Is it Alt Season Yet ? [VLOG#92]

CryptoSlo with more crypto gains what’s
going on guys Monday Monday Monday Monday you know I can’t complain from
this weekend you know your your big caps large gaps had a nice nice little booze
eath like coin theorem and you know that’s something to bring up man don’t
forget the importance of having some of those large caps in your portfolio
because it’s good protection you know when things have dramatic swings in
prices I definitely think moving towards a 50%
of large cap portfolio is you know is definitely
you got it you can’t overlook it especially if you’ve been in this game
for you know any period of time long or short you know you’re like ah I got to
get some Bitcoin I gotta get some Bitcoin you just keep putting it off and
you don’t get around to it then before you know it boom 11,000 so in other news
frag and void I tell you what Frank so far has been too slow so I will say for
all the hype that they generated it’s just a slow process and if this is
indicative of them distributing the tokens they’re gonna have a lot of
problems so that seems to be the the biggest problem of these deflation areas
that have taken off on Tron is just getting the tokens in the hands of
people and the problem is is by the time you get your hands on them you know some
of the hype may have died off a little bit so you know whatever whatever and on
that front there has been a posting or two of a new token called a banker what
is it I don’t know could it be associated with the bankroll
Network probably so will it move much faster would think it would will it burn
even faster oh it definitely will we’ll have to wait and see
bank teller was posting some clippings of something called banker b NK r could
it be a deflationary token to compete or rule the Tron tokens you know we’ll have
to wait and see usually banker likes to release on you
know he likes to put stuff out on the weekends so it’ll be interesting to see
so if people that are already in the platform in credits the daily or air you
know is there gonna be some kind of airdrop or reward system based on that
for the initial launch it’s tough to say but anyways stay tuned for updates on
that tron looking pretty darn good looking pretty good looking looking
bullish like it wants to take off you know we’re still waiting on that big alt
pump you know that’s a question I hear a lot you know will vehicle and just take
off and also be left in the dust I don’t think so because you always have
the drip back on VGC because the big keep the big whales that have a lot of
BTC when there are these jump ups and you know pumps long they go in at their
own like point they make a lot of money and you know that sets them up they’re
like these also kind of cheap I think I’ll snag something so you know I
definitely expect they’ll be an alt season but you know so far just a little
baby pumps you know maybe don’t know it’s not it’s
not a confirmed mole run all pomp yet but definitely you know some of the oh
geez really aren’t doing that well like digit by and urge and such from a BTC
sat step you know standpoint they’re not they really haven’t moved much and if
anything they have gone down so still waiting for that ball point of pump that
about summarizes today’s news hope things are going well
this is crypto slow stay tuned like subscribe if you’re not talking gains then were not talkin

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  1. Can you do a How To on "How to see the VOST divs from IOST play?? I think you can see them on the block explorer, but for some reason I can get mine to show.

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