Is GPU Mining Dead?

hey everyone I am back in my messy office and what I'd like to do in this video is talk about GPM raining and raise the question as GPU maining dead this is not going to be a popular subject to bring up and I do I don't realize that I didn't realize I'm going to attract a lot of tools and keyboard warriors they're not happy at the fact I'm even bringing this up but we have to face facts that yes we're gonna be run and yes things could flip around but I do think that you know the main things of wet last year I'm not sure the GPU meaning will ever go back to the way it was nowhere else I'm on the subject but most have got your attention I would like to do a live stream about this and you know and my video was a lot of time I asked a question like I'm doing just now or I gave you my opinion on something and all you guys pause the comment Noah day one it post a comment on this video but and the future I would like to do a live stream about the future of GPU maining and I'd like you know four five six seven of you guys to jump on with me if you're for or against pros and cons and we discuss all the ends and outs of DP remaining and you guys can give me your opinion about where you see the market going so if you're ingesting that please do leave a comment please do get in touch with me you don't have to be on camera you can just you put dirt through your phone just it just has to be audio and I think of enchanting to get definite opinions on this because that says that back topic it's an important topic and it does influence cryptocurrency so the reason that I'm bringing up the subject today specifically today is because knowledge send me a video today thanks to knowledge a and it's from digital both a youtuber called digital both and the video is entitled we are closing the heart truth behind curtain and and he's walking around his warehouse and he's showing all the graphics cards are all that all the different you know saying it says cities are not all that cotton iniki's bar over the last few years and he's talking about the fact he has to sell all because he's not making any money and now whether you agree with that guy stance with you agree with what he's doing I think you need to go kudos for actually being up front of it they said been honest about er is Perez himself out there he's being honest about what's happening with his business and there's all I people who aren't doing that there's all of companies I just shut down and they're just cleaned of discreetly moving away from crept or or the sting in capital but they're just closing down that hardware that closing down their cryptocurrency remaining setups and I know that that's not an easy thing for him to do because I know the amount of abuse and negative comments and you know just abusive comments all the time when I discussed the fact I was even selling some of my GPUs and I see that I talked about scaling down I got all the you know that the classism that if you expect I would get as far as all you or never you're never serious about crafts all what are you doing you should may not a loss all these different things about I had always discussions about that's what everyone and by that get a lot of negativity a from it and so yes I'm sure we'll get a lot of it from this again but and okay I guess I'm in this another possession to this guy here a brought a much smaller scale he's obviously invested a lot more money than me and you know one year ago I love it more than one year ago I started investing and cryptocurrency hardware and three oh 2018 for the vast majority of 2018 I had four or five mining rigs behind me and I had about theory GPUs running right now I have two GPUs I've got one and my main pc and I've got a 1080i over there just setting in the box of a concealer it's going to go into my main pc or perhaps a new pc they'll sell for don't steals but i'm not sure if you can see it but behind there as well i've got two three motherboards of it you know three power supplies I've good rom I've got hard drives I've got a ton of USB risers and that's the time you know when you're talking about selling your equipment although he will talk about GPUs but you forget there's all these other pieces of equipment that you have to buy for DP remaining certainly a skill you know what I love skill no I think as worth pointing out and when I talk about GPU maining of it as dead as that you have to think about this as a business and as far as GPU maining goes why phone with alloy discussions but people were going back and forward with me listen you should may not loss and all that add to pay the end of the discussion quail or them actually said well I've only got one GPU and I ran you know I I rent my apartment or I love with my parents and frankly you know at that point I'm the way see that the arguments invalid but if you're not paying for electricity and you've only got a couple of GPUs I don't think that you can compare your set up to what I had the four or five regs or what this guy had with a ton of regs and all we oppose it's a completely different situation as far as scaling the operation as far as you know buying all the equipment infrastructure everything so take that into account as GPU main in dead mmm no make my thoughts or not probably no but it's not good and I think that as time goes on in the future GP remaining will still exist but we may see a gold assume we the cpu meaning a straight no and maybe a super niche type thing and maybe a hobby thing but as far as the top cryptocurrencies the top 100 capital con C's been a GPU only meaning coin and I think we're going to see that less unless unless no it's easy for me to see that right now we are in a beer market and I do appreciate when we go on a bill run all of a sudden all these GPUs that aren't profitable that actually lose your money all of these GPUs could actually start making money and you know GP remaining all of a sudden becomes a keys again all of a sudden that makes a lot of money again but you know having gone through the highs and the wars or not this year I would be very hesitant to drop a lot of money and to again I have absolute zero regrets about what I died about how much I invest it and I learned the law and enjoyed the experience but I think I know the pros and the cons of the market now and you know and the mark of the one just know I think that even to the easting meaning it's quite risky you know great note but obviously and a bill run things