Is Blockchain a Fad?

[MUSIC] What is blockchain, a fad or not? Well, there are some serious people who
thought Internet was indeed a fad and that’s documented. I’m not gonna name any names, but I’m sure the viewers could
do some research on their own. In fact, someone who ended up getting
the Nobel Prize said that the Internet would go the way of the facts. Well, predicting the future is kind
of hard, so it’s hard to tell whether blockchain is gonna be as transformational
as Internet in the same amount of time. Most likely will impact many
things that we do today and we end up doing it very differently, but
the time to get there, its a big question. I don’t foresee that happening
in the short term because in blockchain it’ll require a lot of
infrastructure to be built first, especially as it pertains
to consumer products. Products that consumers will end up using. But we’ll get there eventually, how long, again, it’s anyone’s guess,
but it’s not gonna be short term.

One thought on “Is Blockchain a Fad?”

  1. The Internet enabled new kinds of communication and new kinds of communities to form. It enabled entire new business models.

    The Internet took off when browsers were developed, making it easy to access and share information. Cryptocurrencies are a usability nightmare constantly being manipulated by scheming hucksters.

    What new things does blockchain enable? Buying drugs more effectively?

    Tell me one business that a blockchain makes possible that is not possible without it.

    Anyone who replies to this with companies that use blockchains to do something that already exists in the same distribution channels with the same basic business model and would work just fine in the sense of being able to provide the same product or serve at equal if not much lower cost without a blockchain proves my point.

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