for months now graphics card supply has been completely tapped out thanks to every gamers worst enemy miners and no not young people who screech into the microphone but they're awful too I'm talking about the kind of miners who are using Hardware both PC components and more specialized equipment to calculate what are called hashes for crypto currencies like Bitcoin in exchange for a reward effectively mining for money but how do you get in on the action can you just fire up your old PC and start making money let's investigate mass drop is now featuring their custom configured AKG K 7x X audiophile headphones check them and other drops out at the link in the video description let's get this out of the way first to make a gold rush analogy the days of walking on to a random plot of land you know sticking your pickaxe scissors or whatever into the nearest mountainside and sailing home in a golden ship are basically over but just because mining the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is no longer practical for the average person with a an extra graphics card or two that doesn't mean that you can't mind for something so as always around here we started our adventure with some overkill hardware bringing our 10 GPU server out of mothballs up from 8 gamers one CPU theoretically 1080p eyes are the most profitable but we have to ignore cost to buy what do you mean ignore classes to buy what do you think I'm like native graphics card sneezies so then what we ended up with is 5 dt x 10 70s for GTX 10 80s and then a single 1080 TI it's not gonna be like the highest-earning rig but we can use this to run some important benchmarks and determine whether our plan will be profitable I guess we had to get upstairs one trip yeah sure I was about to say the same thing oh come on it's just like complete disregard it's fine who cares I care it's just it's fine like we're just not gonna drop it so it doesn't matter right you got because you never drop anything ok here ok technically not the way it's meant to be rolled I don't think but Yolo we left it any higher so I got my ankles ok thank you oh don't shift it Pat you know I think we actually could have said 11 in here if we used the katana I think it throttles a little bit I think might hang on the katana would be a terrible terrible idea saying I think we could've well I do this Jake's gonna work on installing the whopping two sticks of memory out of the 24 slots on our board here cryptocurrency mining doesn't really benefit from a ton of RAM with that said though it may benefit from a large virtual memory space on your storage drive and then he's also gonna throw in two of our 22 core Xeon processors wait I yes I know that's really stupid they're just the only two CPUs that we had lying around that were compatible with this board and we actually have to populate both of the sockets for this because otherwise we won't have enough PCI Express Lanes for all of these freakin GPUs are you struggling I don't have enough do you have any more this tickets less than four hours AHA here and I was right oh it's cuz he's here not because I had no confidence and you're doing this by yourself ouch and you're gonna drive up all of our insurance premiums when he has to go to the fuck emergency and get that inserted up and there we have it we are now ready to boot up our system actually almost cooling is sort of a concern in a system like this so we're gonna go ahead and throw our fans back in here and then Jake are you ready with that shroud just gotta get this gaff tape I'm stuck wouldn't want to be wasteful you know there's are you really reusing tape yeah this tape is still sticky how cheap do you think I am is this an yvonne initiative I mean this chassis clearly isn't designed to have graphics card um yeah I don't know how we're gonna fit this in here off of it I think you kind of have to just cram the tip in between two of them like it was made to fit come on we used tape look it's not sticky I told the gaff tape is amazing I never told me that okay well gaff tape is amazing so now we just need some power okay for right oh right yeah dori I planned for this we could have easily done this experiment with just a normal motherboard or 4G yeah but that would've been so lame it's like power me please look I'm working on it okay please give me power I'm failing come on okay we're in ready well good ah yes slightly less annoying where all the 62 degrees from right here that was terminally unimpressive okay there we go that's more like it that's how you know it's working okay so while we're waiting to fire up windows and install the Nvidia driver which by the way takes a long-ass time on a system with 10 GPUs let's have a look at power consumption we're looking at 400 watts right now 400 watts and I though at idle so basically no matter what kind of hardware you're using mining is gonna add a lot to your electrical bill so it's this real cost that's associated with it that prevents casuals from just using old hardware to mine these days it is all about efficiency so our Pascal based cards consume a similar amount of power compared to previous generations but they run the algorithms needed for mining much more quickly than previous generations and the more calculations that you can perform per watt of power consumed the more profitable you'll be the other key is to mine smarter almost no one is mining for Bitcoin directly these days because over time the difficulty of generating a reward by mining goes up a lot so people are opting instead to mined for an altcoin like litecoin aetherium z cache or even dogecoin yes for the uninitiated that was and is a real thing scratching the table oh my god that got a lot heavier I'm so happy I'm not carrying that side that's fine I'll be on the bottom this time oh wait I'm going backwards again what the hell no you go backwards also I just locked this door wait my elbow needs to unlock it wait why are we standing like this this is not a good strategy yeah and you slide that way and I'll slide this way yeah uh-huh I got it if we drop it if it's not that big of a deal hold on don't push holding sort of counterintuitive other side is there it is yep really are you serious yeah holy that was painless so now that it's installed the plan is to use a market place called nice hash that pairs buyers who want to rent hashing power with sellers who have hashing power like us so what's cool about that is that after you run the included benchmark which can actually take a few hours with this much gear and had trouble with the 88 threads worth of CPU that we're rocking in this version of the software anyway it determines which algorithm is most profitable for which piece of your hardware at any given moment and runs that giving you a real-time readout of how much you're earning before electricity costs and then paying you out daily as long as your balance is at least point zero zero 1 of a Bitcoin that is after taking their cut it's booting right I think so okay so over the weekend Jake I didn't really help spent a bunch of time babying this thing through crashes and blue screens and we have finally got it mining stabili TM we initially thought that the issues might be related to thermals because let's face it the cards are really close together by the way your ducting seems to be falling off if you want to go have a look at that get this letter in here what with afterburner up on screen it's actually pretty clear that our climate-controlled server room has that under control we're hitting 82 degrees top some of them are a lot lower like 70 even but actually that reminds me we haven't factored the cost of air conditioning into our profitability equation but that's something that we can really look into during part two of our investigation so getting back to this machine you might have noticed that there are actually only eight GPUs in the system now see that we pulled out the middle – that's actually due to an Nvidia driver limitation that specifies a maximum of eight GPUs per operating system so shout out to Gary over at asu's for that tip so that means our final power usage is a cool 2,000 watts no biggie then for our remember for power supplies let's talk about the return on our investment to buy that configuration would run you nearly 18 thousand US dollars at an average of eleven dollars a day in profit again not accounting for air conditioning it would take around four and a half years to recoup that and that is assuming stability in the cryptocurrency market stability what stability in the cryptocurrency market right what a joke so obviously this would be a really stupid mining setup to go out and buy however if you were a little more how you say not a complete idiot about your part selection assuming that your power costs are similar to ours at around 10 US cents per kilowatt you could actually get your upfront investment back a lot sooner so we're gonna investigate a more optimized config in a follow up video but this config for about $5,000 that you're looking at right now is kind of what we're planning let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments first let's get back to the original question does what we're doing make any sense well if you have a bunch of spare modern hardware lying around collecting dust actually yes so we're planning to leave that system running until Phase two when will report on our results and then compare it to our second system but if you have to go out and actually buy Hardware to do it your return is likely going to take so long that you'd be better off doing what many people are doing and trying to buy and sell crypto currencies more directly as they rise and fall though there are certainly risks associated with that as well so why did everyone run out and buy all the video cards and high-wattage power supplies driving up prices for gamers well while the profit isn't anything earth-shattering many miners actually resell their hardware when it's no longer profitable recovering much of the upfront cost and then keeping all the money that was made while the systems were in service so let us know in the comments what you guys want to see in future follow ups here because we have hardly begun to explore this rabbit hole we're planning a future build with 19 GPUs in one system so that's gonna be a thing and we'd love to talk about Asics as well those are pretty interesting but we definitely want feedback from you guys and we want to tell you about our sponsor today crunchyroll is the site created by anime fans for anime fans offering the most current episodes of new shows straight from Japan like Nights and magic and my hero academia season 2 all the content on the site is professionally subtitled and our link down below gives you a whole month of free anime completely ad free coming out in October is food war season 3 and black clover then if you enjoy the many benefits of premium like 1080p streaming getting new episodes of shows straight from Japan within an hour of their premiere and being able to stream anywhere anytime from a variety of devices like your phone tablet or game console you can continue your membership to crunchyroll for just 6.95 a month so head of her / linus right down there and sign up today so thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribe maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link in the video description video cards sure but maybe not the server also links down there's our merch storage has cool shirts like this one as well as our community forum which you should totally join

