40 thoughts on “Is Dlive The Next Bitconnect??? (Cryptocurrency Scam)”

  1. Added Sources to the description for those who want to look into this further, This is the most important one to read IMO https://steempeak.com/@meno/an-objective-look-at-dlive-s-exit
    Here's my personal stance on the situation.
    I don't think Dlive is currently scamming people but the way their currency is set up and the history of their company (which I didn't get into for this video) heavily suggests that they're setting up to scam people after they gain a larger userbase. The fact that they're exclusively using Lino for all of the website's transactions and that they're in full control of it is super sketchy considering that it's a blockchain currency.
    I don't think PewDiePie himself is aware of this, from what I've seen He's a super genuine guy and I highly doubt he would have promoted this site if he knew there was a possibility that people could get screwed over by him.
    I hope I'm proven wrong because dlive looks promising outside of their donation system and I like pewdiepie, but so far this is my opinion. Thanks for watching the video, feel free to voice your opinion below, I'd love to hear it 🙂

  2. A sucker is born every minute. And in this case, all the thumbs down people are said suckers.

  3. In my opinion, I think the grow rather than profit thing is a great idea that you should reevaluate. I think it lessens the possibility of taking the cash and running, because the goal is to have everyone's eyes on them. If everyone is using your service, you could make way more money than scamming, or focusing hard on profits early on.

    I've always thought "why dont more people worry about longevity than quick bucks, since longevity is more lucrative anyways" and it seems like we finally got a winner.

  4. 7:00
    the too first question can literaly be asked about bits aswell, seeing as the sites like twitch literaly does this the same way.
    And for the third question.
    Well just like Bits. The corrency has to start somewhere in order to become relavent.
    Bits did not start by where they are at now either

  5. @Bowblax Theres a little bit of background to Dlive, its a live streaming service that originally started on the Steemit blockchain. They moved to Lino from steem awhile ago which pissed a bunch of people off because steem was crashing. They pretty much already have run off with their money from steem to start this new scheme, now theyre just doing the same with Lino. Nothing is stopping them from moving to another coin.

  6. This is the third time watching this. More and more this looks like a money laundering thing. Wonder if any criminal organizations are tied to this

  7. So in your research did you go on Dlive and talk to the actual streamers who have been on the site for about a year now?

  8. PewDiePie is definitely not stealing Money. Whether or not d live is a scam pewds is rich enough to live how he wants. D live may be trying to grow to become monetized in future since they are quite small now

  9. Haha you can spend money to earn Lino currency but you cannot exchange Lino for money, after looking into their whole business model with 90% of this weird currency being held in one account it all screams pump and dump…… if anybody has somewhat of a brain you wouldn't buy into this scheme.

    After everybody invests in Lino the main shareholder is going to pull out and everybody promoting it is going to look pretty stupid, or maybe a little crooked because I've seen this done a thousand times already…..

  10. It's fishy real fishy I don't trust it but I assume pewds has lawyers to check it out but I'ma keep my eye on this, good vid

  11. Twitch owns the streaming market. The only way a competitor can pass twitch is if they offer their users and streams a deal that is considerably better. Dlives goal at the moment is to convert as many users from twitch to their site and once they have big enough of a user base then they will work on monetization (through ads or who knows what). It’s the same thing discord did, they ran for years without making a dime and once they had the user base they turned it into a way to make money.

    I’m not saying they are 100% proven legit, but they appear to be doing a business strategy that’s been used many times before by legitimate companies.

  12. i agree…i fell for it cause i had been streeming 2 weeks b4 these questions came to me… and people were tlaking to me in chat and following me so i got hooked which no one does on other platforms

  13. Legend of Total war made a video on this topic, he said that you can convert lino into currency, and that the TOS thing was just a scary way to prevent lawsuits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AY1gb99Kd8&t=400s

  14. Lino and dlive have legitimate weaknesses that you can criticise, like their ToS giving them full control of the currency, being able to ban or censor content they don't approve of, etc. So be careful when you speculate, it can get people saying you are exaggerating and may delegitimize your argument. However you brought up a lot of interesting and pertinent points and this discussion is necessary for us to have because let's face it, if people invest their time, money, and commit their livelihood to this platform and they can pull out at any time and ALSO stop the buying or selling of the coin, we have no control over the safety and well being of the users on their platform be it streamers or viewers. And what's worse than being censored and held to the mercy of various businesses with their advertising practices? It's being censored and held to the mercy of one centralized organization, namely dlive and their lino.

  15. the stream that was for pewdiepie was not incentivising people to donate lmao he litterally said in his video that every follow counts towards the money being donated.. not donations
    count towards the amount getting donated.

    LINO is not a CryptoCurrency yet because its on testnet so its at a fixed value (0.012$) until they polish out all the kinks before they go mainnet.

