane leverage this whole range here has been pretty much like a no trade zone since we really uh you know had broken into the middle of it here I mean the upside just was not there at all I mean right I mean for the past few days we've been chilling here at 6300 with the upside you know where we we were looking to get rejected concerning the resistance level was at you know only like a few percent higher so there was not all too much upside there so you know for me I've been waiting for this confirmation to flush break out and we have now what I'm saying is I'm not following in at this time we have another huge resistance level here at 68 to 69 hundred but what's nice now is that we have gone out of the channel here that we've been stuck in for quite some time now if you guys remember just a few weeks ago if you've been subscribed to this channel and you follow it along with the community here you guys will remember this move here the forth bear flag that really brought us down into this channel that we've altom utley been traveling in for quite some time right now on this one I remember the same sentiment everybody was getting really excited here it is the bottom the bottom and you know to me it looked like a clear bear flag and that's exactly what it was and it brought us down ultimately to this channel right and then what wound up happening is we formed a new channel that was up here but we had a bear flag again and now we're back in the same channel now what's really interesting about this whole move guys is that the whole trend has been defined by bear flags right we've had six bear Flags down now this one is the first one to me that does not appear to be a classic bear flag by any means right we don't mean we had this sixth one right here it's kind of you know hard to see because of of how close it all is but this uptrend that were in now certainly is not a bear flag now this is the first time that this has happened if the entire trend down now you know take that for what it is because that doesn't necessarily mean anything but it is the first time that we've had a rise that wasn't off of a off of a bear flag if that makes any sense right I mean yes we had a break of a bear flag here but I'll be it it was the smallest one thus far and we had a complete retracement of the candle right afterwards and now we seem to be breaking resistance on a mini bull run here not in a bear flag formation so this is the first time on this whole downtrend since what was the date that we started this on since May 5th all right this is the first time since May 5th that we've had any kind of bull action without forming a bear flag interesting times now as you guys see here I have my resistance lines drawn we are into a new zone here but once again guys um this is a dreamily an extremely risky zone right I know that there's a lot of FOMO right now right the fear of missing out now if I just erase this line here for a second this is even a more common zone that a lot of full time traders are in right now you have your resistance clean up at around 69 hundred and we had ultimately our 6,000 support right and this range right now in terms of like a long-term hold or like you know really bagging up some positions it's been really like a hands-off zone and it may seem crazy to you guys that you know there's all this action Kirby where's the action I need the action Kirby but the thing that happens men is that unless you're trading with some like kind of sick savage you know leverage in here from where we've been the upside compared to you know what you'd be looking for is certainly not there because right now that we've deleted that other line out of there I mean it's very possible that we just go up here to like sixty eight hundred sixty nine hundred and we just get rejected again and bounced down again all the way down to here and then you know if we test down at the bottom of this channel we could certainly just go down again so I just want to point out why this has not been very bullish in terms of why you don't see social media getting really bullish at these levels you know if you watch other technical analysts I'm sure that they're not have not been incredibly bullish at these levels and that's why just from you know a technical perspective is there's not a whole bunch of room uh you know that's that we have to go right now say that that line wasn't there right and we didn't have resistance at 6,900 way easier to get bullish when you have all of this room to run before a sustained you know bull run or excuse me a sustained resistance level right you see that but now once you add back in that we do have some pretty hard resistance here at this level as we can see we were rejected twice here and about four times here right so that six rejections at the 6900 level so I hope that you guys see why it's been hard for me one to get really bullish for a swing position why it's been hard for others to get bullish on a swing position but today we have broke eight this isn't like a major you know resistance level or anything like that guys but it was one about 6,600 right and I think it's healthy for the market right now to be testing up of course we're gonna have a ton of bot action guys this is most likely just another type of huge bot whale pump that we're having in here which brings me to this some analysts claims that he's found out full proof that ok ex exchange is faking 90% of their digital currency trade volume who knows I mean I have nothing to say on this I've done no research on this particular instance here but apparently this analyst feels that they're using washe trading to boost the amount of crypto trading volume and as you guys know volume has been you know less than than stellar lately and if he's saying that ok X is trading about 3 billion worth of fake volume per day I mean right now that is a significant portion of the daily volume here in the crypto market especially on an update right this is an update here we've been a you know in terms of volume it's been very lackluster lately so just something to think about as well and you know we are seeing some weird action here now in terms of my place here guys and what I'm thinking of course guys nothing on the stream is investment advice I'm only giving my own opinions and observations on this market you know we are still seeing this is going to be a tough zone here to break now when looking for for candles to break resistance what you're actually looking for is that on the pullback can they make that resistance now a support and