Is It Time To Buy Altcoins? Justin Sun FUD (Tron TRX Lunch Cancelled)! Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin News

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link down below now let’s jump into some technical analysis I’m gonna move my
head and we’re gonna jump right into this alright we are back looking over
some technical analysis now big thing is happening in the market right now
certain things that we need to be aware of because bitcoin right now has broken
some previous trends now if you guys can tell one thing that bitcoins been doing
previously ever since the first big move on the 1st of April is it would have a
large move up and then after that large move up it would sort of consolidate
trade sideways but in an upward trajectory was making higher lows as it
happened and we continue to do that before the next move up the next move up
big explosion similar thing happened again
then we had another big explosion and we still continued our trend with me
higher lows and then we would break and then we made the next big move and from
here this is where we broke the actual trend so what we’re seeing happen right
now is Bitcoin making lower low so this is important for us to look at we see
the low over here we can even count this one if you wants we see a low we see
another low and then we’re coming in big again with another one that recently
just bounce off of $9,100 where we’re at right now nine thousand eight hundred
and forty dollars again some very profitable movements if you guys have
not been capitalizing on this you’re missing out there’s a lot of trade
opportunities here just recently we had 75 percent profit with an aetherium
trade which was absolutely nuts and Bitcoin as well there’s a lot of
opportunities right now and moving forward I’m very excited to catch and I
want you guys to get in on those as well but Bitcoin right now one thing I am
focusing on is this trend line that is on the way down again this trend line is
just highlighting the lower lows that we have continued to make the way I’ve been
making now ever since the first low you guys can see July 1st so for some time
we’ve been in this range now this is a very large range that on the upside if
we were to draw a trendline on the upside we can see Bitcoin trading
between you know $8,500 would be the downwards part if it did go over here or
if it went back up to touch of resistance this would be at the 12 K 13
K levels so this is a very big range that Bitcoin is currently trading it and
you must be careful with what you’re doing again it’s very profitable but you
must be careful because either move in either direction could lead to you
getting your stop-loss hit or it could even lead to liquidation if you don’t
set stop losses on pit mix now you probably should be setting stop-loss on
BMX that’s a topic for a completely different video but again make sure you
are applying risk management to me right now I think on the for hourly to me it
looks like Bitcoin wants to have a move a little bit higher now we see that
coming recently with this last candle this is the for hourly chart that we are
on right now I was looking at it just before this
candle happened the MACD to me look like it wanted to have a push higher we’re
seeing that happen over here we are seeing bitcoins move currently it is
bouncing off the five a $9,600 support I’d say roughly pretty much right at the
bottom where this is the 9,600 is leveling off as pretty good
support for us over here we’re seeing the bounce now in order for us to see
that move higher in order for us to see the move now if you guys looked at the
last video we talked about the resistance line that’s been going down
here I deleted it for now but if you guys if you guys go to the last video
you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about in order for us to break that and
start trending higher again and try to move into that $12,000 that $13,000
level we need to see volume come in and as of right now the buy volume just
isn’t there for Bitcoin to push higher it needs to come in if that’s what we
are going to see happen but for now we must remain very very cautious to me the
range is very large I’m keeping a close eye on if there are any opportunities
popping up but for now I want to highlight you guys the trend change that
we have had with the lower lows being for we must be aware of these levels we
must be aware of the patterns that are changing so I want to highlight that
really quick for you before we move on now if we look at Bitcoin dominus this
is something pretty interesting as well big point dominance has been taking a
little bit of a pull back ever since it peaked all the way up let’s see if we
can find the radial is that 66.7% on this chart right here this is the weekly
chart for Bitcoin dominance on charts coin trader and dot Pro I got questions
about this charts dogcoin trader dot Pro is where you guys can get this try
believe is the first one on there if you load up their website but 66.7% bitcoin
dominance is where we saw the peak at right here again very similar to this
huge week that we had back in 2017 November of 2000 or December of 2017 a
long long time ago back when Bitcoin was peaking and started having its first
pull back from $20,000 level when then all coins started to have their move so
this pullback right here we went from 66.7% down to 64 point six percent
Bitcoin having a little bit of a pullback similar to what we had just
shown in the chart and what does that mean while all coins are starting to see
a little bit more movement so let’s move in look at open market cap we have a 600
266 point six billion dollars in markup on coin market cap we can see a sixty
four point six percent bitcoins almonds pulling back we were at the 65 percent
before now we are at the sixty four points
