Is Etoro A Scam? Will They Steal My Money?

okay so a big question I get asked and this actually is the first question I asked for obvious reasons first time ever went to YouTube on the internet I had sort of heard about new toriel first thing I wanted to know is is this a scat I knew nothing about it are they going to steal my money I don't have a lot of money I don't want my money kind of going missing and I know that you know I'm a move I don't know anything about this I'm very new to it I don't know about trading all I knew about trading is that it's a really complex thing done by really sharp like people who just you know deal with money and make money off people and they wear braces and they you know so all I knew about trading is that it's complicated it's well over my head and so I heard about in Torah and I thought oh gods because I've heard stories about people losing money you know being on Facebook and there's all these kind of scam obvious scam things actually the more I'm into it now the more I see those and think oh my god and I try and tell them no anyhow so first thing I did with e torrent is I signed up and I thought alright I had some money at the time so I had put $1,000 into mataró I didn't even I did nothing with it validated it I went through that whole process of Yavin account you have to upload your ID card or passport and one bill like utilities bill to show where you live and stop all of this stuff freaks me out as well I'm like what am I giving my ID card bilities identity fast or something or you know it just seems very serious and a bit frightening I mean you know I don't normally have to do that especially with a website why would I give them my details but I know who they are anyhow I did it you know put my bank account details they verified me I put in the money I think I put in the money before they verified and I was a bit you know suspicious for that as well I'll take my money before but they verify you can't trade before you your verified to be tamper in money so I burned the money got verified and I did nothing with it and the first thing I did was actually waited a bit and then I would drew all of that money when you withdraw money you obviously go to here with core funds at the moment all my funds have paid up its the amount of money I've got and so I can't actually that with my adorable balance is zero because all of that money is in truth I'm tied up to the hilt completely in trades it's not good for your risk score if you could leave a little bit of your money not in trades just in your available balance or available margin it lowers your risk score but at the moment I'm doing that so I put the amount of money I wanted to absorb into that and press the tour now when you do that for submit when you do that you get you get their fees and you can look them up I'll try and with your fees no results found really I'll go to help and try and find out how to withdraw there we go write or log or are there only withdrawal fees yes here we are withdrawal see so when you want to withdraw money your own money a when you when you put in money Tina taro it converts it all into US dollars they convert every currency for in – euros they convert that into u.s. bulbs valve asked a lot of people and apparently they use an exchange there is a processing fee to make that change but whatever money you're putting in into the US dollar amount but apparently their exchange rate is extremely competitive you really can't beat it elsewhere I've asked a few people and I trust them they said no don't worry about that don't change your money into dollars then put it into Torah is that quite fair they're really fair on the way they do that when you want to adorn money they charge you a fee so here if it's between twenty and two hundred dollars they charge you five dollars in between 200 and 500 dollars they charge you ten dollars and it's more than five hundred dollars they're charging twenty five so I would do a thousand so I got charged $25 and I just waited and I thought is this money going to go back to I think I did get a sales call or something you know like why why are you is everything okay dah dah dah I understand that I've worked in kind of sales stuff before and I know that that's really just quite good practice it's annoying me annoys me get away from me don't ask you know all my money go go go but I get it they're just trying to retain people that's their kind of business model but I got my money back so it took like maybe two three days and I got the money back it comes back to the account that you credited it from so if you printed it by this credit card it will come back to that credit card the other one that will go back slower and I got my money back so when that happened I was kind of relieved realistically I thought okay I kind of trust them a bit more and I trusted them to actually start looking at trading so what I've ended is I mean now it's a big thing I really didn't know that just take the money and run and wife I sort of realized they laughter that is I realized how big you toro was so it's not like a little company where it's worth their while just to kind of steal from me and disappear with the money so let's say they get me in and they just start stealing from people all over this first place I checked was online reviews is eToro a scam that's why I'm calling this video that you know just to give my experience there because it's terrifying could be and I checked reviews all over the internet see that's when we live we live in a plane where there are loads of reviews everywhere so if you taro or any company was to just are ripping people off I mean if there have been like you know any amount of serious complaints saying no don't trust the new tourists take money if there had been any of them I doubt I'd have signed up the ones I did find which were a bit about you know I don't get my money back we'll just it took 15 days to process or instead of giving me all my money back in one go it slid it into five