Is Bitcoin Due For A Short Term Correction? Crypto Trading With OhHeyMatty

you what is going on guys we're just gonna hop right into this no intro welcome to the live stream you will not want to miss today's stream as it could be one of the most important videos that you see when trying to learn technical analysis if this is your first time on the channel my name is oh hey Matty and you are welcome to the oh hey Matty live stream I am a computer scientist Kirk the trader and entrepreneur but close to a decade in program experience and over two years trading studying and actively making gains on cryptocurrencies today we're going to be discussing today's hot topics as always taking a deep dive into technical analysis and how it applies to the current price for pickle in etherium make sure that you do stay tuned to the end of this video I am going to be discussing some trade management tips that could turn you from a losing trader into a winning trader in a matter of days if you haven't done so yet please smash up that like and subscribe button as it goes a long way in supporting the channel if you want to see more ta4 videos like this then please comment below with the caption sick games as that will let me know the direction I should be taking and creating future content now that we got that out of the way what is going on everyone welcome to the chat I'm on up hi Matty hey how's it going Bitcoin going to 4400 I need some skilled TA ASAP hey Matty what's going on hi how you doing macau QQ QQ yo what's going on berry welcome his Bitcoin coming back to the mid 3 K levels I'll tell you right now every single person that you see talking about I talk about this all the time any single person and there's a bunch of him out there actually got in a conversation with someone in a private group who was talking about how he had the utmost respect for Bitcoin traders that were saying that we would be capping out sometime around 50 to 50 300 and then double bottom at 3300 and I do fall into this category every single one of them that is trying to tell you that something's gonna happen in terms of the long term or mid-turn has no idea what the fuck they're talking about 100% has no clue what they're talking about there's no way to predict that as traders the way that we trade is that we wait for a certain condition to be met and then once those conditions are met we take action we wait for confirmation and we manage our trades in fact the best traders are known for their money management skills and their risk their risk control skills and how they manage trades when they're in them it actually took me a long time to realize that I could actually just set profit targets instead of trying to trade from one point to another and it changed my trading game completely and we'll talk about that a little bit today Bitcoin will have a correction it might not happen today or tomorrow but it's coming maybe one or two or four months down the road but we are definitely going to revise 3,400 to 3,800 yes so I think it's fine for people including myself to kind of just throw a dart at the board and say this is what I think is gonna happen I actually agree with the narrative that we might go up a little bit higher and then come down and double bottom but let's talk about what we're seeing so if you follow me and I can't really pound this drum hard enough if you follow me on Twitter telegram discord then you would know that I made a call today for Bitcoin and etherium to retrace and I talked about I think was around 18350 so I made my trade at 183 yeah 183 55 on aetherium took a short at 20x leverage so far I am up almost 150 percent ROI maybe close to 200 at this point I've already taken 50% off the table of the trade so I still have 50% active and the other 50% I have some profit target set as well these are both applied to Bitcoin in aetherium the same as you guys know I mainly like to try and trade aetherium as if you looked at the recent pump that we had going on here I think aetherium outpaced Bitcoin two to one just that extra volatility I mean it's the same it's the same damn thing unless bitcoins going like flatline sideways then you're gonna see a theory room trade in the same manner you're just gonna make more money off the theory I'm not financial advice was tone days trading technique any good worth it did you learn vital skills so I don't really want to turn this into a tone base ship vest but I reached out to tone personally and I said that I found issues with his trading script and it was mainly related to the numbers not matching up meaning that like it wasn't I figured what it exactly was it was giving me some weird nines and stuff like that soon like it wasn't counting all the numbers and the way td9 works is that it has to go back historically to get to the point to where it's at and because it was like either skipping numbers or not counting certain numbers I wasn't really confident in the information that it was accurately giving to me his response which I forwarded it to a couple people who had asked me privately whether or not there was an issue with the indicator his response was that Pyne script is a very brittle language and it doesn't have much of a difference I'm not necessarily sure that I took it at face value but I will agree with him that Pyne script is a very difficult language to deal with it's not robust it's not complex it's it's very it's very pure and simplistic so if you're trying to create a heavy trading system based off of especially one that says graphic intensive assist and there may be some issues that arise he told me that there would be a patch being sent out in q1 of 2019 I believe was the time frame that he gave me I haven't followed up with that so do I think his indicator is better than Demark I think is his name as it does the t29 the public indicators that are out there he definitely makes some new changes that I see him and Tyler Jensen and all the other people on his show kind of praise him for or his development team that developed it for him but I did not personally find any value from it I did pay for it there is a group that he runs that I did find that you from there's a lot of cool people over there I do like listening to tones outlook as well he is a professional he does have a background in trading so I like to listen to his macro analysis and what he says I don't want to turn this into a a tone of a shit fest but I personally and I can say this from my opinion as I did purchase it purchase the indicator I did not find value but it doesn't mean that I perhaps couldn't go back and find some more I don't want to it sounded early negative because I do think he's still offering value in some sort of fashion especially for the price point but I didn't find value in it personally so sorry can't give you a positive answer Tim Bayes is a complex Nair and luckily enjoying his moment of glory nothing to be taking serious about him anymore do you think the Bitcoin retracement will affect the altcoins yeah I think that all coins will fall with Bitcoin just like they've risen with Bitcoin all coins had a nice little rally before Bitcoin started moving as well Bickleton had a nice sideways period of time and an alts were able to capitalize on that each one by one in their own moment in the Sun but I would assume that now that bitcoin is on the move others will follow bitwise report also came out and said that bitcoins dominance is actually closer to 8% which kind of shows you why bitcoins impact is so heavy on alts one is us decide to move along with the plethora of other reasons Robson of course it will affect the alts but only short-term extremely bullish on Bitcoin mid to long-term all right let's talk about it so I use a plethora of indicators with rank our strategy as most people know I'm also using half ATR I don't really care if I share it I don't think there's gonna be a ton of people going out there I may in some point in the future create a more in-depth course on it to monetize it but at this point it's completely free and I'm totally chill with that I think the most important thing is why people should trust me that's a question that I always ask when I'm watching someone else and I think the ultimate reason is that you go out and share this with your friends this is critical information this information that I've refined with another person for a long time I've been working on this tirelessly for probably five months I've been back and forth of whether or not Renko is even a reasonable system things of that nature is it does paint multiple blocks at the same time it can be difficult to trade you always have to be there that's why you should try and force an automated system but I've kind of rounded it out I'm not gonna give away the codebase or anything like that but I will talk about it so I'm always you're always looking to be trading you're trending and what's really gonna kill you is when you get into a ranging market it's just gonna bang you out any training training system will do that so what I utilize is an ATR system that bakes 80 are in that uses a half ATR for whatever the current ATR trading system is at that time based on the regular charts on the hourly and then that helps me keep myself into a trend at most times I'll smooth things out I utilize a couple other things to remove choppiness and I take a small loss in the profit to do so just looking at the back test and I always take back tests with a grain of salt because it doesn't actually apply to in grain or in real-time trading but if we look at the back testing here is the right one yeah okay so this dates back to August of 2018 for aetherium so this is the past like I think let's see three six seven months or so about 53,000 if I just do the math on that it's about seven or eight thousand a month this seems a little low actually so I have to go back and check that but yeah it's been going really good I'm actually utilizing a much more complex strategy that has to do with risk management and profit taking that's not end to end so what you see here is that this is end to end I'm not trading this end to