let’s give it a refresh to make sure everything is fully up to date let’s see
what it looks like sixty four point five now I’m gonna move my head back to the
other side and we’re gonna go into talking about some old coins and is this
the time to be buying Alcuin so I’ll be right back and we’ll jump right into
that so I am back and we’re be talking about all coin so right now as you guys
can tell what’s going on in the market Bitcoin it’s down 1.3 percent in the
last 24 hours both USD pairings you can see a lot of all coins are actually
performing very well litecoin is one that i’ve been noticing
a little bit of a decoupling from Bitcoin which although it does overall
in the last week seem like it has a very similar pattern to Bitcoin I am noticing
like coin have some very big green days when Bitcoin is currently in the red now
the biggest gainer in terms of USD is cos up 10.7% Walton chain 9.6% several
crypto currencies are in the green more green than red in the market today so
obviously for all coins that is a very good Biggest Loser Metaverse ETP crypto
calm chain lambda several are down in the red as well but definitely more
green than red but what I wanted to highlight is if we go look over here we
see some red here and there if we switch the USD pairing to BTC pairing which is
what most people use for all coins there’s all of a sudden a lot more green
in the market it’s even more green than with the USD pairing now this again is
showing us that all coins are having some movement now is this enough to say
that we are fully going to enter an all coin season knowing the reason why I say
no just yet is because all coins on the way down in this big dump that we’ve had
for all coins it has broken several several several support lines all the
way downs broken several that we thought they wouldn’t break it’s broken several
it’s been a pain to trade because the trajectory has just been down there’s
been very few if any all coin trade possibilities there now that’s just all
part of it we have to understand that sometimes all coins we just wait we
don’t get into them we wait for it to happen but we do know eventually they
will come back now one thing I want to see all coins do before I start to jump
into more all coins before I fully confirm of an Allpoint season coming in
is several I know I talked about in previous videos
what we’re looking for but I want to see all quints break some resistance level
so breaking the supports on the way down you know confirming that continuous
downtrend breaking the supports on the way down we want to see a flip we want
to see all coins break some resistance before we start to confirm that yeah
maybe this is the new trajectory that we’re gonna see we’re seeing Bitcoin
change its patterns making lower lows now we want to see all coins switch
their patterns and start to break some resistance start to you know bring in
some volume because a lot of them have very very low volume right now
impossible volume to trade several of them even so we need to see that happen
before anything else so that’s going to be the day trading side if you are
interested in trading if you’re looking at trading all points is it time to buy
all coins personally not yet now I’m not a fanatic financial advisor I’m not
telling you guys what to do this is just my opinion trading I need to see it more
resistance levels broken before I confirm that yes it looks like we are
going to be in an all my season and now is the time to buy all coins for us to
trade them cuz like I said before we’ve broken several supports on the way down
we need to see resistance break now if you’re not day trading if you are buying
this as a long-term investment is this the time to buy all coins and this is
where I think yes I’ve been dollar cost averaging at these levels I’ve been
talking Savage even a little bit before these last few months have been perfect
for my long-term portfolio something that I’ve been wanting to do is pick up
cheaper all quits everyone always wants cheap all coins until they’re given
cheap all coins to which then they don’t want the awkward’s anymore because they
see that they’re in the red you’ve got to pick one side or the other for the
long-term portfolio to me this is absolutely perfect to pick up some cheap
all coins dollar cost averaging my entry when they go back up and of course I’m
just buying the long-term ones that I think are going to be very good
long-term the ones that I really like and believe in I add those to my
portfolio and in the future when they hit those levels that I think they are
capable of hitting I now have dollar cost average my buy-in price average is
lower than it was before so in short summarize everything for you
guys I know I’ve been talking about but I want to give you all the information
possible yes it’s time to buy all comments in my opinion if you aren’t
putting them in your long-term portfolio for dollar cost averaging and no I don’t
think it’s time to buy all coins if you’re a trader who wants to make
profits in these shorter time frames buy all coins now moving on into the news
because we have a ton to cover John McAfee is believed to have been detained
this according to his campaign manager now this wouldn’t be as interesting I
know a lot of people actually do follow John McAfee so I would call this anyways
but this is there’s a lot more news that comes along with this that I think makes
me even more interested in this overall thing now we know that he has been in
this space for a long time we know what he has done previously what companies he
has built the success that he’s built for himself previously and we know some
of the shady things that have come with his name as well but we also seen him
tied in with a lot of information in regards to him knowing who Satoshi
