46 thoughts on “Is Cryptocurrency Mining Profitable In 2019? GPU vs ASIC Mining + Best Coins to Mine + Best Miners”

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    Timestamps to navigate this video below!
    00:00 Mining profitability in 2019 intro
    01:07 Two main types of crypto mining are GPU & ASIC miners
    01:21 Miss Vosk cameo
    01:30 Bitcoin ASIC mining
    02:40 Mining profitability of GPUs (AMD+Nvidia) in 2019
    04:30 Free advice on building mining rigs in 2019
    05:12 Mining profitability with average AMD mining rig
    06:38 Nvidia GPU mining profitability in 2019
    07:40 Zclassic forking back to GPU mining w/ new team
    08:24 CoinToMine GPU mining profit calculator AMD & NVIDIA
    09:53 What are the best mining strategies 2019
    11:06 Grincoin mining profitability and profits calculator
    11:33 Beam coin mining profitability and profits calc.
    12:05 VoskCoin best source of crypto mining guides
    12:50 Beam and Grin most profitable coins to mine in 2019
    13:57 Solo mining vs pool mining Sponsored by Equihub.pro
    16:57 ASIC mining profitability in 2019
    21:18 Bitmain new 7nm mining chips sha256 BTC miner
    22:28 Obelisk SC1 and Spondoolies SPx36 most profitable miners
    23:21 FPGA mining and issues with Acorns from SQRL
    23:40 Hard drive mining / HDD mining w/ HD space
    24:02 CPU mining difficulties with GPUs and FPGAs
    24:29 FPGA miners need bitstreams to be profitable 2019
    24:45 Final thoughts on crypto mining in 2019 profitability
    26:32 I'll be hodling you!

  2. Why would you spend your money to buy an expensive rig and spend your spare time with the goal of breaking even?!

    Mining in 2019 is a staggering waste of your time and money.

  3. Mining coin personal choice, depends on investment, electricity cost & still profitable in 2019.
    A lot of profitable mining coins available, instead of mining big players should be focus to some high potential altcoins like nix,sins,veil,loki etc …

  4. Hello, what interesting! My favourite colour is Red. By the way, I'm also a miner, but I do it from a computer with a GTX 1060 graphics card, so far I have had very good benefits. In fact on my channel I have a video, which explains the type of computer I use, the features it has and everything, just in case someone wants to review it. It can use the subtitules in differents languages

  5. it is profitable even on a normal pc. check it here https://youtu.be/fRYf_XdSMso?list=UUg9lARx9SvnoHJlLEYhL48Q

  6. I mine for 100% profit. I’m lucky, I live in a apartment with a balcony. I know it’s kinda stealing but my neighbor has a jacuzzi on his balcony, which blocks his power outlets so he can’t see them, and I plugged in there. Been going for a year like that ?

  7. Hi!! Thank you very much for all your work on sharing your knowledge and experience! I was presented to a company soposedly called 24 Expert Coin www.24expertcoin.com where they offer between 35% and 85% per day gain in mining…like…I invested 2 BTCs on it and after a week they say I have 15 BTCs, but they ask me to send them 17,700 dollars (maintenance + taxes + private key?) for them to send me the BTCs…I´m afraid it is a scam…what would you say? Can you help me?

  8. Is there anyone else using spd to boost their asic miners?

    Using it for like 3 month already and gettings some decent results, z9 mini – 28-31k Sol/s || z9 – 82-86k Sol/s.

  9. Ummm It would have to be between blue and red??‍♂️

    Bitcoin: 1GW19hBgaQbVBjABuMBTanVm8vpsg9yrjD

  10. Hello Sir i really like you YouTube Chanel. i have free electricity i want to buy bitcoin maning machine,. that machine make it without noise i need this type of bitcoin maning machine please tell me witch model without noise making bitcoin??

  11. Thank you man ive been wating to know where it comes from and u prity much sumd it up …thy pay us to run the network in away…

  12. Ok, dont get it. The number of coins is limited. Even we are still a bit over the total death zone in the chart right now, more and more people are digging for coins with even stronger miners …. At least once a year comes a new miner. Then your age Miner is only 50% worth and you are forced to upgrade and pay at least 1500 dollars extra for new miners. 1500$ is exactly your yearly profit from the most miners actually. There were 14TH / s in 2018, then the Chinese came in at 16 and now there are miners with 26 and more. It makes no sense. It is getting heavier and heavier. Can anyone explain that to me? And I could even mine without electricity … . You need even stronger machines and will earn even less then last year. It makes no sence to me, or am i the fish on the table??? It would be better, if you just buy Bitcoins fpr 1500$ once a year, if your modell ist only profitable if bitcoins get into bullmarket again. Greetings from Germany

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  14. Feel free to join our cryptocurrency trading server, we have over 5,500
    members and tons of active users : https://discord.gg/5AvWAEh

  15. Feel free to join our cryptocurrency trading server, we have over 5,500
    members and tons of active users : https://discord.gg/5AvWAEh

  16. Guys, lets be honest on this.

    In 2019, THERE IS NO PROFIT from Mining Crypto. NONE. Better sell your hardware and go back to real money making, stocks. Dont waste time and energy on a false coin that will NEVER EVER take over. EVER.
    Listen to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and many others like them. Dont get fooled by these YT Videos that promise you BS income from crypto mining. They are here to make money by watching their channel.
    I have been a crypto miner for 3 years, and I will tell you. BITCOIN is DEAD. It produces NOTHING, therefore, it will become NOTHING.
    Stop wasting time on this crap and make money in the stock market or real estate. Dont say I didnt warn you. I wasted time and money on this crap for 3 years. Just a warning to those that want to keep going on this BS crypto.

  17. its crazy how helpful this video is even though it was posted months ago. Inspires me to try the anon being a beauty and still doing the giveaway. blue like the ocean baby.


  18. Im glad its profitable at all. If you want to make it more profitable, come up with good ideas about new projects. New projects increase the demand for mining, right? So we all collaborate and find ways distributive computing can change the world get in touch with the right ppl who can get them running.

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  20. Crimson !
    like the blood of my enemies! , just kidding I don’t have any enemies 😉


  21. Red, baby!!

    Loved your video, btw. Learned a lot, thank you.

  22. how do you get the money for all the gpu and rig equipment 1080ti are around 1100.00 each I want to mine but dont want to build an out dated rig any help would appreciate,

  23. Do what you do, because you do it well !
    It has been awhile since I’ve watched your channel.
    Is that Tails??? She is cute as ever.
    I lost my girl last October but she did rock the great age of 16.

    You always do a great job with your vids, stay true to yourself, do it your own way.

    Bloody Red

    I know it’s a bit late with the bitcoin addy but I like to be available for pay it forward ;)~
    Gifts from heaven and all that.

    I always wanted to keep mining here but the electricity is way too high in Japan.
    Nice to see you are still at it.

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