Is Bitcoin The Biggest Bubble In History Or Biggest Investment Opportunity

hey Tatyana Moshchenkov here in this
video I’m gonna talk to you about the hottest topic out there alright is
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency like the biggest bubble in history or is it
really the biggest investment opportunity in history that you’ve ever
heard about at this point you probably have heard the noise of like oh my gosh
bitcoin started out at like 13 dollars back you know what seven eight years ago
and now it’s over $7,000 per single coin okay it’s not like a physical like
having a gold bar or a silver bar it’s crypto point which means it’s like
an Internet coin it doesn’t physically exist like you can’t really touch it
right but it exists and here’s what I found out is that banks don’t like it
because they’re not able to charge percentages and fees and so on and so
banks are trying to really resist it but I want to ask you and see if you know
this right do you think that truly Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies and and
there’s a lot of coins that are coming out I think bitcoin is like one of the
most expensive right or kind of the highest costing one at this point but do
you think and you can post a comment below this video do you think it’s the
biggest bubble which is gonna go up up up and then burst and everybody who’s
invested is gonna lose their money or do you think that bitcoin is a worthy
investment that people who are not waiting who get
off the fence and we’re not waiting who are investing and it’s gonna change
their financial future forever so go ahead and post your answer I’m kind of
curious to see what you guys think okay but here are my thoughts about this okay
number one is I don’t believe in ever ever ever putting all of your eggs in
one basket because of that bottom drops you’re
losing all your eggs from that basket right we know that and that’s been
proven people have done it and people have lost money in real
estate in whatever investments they’ve done there’s many people that have lost
money okay here’s what I do believe that and this
is okay here’s a disclaimer do not take this as any financial advice at all you
got to have do your own research I my goal for this video is I want you to
become empowered and actually do your research but the one thing the one goal
with this video is I want you to really be aware and that’s why I started it out
with the question versus like hey I think that bitcoin is a bubble or I
think bitcoin is the future of the you know the monetary system okay I started
out with the question because I want you to empower yourself and actually go out
there and do some research okay so here’s what I do believe and that is if
you are at a place where you can take a little bit of money because the nice
thing about bitcoin is you don’t have to buy the whole coin right like you can
get a fraction of a fraction and just build it up but invest maybe in several
but do your due diligence do your research do and and make sure and check
out what you know what blockchain is and how’s the mining is it available like is
it solid and you gotta do your due diligence before you put your money out
there because there have been already MLMs and schemes that have been burnt
even in this short amount of time okay so do your due diligence now here’s the
other cool thing okay being in 4% group with Vicks tri juice right we are
bringing bit coin and crypto education and the platform to 4% as an additional
income stream which I’m super pumped about we are getting ready to launch our
version 3.0 of the 4% back-office just like literally in the next couple of
weeks and I’m super pumped and super excited because there’s a lot of noise
there’s a lot of people like they see somebody investing and they see oh my
gosh like bitcoin is over seven dollars and people are like Miss toad
and they’re having like these panic anxiety attacks right but what we’re
gonna do what we’re gonna have is we’re gonna have the best to none
education and experience for our users who become part of 4% to learn about
Bitcoin and really position themselves to where they really get the best of all
the worlds that that’s available out there right now you hear people saying
like oh yeah I knew I invested back in 2011 I invested back in 2013
I knew is gonna be over $7,000 but nobody knew reality is nobody knew it
could have grown or it could have plumped down and disappeared and nobody
knew so people just take pride you know that their money grew and so they’re
like no oh yeah we knew that’s great okay so I want you okay around this
video somewhere on this video there’s a link to 4% okay go ahead and join with
me okay commit to your success and we’re gonna be exploring the whole world of
crypto Bitcoin and if you miss out on this if you literally miss out you might
miss out on the biggest opportunity of your life and if you watch the market if
you watch the economy and globally what’s happening right now there’s the
biggest wealth transfer that is happening and what happens when that
takes place is that some people transfer their wealth and set themselves up for a
legacy like a legacy for their children for their families for their future
while other people you know like the poor just become poorer and and that’s
not because that there’s something that they don’t know it’s just that they’re
not willing to take the time to learn and really take accountability for their
actions alright so go ahead and find a link somewhere on this page go through
all the way commit to your success okay I’ll personal reach out to you I’ll give
you access to our Facebook group and to all of the resources and let
build our wealth together let’s build that legacy for you your family together
because you deserve the best so find that link and I’ll see you on
the inside Tatyana signing out bye for now

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