Is Cryptocurrency Mining Killing PC Gaming?

what's up everyone JC sends here we just finished our CES coverage just came back from that so a huge thank you to all of you who viewed those videos and supported but with some to go back some regular content before we do that here I've been kind of struggling with where to go forward especially in 2018 because in the last five years I've been doing this we have seen some pretty interesting historical movements in the PC and specifically the GPU market and that being the rise of cryptocurrency and when I keep finding myself coming back to in the back of my mind is is this is this new thing causing a disruption and a decline of PC gaming as a whole the all new master liquid 120 and 240 l RGB coolers provide an easy and reliable way to keep your processor nice and cool they're all new dual chamber pump and low resistance radiator offer a higher transfer of heat for both Intel and AMD CPUs while six preset lighting effects an RGB ensure that the 120 and 240 L seamlessly match your color design choice make it yours by following the link in the description below now this video is probably going to rub a few people the wrong way especially if you are following me and you are a cryptocurrency miner yourself and you've probably even cashed in if you've been in long enough so of course the profits are going to outweigh any of the negatives if you happen to be on that side of the coin but let's try and look at it from the perspective of the average consumer the guy who has been saving up his money all summer long or he has been working overtime hours to try and afford that new GPU and suddenly they're unavailable or the ones that are available are two to three times the cost that they launched at specifically because of cryptocurrency mining in the way it leverages GPU power and the ROI you can get now we've seen a huge rise in decline and rise in decline over the last several years of cryptocurrency but as they keep getting higher and higher in value whether it be blockchain or aetherium or Bitcoin specifically that had reached I think at one point $19,000 per coin when everyone thought 500 and 600 dollars per coin was astronomical what happens is you get all these people running out wanting to passion no pun intended on the entire craze of cryptocurrency and as much as people swear that it's a fad and it's not going anywhere the more mainstream retailers and online eat Taylor's and other legitimate outlets and retail stores start accepting cryptocurrency the more its accepted plate in more places the more people are doing it which is putting a larger strain on specifically the GPU community now that's what leads me to say that this is causing a huge decline in terms of PC gaming growth now sure we're not moving backwards necessarily an amount of PC gamers are but there is a decline in growth figures if that makes sense we're not growing at this rate as we used to a back in 2012 I think was 2012 I did a video titled is PC gaming dying and people were calling me out left and right saying I was I was disconnected and I was not in tune with what was going on a PC gaming because steam figures show that PC gaming he was at an all-time high I feel like right now what we are experiencing is a is just a huge strain on the market that I don't think can continue let's try and look at this at a couple of different perspectives here you're a GPU manufacturer and people live we got some AMD GPUs here in some NVIDIA GPUs here no but I got right here is a GTX 480 this was one of the most sought after cards in all of cryptocurrency mining you know era this this card right here had the best ROI or return on investment where the costs to performance on this in terms of hash performance was through the roof and so what people were doing was buying these up left and right and what you guys saw was this more than doubled in price same thing happening with five 70s and five 80s here it is right here and it's happening all over again with GTX 10 70s we got one right here if you can't gather I'm sitting on a goldmine of GPUs but I refuse to do cryptocurrency mining it's something I don't want any part of and I feel like it is causing damage to a community that I care an awful lot about but let's look at it from a couple of perspectives here let's say you are the manufacturer of the GPUs and a lot of folks are very upset with the manufacturers saying that they're setting pricing and this and that but I can tell you that manufacturers have reached out to me and said they have no control over the pricing we'll go ahead and leave the whole Vega Fiasco out of it because we do know Andy did indeed have roll over a lot of that but but for the most part the manufacturers the the individual the EVGA s and the gigabytes and the sapphires they're not out there studying the astronomical pricing retailers are because of the simple economic supply and demand model if you have things that are in demand and you don't have supply price goes up it is a capitalist market that's exactly how free market and free capitalism is designed to work unfortunately if you're the guy that's out there trying to save up for a two hundred dollar graphics card that's the best you can afford but now a two hundred graphics card at one dollar graphics card cost six hundred dollars what do you do and I don't think many people would disagree with me when I say that this is causing a strain in the PC market just take a trip to Fry's Micro Center hell even Best Buy and you'll see what I'm talking about in terms of pricing now I don't know what we can do about this I honestly don't know what the answer is because what's happening now is all the people that have used graphics cards are selling them obviously for a huge profit as well I mean if you bought a gtx 1070 or a 1070 TI when they launched it retail let's say 399 dollars for this guy and you can turn around and sell it for $700 you'd be kind of a fool not to but that perpetuates the problem and we have a perpetual cycle here of cost and a bubble that is building and when it bursts gamers will win unfortunately who knows what that's going to do the economic side of things on a crypto currency and the people who have invested huge amounts of money and even property and other collateral in that market I don't know what the answer is but I'm concerned I just wanted to make this video to start a discussion because I'm concerned about how far this can go the GPU manufacturers cannot manufacture them fast enough you see these you see these pictures in these videos of guys who have rigs with 10 15 20 GPUs per rig and these special cryptocurrency mining cabinets and they've just got the GPUs as far as the eye can see you've see guys who buy up 20 30 graphics cards at a time when sometimes manufacturers only have 50 or 100 to sell and you have one or two guys that buy up all of them what do you do I this video exists because of the amount of people I get writing me emails and asking me to buy graphics cards from me at retail price because they simply can't afford buying it somewhere unfortunately guys carts you see here has nothing has no impact on the market whatsoever so even if I sold them at retail it makes no difference to things I might make a difference to you because you got at a decent price but I use them to make my videos obviously which is another reason why I don't mind on these cards I'm concerned so I don't know what the solution is I'm really kind of reaching out to you guys this how far you think this is gonna go where do you think it's gonna end up in the next couple of years because the last two years alone in terms of cryptocurrency mining and what has happened to the industry I think is a negative now this is probably making companies like Nvidia super happy though and the reason why I say that is I'm NVIDIA has got this idea that GPUs are the future GPUs are going to be the new CPU CPUs er are not gonna be able to keep up with where the GPU performance is going over time and I think that's I think that's accurate to a degree but all of the all of the power that in the compute power that has been pulled out of graphics cards has definitely been impressive over the last couple of years that's definitely been a an exponential increase in power but I mean it's not new to use graphics cards to leverage compute loads I mean something that's been going on in terms of professional work environments people that are doing professional CAD and stuff like that you know you got double precision and all that stuff that's been leveraged but those cards were those cards were designed for that and it cost thousands of dollars the problem is you've got these two hundred dollar gaming cards that are being sold for two and three times the cost because they it's like the one thing that's used for cryptocurrency mining gaming graphics cards were able just to pump out at an astronomical rate causing people to go out and just buy them up so at the end of this video I don't really know what the answer is I don't really know if there was even a point to making this video other than I feel a little bit better by even talking about this and bringing it up and saying personally I am NOT a fan of cryptocurrency and what it is doing to the industry I'm not a fan of what it's doing to PC gaming as a whole and as someone who saw at PC gaming when I was three that's now 33 years ago I don't even know like I don't even know how I feel about it any time someone asked me if I'm if I'm interested in doing cryptocurrency I almost get a little bit salty at just the tone of the whole idea of cryptocurrency and what it's doing because I can't think about the potential profits and all that all I think about is what's happening as a whole other community I care a ton about and I want to do budget based videos I even thought about going out and taking $500 again going out and seeing what you can buy for right now twenty or twenty eighteen for five hundred bucks and even at micro Center I don't feel it's very doable considering the costs of ddr4 specifically as all the new platforms of ddr4 and then what's happening with GPU pricing it's just I don't even know I don't even know where this is gonna go and how far it can go so although I had to do guys with spark a discussion down below if you are for or against cryptocurrency cite your reasons as to why because I'm really kind of curious as to the insight of how far people think we can we can handle this how long can we do this and have an industry not just collapse on itself I mean the collapse is probably going to end up being cryptocurrency itself but then again there's a ton of people that are convinced that is the future of currency without big banks and gold backing and all that stuff so anyway that's it just a rambling head video I wanted to get that out I feel a lot better now not really I don't feel any better at all anyway guys sound off down below and let me know what you think thanks for watching I'll see you in the next one you

