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what is going on everyone VIN Freddie hope you guys are having a great day I'm super fired up because this week or these past 24 hours have just been crazy with the crypto markets so I want to dig in just talk about the trades that I made two of them were nice short term gains that I made before the volume even started coming in and then a couple long term coins that you guys said could start to accumulate if Bitcoin and if the market starts to actually you know go the way that it looks like it's starting to go so I hope you guys enjoy it let's jump into it alrighty guys so there's a lot to go over a lot of coins that start to pop off I want to cover the personal ones that I traded and that's probably all I'm gonna be looking into so I do want to explain exactly why I decided to get into these right I want to explain you know the whole thought process through it all you know why did I enter Zillow Ida into t-rex what did I find value in in ZRX you know why did I enter Ont off a break that one I actually did not get to enter but without further ado let's just kind of jump into this and talk about exactly what I saw valuing and why I decided to take the position so the first one was Zil as you can see it's actually starting to pump right now the reason why I took a position in this one right we saw a resistance at 467 we saw support at 447 okay I originally was not even gonna play the breakout on this I was just waiting to play the consolidation alright so if it came back down to 447 I was gonna take a position and look for about a 5 percent profit wasn't looking for anything longer than that I ended up breaking above 467 468 and I waited for the pullback I actually entered a little bit early on this one I could have waited for the full pull back at 468 but I've had some lessons learned in the past where you know it broke above and then I didn't take the position and I wanted to make sure that wasn't being so over technically I was waiting exactly for this perfect entry so I entered at 470 from there I ended up taking profits way earlier than I should've read and I'm completely transparent about this you know I took profits early because I had my 5% stop-loss if you guys know something about me what I'd like to do is every time it reaches a new high especially during these pumps right I like to set a 5% stop off below new high it makes so taking from the peak and setting a 5% below that led me to take profit at 5:05 and I'm completely transparent with this right I could have made way more profit than I had I could have made above 22% profit and you guys might be saying oh you should have hard you should hard you know should have been able to stay in the position but for me it's not about that it's about locking in profits and making sure that I'm consistent whether it's 3% whether it's 40% as long as I'm able to be consistent with my trading able to enter these trades on the profitable side and end up on the profitable side that's all that matters to me so for this one I didn't care that I only got about a 10 percent gain and I could have got 28 percent there's other coins that are gonna pop off that haven't popped off yet and that I can get a position in but I wanted to cover this one specifically because yeah I probably could have waited a little bit longer looking at the 15 EMA I could have just waited for a closed below the 15 but in that case you know it's really really minimizing as much profit as I can and although I do want to maximize as much profit there is some better strategies that I could have handled but in time right in hindsight you might look back and say oh look you know you could hold and you could have got an extra blah blah percentage but what if it went down right you have to think of the other way what if this coin ended up going to the dirt what if it caught a loss end up going back to my buying point I would have looked back and said dude I could have had a 10% gain on it so although I did lock in profits really really early I still was able to be profitable which is awesome right so nothing that I'm really aware of and that's why I entered and I was being transparent about where I sold the next one is TRX so TRX was just a textbook play and this one really got me fired up a gummy ant up because realistically it was just a simple pattern right we saw the break we saw the pullback this is what I usually look for is a pattern in the bear market so because we were obviously in a bear trend and we started to see this uptrend you know I was waiting for it to show signs of a breakout which we could see I just looked at the resistance I could have even taken the support off I wasn't looking at the support too much ended up breaking above the resistance pulling back and then obviously on an uptrend I took profits at this three four seven area and the reason why I did take profits if we look at our measured move so if we take it from our past breakout that it had we bring it up all the way to the peak we could literally copy and paste that right bring it up from this breakout and then go back up sorry dundun that let me two up for 343 so that's why I decided to take about at 347 although it did still pull back you can see it actually hit this trendline perfectly which is just a simple trendline on the way up you know hasn't closed below the 15 EMA personally right now yeah it could have got some more profit out of that who knows what's gonna happen with these coins but there's so many other kryptos out there and you never know when something's gonna happen okay I like to lock my profits early and often and then always find another coin going up I still did squeeze a lot of profit off of this you know when I exited at 343 it could have closed down at 3:30 you never know when it's gonna pop back up so if it did end up closing down there I would have been risking you know I would have lost 4% of my trade and that's something that you do have