end I'm actually taking profits along the way and then just letting the rest ride until I get a reversal and that actually increases my ROI a ton and that's why I said the beginning of the video that your risk management in terms of what your trading is going to be much different than just trying to trade end and because you're gonna you're gonna have issues where like for example here where I get this short and there's a drawback for like 5% and when I'm trading like 20x that's not gonna be good because that's a liquidation on a small piece and again everything settlement potential is non financial advisor please don't listen MIDI it's on YouTube let's get that out of the way right away full description in the links below but five five percent drawback here it's will be pretty terrible for my high leverage strategy but if I do happen on this next one it's important for me to take games on the way down so I'll take games if there may be a 2% 3% move at 20x leverage it's gonna be 40 to 60 percent ROI take 50% there then I'll take maybe 25% adding maybe a critical fib line somewhere down here maybe on this pullback here somewhere in this area and then I'll take the other 25% when I get this signal here so it's very important for me when I'm looking at things like that so for example the trade I took today I actually was able to get a much earlier signal we're gonna smooth this out here so this short signal came in here but what I noticed here is that my my Fisher which is a trend indicator that I like to use got an early crossover in this area after a very extended move so we've actually been on this huge uptrend I got my signal all the way down here and I was able to see this Fisher cross ever coming I actually noticed it on Bitcoin first and what was important about this was a one two three four times five times five times last time we had these crossovers we had significant moves happening when looking at Bitcoin and I knew Bitcoin would move with the theorem but I also knew that the theorem was just way higher and what do I mean when I say that so when I look at Bitcoin and and I probably won't go too fast for you guys but I look at Bitcoin I was seeing a double top here right and I'm seeing that I think aetherium moved about 2x profit on the move that had happened from the bottom here the long signals that I got on both coins when I was looking at aetherium versus Bitcoin I saw that Bitcoin was double topped and I saw Bitcoin was hitting kind of this resistance line on the Fischer cross and was it was hovering somewhere over here on the MACD as well but when I looked over on the theorem there was no double top actually aetherium was much higher there was no historic like resistance touch our last resistance was kind of back in the beginning of April when we came all the way up here so we were pretty high up and it just kind of led to this theory that I just felt that aetherium was much more overextended than Bitcoin now I'm just going to prefer to trade a theory I'm over Bitcoin almost at time when I'm talking leverage and the reason is is because I can just get higher ROI you know as I said when this move it was two to one on the theorem in terms of the gains I believe when I measured it and just looking at this I can see that the theorem is much more ever extended people like to use the term overbought and oversold I try to stay away from those terms nowadays because the there's in theory there's no such thing you're actually just talking about people coming together and trading but in respect to certain indicators people utilize the term a lot to kind of kind of describe where price is not being met but that being said you know we were much more extended on etherium so I felt that there was more of a lower risk for me to jump into the trade here so I saw the crossover happened up here I gave me the opportunity at about 180 says about 185 I was a little bit lower on this candle I think after one candle painted so I came in at 180 355 which was a dollar seventy from the top-ranked Oh block I got my confirmation on MACD later which was about here about a candle before the alert and then my sine wave curve which I like to utilize as my entry acted as a confirmation indicator as well a lot of people know that I watched VP on VP on YouTube no-nonsense Forex would definitely recommend his strategy is that he utilizes an entry indicator an accident that came there to confirmation indicators utilizes the ATR in some sort of way but he doesn't utilize Renko so he was a big inspiration for a lot of the strategies that I had implemented in terms of how to kind of get a framework what's going on but there's been a lot of other stuff has been baked into this as well so that being said I was able to get this really early jump that was happening here and then the confirmation indicators just did their own work so once I got it to about I would say 50% ROI on two to three percent gain I took 50 percent off the table because you should always take profits and now we're still riding that trade down I'm seeing a pullback handle here and we could get a short interim which I think will just be mostly chopped at this 3/8 to line this 3/8 fit – it's probably what we're gonna be seeing there so maybe we could see another volume spike to come back up a little bit but for the most I'm expecting more downward trend the six one eight that I've been identifying our on my screen right now so one of them is around 160 6.97 another one at 171 point 48 and then we'll head to the side where we go if we come back up a little bit if we come down I think for the most part you're kind of looking at your trading range for the first half of April coming down to perhaps a double bottom if we can break the support that'll kind of be the depending on whether or not we're gonna be retracing heavy on the theorem that would be at 154 and 95 on Bitcoin I think that bottom is somewhere around 47 95 so I'm not seeing a clean break happening in April again when we preface this the beginning of the video if I wanted to throw a dart at a board low for thousands it's kind of where I would expect a Bitcoin to go I see us trading in this 3,500 to 5500 range for most of the rest of the year and if we do make it low I'm looking at 2,400 still but that's getting less and less likely I don't think I don't even know why tone base is talking about a thousand doesn't make sense to me but yeah it is what it is I do like to look at let's see here I want to look at a new chart a new Renko chart for the daily I think a Hut to double check I had it before let's bring it up thanks Manny caught that theorem Bitcoin we call you made much appreciated thanks Austin I'm glad that you took your own financial advice on that because I'm not giving anything away hi everyone hey Alice how you doing all right Alice all coins are already falling a bit lol yeah do you think Bitcoin retracement will affect the all coins we talked about that already okay so what I like to do when I'm kind of searching for what I'm going to be looking at is I first bring up the ATR and I head over to the daily I just want to see this see how it looks on the chart now currently the ATR s 208 so I would want to see what it looks like on a traditional 104 because I like to trade on half ATR I'm going to see what that looks like bring up our indicators these are custom indicators that I scripted and then that's something one I want I actually want slow magic and remove that so I was actually really funny to see this happen and I wish I had this indicator developed much earlier than I could have as I've said I've been working on it since about December and that's actually when we got the bottom to come in so if you look here the bottom indicator was given on December 3rd if you go to three-day I think it's closer to the December 14th we are gonna head over to the weekly in just a second but we've been long ever since there or that's when it told us to go a long long term I only use the longer time frames as entries for investments my own investments like my own portfolios and then I used the shorter time frames to just margin trade to different portfolios to different investment strategies for myself haha great answer lol glad you took your own financial advice which leverage do you tend to use when trading aetherium yeah so this is this is a question that only you can answer Dan and now and I'll actually explain it in a way that makes sense it's not one of these like I'm not a financial adviser bullshit so my strategy personally is that I take very small amounts of my overall we'll call it bankroll it's a good way to put it and I actually high leverage trade those so I usually try to aim for 20% or sorry 20x leverage which means that if I lose 5% it gets liquidated but I typically have a stop-loss well outside the liquidation and I'm only trading like a portion like a very small sliver right some people prefer to go a large amount excuse me in relation to their portfolio and then go to or 3x I'd syringe it's their own it's their own choice of what they want to do and it actually really depends on your strategy my strategy specifically is trading areas of resistances for reversals at high frequencies with a really good risk management protection so it makes sense for me to go 20x leveraged because I'm if you look at my profit factor on the back trade it's like insane it's like 18 or right this is on daily but if I went to like the five minute and I turn this back to actually we can just come over here if you're looking at like my better on ethereum or as a strategy tester overview here you go if you're looking over on Bitcoin the profit factor is flushing out to closer to like four point two that means for every four dollars that I spend I win I lose one dollar so if I got liquidated let's say you had like a Bitcoin right and you were trading point twos if I got liquidated at point two my other I would still make four to one on that on that verse that liquidation so that's very important to take into account but that being said I want to kind of focus on some of the long-term stuff here okay let's go back