we're gonna have some trouble here I believe coming soon as we are starting to meet resistance now and like I just pointed out this channel that were breaking into now was extremely rejected the last time we were in there right and it's just funny to see the sentiment shift because when we were going down like this right and I was doing the video saying guys look there's another bear flag in my opinion it looks like we're gonna break down break down in this area everyone was very scared you know I mean like the the sentiment was not not good and now you know and rightfully so we were rejected like six times in here and shot down you know and now that we're going back up into the same range it's just because of you know the the way that that this goes a lot of you know newer traders get very excited when they see upward movement but to me you know from my experience here this is not a very favorable zone to be in right now we've already been rejected six times and it's you know very possible that we just get rejected again and when that happens if we were to come back into this channel here I'm just not all too thrilled with the trend and I believe we would look to test the downside there now if we let that's the bearish scenario right that's the bearish scenario now of course as a trader I look to play what happens so let's say we do break bullish right say we break bullish we go flush through here and we we go up we go up we go to seven thousand or seventy one hundred and then we pull back if we can bounce from sixty nine hundred and not fall back into that channel and start to form support in here I believe that we would ultimately have upside targets of about 7800 to eight thousand ladies and gentlemen grandma's cookies in a bottle of yo-ho-ho if we can break through that channel and form support at 6,900 you heard it first here my prediction would be 70 800 to 8,000 ladies and gentlemen if you are just tuning in don't forget to moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto of course I will begin to start taking your guys's questions in just a few minutes just wanted to go over our brief overview here on Bitcoin you know the topic of this video is is it time to FOMO buy Bitcoin of course I'll never tell you when to buy Bitcoin as I don't give financial advice I only share my own opinions on the market personally I'm not following in at this point you know if there was a FOMO it could have been around 6,000 if you thought that it was gonna bounce but we had broken down out of the 6000 Channel three times I mean it's just a very awkward trend guys the trend is super uh you know unstable now laugh four times we broke down out of that channel so there was no real confirmation of a 6000 bottom there's been no there's been no confirmation yet that we're gonna be able to break out of this channel which we've been rejected so many times and that's where we're headed into now very risky territory guys on them oh this is a great point that just popped into my mind now so what I've seen now is it's the alts Kirby the alts are pumping Kirby air pumping how this works guys just you know a brief lesson here in case you don't understand why the market moves the way that it does these are all arbitrage BOTS right like I mean I've been going as far to say is 80% plus of the volume in the cryptocurrency spaces bots maybe more like 90% I know on on Wall Street in the traditional markets it's about 90 to 95 percent all bot trades right I believe crypto is about the same and this happens and everything pumps at the same time because of arbitrage BOTS right this is all traded in Bitcoin value right so as bitcoins price moves the arbitrage BOTS are moving with it and aggressively trading ARB you know from exchange to exchange point and that's why you see the market move the way it does it's not like you know say for example XRP Bitcoin goes up and then a bunch of retail investors oh my god oh my god time for x RP x RP and then they just buy a bunch of it and the price goes up that's not how it works it's uh it's it's BOTS and that's why the market moves together just for anybody that that was unsure about that now here's some some good news guys some positive news that I've seen come out here that I believe is playing into this pump of course the media will love to tell you that this is why it's pumping I'm sure we're gonna see some mainstream media outlets you know accredit this this short pump here to the coin based custody being officially opened but um if you're unfamiliar with what this is this is a custodial account that coinbase is opening that lets accounts with a ten million dollar minimum you know get exposure to their crypto assets in a more institutional fashion than the traditional coin base itself so this this fund here I believe it is bullish I mean we don't have much to see yet apparently they're only just signing their first customers in now they said they're looking to expand to Asia here coming up shortly so good things to come from this I'm sure mainstream media will say that this is why definitively that Bitcoin is pumping right now but I'm not so sure about that man they just love to tie a story to the to the reason right it makes average Joe feel at ease that there was a catalyst that did this right although to me it just seems to be natural market movement but you know they loved to make a story out of it so that's probably what we're gonna hear um in other news guys graphics cards suppliers are cutting their prices in July due to the crypto market slump so this whole time basically guys they've been upselling miners so hard because they know that these crypto miners are in such high demand that they had been keeping their prices super-high as the demand for their hardware was super-high and what we're seeing now in the sixth month bear market that were in going on seven months finally these graphics card suppliers are now cutting their prices because apparently not many people are buying their chips anymore their their cards with the price of mining and the profitability of mining operations just really sinking down into the ground right so I think it's funny to see that just some some more sentiment going around you see how it's all very like convoluted sentiment we have coin based custody is generally a positive sentiment then you have this sentiment here talking about all the fake volume on one of the top exchanges which is kind of like a cloudy sentiment keeps you a little bit uneasy but it's more kind of neutral as we know bots are running the volume