Is it Time to Buy Bitcoin Now in 2019?

let's be real the price of Bitcoin has shown some very nice strength lately what we're going to talk about today is first of all is it now time to buy Bitcoin in 2019 or rather wait and secondly on the lower timeframes is Bitcoin about to pop to six thousand US dollars anytime soon also in this video we're going to have a look at some fundamentals some people out there are worried that in the next bull market there will be so many transactions again that the fees of Bitcoin are getting get super heavy and last but not least I want to prove why Wall Street is anything else they're not interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and as always if you guys like this kind of content don't forget to leave a like and also subscribe to the channel welcome to the family much appreciated and now let's get started so let's start off on the weekly chart in this most recent bull and bear cycle what we're currently talking about to the top to get to new all-time highs Bitcoin needs to increase by two hundred and seventy percent so that actually means if you buy Bitcoin right now and it only goes back to its all-time high you 3.7 X your money and well probably I don't have to tell you anymore that um it is most likely that Bitcoin at some point will be back at new all-time highs now let's talk about the daily chart for a second some people already have been pointing that out and yes we're actually going down a little bit in volume but this is all too bad well not really so far the price is actually holding steady and maybe this just indicates that the big moves have been made from around four K to five K and now we're actually still consolidating so I would be not too worried about the current bottom situation right now but we'll definitely check on this channel how this will develop what's way more interesting about the daily chart is the 200 moving average and we're talking about a simple moving average by the way if you guys need tutorials for such basics I have a free course a free playlist which is popping up on top the screen right now and also link down below in the comment section with how to set up trading view how are these basic indicators calculated what is the formula behind it how can you use them and so on so definitely make sure to check it out but what we know is that on the daily chart bitcoins are passing the 200 moving average is definitely a very bullish sign but what's even more bullish to me is well Bitcoin held that level and it's actually still showing strength but we're going to have a look at that on the 4-hour chart later on so if we zoom out a little bit in here we can clearly see that so far the 200-day Lee moving average was rejecting the price of Bitcoin to get bullish quite many times actually well you're not that much but you get the idea and now we clearly broke through that 200 daily moving average and once again we're holding above it awesome also what's very bullish about the Bitcoin price right now is that once again we still do not have a lot of resistance up to approximately six thousand three hundred dollars so if Bitcoin can form a local new all-time high well we can definitely go up to six thousand dollars quite fast and to be honest that move in the next couple days is not unlikely at all let's jump on the four-hour now well on the 4-hour chart with the our side the relative strength index we have two arguments one of them is stronger for me right now and that's the ascending triangle it doesn't matter if you call it an ascending triangle or whatever but just looking at this chart this is clearly bullish Bitcoin keeps trying and whenever there is a big sell-off like in the candle over here for example what we see is follow up the Bulls are actually strong again and it makes sense if you think about it there is a probability that the bottom is already in so who is less to sell well nobody but on the 4-hour chart you obviously can also make a negative argument for those people who are following the channel on a regular basis you guys know this definitely it looks like another bearish divergence which are playing out mostly to what they're indicating like that there is going to be a correction right because we're running out of momentum but Hiro would say if we compare the s sending triangle with the bearish divergence that the s sending triangle definitely counts more so yes ladies and gentlemen I would say it is actually very likely that over the next couple hours next couple days we're going to see a test for $6,000 could it be that we're gonna get retraced and pop back down yeah definitely but I find a move a try and attempt to $6,000 over the next couple days very likely and on the one-hour chart it is getting even better this is sending triangle was not just testing this level over here in fact we actually formed a slight higher high in here and that is exactly what Bitcoin needs right now of course it is not much but it's not that we got stopped back before that level before that new resistance I like 5345 no we actually formed a higher local high at five thousand three hundred and fifty two dollars on coin base which is amazing and definitely once again also a bullish sign now before I'm going to answer the question if you should be buying Bitcoin right now we're going to talk about some fundamentals let's start with the transactions many people out there in my comment section also in my discord have been pointing out but suddenly decree once again the transaction fees like you can see you over here are actually going up again think about the next potential bull market will the same situation will come back as it was in 2017 where all the Bitcoin transactions were super expensive well let's be real here looking at the big picture the situation is nowhere close to 2017 but yes the answer is actually yes it is very possible that bitcoins fees are gonna get super high again so basically you have to pay a lot to make a transaction but that fee structure of Bitcoin is very valuable because it protects Bitcoin from spam also there's the Lightning Network now for all those people out there who never heard about the Lightning Network passed away there right now and check the video which is popping up on top of the screen right now are also down in the comments Bitcoin Lightning Network explained and I have to be honest guys I'm actually kind of proud of this that already uploaded this on the 22nd of January 2018 where there were only 255 channels open with only 110 notes and the capacity of 1.71 3 Bitcoin and if we check the stats today and that should also show you that no this technology is not dying and no the Lightning Network is not bad it just needs a lot of time to develop maybe it needs more time to develop then every one of us thought but eventually it will get there number of notes today 7873 the number of channels 39,000 and 71 in network capacity 1080 point 9 for Bitcoin 5.6 million u.s. dollars currently I'm also running my own Casa node since like 3 months I already set up the first lightning network node maybe 7 months ago or maybe even a little bit longer and I also have to tipping me service I also have a blue wallet on my iPhone for easy use so you can see the Lightning network is not dead it is coming so make sure you get informed and make sure you're going to be ready yes it can be that the transaction fees are gonna get high again but once again that protects Bitcoin from spam and solutions are on the way and the last information I'm gonna give you before I'm gonna tell you if you should buy Bitcoin or not is for those people out there who still believe that Wall Street is not interested in Bitcoin get this the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which is the only institutional way to bet on Bitcoin right now which is not Bitcoin settled this is cash settled but nevertheless get this cm e futures had a record trading day on April 4th hitting an all-time high volume of over twenty two point five thousand contracts that is equivalent to one hundred and twelve point seven thousand Bitcoin surpassing previous record of over eighteen point three K or the equivalent of sixty four point three thousand Bitcoin on February 19th so yeah for all your friends who are colleagues who do not believe in Bitcoin who think that Wall Street is not interested at all well they're wrong Wall Street is interested in Bitcoin and more institutional on-ramps about to come now here comes the most important question should you be buying Bitcoin now well there are two answers for that first of all do you already understand Bitcoin do you believe in the fundamentals of Bitcoin have you read the Bitcoin standard for example do you know what sound money is so as long as you cannot appreciate as long as you do not see why bitcoin is so innovative and as big as the internet itself well then it is tough to say because then you're just speculating me personally I'm not just speculating my main part in bitcoin is an investment I know the potential I understand Bitcoin I know what Bitcoin can do in the future and why bitcoin is an improvement to our financial system so I truly believe in it I'm holding majority of my stack all the way down from 20,000 to 3,000 and I didn't sell one single Satoshi off that main stack of course I also have a speculative stack with all coins and stuff like that where I'm just trying to make more games so first of all if you're not sure if you should invest or not you should do everything to understand the full potential of Bitcoin because then it will be way easier for you to buy and hold Bitcoin even when it drops back let's say from $6,000 to $4,000 just an example in here right so you won't ever find the perfect entry point finding the perfect entry point at $3,150 is like pure gambling just that very few people were actually able to catch that perfect bottom and most of them were probably dollar cost averaging in any way so if you are fundamentally convinced about Bitcoin that maybe put a little bit in every single week or every single month and get their portfolio growing and growing but no guys bitcoin won't go to zero and most of the people watching these videos right now they are gonna make sick games in the future no matter if they're just in to speculate or if they truly understand Bitcoin but it would be way better if you would understand it because then you could sleep at night and you won't be worried but that is it already from me today thank you very much for watching and I hopefully see you all tomorrow in the next one bye