up to the daily on the traditional 104 yeah so this is just a really big breakout we haven't seen a breakout like this probably in a significant one in some time dating to April of 2018 this is the last time we had any sort of decent breakout in terms of like being above the trend magic this was a fake breakout before the November dump this was a nice this is like your kind of peak breakouts that were happening this is I believe is January knows is February is that that cat bounce daily would have given you a much better look at at January here this is back in December January the daily also would have gotten you asked so as people know from Renko of how it works you would have had an alert on December 17th and we're sorry at December 18th and then you the next day so here's your signal on the 18th at the top an open of nineteen 344 and a closed at nineteen 132 36 and then your next candle on the 19th woulda came in because the way trading be works is it checks it every day to see if it's moved 104 dollars we would have actually had to look back at what the ATR was at this point because I use a half a TR system so if you look back at the daily on Bitcoin at that time for what the 14 ATR was here at this day of December 17th it was about 1683 so I would divide that by 2 at 8:50 and the problem is I don't know if it's actually gonna give me because I don't know if I have enough data let me switch over to switch over to bitstamp and even over here I have some issues but we'll go to 841 I don't know if it's gonna want the fuck yeah it's just not really enough data we can try and go down to maybe like a fourth and I don't I don't like going less than a fourth I like to stay about one third is it okay so here it's on the four 20-ish it's giving me December 22nd so this is closer to a close of 15,000 I'm still really good this is one tone vase I think was calling a dead cat bounce in my opinion if the ATR was higher would have gotten you out much quicker but is what it is looking at it right now the daily ATR is this is not it it's over here I saw neither where's my daily eights you're okay what to add it again yes unless that there is alright 207 which is about 103 we come in here so there's 103 here's us getting our long hair at the bottom which is much better December 20th as I said a little bit later on the current and we're kind of just creeping up here I'm seeing a pullback here I think we could go down to 150 on aetherium 4,800 on Bitcoin where would that send us to just draw a line here somewhere about here and I would expect probably more significant this is on a daily timeframe looking on the weekly see the weekly gave you your signal this is I need to change the ATR but on this eighty arc is being at about December 17th I never hear the weekly is at five seventy seven so you're looking at more like 288 so this is the weekly recently going long when long was a fake it was right before we were just exited here this long was before and mind you I'm when I'm trading the strategy I'm not trading from here to here I'm looking from here to here this is 22% I'm taking profit all the way up and then exiting probably on the pullback if I'm doing a longer term strategy same here it's going to show you the direction here we go so this is December 17th December 18th December 18th and we look for the first candle and I think it's right there it's probably at the end of this move so this is the reason why I actually use the daily right because Renko on trading view is only gonna check in during the week so at the end of the week it's gonna check in so if you look here it didn't check in until 14 for you probably could have got an exit closer to 19 on the daily maybe at 15 5 and I'll take that all day because there's a lot of guys that just stayed in all the way to here yeah this is like 9 is like 7000 maybe they got out here 8500 maybe they got on the pullback to 11 but you can save a lot of money had you have been cognizant of where we were in terms of the trend but this is impressive our last bull signal was at the beginning of September and the last relevant bull signal was in April and this is the first time that we're actually getting a signal for on the bullish here I prefer to maybe look at some other information like I really like just looking at the daily because that's been a little bit more accurate down at a 103 ATR as we were looking at it before and that showed us that we had was taking a long right at the bottom I had us taking along at 3500 and it's been going along ever since so I can add some stuff here just to we can head over here actually this is 103 sorry if we're taking too much time away I just want to get an idea of what's happening here heading over to the daily okay make sure that we have all that lined up 103 on the daily I was on bit max what does the song bitstamp yeah let's head over to bitstamp because that's giving a really good reflection all right so we can see here and it's no no shock to us that were just a strong heavy bullish trend I will say that the Fisher is showing us the first signs of getting to historic reversal areas this was our one of the last times we hit the historical reversals up here that ended up leading to probably about a 40% drop this was a fake-out obviously so you can what you need to watch out for these looking back here this is another time when the Fisher was up this high that ended up being 43% after all was said and done this is another time the Fisher was this high and I mean we all know what that looked like from trade the trade 20% 60% over here so I do take these with some warning this is another time that we were up this high and this trend actually was very strong because we flatlined and that was a that was a pretty big drop so I think prices haven't been consolidating cuz eventually like you need to be able to come up here and and I have to deal with that like if we look back here there was just this is an uptrend so it's not as bad but I do think after all said and done what this is telling me is that this daily trend of of heading upwards is eventually going to come to an end and that's probably gonna be looking at this like 48 the 47 retracement area maybe even down the 44 as we said Mac these positive CCI is just churning along with the trend first thing I'll be looking for as my early indicator is either the Fisher or my linear regression slope and what to see how high we can get this but maybe we'll see a burn out typical patterns that I would expect to see is burn dump this pattern number one dump another rally and then big dump and then just straight dump those are your three I mean those are a lot of different options but I'll be monitoring it closely for the longer-term stuff uh see what's going on what I meant to ask is how much of your portfolio do you risk on a trade like that yeah so there's a lot of different risk management things that you can look into one of the best ones I would say is to Kelly criterion it's a sportsbook trading management sports betting and it's not financial advice it's you can go read books on it I think he uses one one-hundredth it's really what you feel comfortable with a lot of the traders who I've studied on Forex talk about $50,000 account minimums and stuff like that and then trading like one one-hundredth or like one to two percent in my opinion it really comes down to your risk management and how much like do you feel comfortable with I don't think anyone can truly answer that especially not without being a financial advisor so it really comes down to your own personal risk tolerance but you do want to make sure that you have a number of bullets set up and I'm also gonna let you know that only 5% of lessor traders are actually winning it took me five to six months just to develop a strategy and which I was comfortable utilizing and there's definitely been some losses along the way I would say that you need to look at two different things the first is do I so am i mentally tough enough I guess is the aunt is the question that you should be asking yourselves I played professional poker for over three years have played at some of the highest levels and have made a ton of work on my mental game I were I read a book by Jared Tendler mental game of poker volume 1 and 2 one of the greatest books I've ever read talks about inchworm theory talks about how the mind processes losses and things of that nature so the mental game is a completely different battle than everything else that you're dealing with in trading that being said what you're looking at is from two perspectives some people literally can't respect the prize they don't have money involved and that's fine but you need to know that if you're not going to respect the process and act like you do have money involved and you actually want money involved then you should be expecting to lose your account multiple times right you should be expecting to just be hemorrhaging money multiple times these markets are designed to make you lose 5% or less of people are actually winning at trading then that's that's normal actually and in poker it's the same way in any game that involves money and I treat it like a game game theory all that whole nine any game that involves money there's only a 5% winning category and of that 5% only a subsection is winning hand over fist and in trading institutions are specifically trying to go after you because they haven't they have an inherent advantage that may not be relevant in things like poker where it's more peer-to-peer bit Mac specifically doesn't trade against its own customers bit Mac's actually incentivizes market makers to prioritize liquidations and those liquidations are able to be found on the book by then ping in the books so it does free and that in this fear of of knowing your enemy you should always know your enemy should always know who you're trading against in crypto and leveraged trading at least on bit max for example you are trading against the market makers those are the people who collect the fees from liquidating you not really you to per se it's actually mainly big accounts you're such a small