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let’s jump right into the news Tim Draper calls India’s crypto Stan’s a
huge mistake there’s just one article I want to talk about and it’s because I
got a lot of messages with the whole India’s crypto stands what their stance
was how they said they were cracking down on it they wanted to ban it and I
got a lot of messages from people in India who watch the channel asking me
what they should do because you know they they’re kind of stuck in the
situation honestly I don’t know much about the situation I don’t know what
what you can do I’ll keep you updated as I you know as I learn more and as I get
more ideas but I wouldn’t be too concerned cuz I don’t think this is
gonna be too something that lasts very long I think it I agree with Tim Draper
I think it’s a huge mistake and one that like I said I don’t think it’s going to
last very long so don’t worry too much about it and as I said I will keep you
updated on everything as I learned more so now let’s take a look at the market
cap I want to go through this first before we talk about Bitcoin mining
really quick because it is a green day a lot of people happy to see another one
of these things are up six four seven five percent not looking too bad the
total market caps back above two hundred fifty billion dollars Bitcoin dominance
is at forty five point two so Bitcoin doing very very well back up at the
seven thousand dollar range one point I didn’t want to point out though is one
chain one chain is up 23% yesterday I had a call with someone a consultation
call someone and portfolio review call whatever you want to call it and we went
over some all coins out they were looking for a more medium to short-term
strategy to make some money and I said one chain might be a good idea to look
into and this was yesterday now look what happened today
they announced more depth on the on one chain and here we have it 23% increase
some nice profits so hopefully they took action with what I said and if you guys
want to book some consultation calls or portfolio review calls make sure you
check out the link down below be the first link in the description you guys
can go ahead and schedule one of those I think I try my best to give as much
value as possible so hopefully they manage to take advantage of this and
they see the nice profits now let’s jump right into the mining this is actually
what I want to talk about most so I personally I use Genesis mining and hash
flare Genesis mining is sold out so hash flare
is what I’m using right now this is hash flare I’ll leave a link to it down below
if you guys are interested in it I personally still use it and I think it
bit I haven’t had any issues I’m at any withdrawing issues I haven’t had any you
know any issues whatsoever so I kind of wanted to run some calculations because
I think a lot of people are you know misunderstand what’s what what I see in
Bitcoin mining and that is the biggest contract you can buy at one time on hash
flow you can buy like multiple contracts right one right after the other but the
biggest contract you can buy is 110 hash it’s gonna cost you currently $12,000
and that’s you know that’s it’s significantly from what it was before
previous it was 15,000 so it is down significant significantly they did cut
the price to get more people to buy in and I think that’s because they’re
looking at the long term potential in this too so twelve thousand dollars ten
a hundred thousand ten one hundred thousand a hundred ten hash one hundred
thousand Giga hash there we go we’ll get you before any fees it’ll get
you fifty one dollars in profit every single day now that’s awesome but that’s
not what I want you guys to focus on I want you to focus on this this is how
much Bitcoin you are getting now there is there are fees the fee is a fixed
dollar amount so currently the fee is like 50% but as Bitcoin you know price
increases as everything happens I think that fees going to go back down but
let’s just say 50% for fees jump right into it so you’re making 25.91
dollars every single day but again what I want
to focus on is the Bitcoin amount so this calculator doesn’t calculate when
you when they take away the Bitcoin so I’m going to do it without the fees just
to get an idea of what I’m talking about because the the logic still makes sense
so point zero zero seven Bitcoin right that’s what you get and right now
Bitcoin obviously priced at to seven thousand two hundred dollars now if in
the year you will earn two point six Bitcoin right um
and honestly with the fees and with the projection of the difficulty and
everything I don’t think you’re gonna get necessarily much lower than that
even with the fees but let’s say you get two Bitcoin right let’s say two Bitcoin
fair enough we took some we’re gonna do the very
very low ball estimate just so we don’t piss anyone off so to pick when you get
in the course of your 1-year contract you paid $12,000 you get two Bitcoin now
two Bitcoin if you were to buy it right now would be caught it would cost you
fourteen and a half thousand dollars so already that’s a win but what I’m
thinking of right now is two Bitcoin if at the end of 2018 we just said in
yesterday’s video that we think Bitcoin could reach twenty five thousand dollars
that means that you’re making $50,000 often investment of twelve thousand
dollars now the return right there is a lot better and this can be said for you
know you can invest as low as two dollars on this platform and you can run
the calculations yourself to see how much you’re gonna get but this is the
issue I see a lot of people having with Bitcoin mining is that yes right now it
might not be the number one investment but personally I like to have
differentiated investments obviously some I have in all coin some I have in
Bitcoin and some of my money I have in Bitcoin mining and other cool thing is
that you can pay with credit cards you don’t actually have to give up any of
your cryptocurrency and it is another form of passive income which is
something I really really enjoyed now I haven’t covered how to learn in a
wildstylez waiting for the perfect time in the market and I think right now with
everyone panicking about prices dropping Bitcoin price dropping now would be a
good time because the prices on hash flare also dropped which means to use
dollars you can get a pretty solid contract and just wade out and make some
very nice returns you know make it big goes to fit $25,000 each
then you just made $50,000 and Bitcoin does what John McAfee says he goes to
$1,000,000 you’ve made two million dollars I’m not saying it’s going to
those prices but that’s kind of the long-term thinking you have to have it’s
not what happens right now but how much Bitcoin am i earning and then how much
could Bitcoin be worth in the future and that’s honestly what I think is the best
part about Bitcoin mining so hopefully that clears some stuff up guys I think
Bitcoin mining is a great opportunity right now and I’m definitely going to
keep increasing my contracts as much as I can in the coming months just to try
and secure it like I said another form of passive income which will pay me out
every single day in Bitcoin and I can withdraw it and put it in my wallet and
that is that now technical analysis wise we did dip a little below the the red
line right here however we came back up and are now floating around the seven
thousand dollar mark again I think the seven thousand dollar is showing to be a
pretty consistent level for Bitcoin and kind of the level we trade sideways now
we do trade you know we you saw we had one trade up trying to break above it
didn’t work try to break below it didn’t work so holding pretty strong at the
seven thousand dollar mark now you guys remember in yesterday’s video we are
talking about the important dates that we want to see some actual movements
when we think actual movements are going to happen and that is towards the
towards tax day in the US or around the world I don’t know what tax day
specifically isn’t around the world but I’m focusing on the US is April 15th
so between April 15th and April 17th is what I’m looking at seeing some big
movements in Bitcoin price and overall cryptocurrency prices now you guys know
I still have the 20-day moving average here because this is my indicator for
those of you guys who are trying to make you know a quick trade I would use the
20-day moving average as an indicator when when we break above that I think
it’s safe to say that we are going a little bit you know more above it um
that’s kind of the point I’m looking at for us to break through though before
I’m confident and you know see and upward today and see more upward
potential in the short term at least obviously a long
term we all think Bitcoin is going to reach this all-time highs again I think
we’re gonna see that in 2018 no problem I’m still very very confident
in that but for the short term 20-day moving average is what I’m looking at
now let’s go ahead and do the giveaway I know this video was a little shorter but
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summertime it will be a bull run from a Jody Jones yes I think summertime will
be a bull run and I’m very very very very very excited and preparing my
portfolio for this honest they’ve just been buying up cheap altcoin buying up
cheap Bitcoin and also I’m going to be starting investing in more Bitcoin
mining so guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did leave a
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