to remember right time and time again is just make sure that you guys remember that okay just because you take profits doesn't really matter and I think this is probably the story of the game throughout all of these is that I took profits super early but I'm really happy with the with the profits that I made today you know it's really hard to be able to bring in good profits consistently day in and day out and I think that's something that a lot of people mess up on is they try to you know maximize and they try to say all waiting for this hundred percent gainer next thing you know it's back down to their buy end point and you miss out on a ten percent profit you know I know I'm gonna find other trade so I'm not really that worried you know just consistency is key it's really really key consistency and patience breeds success and I cannot see that you know without any more the the best profitable trades that I've had and most consistent trends I've had is just focusing on taking a trade day by day locking in profits when I feel comfortable and focusing on the next trade whether that goes up a hundred percent or not it doesn't matter right for me I'm a trader I'm not an investor who knows what could happen I mean we look at the past we've seen huge up swings huge down swings you never know what's gonna happen and this could tank at any moment and I want to lock in those profits so that was Zil and teawrex those basically with my two day trades both of them you know I mean I've took them I took profits a little bit earlier than I wanted to I could have stayed in a lot longer but all in all I'm really happy with the profits that I made the next one that I do want to focus on this one was more of a long-term play and I'm still holding it I don't look to sell it anytime soon I think is a good place to accumulate which I fundamentally believe in is ZRX so 0x has a lot of good things happening with it the technicals I kind of went in blindly I'm gonna be brutally honest I did not even look at any technicals on this trade and I usually never do that but the only thing that I did look at is the one day chart this is the only thing the only one simple line that I drew was the one day I was waiting for it to send me an alert at ten five seven nine it did end up hitting that as you can see this is a couple days ago at ended up hitting I was waiting for just one green candle to show me a bounce ended up getting that green candle I entered at eleven six five six so I entered at eleven thousand six hundred fifty SATs you know a normal position that I usually do a little bit less I would say about twenty percent of my normal altcoin position let's just say for instance one Bitcoin so if I did put one Bitcoin into my normal all coin trades I only put about point two I usually do take about a point one up one Bitcoin position to be literal in exact if you guys have looked at my past videos you can see that I usually do take about you know one Bitcoin position it seems very reasonable easy to understand easy to kind of do calculations on 10% gain on one Bitcoin is point one bitcoins so it's really simple like that it does help me manage my risk a lot a lot better than you know just taking some insane five Bitcoin or whatever the prop trading style is that other people do have but you know what works for me might not work for anyone else and that's fine right everyone has their own style of trading so 0x was another one I think that realistically you know this just has good fundamentals paradox being run on 0x which is running coin basis coin based Pro just really good and I think that this has a lot of good momentum for the next month and I'm not looking to sell this any time soon this is probably one of the other ones one of the coins that I would potentially call and say huddle and not trade just because of the fundamentals that it has I just think this is the only real coin other than a couple others that I think could be very profitable if the market does start to recover and I'm saying like very very profitable just a lot of news a lot of things happening getting out of the coin Basu n– and if it gets out of the coin base you know while the market is still in a or the while the markets and a good uptrend we could see a good accumulation of ZRX because it is probably one of the strong out of the five others and the other 5 are xlm we have ze see with I think in C classic or Z cash either one I don't I can't forget the difference ad a card on O and then Excel M star lumens I think 0x is probably one of the top of the pack just because of its platform and its decentralized exchanges which is very good and I'm really bullish on that for the long term so ultimately you know this is more of a fundamental play just look to accumulate some happy I got in at a good price I think this could possibly reach recent highs and if we look at that even being conservative we still see about a 40% game and nothing like nano throughout the past last night which went crazy but all in all Xerox looks pretty good another one this one was more of an internet play I was actually live with our VIP group on YouTube when I made this call it was a lot it was actually a pretty good place you can see I have my resistance already drawn up we're just gonna go to the one hour and just explain exactly how it was right we had a resistance we had an up wedge pattern we obviously had a huge upswing started consolidate I was only entering on the break of the resistance ended up breaking and I saw that the volume started to come in so we decided to take a position at 30 to 40 reached tops of about 3,800 and most people believe it or not actually did take profits at this 3,800 I think this could could still definitely have some more room to go I think it is a very hard place to take a position you have to ask yourself if you're still in a trade like this you have to basically bring it down to reality and say would you take a position at this current price level