fry to them in comparison but people need to understand that if everyone's using the same chart type if everyone's using the same type of indicators then you're pushing yourself into a group that can be targeted if we all use the same resistances and supports if we all use the same moving average relatively speaking if we all use the same fit for trace once whatever you want to look at actually physical changement can be infinite so kind of a bad example but you get the point then you make yourself a target and though you may be small and not on their radar you and 5,000 other people together as one entity would be on their radar so that's actually one of the benefits that I really like about Renko blocks it's a totally different standard you can change the settings to an infinite amount of possibilities so it makes it very difficult for you to be targeted and it's less likely that you're gonna be part of that herd it also eliminates a lot of noise the main the main cons of using Renko blocks is that you kind of have to be present at all times you're not on a time-based system per se so you never know when something's going to paint I do use alerts so that makes a lot easier and I am looking into some automated systems right now but you know the way I've been kind of trading things has been very very feasible on a daily basis so I wake up I start trading probably get maybe three or four trades in during the day sometimes maybe just one trade that day but the high leverage is really treating me nice so I have no complaints great job when your telegram posts very relevant information the quick call on the recent twenty five million short closure to thanks for keeping us in the loop I appreciate that awesome Austin I I do feel kind of weird making tell grant posts especially when you're talking about like you know areas of interest or whatever and certain calls it feels good to be right but you know one thing tone base actually did say that resonates with me is you're only as good as your last call and you're going to be wrong every once in a while and then people will be like oh you're wrong right so for me trading is all about statistically winning lowering my variance by increasing my trade sample size this is something I implemented in poker all the time and just understand that you're trying to maximize your wins and minimalize your losses and when you break it down into a into a Moneyball approach I guess or strikes and whatever it's actually very applicable so you look at a you look at a baseball player it's all about his average how often he gets on base how often he hits RBIs or whatever he could be the shittiest guy in the world but as long as you post a decent average and he's valuable to the team very similar in trading you look at strategies that have like a 60% profitability and a four three two four profit factor or something along those lines all that matters is that you're maximizing your wins you're minimizing your losses and that you're just keeping yourself statistically in the game I have started to a while back set a plan when I happen to a trade and I just stick to that print no matter what I had a live sweat session where another trader who's been helping me on some programming stuff that we've been working together he was following me and my trades and stuff like that and he said a few times while he while we were doing the sweat session he was like well shit don't you want to don't you want to move your your profit your first profit take-up so we are guaranteed the profit and if there was some information that came in for whatever reason like maybe a switch or whatever that I had planned for then then fine but I told him I said no I said I I create a plan at the beginning of the trade and I stick to that plan if the price doesn't want to come down to me then that's fine if there's something to learn from it and extract from it that's fine too but at the end of the day this is the plan I created this is where I'm going with the trade and if it when it hits those things I'll do it the price will eventually come down to me people need to understand that the prices has to trade within a range that's why utilize tensor charts a lot Chancellor chart is able to show me where the standard deviations and the V WAP is essentially where the where the average price is happening and for my strategy it takes at least an hour and a half for that V WAP to drop like 50 cents so if I'm going from like 183 to 178 I need to constantly be having that V walk drop over time until we get to where I need to be to take that profit so I understand that the price is probably going to fluctuate back and forth between SD the standard deviation 1 the state of deviation 1 on both sides so I just ignore it a lot of people will just sit there and watch the price no it's fun I do it sometimes it's cool at the end of the day it's not healthy for you because you're just feeding off that rush that the institutional traders want to punish you for there you're going to be like oh it's moving away from me it's moving away from me i what am i doing what am i doing and like at the end of the day just like stop caring literally give up because you cannot win money at trading unless you give up you have to give up you have to accept the fact that you don't care about money anymore and I know that sounds pretentious and impossible and all this other stuff but that is the name of the game and the story stop giving a fucking you'll start winning money Cisco or OSAP GPM etc all of these companies are developing their own stuff in the black human space does this mean that we're currently investing and will soon become obsolete to your newbie here yeah so let's talk about that from a leverage perspective you can still win money in blockchain with an EMA FSM a crossover strat I don't know any mature market where that's happening so that's kind of giving you an idea of kind of where we're at the fact that you're only trading against like really shitty market makers on bit max on a site that can't even handle like simplistic load anytime Bitcoin wants to make some sort of move probably on purpose just my opinion from what I've noticed the fact that that's the case it's like you know we're so early like not even in terms of technology like we're so early in terms of leverage training and trading in general I think eventually over the next five years most likely sooner than that excuse me most likely sooner than that you're gonna start seeing big banks come in and controlling the leverage narrative and at that point the stakes will be higher so you know for me I'm trying to make as much money as I can my apologies meeting some sort of trading warning here where's that alright looks like a theory was trying to go along on a smaller time frame this is most likely it's 53 what she told me didn't ya 85 cent so a TRS change so I'm not going with this trade this is most likely going to be some chop as you can see the 20-period moving average from the Bollinger Band that's coming in so it's trying to show me that there's some resistance here and it's trying to go long but I can actually ignore this because number one the Fisher's not crossing over I'm sorry the fishers have been long so what the monitor that I do see if there's a long coming down the MACD and there's some pressure to the upside but the thing is is that the ATR right now yeah I hear you sorry but then we noise is having an able to pretend the sound off I'm doing this ATR right now is about 324 which comes out to be about a dollar 62 and it's 85 okay let's just set it back manually so for me had it on the dollar 70 for me the average price of theorem within an hour time frame is moving much higher than that 85 cents actually one-fourth of the average 80 Oregon hour time frame so I would expect that time frame to be much choppier so that does leave me exposed to a little bit higher variance because I have to wait for a larger time shift to confirm within the smaller period of time I think that the overall trend is still going down like I said there is a there is a chance that we could come back up for a little burnout but I've already taken 50% profit off the table so I don't really care if that happens my entry was 180 3.55 I've moved my stop flow is another thing we talked about this I said I will talk about it later is that I'm taking profit and I'm also moving my stop-loss because the best thing you could ever do is learn to take profits and if you're moving your stop-loss up to meet those profit tapes then you're never then you're not losing money right so now with this trade I can't lose money outside of like slippage past my next stop or the market fees that I pay for it and ideally I would just take all my money out the table in limit profit takes because in in that in that scenario I'm actually never paying fees because I'm doing limit orders so let's see as I pay the better I think but maxes fees are point zero zero seven five percent so it comes out to be point zero one five percent overall for a full trade but that being said yeah I'm not going to be going along anytime soon unless we start paying some candles do you post in bit max no a bit max mmm you're not to tell my bit max right now I'm talking I don't I don't post a bit max actually I posted a bit max a while back but the the FOMO fanboys I didn't really like what I had to say so I decided not to do that anymore you why do you ask Alston bill you most of the guys in pit max right now are just like hardcore shilling bit max so any like legit questions that I had for them at that time just got met with like a bunch of trolling responses just for fees you post in pit max so I'm talking about bit necks not bit max I actually don't utilize bit max's trading leverage system after what happened on the BMV stuff but i mean they're still young so I'm hoping that they mature posting instead of straight trades okay yeah so if you can limit in limit in sometimes you just have to begin limit in just lemon and sometimes you hit the market order in if you can limit in I prefer limiting in because you don't pay a fee when you