changed things become but you have to realize that unless you've got the hardware setting near and you you get everything correct just at the right time and it's hard to know when they're 18 meds but unless you get in there really early with something like this and you and you pick your pain rate and then Jeep humane is unlikely to be profitable long-term I think and by it does depend on the way that you set up it does depend on your operation it does depend on the coins you main etcetera what I think I've gained over the last few months with the milk beer market as well as seeing where the teams are coming from as far as GP remaining goes and you know if you kind of rewind and look at it from their side you know flat on its head and look at look at things from their point of view one of the reasons they went for GPUs was because they can easily you know bring a lot of people to their project bring a lot of people to your community and they can bring these GP o menos then but with so many people selling GPUs is harder to do that and and maybe start looking artistic mainers or CP perhaps even cpu main and but they'll start working out with tearing up solutions and we seen that that's GM 2018 will sing and you know more people turning towards mass nodes and proof of stake instead of proof of work and I don't know we are the markets going I'm not going to suggest that I do but you know as far as the whole thing you know site as a hallmark and all that but I do think that over time I do think we're going to see more projects or a proof of stake and masternodes and if they do do prefer work they may choose ethic manners rather than go down the GPU I think GPUs are going to be more of a niche product which means that f you are a GPU Manor and you have very ill electricity rates right now you can stole fame coins to meet money from you can still find GPU main points but I think the glory days of everyone making a ton of money with a coin like atheneum perhaps over and it's one of those things I can you know having looked at the kingdom or please and he had as well and there's a void people over there like that that had huge investments and and and hardware and GPA and also an e-cig meaning we see no cool with Bitcoin miners as welder sweating off and but I think gpo Mainers were the first casualties of the beer market and and these guys were getting hot before the ecig main guys well and I don't think GPO main is dead to summarize my thoughts and I realized my thoughts I cannot be in sporadic here and gone all over the place but I don't think GPO meaning is dead but I do think that it is dying proceed and it's the only gonna be skilled down to be less popular than it was and I think that if you look at it from a new cryptocurrencies point of view I think there's a bad item in right now for choosing an e-cig mining algorithm or choosing masters or proof of stick and you've been talking system something as well but and I think that you know remaining a 100 percent GPU mandible coin that I'll pause for that but what you'll find if you do have a project if you do have a coin that is only GPU main table you will find that your hash it will start dropping you will find that a lot of people who used to be invested in your community will not be as invested and they won't be there as much and they you know we've seen this across the board and the scores and things of that and if someone can't main your coin because they can't profitably main your coin you can't run the GPUs and make money from mailing your coin you have to say although GPUs because of the electricity reason who profits all that after they can't main your coin then they're not going to be in the scored and they're not gonna have coins to sell and they're not going to be as involved in the community and so because of all of that I think that across the board there's going to be less GPU – across the market I you know that's the way I look at and say only you know someone from the UK someone from Europe King you know maybe double that what Lloyd warned us he is being and and people in the USA are peeing perhaps double what people and easier are peeing and electricity as something that was never a factor and a bill run but it came more and more of a factor as times when as time went on his profits Kim don't and I think but that's always going to be a case with meaning in general it's kind of a race to the bomb and that regard as far as compared to from their scores as far as they've been so competitive that the people who run and the people that are most profitable world would be the ones with the loss in you know the loss course and the main costs you know a few peers of the same you know seem cost across the world the course will be infrastructure as far as rear hoses and all that but electricity as the mean one Electress is the main cost so yeah I'll turn over to you guys because I realized I went over the same subject many many times and as GPU remaining dead let me know what you think about it my opinion is that it's not dead but it's dying I think it's going to be scaled down on a big way in 2018 2020 and that raises doesn't discussions different topics as far as centralization decentralization goes but I'm I'm a realist as well about the situation and I think GPO main is going to remain a niche thing I think it's still gonna be there I don't see gonna be in the next couple of years I think it's not gonna be there and I think it's already coins that do support GPUs and that there are stock went to be an advocate for GPUs but I think that if you look at all the new coins that have been lusty don't back when talk over the last few months you can see that those lies GPU coins and more proof of state coins more masculine coins and perhaps even more ISA coins so yeah I know things that I think is dying let me know we thank guys leave a comment below but again I'd love to expand upon that subject and talk about it more in depth and so if you'd like to jump porn in a live stream and talk to myself and others about that subject for and the guest I don't want to old to be one side either want to hear people without four GPUs come on as well so if you are interested in that please do leave a comment or buzz me on Twitter or somebody else in social media get in touch with me and we will arrange a time that's hopefully good for everyone and we can't discuss it so thanks for watching guys please don't leave a comment below and I'll speak to you very soon take care

