29 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin Set For A Big Move? | Here's why I'm waiting for a clear trend to form”

  1. There will be no altcoin cycle before the bigger correction. There was already an altcoin cycle in the last monthes.

  2. Right on target, my friend. You are amazing! I still think the BTC will reach 11.500 before the altcoins really show some strength. Then… We’ll see those crazy double-digits again, like 2017.

  3. So, it broke well past $8,200. Are you going long now? I think there is a lot going on with relation to the trade war. I think China is moving a lot of money into crypto in an attempt to soften the blow longterm and ultimately gain an advantage.

  4. Bro, I liked your video, and love your content… but you need to calm down about these guys h8ing on you and calling it a coordinated thing. I mean yeah its obvious that MartiniGuy and MrKristof are friends and lots of those guys talk to each other. Why is that weird? Dont fall onto the trap of thinking they are all conspiring against you. They are most likely doing that for search rankings generating YouTube views (since they will tend to capitalize off of each others' videos all on the same/similar topics around the same point in history since the search interest has been piqued).I STARTED INVESTING IN CRYPTO LAST YEAR AND I WENT DOWN THE DRAIN UNTIL I FOUND A COMMENT ON YOUTUBE ABOUT RICHARD. I DIDN'T HESITATE TO CONTACT HIM, I TRADED WITH HIM AND WENT FROM HAVING 4BTC TO *18BTC. THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO POSTED ABOUT RICHARD, YOU ARE ALL PART OF MY SUCCESS STORY. EDGE COMES FROM INFORMATION FLOW, THE ABILITY TO CORRECT YOUR HABITS IN TERMS OF THE MARKET'S CHARACTERISTICS AND BEING ABLE TO LEARN FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW MORE THAN YOU, EXPAND YOUR INFORMATION NETWORK AND TAKE RECOMMENDATIONS. IT’S NO NEWS THAT MR RICHARD HAS BEEN HELPING SO MANY OF US OUT HERE WITH NEW WORKING STRATEGIES TO TRADE OUR BITCOIN. YOU CAN CONTACT HIM VIA EMAIL AT [email protected] WHATSAPP +1 9043 8508 01 OR VIA *TELEGRAM @cryptorichardx EVEN WHEN BITCOIN IS NOT MOVING FORWARD, YOU CAN STILL MAKE SO MUCH MONEY DESPITE THE CURRENT FALL IN BITCOIN

  5. Margin on Alts ? Esp below top 20 CMC,.. no waaayy. Bad move. Unless its a promising project and whole market dumps on big, big dip, I would be very, very careful. What if you set stops and they get skipped over ? Ur F-ed

  6. that was not a rant, it was solid financial advice combined with low key shade at drama #applauding

  7. GREAT CONTENT AS USUAL NICK. I think it's a great thing to warn people of the risk that margin trading poses. So many new investors to the space. Can you explain your best tactic if you missed the buy in at the $8200 level? Would you look for a pull back?

  8. It is still the 26th of May and Bitcoin just broke out to 8600. Still too soon, it could be a set up for a reversal. Fun to watch.

  9. Thanks nick, been watching you since mid 2017. You're one of few you tubers I trust. Keep up the good work.

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  11. Yes we are in the Twilight Zone! Thanks for your insight on the market Nick! Can you please make an update video on your top privacy coins? I recall that you had mentioned Spectrecoin (XSPEC) awhile back. Recently they just started offering stealth steaking, which is huge! PIVX was first with anonymous staking, but it's based on Zerocoin, a trusted setup protocol, which is currently having privacy issues due to a recent vulnerability being discovered. Making XSPEC the only privacy coin in the market to offer stealth staking. Would love to get your insight and see what your top picks are for privacy coins. Thank you!

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