limit in if you mark it in you have to pays point zero zero seven five percent on your margin on Bitcoin and etherium and then on all the other all coins that aren't USD base you have to pay fair fair price or whatever or fair margin or fair market fee which is ridiculous it's like super high and the way those contracts move it's like pain in the ass it's almost impossible to trade them though I found some success with like home when it's trending you really it really has to be trending for you to even want to trade anything else besides pickle in there etherium and there's enough games on aetherium and bitcoin to go around in my opinion but yeah i try not to market order if you if you have to stop loss you have to market right if your profit taking never market because you can always just post only limit those and it'll always get hit you're guaranteed to get hit so if that wasn't clear I'm probably gonna do I won't be able to make the money for it cuz they'll close on my account but what I'll probably do is do a bit max video and I'll just probably like have one of my friends affiliate link so at least he is getting money for it like I can't make any money off of bit Max's affiliate links because I'm like they won't let me so yeah but I want to make the content anyway because I know people learn about it and shit like that looks like we got etherion coming down right now so get right let's go okay understood Cheers am I still bullish on bit max there's a lot of fun floating out there we pick Max and I don't know what the fuck's going on you know I was an investor a bit mixed I have something mixed tokens but I just don't know what's happening I I see a bunch of bullish news and I see a bunch of bearish news and I think that a lot of people feel like they missed the boat with bit max they feel like bit max is going places they see that early sign of a lot of like big hype and FOMA and then you see some of the rumors in which I passed on today that um that came from a friend of mine who knows someone who's apparently connected high up and I asked him if he was okay to post it he said yeah but I post it to clearly say that look this is a rumor this is not fact this is just stuff that people were talking about if it comes true that's awesome if it doesn't and you knew it was a rumor but the dude said it was from a credible source I don't know the credible source so I can't verify it like that all I can do is say hey this guy sent me this information be awesome if it happened I hear a lot of people talking I think it's a little bit more public than than not hear a lot of people talking about this us thing I know they have a headquarters in NYC so I don't know what the hell is going on but bit max is definitely trying to make moves in my opinion so did max art but max is definitely trying to make moves so I'm still I'm still holding down on did max I'm still hanging but Walt to say check the news real quick by the way for more questions to come in in one sec I know we did this a little bit early my live streams are typically later around 12 to 3 p.m. but I'm not sure of my days looking like so I wanted to get kind of the early stuff in but I'm glad you guys are here with us today I think this might be this could be a life changing stream for some people if they're a trader if not then enjoy the good times I suppose we're gonna head over to crypto panic to see what the hottest news is over the last two days and it will do all of do last four days because we haven't really been here over the weekend crypto wind suc admits that not all ICO tokens are securities if you guys been checking out that there was a lot of guidance I got put out by the SEC so that was a cool read we'll check that out you blocked any group launches with Swift now I don't care I heard ripple did some sort of pump will happen to your quant review I mean at the end of the day here's how it's going down bro and I appreciate your question Dustin is that I have a lot of coins that I want to review including the top ten that got voted on but my band was only so small so it's just going to come out at my pace I know that's frustrating especially for a lot of people don't want to hear about quiet or wouldn't hear about other projects on the list but I got a lot of stuff going on I run my own business I run my own consulting company I'm literally handling everything on the channel by myself right now it's a lot of work I'm looking to bring on a post edit guy so that those types of reviews and recorded content can have more of you know effect when people watch them and it's more enjoyable I'm trying to bring on a new guy who might be doing some podcast with me set up my mailing list there's a lot of moving parts and it's very difficult to do by myself so I'm trying to reach out to some people who may want to contribute to that vision that we have over here on the automatic channel but don't think I have forgotten I haven't forgot about it I really want to put out the client review I want to learn myself about new and exciting cryptocurrencies and bring that knowledge and my expertise to those reviews so I do look forward to them I want to get them out but I also want to be honest with you guys and just kind of tell you I'm out because I think a lot of people understand that and appreciate that sub by many thanks again for all the great content thanks Cory for being in the chat man I really appreciate it I really appreciate the kind words as well so card admin provides new details on how users will earn a DA for staking pools that's cool io2 price prediction for April can it rise by 45% I don't really care about it at about iota I do have iota and that other currency in my dag portfolio man that I really slept on my name thinking would be my last chance to hold long term so you feel that we may not break the 200 moving average just double bottom it or possibly wick signals below I'd be hoping for this as I'd like to get an entry into alts so what do you mean what do you mean by the 200 moving average you talk about the weekly because I think we already broke the daily yeah so I think last time I checked the weekly so I like 30 for 3500 in my opinion like and I said this I said this back in January I said you know I want to see what the beginning of March Holtz I wanted to see how we would start chopping out some of those previous hives and for me it just seems that we've already capitulated that's what it looks like to me I think it's really bizarre the tones talking about like one case stuff but I don't think that that's like a missed opportunity I think that we're if we're if we're gonna arrange it'll be between 35 and 50 500 and there's gonna be plenty of times for me to dollar-cost average if for me and this is a financial advice like when I see it come down to like the 4k range I'm adding someone if it goes lower I'm adding someone if it does in the 2400 I'm adding some on like if it goes down to a thousand I'm definitely adding some on so it doesn't matter to me do that like I know I know where crypto is going like I'm confident in where CRIF that's going I'm I'm here for the tech and I'm here for the games like I'm all about both like I know that a lot of these fucking coins are shit but I know that they're gonna make a ton of money at the same time there's a ton of coins that I know that aren't shit but I also don't want to burn my fucking money off so I'm gonna support the ones that are awesome I'm gonna support the ones that are shit and we're just gonna take it from there cuz like I don't want to be that cult-like guy I don't want to be the person that's like at 20k being like I ain't selling because I believe in this like that's ridiculous like people lost their fucking mortgages over that shit stupid it pisses me off also pisses me off when bit when Bitcoin maximum was say that bitcoins the only fucking thing in the world like there was a time where everyone made computers right I always talk about this IBM was the king of computer making they were also the last to really get on the bandwagon of shifting the mentality in Silicon Valley during the dot-com bubble and they were known as the slow computer maker they were always slow too with that they didn't want to be fancy or special or whatever they just kind of wanted to maintain the course who does that sound like to you someone who's going to adopt technology but not be a leader a slow moving coin was revolutionary at one point but now is just what is the leader of the space sounds like fucking Bitcoin right and Bitcoin rejected Lightning Network and now they're adopting it because like like like coin made it a thing 95% of crypto currencies out there a Bitcoin based and Bitcoin maximum was point to the fact that Bitcoin can adopt anything that's successful so therefore all these other coins are bullshit well IBM can adopt anything that's successful and look what happened to them it's not necessarily a one-to-one comparison but you need to have competitive edge like you need to have competition competition pushes technology forward just being the one doesn't make you the one neo had to go out there and earn that fucking shit bitcoin is not a leader it's not Lightning Network and Segway are not leading like technologies for Bitcoin Charlie Lee and litecoin did at first and apparently they say they do it better that's a different discussion but it's not to say that Bitcoin like can't be a leader or whatever it's just saying that when you become number one you take on a certain technical debt that makes you slower and others are gonna do it before them and we need them too and there's gonna be a lot of people that a lot of coins that like in ten years come out of the space and are just gonna be revolutionary for whatever they're doing because there's all different types of things like I sat down with a CEO the other day and talked about how they were approaching blockchain from a business sense they wanted to do this like dedicated block chains for each business kind of like DSL in a way and we did an AMA was sponsored go check that out one of our last once but you know it made sense like