28 thoughts on “Is Buying Crypto Like Investing In Google in 1998?”

  1. Long term for sure i think everybody should be thinking long term as well. Im surprised how many people panic sell for loses so much. Maybe they got to much in and are relying on quick profits. Hodl seems like a easy and profitable way to go about it.

  2. Keep up the good work you're doing. I thoroughly enjoy your style of presentation and quality of content in your videos.

  3. Most definitely a long term HODL with LTC, if you think it is dead then get out because we don't need anymore FUD in the market… We are still in the beginning stages of a transition and yes the bankers do not want this to succeed because it cuts off a major power they have, they will either crush the market and try to kill it or we keep it going and then they are forced to flood in or die out. But with the lightning network unfortunately we do not know what's going on in terms of deals, the banks can still live unfortunately, they may be the ones on the lighting network facilitating all of the transactions and getting all of the transactions fees…

  4. Long term gains for me. I invision not selling my lite coin for usd to pay my bills but actually pay my bills with ltc.

  5. I had to join the military after the financial crisis in 2008… I could not find a job after the company I worked for went out of business. I believe crypto's can give me and a lot of other average everyday people an actual chance to get out of the Rat Race. I'm not in this for quick buck anymore. Long term investor here. I have all my eggs in Litecoin and CarVertical… I need to start spreading out my investments. I actually have been working at BMW for 3 years now and CarVertical is acting like they are going to have a partnership with BMW so that really caught my attention. I was following them when they were at 8,000 twitter followers they are already over 9,000.. so I am keeping an eye out for them.

  6. If my cripto went up a lot lot I'd get some money out so I have made something out of my investment but I'd not take more than 50%
    Keep my fingers in the pie incase it carries on growing..

  7. Love the videos and I may not have 250K to invest but I've listen to your insight(which is great) and I know it's small but through small buys I now have one Litecoin I know it's small but I've been patient and worked for it. IMO that is what I like about the Crypto space even though it is volatile it was less intimidating to get into crypto market than it is to get in the traditional stock game!#LTCHODL

  8. As we speak in my opinion from looking at the Litecoin Charts. THE BEAR ? ?‍♀️ IS OVERRR????????????????

  9. I believe I'll be paying for most standard goods with Litecoin within 5 years. I'm putting all my spare change into it. If it fails then so be it, but I'm in love with the tech and life is about taking risks. Cryptocurrency is a spark of optimism for the future of the world.

  10. Hi Dan. Im looking for long term gain. But will probably take profits along the way. I’ve learned from the fall of Bitcoin in the last load of weeks. God bless u also. Jesus loves you Dan. <><.

  11. I totally agree with you Dan, it’s here so stay. I’m a long term hodler of LTC.
    Its amazing how people in general find comfort opposing something new and groundbreaking!! When I ask why they don’t even know much about it.

  12. I'm a long term- mid term investor, new to any form of investing. I also bought 175000 shares in ARS asiamet resources, which are a junior copper mining company. Along with ltc and btc. I feel in the near future were gonna have a group meeting to celebrate our success.?

  13. The crypto market is overvalued, it’s far to early to see any tech being used on the block chain, yes buying in is a good idea, but I think since this crash the big movements are all over.

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