    When you highlighted the donating aspect of DLive you neglect to tell them viewers earn free LINO just for watching so essentially you don't have to put a dollar into the system to support your favorite content creators.

    Pewdiepie did not ask anyone to buy LINO lmao.. he just said come follow, go watch his video again.

    The company invested $20 million not $2 million.

    Me personally I'd use LINO instead of real money because I don't get charge back fees for people that want to try to take their money back from paypal & right when you get donated you can do what ever you want with the money you don't have to wait 6 months wondering if people are going to chargeback.

  16. Why use Lino instead of real money? A cryptocurrency is immune to inflation or economic collapse. An example of something using money that later increased its price over a few years is CSGO Keys. They had to increase their price due to inflation. With a cryptocurrency the amount of Lino will not be increased. Rather the price of purchasing Lino. Which is great when one country inflates and another does not. It also safe guards Streamers if their economy were to collapse. Their countries currency lost value, but not all the Lino points they have in their wallet currently. In America you used to be able to buy yourself a nice meal for a quarter. Now you can't even get a bag of chips for a quarter. Having Dlive be in control of Lino also prevents users from causing Lino itself to inflate. Meaning it will always be consistent in value. 2000 Lino can currently buy you a nice meal in any country. In theory it can be this way forever unless Dlive themselves change it.

    Why make the entire site run of Lino? Because of all the advantages of using their own currency rather than any currency that is volatile.

    Why not disclose how they will profit? Probably still thinking of a way to do it without pissing creators off. They currently take 10% of everything. They also have a safe guard so you need 2000 Lino points (about 35 USD) to even cashout. Which encourages points earned through viewing to just be donated as it is about 1 point per 10 minutes. Many companies do not know how to profit. Twitter struggled to profit, and so did Tesla. You build a company and then earn money. Just like how many youtubers don't put ads on their videos until they will make money after they have grown.

    What can Dlive do to profit without pissing creators off?
    1. Have a reserved spot on site streamers can pay Lino to advertise themselves on. The bigger the ad the more Lino. It is a streamers choice and Dlive would get all of it.
    2. Have a spot to donate to the site obviously.
    3. Have game Dev pay for their game category to be on the front page rather than searched.

    Plain and simply there are advantages to what they are doing and ways to make a profit once they become mainstream. Also many MCN's don't need to scam like Defy Media did. As in their contracts must put a range of what they can take. An example of this is social blade. They can take a range of 35-90% of your revenue in their contract.

    To sum things up. In 2016 I had an MTN and at the end of the month I was paid 11 cents (about 5k views in total that month it was my best month.) Messing around with Dlive for 2 days I've earned 9.6 Lino (it would be more if I didn't donate). This is about 13 cents I currently have in Lino (not including Lino I've donated.) The difference is I wasn't paid, but I also haven't spent anything.

    It can be a scam, but it can definitely succeed if we allow it to. They have amazing terms of service for creators. They allow a larger range for content than twitch because of their terms of service. The best statement I can say is be cautious, but not paranoid. As paranoia and panic has caused even America's economy to collapse. No currency is stable if there is mass panic. Give Dlive a try and you might be able to gain a good following. If Dlive collapses you'll still have your following and you can move platforms. Sure it will hurt, but shit happens in life. Always has Always will.

  17. Everyone: "why doesnt youtube NOT pay more to creators"?
    Dlive: "we give you more"
    Everyone: "its a scam!!!"

    ?People just want to find a way to complain about EVERYTHING!!!

  18. As far as i have seen DLIVE as a streaming platform has excellent quality streams already filling a niche that outperforms the other platforms out there. If I was any big company streamers I would hop on that band wagon as I got fed up with twitch a long time ago and YouTube is not optimised for livestream viewers.

  19. Dlive Is already dead I just checked it and the most views someone is getting is 600. The streamers will lose views soon this is just a short term thing and the viewers are usually one time viewers. They only watch people because PewDiePie raided them then forget about em.

  20. I'm not sure if you'll read this but whatever I'd like to put my two cents into it. Personally I don't think D-live is a scam, i do think there are some shady aspects of it but calling it 100% (which i know you didn't say directly) is like saying they'll give 100% back to creators, true to some extent but has further evidence to say other wise. How pewdiepie fits into this while it doesn't seem like pewdiepie all that much to sponsor something like D-live i think (and this is all speculation) just the fact of "giving free money to people" (whether that was actually part of the sponsorship or not) could give off kind off a mask to people that its all out the kindness of D-lives heart and they have no other motive what so ever. Also random question if you happen to answer, was Lino made for (and exclusively for that measure) D-live or they simply maybe pay for it or something to be on their site?

  21. This is epic gamers we have another opportunity for pewdiepie to stream and say the n word, quite fucking epic

  22. anytime i see any form of cryptocurrency being promoted anywhere, i know to run haha. the whole idea of digital currency freaks me tf out. great video Papa Blax <3

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