like that's not what bitcoins for Bitcoin censorship resistant decentralization it's not meant to be I don't think it's gonna be a peer decentralized peer-to-peer cash system I don't think it can scale honestly maybe maybe in the future there'll be something that comes along that helps us scale but you know right now people are having true value on Bitcoin in Venezuela in China China's having their their little like report card for social whatever and you could only spend five thousand dollars and it's difficult to buy a house and they're being persecuted so you need to turn the Bitcoin as a currency Venezuela has twenty four hundred percent twenty four hundred percent hyperinflation right now you know you buy coffee for four dollars today it's four thousand tomorrow literally the money you have in your hand is better being little on fire by the end of the day then putting it back into your bank accounts so people are transferring in from Bitcoin that's a stable currency after the happening that's coming up in 2020 bitcoins in inflation will actually be less than the actual US dollar which is sitting at two point four percent inflation so there is true utility true use case happened today in countries that need Bitcoin and that could spread because you never know when hyperinflation is going to come for you you never know when anything's gonna come for you you never know when Trump's gonna turn this government into some Chinese dictatorship he likes to suck g-packs dick all the fucking time about how oh you're president for life what's stopping him from just creating a military event ray I'm not that's pretty extreme right but you never know what's gonna fucking happen so Bitcoin has tremendous value it can topple governments and there's nothing they can fucking do about it in my opinion so you know there's a there's a huge value for that but as a as a currency for businesses I don't think it fucking makes sense as some sort of block chain technology hybrid of centralization that can help improve business use cases I don't think Bitcoin does that so like this whole narrative from Bitcoin maximalist saying that well Bitcoin can adopt anything so therefore all these other coins are irrelevant you're fucking living in a bubble you're you're a part of a cult like Church and you're doing cryptocurrency at this service and you should quit while you're ahead and that includes tone days and all his people over there because they say the same fucking shit while rubbing elbows with all coin Maximus so I don't even want to fucking hear it pisses me off don't forget about Zimbabwe he has true story Zimbabwe shut up I think we're fired up to that guy's sexual banks looking to cryptocurrency replace cash awesome I really and I talked about on I think the interview we talked about having some sort of gold standard for Bitcoin some sort of stable currency and there's a lot of them out there maker dies collateralized debt are SK stable Clinique is take Bitcoin into but that's more for loans it used to be some sort of like you know back in the 1970s all the Gold's in our mint were equal to the value of the US dollar I don't think that I don't think that people want to move around trading satoshis I think people are just so ingrained with what the dollar represents that I think there needs to be some sort of equivalent to all the pic one that's out there is equated to some sort of coin that's a that's a dollar it's not tether not nothing like that currency that can't be inflated now what they did with gold is that they would lie about how much gold was actually in the mint and that was their inflationary thing they would they would fudge the numbers they still do it actually I think there was a reporter for the BBC that went to the gold mints in the UK and I think he was he was like this isn't all the gold that's supposed to be here or something they ended up finding that out so even even when a store value like gold they still utilize inflationary tactics to print more money and that was back in the 1970s so they can't do that with Bitcoin everything's on the blockchain that's that's what's so fearful about that's why governments are hesitant to adopt Bitcoin because they can't print out more money that their system is flawed just a dagger in their in their heart at the same time though their government's would love to have a fully transparent system where they don't have to worry about cash and stuff and I really get really pissed off when I read these articles about terrorism and things of this nature regarding how they're utilizing cryptocurrency maybe there's some anonymous coins out there that these guys are utilizing but any criminal organization that's utilizing Bitcoin to try and get around the government is fucking retarded honestly and the people who are writing these articles are equally as retarded as they are because there's no reason to to spread that type of FUD it's just part of this this grand scheme to promote price speculation and well we'll do a lot better in the long run when when we have and cut out some of these assholes so let me have you have any questions in the chat as we finalize this Oh I did want to do a video on like go in eventually because I think Charlie Lee I put out some tweet that I thought was interesting do you think crypto panic could be and might be for manipulation and cherry-picking stories I'm sure that someone could write a bot to be honest I don't think there's enough activity on crypto panic where these bots are even happening also anyone can register for crypto panic it'd be also if kartha panic wanted to come out with some sort of decentralized blockchain or something that could help facilitate this so everything is trustworthy and we can see where the stories are coming from in terms of like being tied to a wallet or something I don't know I think the the sky's the limit when it comes to those types of ideas but I know that when cwn was looking to get on crypto panic or whatever all they had to do was apply and they got on there right away like I see youtubers and other people I see their stories all the time like I know on here I always bring up hot but when I'm like just at home like watching the news feeds I'm just like looking at my own shit looks like we had a nice little pump in etherion let me see what's going on with that while we wait yeah so this is want to see here I have my stop up the 183 range so this will be interesting I'm gonna guess that this is gonna create a Fischer reversal probably come back up to this 143 resistance line maybe but I'm huh it's probably gonna be a fake out but wall to see could be an extended trend which would be really crazy because then that means we're probably going the 5800 but I just don't see that happening let me see what's going on with Bitcoin see if we see the same thing no this is an I've so many goddamn charts open ridiculous al okay let's just go down to the five and set it to 30 it's like my go-to for Bitcoin for the last few weeks it's been a pain in the ass but now it's answer your questions awesome I did not think the corruptor panic is being used for manipulation but you should always question everything so it's a good question okay yeah so this is kind of showing me a little bit of a clearer picture activity around trend magic area MACD getting very tight together it's actually been a double bump here excuse me going on for Bitcoin specifically so I'm just guessing this is going to be some chop up here at the top level and then we're gonna see continued downward pressure but well to see etherium is getting a nice little burn out here if the 181 this should paint or actually let me mute this because it was probably going to set off a bunch of shit actually it already did on the shorter timeframes I believe we'll see how it's going I have my stop-loss at breakeven and I already took 50% profits so I'm totally chill with that but I do want to see where this goes yeah so I don't really think crypto panic is being manipulated most of my viewers that watch they don't even know what the panic is so maybe in the future I mean the voting system is you don't I don't think you need look I don't know if you do you need an account I mean they could probably just bought it up driving mass adoption bitcoin is available within five miles of 90% of Americans buy a kiosk one thing that I would say is that these people who write these articles are all in on the take so perhaps they're the ones doing the manipulation and crypto panic is just facilitating that because anyone can sign up but yeah I don't really believe that Charles Hoskinson on I have a non tech would recommend going to check that out Chieko crypto and Charles have been beefing in the streets so perhaps he'll have some words for that Charles Hudson is a fun guy to watch and I like diving on text content so would definitely recommend that people go over there and check that out global IT giant adopts ripple technology will it bring XRP and crypto to the mainstream global IT consulting giant with clients such as Citibank UK General Electric and Microsoft says it's offering a new way to connect banks and financial institutions to ripples suite a cross-border payments technology so this is essentially saying that the narrative that ripple won't be able to land big clients and it'll only be for third world third world banks is false it looks like these big banks are deciding to say hey we will much rather contract out to Ripple instead of building our own shit which is I guess all right but I think that's a really big death blow to stellar illumines who is obviously the new kid on the block and has a lot of inroads to make and if they can't offer a legitimate use case that's going to outrun triple then it's going to be the the redheaded stepchild of the of the pair in my opinion if we keep seeing stuff like this it's nice to have IBM in your corner but uh it seems ripple keeps knocking down doors so sure they're not happy and he thought some blue Zell going commercial in the next few weeks and Big Tymers testing the product oh man I am excited for blue Zell I didn't realize