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  1. Hey Linus I didnt you liked to paint your nails. Must be a bitch to work on PC's and not chip your nail job LMAO @ 9:11

  2. All of the graphics cards you have that I would kill to have are collecting dust… Can you send me one?

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  8. also one more thing. most people won't buy a used gpu if its been mined on for 2 reasons. one. its been ran 24/7 and 2 well they are miners and they caused the gpu crash. so why the hell would i support them by giveing them a return of their investment. Thats like telling them " hey good job on buying all those gpu and causeing a god damn shortage. here have your money back on your losses so you dont learn your lesson." people if you hate miners and what they did punish them with your WALLETS, but most miners will lie and say this card was not mined on and will try to sell it at inflated cost for example on ebay a rx 580 runs you around 200 dollars luckily i got mine that was not mined on just light gaming locally for 119 dollarson ebay . i did a bench test and a burn-in test as well and it's fine. however even if i was told it was not mined with and only lightly gamed on i know it was mined with and i was lied to. how do i know? because he had 11 others the same cards for sale as well. that is a red flag. So not only are miners lieing pieces of shit they are also Greedy pieces of shit so there is literally nothing good about these ass holes.

  9. do i want to get on the Miner craze? do i want to be a shitty minner that caused the gpu crash? um no i do not ……….. Miners need to gtfo and i mean crypto currency Miners not legit miners who actually work hard for their money.

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  11. You need to practice safer lifting techniques. One employee injury will burn up whatever you made by mining. OSHA is watching.

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