23 thoughts on “Is Cryptocurrency Mining Killing PC Gaming?”

  1. I saved money for gtx 1080 ti and all of sudden prices go high because of gpu miners ? Maybe it's time to murder them

  2. No Money needed to invest check Referral Link of micro mining

  3. Both Nvidia and Amd should have retooled now, and after the crash which happened mid year they would have and abundance of new cards which gamers would love to buy. Of course ray tracing should have been delayed for a few years as well

  4. About a year ago at Micro Center in New York I was looking to upgrade my two GTX 770 video card and a Gentleman approached me and offered me $600 for each video card claiming that he wanted them for cryptocurrency.

  5. i am happy it has become 2019 and gpu prices are really normal at the moment and me as a 15 year old boy can build my dream game pc

  6. glad its fucking dead. now i can get a gpu and a sizable amount of ram for less than a morgage payment. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES

  7. The solution is to make crypto illegal but wait it already is but the government isnt stopping it. Money laundering and pedos love it.

  8. ayzTwoCents
    Paramayning is the key advantage of PRIZM before the rest of cryptocurrency. In the basic mechanism of Forzhinga, developers was added a unique, linear-retrograde mechanism of determination of the award for storage of funds, aimed at economic attractiveness and gradual substitution of mass of all existing Financial instruments of the world

  9. Just subscribed.

    I had the same GPU for the last 3 years and it was working perfectly for my PC gaming rig. GTX 960. It died 1 month after the warranty so I'm off to look for a replacement model. Not even an upgrade but just a replacement.

    Then I saw the current prices. My….goodness.

    So with some research, I found out that it's the Cryptocurrency miners that are responsible for this influx in pricing. I watched your video and it indeed made me feel a bit better knowing it's a legitimate issue for yourself and other PC gamers.

    I'm watching this video a year later in February of 2019 and am wondering what the current status is on this? I have toyed with the idea of going console for my gaming before, even to just play with pretty much every other gamer I know. I know so FEW PC gamers and am tired of hearing of the fun times my friends are having on their PS4 systems while my gaming rig sits currently in the corner, non functioning, and just waiting for a break in price of a GTX 1060 just so I can get back up and running.

    I don't need 4K gaming or120 FPS (60 is fine for me) and all the games I play also come out on the consoles. It's just I have a huge library of Steam games that will be left behind if I make the switch.

    I look to you good sir….has this issue in 2019 seen any improvement or has cryptocurrency sealed the coffin of PC gaming?

    Thanks for your video…

    Vancouver, Canada

  10. We knew it was only a matter of time before the crash, I was perfectly fine running older cards until it happened, and now we can get 1070ti's for less than $200!

  11. I was going to buy a 1080 a few years ago. When i saved up (it took me a year) it went up. I had to save even more to get one. I just dont like it, money for other people to be pissed.

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