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  3. if you know nothing about Cryptocurrency and you want to get into it, dont rely on Youtube videos to teach you how to trade or earn

    …try reading trading books,follow analysis and most importantly get a trade instructor and dont be shy..ask man is an island..goodluck!!

  4. Dude, have you ever heard of tulip bulbs? Yup, tulips. The people who invented your stock market are still there and thriving, 400 years later. Bubbles and speculation is their game, and you are a playa, without even knowing it. Jan Pieterszoon Coen is the name to look for, but their Game is due for change. You can still get the licence plate of the truck that hit you…..

  5. since middle of last year, always buy when BTC is dipping, it is the time to make some money and can sale some at 6200 level.

  6. i had a detailed look at the top 100 BTC wallets. They are ALL accumulating since january. End of story, it's going to rise.

  7. Last chance to buy the new Bitcoin at 0.25 usd. Phase 1 of ICO is finishing. Hurry!

  8. Bitcoin is still in a steady upward trend, above the support of $5,070 and $5,000.

    Bitcoin prices are falling, but they still firmly support more than $5,000.

    In the hourly price chart, a key uptrend channel is being formed with support at $5,075.

    Currency prices may fall back to a few points of $5,070 and then rise to $5,360. Main support level – $5,100, followed by $5070

  9. Even if it's not hitting 6000 in the next quarter, using paper based cash is outdated, while credit cards are unusable on the black market and the black won't disappear in the nex 50 years. So cryptocurrencies will stay with us in the long run.

  10. Would you kindly disappear?
    You and people alike artificially trying to hike up the market prices of this scam through making others buy it, only to sell the stock yourself and thus drop the market price again

    It was supposed to be an inside currency, but you people made artificial gold out of it.

    I hope this will soon be called out and die out for good.

  11. I like how you said that, very few bought the very bottom and they probably average cost anyway". Great advice.

  12. 比特币仍然处于稳定的上升趋势,高于5,070美元和5,000美元的支撑位。



    货币价格可能会回落至5070美元的几个点,然后向5360美元的方向上升。主要支持水平 – 5,100美元,其次是5070美元

  13. comparing the value of btc from april 2017 its lower than now 2019 april because in may was under 2k and gone over 2k at the end of month

  14. sunny: bearish divergence
    Btc price: I'll go up
    sunny: ascending triangle
    Btc price: i'll go down

    I will be a sunny decree contrarian.

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