in this space so it's not anything new but it's kind of like a little bit of an uneasy vibe right and then we have things like the graphics card suppliers that are just like you know giving in to the bear market now and just you know lowering their prices which i think is pretty funny but yeah the sentiment guys is overall pretty cloudy right now I don't believe that average Joe is super bullish right now like I said a lot of full-time traders that I know and speak to on a daily basis they don't even have this this line in here at 6600 that I have this has been really a no trade zone for them ever since we've hit this level right about 60 to 6300 there's just no upside in here so um you know if you feel like you've missed out or something I mean you know it's more of a gamblers mentality like I said unless you're trading on like super high leverage there hasn't been much opportunity really in a short while so I wouldn't feel too bad guys as a lot of room to get a one-way ticket to wrecked City in here I mean imagine you bagged up a bunch of vault coins and we get rejected here and test the bottom of the channel you know literally wrecked city wrecked but if we do break right if we break through they're certainly going to be upside potential in my opinion to the next historic resistance level of about 7800 to 8000 and I certainly will be getting aggressive in the altcoin market absolutely of course my VIPs will get all my entries exits positions etc so shout out to you guys in the VIP absolutely love you guys now I will begin to take your questions guys welcome to the stream you know it's a little bit of a weird day here we got some some pumps key potatoes going on here we're gonna see what happens but um if you are just tuning in ladies and gentlemen don't forget to moon up the likes smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto I'm gonna start scrolling up through the questions now guys it's my absolute pleasure being here with you all you know it's just it's a tough time guys because a lot of people really wanna FOMO they really feel like they missed something like I said as a full-time trader I don't see anything being missed here I mean what are you missing right 2% 3% I mean it's nothing in the grand scheme of things right when you swing right like this swing here we were at where were we 7,000 and we swung up to 10,000 that's a 30% swing you know what I'm saying that's what you're looking for more so as a swing trader you're not looking for 2% profits with a huge resistance level looming only another 2% away from where you are you know that's just how it works guys let's see I see a bunch of coins a bunch of coins ronald says why does eath still follow BTC just for what I outlined before ronald these are all traded via arbitrage bots it's not humans right so when when Bitcoin starts pumping the ARB BOTS just you know their algorithms kick in and these prices fluctuate accordingly as the our bots keep up with the price of bitcoins movements it's on all coins not just a theorem it's on all of them let's see crypto spike says he's gonna dollar-cost average in on alts that's always a fine strategy if you're bullish men absolutely it's much better than going all-in and getting rekt right generally a better risk management strategy – if you're bullish – you know dollar-cost average get you're at your average entry price down rather than just going all-in hoping for Yahtzee and a jackpot you know grandma's cookies and a side of sweet potato fries and getting absolutely sent on a one-way vacation to rekt City right absolutely let's see B says no mention of the downtrend that was broken what downtrend broken oh man if you want to consider this the downtrend being broken I mean it's just that is not anything for me right now man I'm sorry to say that that's nothing for me here you know of course we broke the overall downtrend a while ago right this green line down from 20,000 right we broke down out of that and we've just had a very lackluster performance the down trend has continued so I'm not paying too much attention to that man that seems like you know to draw a trend line like this and be grasping at straws I don't know man I don't know what's awesome what's more bullish than that is the RSI being broken here the RSI resistance is way more bullish to me being broken then than that if we get if we pull back and bounce off this RSI level looking very good to me absolutely of course that is not investment advice it's just my own opinion forgot to mention the RSI we did have a flush break through the resistance level here so if we can now find support on the pullback that the RSI does not go below 46 and we start to bounce off of it looking very positive to me here guys especially if we can break into this channel and keep the RSI above that resistance level and turned it into a new support absolutely bullish love it love it and like I said guys I keep all my vips updated in real time with all my entries exits targets positions etc and that is uh if we can break into this channel here and this RSI stays above the resistance line and forms the support I will be getting aggressive on altcoins 100% ladies and gentlemen as I think the upside for a short-term swing will be there absolutely and I plan to get very aggressive here in the near future so shout out to you guys in the VIP let's see what we got going on we got grandma's cookies I see people posting the cookie emojis shout out to those cookies let's see if we got anything else here quick guys before I have to jump off here um let's see I see that um I think we've really wrapped it up here guys I see a bunch of a bunch of you guys are just talking about random altcoins but I think that um you know the altcoins are going to be more bullish once we get into the next channel right now it just seems like a bunch of ARB you know we can't look at the USD prices right we have to look at the Bitcoin prices as they're just traded in Bitcoin just lots of our movement guys with these here so I am gonna wrap up the stream if you could one last time guys moon up the likes smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto if we do break up into the next channel today guys of course you know I'll be back with another stream will cover this market more in depth until then I'll be in the VIP shout out to everybody it's been my pleasure being here with you guys and I'll catch you all later alright so until next time my friends be safe be happy be healthy it's your boy Krypto Kerby peace and love my friends kerbs you