separate payments what idiots log you know so it wasn't I didn't see any reviews which said they out and out took my money which is why I even tried with a thousand you know but what I've realized senses that they're not in this to scan there so they've now in exchange they make their money off spread things every trade that I make or when I'm copying the person I'm cocking makes and therefore I make they get spread sees so let's say the real price is here when I buy it they'll charge me a slightly higher price that little difference is called the spread fee that's having then what happens when I buy a thing or when I open the self position they'll make their spreadsheets they change depending you can find all the spread fees on their information page they change depending on what is your trading and when they change over time but that's how they make their money there are a lot of people on time they've done quite an incredible job they came out with coffee trading really promoted it so that people like me can say all right I don't know how to trade but I want to be in this alright I'm going to copy that guy for free who's awesome and as bad listed for 5 years or 10 years it's an unbelievable idea so they've done really well in promoting their site and getting it kind of to top for them at this point to risk the reviews by screwing people over by not giving them their money back right that would be an insane business position their business model is good eToro will be making a lot of money out of all a lot of money but they're providing a really really kind of really good service fair enough but it's not in their interest to rip us off that's what I kind of realized they realized how big it was and how they don't need to steal they can make money doing this more money we steal from someone they don't come back and they tell other people and those people never come to you in the first place if you don't see only provide a good service word spreads people trust you and around money and finance and uploading a thousands of euros you need trust you need a lot of trust so that's where they are so what I ended I have drawn my my thousand dollars whatever and then I put more and I think I put about three thousand five hundred in said alright let's go that's traded for a while really stupidly instead of doing the copying as I've told you before I tried trading by myself like lost 38 to send in October I think it was of last year so like here we are thirty eight point one four percent I lost woo in October so then what happened is come January I I actually studied filmmaking I study bring it on television production but I've never used that some other stuff what can business and all the rest of it but I never I never used that but I wanted to make videos well I thought this is really interesting to me because of this itch to make disgusting and so January came and I actually withdrew I'll show you here if I go to my history and I'll go to this year because I can only go as far back to the fear and I go to cash flows so here process withdrawal request that's where I would drew 1700 to buy this camera and to start buying you know microphones as fast and then I would drew another 409 here Yutaro credits for things they used to do they used to when you signed up if you put in a certain amount they give you certain amount of credits and it was kind of money you could trade with for three months for not real money and then they take it back it was just another noise like an incentive to sign up they don't do anymore so here we are withdrew in January 23rd of January I would do 1700 31st of January do 409 I got both of those amounts back really quickly with no hassle I got sales calls again and you know way hey is everything okay why are you doing this sort of nice American accent from Cyprus going why you drawing your money but I said look okay I need the money I'm going to buy a camera actually told them you know it was a bit wrong the second source holds me up and say why or thority figures but it's been claimed and I've listened to lots of people talking about Ventura now and I've hired people you know before in 20,000 and not having the form really if people came to withdraw money and they didn't get it back it would absolutely kill the Toros business so they can't risk that's why they know that if they do it the person doesn't get their money back with you all over the internet spreading around so at the moment from what I've seen from everything I've seen no they're not and they're not scam and will I get my money back yes I'll get my money back you know and there's people who put in vastly more than me we've done well I can't guarantee in future I can't guarantee what they do that they're going to do or what's going to happen for the world economy or I know that there's also insurance I know that like you know some people have asked what is the economy crashes and guitar goes bankrupt we are money's guaranteed to a certain amount you need to check what that is is different if you you totally you and if you within Toro UK I think it's like there's a five thousand difference I think it's up to 20,000 or 25,000 don't quote me on that go and check yourself the certain amount of money is guaranteed by sort of European law if you listen you or will you k lordy within UK I don't know about it whereas but a set amount is guaranteed in case they're completing their bus so yeah so far it's looking good you know and so far keep watching that and if anyone tells me anything other than what I'm saying please let me know that's so far no I've heard quite a lot about other people withdrawing a lot of money and not quite a lot I did a couple of times so people are just drawn a large amount and instead of getting all back in one go they've got like four five payments of you know and it's added up to the total amount and they're just containing them why did you do that new tutorial and sorry it doesn't happen again and but no no major problems good question a trifle out

