Is GPU mining worth it in August 2018|Ethereum, zcash, monero mining analysis of gpu mining

hello guys all come back to bittruth with
your host mark Othon today’s video we are doing a video about it’s a monthly
video that we do every month to see if GPU mining is worth it in August 2018 is
GPU mining worth it in August 2018 so we will look at this card which is really
efficient recently and a lot of people are using it and a lot of people have
give positive feedback which I actually support it is the 1070 TI from EVGA
since EVGA has that one of the best so-called
warranties and all that stuff and we’re going to calculate if it’s worth it now
here as you can see like importing fees to Canada it is a bit like expensive $35
ok Plus that I mean you save like $60 but anyways it is $489 0.99 and now we
will look on the etherium k-z cash and Manero so let’s start with the etherium
difficulty we saw actual in the last 30 days to point 56% change which is not
bad really but still there is some gain on the etherium difficulty I’ll go into
one day it’s actually negative we go on what to mind let’s calculate this is the
east hash 31.7 mega hashes with overclocks 135 watts let’s see let’s
calculate all cents per kilowatt-hour that’s for the US average
and now we’ve got aetherium okay you can make 93 cents okay or 54 cents after the
electricity fees and pool fees of course nice ash is beating that with two cents
extra so you can go back to nice hash now I used two things it’s actually this
one and this one so we can actually know now with this one that is really limited
crypto compare we don’t have a lot of information okay as you can see 31 point
7 mega hashes okay mega hashes 135 watts and 12 cents per kilowatt-hour with 1%
fees also that’s 47 cents but here is 56 54
cents so I might discard this one the etherion price recently is $414 but
bitcoin has gone from $6,800 ish to actual 7,500 it’s still a bit dipping
but actually a change from the last month where where we had a theorem the
same it didn’t change from 400 to 500 during the Bitcoin ETFs you know hype so
yeah you can conclude let’s calculate 56 cents okay and now what’s actually four
hundred eighty nine point nine and divided by 0.56 and we will get 874 days
to break in profit which is really great okay by giving the fact that it has a
lot of there’s not a lot of electricity consumption so you can actually talk
about that that’s for the etherium z cash the difficulty has changed the last
30 days nineteen percent with the introduction of the z-9 mini so we have
a lot of bad things okay now here on the test 1070 tiii cohosh 470 hashes with
120 watts and watts and 12 cents per kilowatt hours the classic is making 81
cents okay and nice ash 78 cents and vice-versa
forgot to crypto compare chose rather really good you know profit margin 600 days to break and profit guys this
is really interesting Manero difficulty it has really gone down since 30 days
which is interesting I mean I think Manero is much better okay from another
point which is like privacy and you know all that stuff which I like about one
arrow 1070 ti on the Kryptonite v7 now I want to discard the crypto compare
because I think it’s a bit like you know not totally straight in its calculations
if we calculate this with all the things we get actual 55 cents which is nearly
as identical as etherium theorem 124 dollars per coin if we go right here
this was the old calculation from crypto compare you know crypto compare has
really bad calculations 0.55 graphed so 890 days 600 days and you have 874 Daisy
cache wins now the fact is is it still worth mining giving the fact that we had
like literally more than 50% loss back in back in so-called December of 2017
and having this right now I mean try and divide this by three if we go back to
the $20,000 now this is not totally straight like calculations but you can
get 200 days are why if Bitcoin goes back to all the time highs so you have
to wait if you have to pay your electricity you have to cash out so
vice-versa fact is I think that 1070 TI is more than worth it since EVGA and you
have 60% I mean 11 percent discount with $60 from EVGA okay you can buy used one
even make like your ry even less of course you can also like overclock it
you can also like you know was it called like you know limit the amount of
electricity that enters the court limit the power limit limit the power limit
and the temperature limits so guys I think that 1070 TI wins from all sides I
mean it’s eight gigs from EVGA with a warranty 200 days ROI thank you guys
watching this video from bit truth with your host one culture if you see
something is not totally straight with the calculations let me know I mean with
crypto compare I think I will discard it in the future videos I think it doesn’t
give as much as sufficient information so z cash wins for this month is you
cash wins thank you guys watching and see you guys on the next video

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