8 thoughts on “Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?”

  1. Crypto gives me the same vibe I got from the Moller Skycar and from VR/AR headsets. In theory these ideas are incredibly sexy. But they all have one fatal flaw. The Moller Skycar never produced any sort of prototype that would convince me that it would replace conventional automobiles. There's a huge difference between a tethered car that can hover in midair for a few seconds and what most people think of when they hear the words "flying car". That's not to say that 100 years in the future we won't have flying cars but in terms of an investment it's just way too risky and it could easily go both ways, there could be a sudden breakthrough that changes the game of transportation forever, or they could be stuck working on a functioning prototype for the next 100 years.

    VR/AR also has a fatal flaw. No matter how enticing the tech is, how amazing the experience is and how much potential there is for developers, you still have to get around the uncomfortable aspect of the hardware itself. Looking down at your cellphone is inconvenient, interferes with you concentration (may even get you killed) but it's not that big of a deal for most people. Putting on a headset, often a big and heavy one, is a big deal. Even wearing AR goggles is a big deal. That's not to say people haven't and won't continue to buy these headsets, they will, but the hardware tech just isn't there yet in terms of comfort and the potential for daily usage by the average person. You pay too big of a price for these experiences. And if we're being honest here, the software isn't really there yet either. There are a handful of decent VR games on the market but they are by far the exception. Most games and apps suck. Like the Skycar, VR and AR could blow up tomorrow or we might spend the next untold amount of decades treading water with the same type of hardware setups.

    Crypto sounds even better in theory than the other two examples but aside from the flaws explained in this video there is one more fatal flaw: the biggest governments of the world are going to make it virtually impossible for crypto to become the mainstream financial institution of the future. The current system with all its flaws, and its flaws are massive, is still beneficial for governments and banks. It's not good for consumers or for black markets which is where crypto shines. But good luck convincing China, the US, EU et al to fully embrace crypto and do away with the current system. In fact it won't surprise me if it takes an actual world war to make that happen.

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  3. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin have been both good and bad investments. They have been good investments for those who purchased them early on before their big run up, and sold them near their all-time highs.
    For Now make sure to invest in Cryptocurrency only short term.

  4. Bitcoin is a safe investment. Supply and demand is different from valuing American companies. Cryptocurrencies are not company’s. They are protocols that will replace enterprise companies. Remember when they said the computer will replace jobs, well here it is. Blockchain solves the human error while smart contracts eliminate the middlemen. Some of The best innovation is being built on ethereum with different tokens such as the erc721 and erc1155. Bitcoin and ethereum are definitely long term.

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