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  2. Omg, finally a you tube guy talking about sentiment & volume,, thanks Kirby for being honest & NOT telling us Btc is going to the MOON!! Bear market, this will take TIME to build sentiment back up & build up energy. Definitely going to see another sub 6k again! Thanks GREAT JOB & TA !!

  3. The last 2 times BTC broke out downtrend lines it went up 42% and 27% in February and April. But there where only ONE downtrend line available to break out each time. This time it is different: there are TWO downtrend lines available (I don't count very close lines). The first was broken out 06/29. The second is the line from February top to April top. What will happens if BTC break out the second one too ? It may go to the moon.

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  6. What about Fiat pairing Exchange? Will we see BTC over 20k?
    If you can buy Alts with Fiat, will be no more demand for BTC, so this might cause crash for BTC. 80% of BTC trading will disappear.
    I wait an answer from you. Thanks!

  7. One of the best crypto channels. You do a great job Kirby. Keep it up. I appreciate your videos. Kind regards

  8. Kirby you explain the market is such a descriptive and right to the point with different possibilities. Keep up the awesome live streams, you rock dude!

  9. No….I'd try to limit the funky short/medium TA and zoom out to the daily chart. Yes, we are – and have been – in a falling wedge since January, but they are NOT always bullish. Only a strong close above 77750/8000 would signal a true reversal with long positions becoming viable. Until then, the risk of dropping out of the structure's LOW end (5700-ish) are too high in my personal opinion. Please be careful with terms like "breakout", "FOMO" etc, because a lot of your followers might take it as a sign to start buying a whole bunch of crap coins , until their fiat finally runs out and they call it "dollar cost averaging".

  10. Kirby thanks for the honest information. But the volume is still low. Mostly Bot action. Keep up the 'James at the watercooler' voice. Some hate it. But that's because they know you mean them. Tell it like it is!

  11. This is it guys russian military have started blockchain research lab
    Now bitcoin will certainly see a great height which it hasn't so far there is even possibility it can reach 250k in near future im seeing that in 1 year.
    This is only the start and we as early bitcoin adopters will have the great reward..blockchain should be available for everyone so people can invest into new technologies.

  12. All I see are BOTS or whales making purchases, I'm not comfortable with entering yet as it's not real volume. Thanks for your efforts Kirbs!

  13. The Homey Kirby…. !!! I got some of Grannies Peach cobbler and some fresh fiat, waiting in the shadows to jump in..

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