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  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. It's 2019 now, and yes, I'm still using Etoro 🙂 They made me a Popular Investor on New Year's Eve 2018, which is very exciting for me!
    Here's my profile if you'd like to see how I'm currently doing : . Thanks everyone for watching and supporting the channel, I really appreciate it. I'll do a follow up for 2019 soon I think, but so far, I still think pretty much the same.

  2. Once when I was offered to work in Forex, I had a trainer who wore like you, fake gold ring, fake expensive looking shirt and that attitude like he was very rich. It is all marketing to give people fake hopes. I resigned in the end after 2 days before even I started the job. It is all indecent and unfair jobs. I had a friend and his client invested $500k to Forex and the company wanted to crash and take all his money. but luckily he asked the client to take the money back and told him about the intention of the company. If you think that you will really earn so much money with forex, better get a real job and save some money. I am not saying Forex is fake, but companies who promote forex are fake. These information are not fake. I am no longer interested in this fake shit since I got a real job. I promote to be realistic and not to get scammed by such people and companies. They look, sound very nice and their stories are nice, and their clothes, voices are nice, intentions look nice. but open your eyes and understand that all these are just marketing and no one really wants to be friendly with you to give you a friendly advise to invest your money into some scam shit.

  3. How much did they pay you to advertise the company? In TrustPilot, the special hired employees write reviews. I found it out when they called to hire me. I checked the company fully and found out that the HR department are the ones who write positive reviews about the company in the internet. It was full of negative reviews.

  4. i just took profits and withdrew some cash on etoro they charged me $25 for the withdraw (which is fair and normal for a broker) and it took 2 days to get into my account , their legit.

  5. You are AWESOME for starting this VLOG!! Info and guidance is really what everyone needs when starting anything new in ANY field. Investing and trading is no different and you are a blessing for being a leader in this, especially in YouTube. You rock

  6. Guys Etoro is pure scam stay away last year I stared with 700$ and now remaining around 250$ they have a dozen of spread fee and hidden traps please remember my word once you invest with them you will regret your money is gone
    many ppl warned me before I started with this great Etoro and now I regret

  7. eToro is indeed a bunch of scammers and thugs. Their platform is made for the sole purpose of scamming people.

  8. Hi just like to share with you a link about Dividend calendar of Nasdaq, you may find the up coming dividen list.

  9. Etoro is a bucketshop broker. If you are a serious trader. You will be trading with a prime brokerage.

  10. Hey Thomas, I have a question/concept for you! "When to add money to a trader (and why!)?"
    I've been giving this a lot of thought and you want to add money to traders who are doing you good (making you $$), so it would be natural to add those funds to that trader when you see they are doing well, while they're on a streak/right at the top, but I've found that hasn't been good to maximise profits. When a trader has a good streak, it's often followed by a small drawdown, so when you add funds at the top and the following trades are losing trades, they will cause even bigger drawdown than if you didn't add funds to begin with. I think it's worth being patient when it comes to adding funds, this is basically being extra safe with your money. Wait for a drawdown (even if small) to occur before adding funds – essentially like buying the dip.

    Would love to hear your opinion on this! (video idea!?!?)

  11. I lost more than half of my money in 3 weeks because they said I haven't completed my profile information. I lost all my crypto coins and everything.

    I don't understand them. They sent me some emails but I was traveling and did not have access to internet. I am mad at them!

  12. eToro is probably the safest platform to dabble with trading on AND it offers crypto trading, way ahead of the similar competitors.. eTorox is coming soon too, its going to be big for token trading. No scam here, this topic is just ridiculous. If you are expecting to VPN and try to avoid KYC then go and play somewhere else, this is a legitimate operation.

  13. Yes. Im ann american but live inColombia . Have some $ to invest .but i havent got the sms confirmation from them.

  14. Hi! I love watching you videos that helps me a lot in my trading. Can you tell me your name or account name so that I can copy you in etoro? Thanks!

  15. The answer is YES: eToro is SCAM! Look at this video that shows how eToro freezes / manipulates the price of NASDAQ:

  16. As per CySEC regulation, traders have 15 days (starting on the 1st deposit) to get their account verified. You can start with no more than 2,000Eur (or other currencies equivalent) without sending any document. After that period you must get identified if you wish to keep trading.

  17. i deposited 200 dollars and got a return of 60% this month only to pay 130 dollars in "fees", definetly not worth using this platform when they charge this much in "fees".

  18. I got a Etoro account started with 500eur last year now around 200eur in my account although every day there are copy trade going on and why this Sh$%^ my account going dod and down in one year ????!!!!!! I am sure once you deposit on Etoro that money you will never see back coz there are tricks and traps to suck your last 1$ from your account

  19. I'm trying to get my money out of my account. money has disappeared. No customer support number… no one replying to messages. Avoid like the plague….

  20. My withdrawal came as about 10 small payments and withdrawal fees, exchange fees added in meant a financial loss

  21. I dont know if they where good back in 2017 but dont trust them anymore! this may be in danish but the stars says it all!


  22. Go on google maps, type in etoro, look at the reviews and you will see for yourself. Same with trustpilot. I only put in $200 to see if it works. i invested in amzn, with a S/L or gain of £50. It never went anywhere near that and they emptied my portfolio. Im still waiting for my money to be withdrawn and their customer service is non existent. Keep you on the phone until you think F**k this and im hanging up. This is a bunch of con artists who know the law inside out. They will eventually disappear along with your money.

  23. Right! I invested money in etoro just as an experiment. Etoro is a ponzi scheme. If you dont know what ponzi meams google it.

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