30 thoughts on “Is GPU Mining Dead?”

  1. If everyone is going to stop their rigs, is there going to be a need for them in the future? Or the case is that the GPU's just can't cope with ASICs and FPGAs?

  2. GPU mining has future but only if btc will be higher. I can say the same about all types of mining (gpu, cpu, asics, cloud, etc)

  3. Your channel is around cryptocurrency correct ? So why don't you say hey I'm going to stop mining for a bit and say I'm going to sell my stuff and sell it and. Stop making videos about complaining about it that's not worth mining that's only complaining we don't want to hear you complaining that you can't afford a mine if you can't afford them I just don't do it

  4. That's why when you build a mining motherboard you don't build six cards on one motherboard you build a mining rig that holds 12 or 13 video cards

  5. People who thought this was never going crash are stupid. They should have planned for it. FOMO is an investor disease that kills many. You don't pick the bull or the bear. You pick both.

  6. To tell you the truth , I would continue mining , even on a smaller scale at a loss just to accumulate more coins. This is all going to come back. The losses now will all turn to big profits later on.

  7. Sold my rig. I wish that I had just invested the money in what ever coins I wanted. Still paying for the fucking thing.

  8. I like the video and I only have 2 cards but at the end of the day me and my girl use the rig also to watch movies and we will keep mining at a loss for the winter we are paying 6 at loss to heat the apartment in less it hits 10 and the summer we will probably have to shut the rig down

  9. So this is really a programing problem. If you think the perfect hashing algorithm has been created already then don't mine GPUs. Any time someone comes up with something new it'll be GPU mineable for a at least 6 months till the ASICs can be built.

  10. @Kev,
    Was that the guy who has been hosting other people's GPUs and managing the rigs? I remember his face from some review done by Vosk if I remember correctly.

  11. Both my ASICs and my GPUs are getting more coins for the hash because of the people turning off their machines. As long as you can afford to float the cost of operation and stack your coins, it's a great time to be a miner. The old saying in real estate investing is that you don't make your profit when you sell, you make it when you buy. In other words: Do NOT mine in the hopes that your miners will pay for the operating expenses, you only mine if the operating expenses can be paid by your income easily. It's a long-term play that pays out well when the coins moon.

  12. I’m now officially a hobby miner. Going to see if I can stick it out over the winter and wait for btc to get its sh*t together. My rigs are stable and performing optimally. I have no issue with the difficulty plummeting and see where we are in a few months.

  13. No, GPU mining is not permanently dead.

    But any PoW-services (like GPU mining) offered to network are now in state of adjusting, that means, excess hashing power must exit, before the current pricing level and rewards can result mining again profitable.

    It's all self-adjusting thing, mining is there as long as there is PoW, but the pricing things and bubbles etc they can cause things going unprofitable for some time – until the mining power is adjusted to new level which can provide some profitability.

    Mining at loss etc, they are speculative things, not going to comment that, everybody has their own expectations and tactics on that 🙂

    Thanks for video!

  14. GPU mining as a business Financially is dead for now. but for the small Hobby GPU miners that are paying around $0.08 or lower still in the green most of the time but yes granted not very much profits but like anything got to think of the long-term Investments as long as it's not the huge negative Money Pit for you as the GPU miners or as of any other minors also.
    And for information wise I am paying $0.086 an kilowatt

  15. I have no webcam and just a flip phone but definitely, am planning on getting something that can do live streaming. I am still GPU mining my self right now. My solar panels get 40c AUD per kilowatt for putting back onto the grid. I don't mine during the day and just mine at night but only when there are dips in difficulty. Costing me 15c AUD per kilowatt at night during off-peak times.

  16. I agree: GPU mining isn't dead but it's on life support. Happy to jump into a stream (if able) when you want to do one.

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