they were going commercial maybe you can tell me a little bit more about that William haven't been following the project since I invested back in 2017 but we are big supporter blue Zell on the stream as long as they're still trying to you know move towards their goals I was an original investor back and whenever that was 2017 early 2018 so I did I do support the project I do support ipfs and I'd love to see what they've been doing lately do you think changes in project rankings could be used as a good indicator to identify projects getting stronger possible investment strategy changes in project rankings could you elaborate that on that a little bit more austenite I don't necessarily think I'm getting the point if you mean like the project ranking spreadsheets and stuff like that I don't even think that they matter anymore I took that my spreadsheet a long time ago and now I just aggregate my grades out so so whatever and most of the grades aren't even related to anything I think all these projects that are getting graded they just like it paid the get graded and it's whatever like I still give unbiased reviews every single person that comes to me and ask me for a review I tell them the same thing like I'm not gonna give you like fucking fake reviews or shit like that like you you better know what you're coming to me for but I use automatic or market cap no I actually don't believe that the coin market cap has any reflection on whether a project is good or not I used to actually think that if you if people cared to put money into you then that meant that there was probably something that we didn't know and sometimes that is the case especially for some of the higher coins but I honestly think that some of the coin market cap coins are just I I have no fucking clue like crypto comm or whatever like I don't have no clue that project gives there's so many projects that float in between like two hundred and fifty like between two hundred and fiftieth place that I have no idea what the hell they are and some of them are just like complete BS so I do not use coin market cap as a as a method of determining whether something is valuable or not I would actually counter argue and say that most of this like in terms of the rankings on coin market cap you really get a big boost from liquidity so if you're able to get on certain exchanges or whatever and get that liquidity that's needed then that'll actually give you a much bigger boost in terms of Corey keV like for example like I wasn't a big fan of whom DX but who DX did everything right in terms of running a burn rate program getting liquidity from big exchanges such as finance and then once you have like like it still really comes down to community this is actually a really weird really weird thought so when I was coming up in crypto in 2014 and I was researching projects over ever I would Google stuff like what makes a crafter project great ray and you would expect to hear things like oh technology like solid fundamentals all that stuff and that's not what I was hearing actually what I was hearing from the community at that time about what makes the project great is how strong the community was so a corn like dogecoin would be high valued in 2014 because I had a very strong community because the space was so small if you had a community that was gonna hold your coins in proper coins up then didn't really matter whether the tech was good or not because that it was such an illiquid market or whatever and I still think that holds true today because now when I see coins like Nano which is just purely their their dev team refers to it as purely as a currency right they don't want they don't want people building second rails onto it like second second layer solutions they just want it to be only as a currency and they have a huge community and that's what gives us this value so I still think that it still holds true today because for me when I looked at PDX and maybe I'm mistaken but and this is purely my opinion when I looked when I look at Pune TX today I just don't see the adoption route for a store by store credit card processor I see a much faster adoption route for people taking their phone like Apple pay and Samsung pay and adopting crypto into it and paying at a point of sales and you can do that now probably just wouldn't update to any of the major processors out there that poun DX would have to compete with in the mainstream market what we're talking about larger adoptions but what I think Pooh DX really has going for it is that it was successful in terms of delivering success to its early investors it had it has a lot of liquidity because it's on Finance and it has a very strong community when you deliver success in terms of ROI to your early investors that creates a huge bond between you and them because now those people can go out and be philanthropist for you and they're going to support you they're going to say oh I made money on kun DX and I traded or I'm still making money on it and the team's doing stuff for me as a community member that's going to have you go out and talk more about it and this is not meant to be a video a shill for puni X that's never home to DX great but it does create this atmosphere that your community members are going to be your best customers out there for you and when you're in a market that's entirely speculative and that most companies don't have any tech out that's making them money with the exception of Finance or aetherium when I see us or hi or biklen being used as an actual currency then all this stuff is suspected of value and I guess eventually the house of cards will fall down but that being said you know community is still as important as it was in 2014 and I spent a long time thinking that that had changed and now when I speak to projects and we're having private conversations or whatever I tell them how important it is to deliver some sort of value whether that means that you you're you're delivering a big exchange or whether that means that you're delivering a product that people are going to want to use directly now or whether that just means keeping people happy and whatever way that that keeps fit community the community is still very small less than 1% GDP and it's still a very important driving factor outside of the pump it dumps and outside of all this stuff that maintains stability you can pump and dump a coin all you want and I'm not gonna talk about is today but at the end of the day price stability cannot happen without a strong community you need to instill faith into your investors that strong hands will prevail and that people want to believe in the vision whether or not that's appropriate and responsible in terms of what you should be doing with your money that's not to me the side of my financial adviser but at the end of the day community still rings true even five years later since when I entered the game so let me know what you think about in the comments below if you think community is still important in crypto let me hear your voice it's very important than me I utilize the comments for a lot of different things including shaping my own opinion based on intelligent feedback or driving content in the future so if you still believe that crypto community is important in 2019 and will be for some years to come please voice your opinion in the comments below goes a long way I thought Stellar's for people and ripple is for banks same company collision is an adviser's seller so I'm going along wish I never sold when the IPM news broke I bet bro what do you think of singularity net or AI I think AI is gonna be huge I mean Google has a whole AI division excuse me division dedicated to it there's a guy who bit brains turn me on to they talk about 2045 singularity let's see if we can find this curs why maybe so there's a there's a thing called is this the guy I'm not gonna play the video because I can't but Ray Kurzweil talks about singularity it's essentially an event horizon event that talks about how by AI is going to develop so much by the Year 2045 we'll be immortal because we will merge with a certain technology that AI will create for ourselves it's called a singularity event so I think AI is gonna be groundbreaking I think it's going to be so revolutionary and race joining us in the chat now so he could probably tell you more but it's gonna be so revolutionary that we can't fathom we can't imagine what life is going to be like past a certain year they call it the singularity event in 2045 so if we can make it till 2045 then we can harness immortality an AI is going to help us get there so when you see the largest companies in the world like Google dedicating whole divisions to AI I think it's gonna be very powerful does AI have a place within crypto I think absolutely do I think singularity net is going to be that I don't want to talk about their project I'd rather not get down that rabbit hole all I'll say is that I'm not a supportive singularity in it so thank you for asking well dai be even better than the technical analysis hopefully Ben Cortez Owen Joe Rogan best the best episode I'll go check that out William thank you III is the last invention that mankind needs to make that's true because in the future a I will make all – all the inventions Mike Novogratz once said the projects with strong community is one key factor that will make institutional investors take notice of of of them of them yeah I agree yeah and actually I think a lot of these projects have lost their way in in 2017 it used to be all about the community that's why they wanted crowd sales and they wanted people to participate in them regulatory uncertainty or regulations have now prevented them from doing so but I think a lot of the projects still recognize the value in terms of community because at first they wanted to raise marketing for for investment purposes I'm guessing and then I think they've moved to raising market for community awareness because they understand that once their token hits the secondary market they're going to need the community to still be a part of their project if they still want to be relevant