alright you know if you weren't entered in a position would you end up trading L&T personally I wouldn't so if I still have money and Ont I would probably want to take some profits out of there I will probably want to close my position because realistically if I wouldn't enter again why would I want to hold you know technically you still aren't entering just a good little tip for those of you who are having some difficulties on where to take profits you know if you are looking at it and you're saying what I take would I enter this position if I didn't have a position and your answer's no then it's probably a good idea to take profits that's something that I do all the time and it works for me like I said might not work for you guys if everyone has different styles of trading but it is something definitely keep in mind if you're looking for a couple of things to add to your PlayBook as a trader or as an investor in crypto you know like I said a lot of these things were just very very you know good because the pump ended up coming let me look at my alerts and see if anything else happened I do have neo that I had an alert for that I do want to talk about neo is another one which I'm kind of looking to go long term on I want to wait for maybe some sort of pullback obviously I try to accumulate somewhere down here which would have been this break of resistance unfortunately just didn't it wasn't able to get a position this was at you know 1:00 a.m. my time by the time I woke up it was already kind of overextended it was actually up here when I started looking at it right 9 o'clock this morning so I didn't take a position you know it was past my buying point I wanted to buy but I don't want to buy the resistance overnight I have a great video actually that talks about what my strategies are for when I'm going asleep and how I deal with those positions you can look at it it's on my channel it's like how to trade crypto overnight and I go through these each every time that I trade right if I'm seeing something that I want to enter overnight I go through the exact list that I talked about in that video it's a how-to video it's actually some probably very insightful and will help you a lot it's just another thing to add to the playbook of traders so those that was kind of my day just wanted to share my journey with you guys some other coins that I would look at is storm so storm has a decent setup on the one hour you know one of the coins that hasn't really popped off but it's been completely showing consistent signs and uptrend it's reaching a consolidation period which will be very interesting I'm not saying this is something I'm gonna buy you know not really anything but you know if we look at how the other coins have been performing this thing always only up 15% and so it hasn't really shown too many you know big big signs of volume but we have seen it pump increasingly I mean look at this candle and this was back in April when things weren't even going that well so that's crazy I remember playing this pump actually never know when things are gonna pop off you always want to look for those coins that haven't had that volume and take yet because people will start to take profits and the waste psychology works is people will take money out of one altcoin and they're like I want more and they'll put it into something that's down like a theorem classic like I don't even know what other coins are down a lot of them that maybe you know I haven't really gained any good traction on the on the volume for the 24 hours or whatever they might only be up 5% or whatever that's where a lot of money could possibly go so guys remember you do not have to trade the way that I do I simply like coming on here share my journey you know sharing the profits that I have made hopefully being able to change at least one person's life if I can get one person out of wreck city in this crypto and blockchain space that's all that really matters to me I think I basically want to kind of educate the space on crypto and blockchain I don't think there's enough people kind of talking about the proper ways to invest and that's whole my whole entire mission you know if I can just you know educate some people on the proper ways to invest in crypto the proper ways to invest in blockchain and it properly trade and notice how to grow your account on a consistent basis instead of you know going and faux mowing into these crazy pumps that's what will really make me happy so as long as I change one person's trading perspective that's all that matters so if you guys did enjoy this video would really appreciate if you can just give it a thumbs up just one click and also leave a comment down below let me know what other videos you would like to see subscribe to the channel turn on the post notifications and until next time I will see you guys peace

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  1. Love the transparency! You never hold anything back. Thanks for sharing your skills with us! Looking forward to more of your vids!!

  2. When did you switch from a 6% stop loss to a 5%? Did you notice that when dropping below 5% rather than waiting for 6%, it is more likely to keep dropping?

  3. Vin I think a good trader sees the chards without emotions, without anxiety and ambition. When that is achieved, you will see what the chards really show instead of what you want to see in them. What do you think?

  4. Hey Vin, thought you might enjoy knowing the crypto group that started in Sedona library asked for utubers that could give easily understood explanations to help get them up to speed on trading (mostly retired) so I recommend you as one of several choices..

  5. though u were done with youtube lol second alt coin season lol my ass shits gonna tank anytime dont try to trick anyone

  6. Can you leverage a long position? How would you do that? When would you get liquidated, take profits etc.?

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