Is China The Beginning of the Black Swan, Wild Card BTC Event? [VLOG#133]

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what’s going on guys so last night wow what can you say
Chinese government gets in and says they’re all in our blockchain and BTC
the last now question is is it gonna hold well this is kind of the Black Swan
event the unpredictable event or one of a series events that can happen you know
in the previous video I know we were talking about the 61.8% FIB retracement
and that is what everyone was expecting it just as everyone is expecting victory
to moon well you know so that tweet goes out
China’s all in on blockchain and what does that mean
you know you have to think about it think about a government-issued
digital currency what if the only way you could spend it would be with a
government-issued wallet and in order to get that wallet you would have to show
your ID and this and that well for the government for a place like China this
is the ultimate because they literally on the blockchain can track every single
dime that you have moved or possess so
I think that is the direction that they’re going but anyways that’s just
kind of my philosophical thought on a whole China blockchain thing I think it
really ultimately for them is about amassing super control because then they
could deactivate wallets they could they could block purchases at certain places
they can do all kinds of stuff if it was a centralized decentralized project you
know from that standpoint that’s kind of the concept is that if something is a
blend of centralized and decentralized it would give people full control of
your money you know at least if you have a dollar bill it’s still in your pocket
right they can’t like can’t be blocked from using that dollar bill so that’s
that’s something to think about you know related to that now as far as BGC goes
do I think we’re gonna go straight to 16k bait you know that anonymous post
out there that was posted a while ago that Bitcoin you know it had all the
press it has all the prices 16k I don’t know I don’t know but one thing’s for
certain this is that wild card black swans scenario that we’re talking about
that is always possible that something could trigger
you know trigger an event or something unexpected I mean think about all the
people that got wrecked on bit max and that is exactly why I’ll never put a
single Satoshi in bit max you lose it it’s a slot machine it’s a slot machine
in 99 percent of the time you will lose unless you are some kind of super
professional trader who would have expected Bitcoin to go up to thousand
dollars or whatever in 24 hours nobody nobody would so anyways
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tomorrow as always with new stats and stuff and you have a great day do
something productive this is crypto slo if you’re not
talking gains, then we’re not talking.

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