Nakamoto is and several other things that he apparently holds the information
to that he has not released yet now this is big so according to the campaign
manager if John misses his next check-in events will be set in motion that I
cannot prevent once they have begun John has secret data in with or with
individuals across the world I know neither their identities or locations
they will release their payloads if John goes missing so if this holds up and the
next check in John is not there we might see some big information start to get
leaked over and over again that he has access to secretive data that he has
access to that we do not know yet so this could be pretty interesting leading
forward in the next coming days or weeks or months however long this takes to
happen this could be pretty interesting I’ll keep you guys updated on anything
that comes out also quick breezed through some of the smaller topics but
still very important back has kicked off user acceptance testing we talked about
this in the last video we also have ripple x RP x RP is actually up 4% after
Bank of America after the Bank of America mentioned and bit a bit so news
so a lot of news came out recently some pretty big names like Bank of America
thrown in there has caused x RP to have a nice little jump that along with the
technicals lined up pretty well x RP seeing four point three percent not as
much as other people would want to do obviously it’s been pretty silent for
the most part as with most all coin so for people i’ve seen people give up on x
RP because it’s been trading either
sideways or down and that blows my mind because every single Alcorn has been
trading sideways or down pretty much down in the last few months so to pick
out one and be like oh this one isn’t doing anything it’s going down all all
coins are down everything except for bitcoins down it’s really nothing
nothing more than just all coins are taking a beating right now and that’s
something we have to remember I still think I still hold a lot of XRP and
think it’s going to do very well in the future so I’m excited to see what
happens and obviously mentions of big names is always good the 4% doesn’t
really matter much to me because I am a long-term holder but for ripple fans for
XRP holders out there this is pretty good news also the big thing I wanted to
talk about the Justin Sun information there’s been a lot of news about Justin
Sun circling a lot of misinformation a lot of fun has been spread a lot of
big-name publications big-name people on YouTube have been taking the wrong
information and running with it and most the time it’s just because that sells
but you know I like to give you guys the truth look even if it’s not what people
like if they even if it’s not what gets clicks I give you guys the truth because
that’s what we’re all here for so this is unconfirmed Justin’s son has been
charged with money laundering the kidney stones excuse that he gave to avoid the
lunch of Warren Buffett was just that it was an excuse the real reason is he is
being charged with money laundering we saw information that he has not been
able to leave China he’s being detained in China though the Toronto foundation
did tweet that they announced a postponement of the Warren Buffett lunch
this was because Justin’s son fell ill and of course as we saw happen
previously like the time when the cops were at the truant office and people
thought they were there to arrest people intron it turns out they were there to
protect Tron what happened was people jumped to conclusions and they ran with
it they ran with it really fast some pretty crazy some pretty crazy
allegations out there that I apparently have not been confirmed he has not been
confirmed to be charged with money laundering so it is a pretty big thing
to say turns out he you know like I said people were saying that he was detained
in China he couldn’t leave China he couldn’t do anything that’s why he
canceled his lunch with Warren Buffett and then just
Sun came out in the most Justin Sun way possible on a live stream on Twitter to
his one point four four million Twitter followers a live stream in San Francisco
you guys can see the bridge in the background he shows with a Tron
blockchain hash he was in San Francisco so clearly he is not being detained in
Chinese not being held in China he’s in San Francisco right now so at first when
all the news came out and you’re like oh my god what’s happening and I was
reading through it trying to figure out what was true what was not true all of a
sudden this comes up and I’m like wait so he can’t be held in China so how much
of that information is true how much is not true we still have obviously a lot
to uncover that has not been brought to light yet we saw a lot of information we
cannot confirm one side or another but we can confirm that he is not trying to
right now he is in San Francisco so therefore that that part of the
information was a lie he did go live in San Francisco so again to everyone
there’s a lot of fun out there there’s a lot of fun spreading between Tron and
Justin Sun if you like it or dislike it’s important to always know the truth
and unfortunately when you have a such a big name tied to a project like Justin’s
son it leads to price drops in the actual project went information even if
it’s not accurate comes out so Tron recently if you go to the charts the USD
pairing and the BTC pairing has taken a pretty big hit the last three days
slowly starting to recover today but the two days before that it had some pretty
large read daily candles now moving on let’s pick a winner from the last video
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  4. Justin Sun is great for hype but bad for business. He's one of the reasons I sold my TRX after a nice pump for BTC

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