it's one thing to kind of bring ROI or whatever it's another thing to have a community that's going to be evangelism Angela sztyc for you without having to pay for these droves of shills that I think we've all come to now be very careful about the telegram streets there's a lot of hidden entities at play in terms of flooding projects or or spreading ridiculous amounts of FOMO or you know hacking groups or specific FUD agents or or whatever everything that you do in crypto as an individual should be your own decision it should be things that you think about think about things critically because there's a lot of noise out there and I've actually taken a big step back from telegram after I got hacked I always say that it was actually one of the greatest things that ever happened to me it sucked to be able to lose a 10 to 15,000 member community but we definitely rebuilt over on discord and I still had the telegram announcements channel but I used to check telegram almost every day all the time reading countless amounts of messages and the amount of time that it took away from me doing things that I enjoyed was just ridiculous and the amount of like information out there it's just it gives you a headache so I always say that getting hacked even though it's sucked really hard could have been one of the things that the one of the best things that ever happened to me because now I don't have to deal with all that bullshit I don't I don't to manage this huge telegram or whatever I just put my thoughts out there and that people don't fucking like it they don't like it go shove it up your ass dude it's my opinion do you know the four-year cycle theory for Bitcoin some videos out there if you do you think this is somewhat correct Justin expand on that a little bit more Austin is this relating to the happening I know that a lot of people feel that each havening event is the start or the lead-up to the next bull run do you know if hyper net is still around and will ever list I want my damn money dude a hyper net will not answer my messages we were supposed to have an AMA months ago last year I've messaged the guy who set up that AMA two or three times now every time he reads my message and just doesn't answer is what it is so I'm just moving on at this point if they want to reach out they have an AMA schedules call oh brother you know what it is just Mike no regrets as bullish dude I'm also doing this thing now and I think this would be super awesome so habits right I hate I hate habits and we have to grow towards breaking habits but you can't just change all your bad habits every night so I'm trying to you know do one habit at a time right now I'm doing this thing where I write down like three tasks or four tasks during the day and like I'm just like okay I want to finish those tasks and get those done I think we were really productive so today my tasks were do a live stream which we're right now handle some tax stuff which I had a wall on but at least I tried to accomplish fix my sleep cycles so hopefully I'll stay up until like nine or ten that's an ongoing goal and then settle my debts I have some debts with a dentist that I have to call and settle so yeah pretty happy I'm getting that shit done where's Bitcoin going I would recommend that you watch what sub dica I would recommend that you watch the beginning of the video we did a very in-depth analysis probably some of the best ta that you'll find out there on YouTube in my opinion I am biased but hopefully you feel the same I don't mean the to my horn but yeah it took me a long time to get to this point I'm super happy that I did so I'm happy to share it with you guys for free for free maybe we'll do like a tone based course in the future or something for like point one Bitcoin but today we share information for free boys it's like free hotdogs it's like free hotdogs Monday you know you ever go to the ballpark and it's like free how free hot dog day or whatever that's what today is it's free hot dog day bare bull cycles falling into a 4-year cycles yeah I mean I think that they're happening is a significant event anytime that you're removing us you know coins from not removing winter circulation but eliminated limiting your inflation that's coming out it's gonna be a nice little bullish event and there's been a historical research done on the fact that it is significant thanks last one what do you think of iOS and how long will it last so I commented on box mining 'he's tweet and he was talking about how I use were good before he talks about how I use were good for private investors and I disagree with this if you invest in pools now for ieo projects all they're doing is just changing the terms and making it so that there's no funds out there in a sense and this is just my opinion a lot of these I use are just glorified pump-and-dump they keep very low circulating supplies so that way market market makers can manipulate the price especially for 2018 projects that have high caps so you know I think that it limits the amount of people that get in because you're on the exchange you gotta pass the KYC and all that stuff I think that it creates this like puppet nut mentality where there's not much circulating supply and it fucks private investors seed investors that get a good deal because they had a better bonus and they have their unlocked as like 10 plus X so it doesn't it's just essentially a dividend for them at that point and it creates a OTC atmosphere that everyone's just flipping their coin because they're there they might not get their money back and they want they want someone else that gets stuck with the with the vesting terms so she's very disgusting and I don't know if it's better than I SEOs because I see always had their own disgusting baggage that came with it but I'm not a fan of EAJA of the IEA's I'm not participating any of the ayios I mean I could get someone the past kyc for me if I wanted to but even that is a kind of a difficult burden to tackle because you're looking at the fact that if you buy a bunch of BMB and hold it for X amount of time then who's to say you're going to get in and then maybe get the value to have to after the raise or you're a victim of the market so if I want to get any exposure Taiyo I'll just buy exchange tokens while the faith while the craze is hot but eventually it'll die off stos are actually happening behind the background too but no one can get into them either so I just think all of these methods of fundraising are absolutely shit for me my favorite method of fundraising is with dnt MGR exited where they had a had a raised like just a sale a regular sale and if on the first day everyone had like a two thousand dollar cap and on the second day everyone had a five thousand dollar cap and on the third day that gas were so that way everyone gets you know two to seven thousand dollars and if you want to get bigger than you can either get into like the private equity round like a very exclusive private equity round or you could just guess word out and like in my opinion I would much rather see the masses be able to get two to seven thousand dollars that's all you really need for an investment like that's around what I make for my investments right now two to seven thousand and I don't consider myself a whale by any me and so I think the average investor doesn't need that much and it's much more important for them to get their hands on tokens to build that community factor when I was talking about not as much for the whales not to mention that all these exchanges are having certain issues and boobies out there promoting the fact that they have bot farms with KY C's all wrapped up to get into these iOS and they're trying to make it seem like it's like some goddamn land party when in reality it's just some rich dude paying a bunch of cheap Chinese labor to get into these sales and just basically making it impossible for the for the lower guy or making it for a lottery to see if you become one of the privileged motherfuckers to get in and I just think it's disgusting you know III think that the I don't I don't necessarily believe that the crashes that are happening on Finance are necessarily legit but that's my opinion not a reflection of them so yeah I just don't like how this is all set up it just seems to be the haves and the have-nots all over again but even worse than the ico Korea is that was going on because at least in the ico craves people could partner with any Tom Dick and Harry and pull together and and have some sort of leverage if you tried hard enough you know there were so many pulling groups towards the end of the ico phase that it literally just killed the entire market which is fine that's what was great about it I think unfortunately regulatory stuff puts pressure on Millennials who want to have investment opportunities and it is what it is especially when it comes to the US and other first world countries such as Canada and some other Western and European places as well so it's unfortunate world we live in that we can't decide what we want to do with our own investments and it's an unfortunate world we live in when the amount of money you have dictates what the government thinks of your intelligence your financial intelligence which is not the case ever what happen to your spreadsheet I only see shadows I didn't think it was useful anymore that's it's no use to the spreadsheet if I want to put out a project great I just send it out the crypto differ and that's the end of it like it's too much management I was like putting too much time into it and people were using it for stupid shit and I just came time where I was just like look I just don't feel like doing this anymore and the fact that no one noticed for months until one day someone was like hey what happened to your spreadsheet I was like dude I took it down months ago so is what it is I don't plan on bringing it back even for ayios or whatever if I want to put out a review about something I'll just send in a written review to crypto differ or whatever so they actually have a section where they take reviews where you can actually write out how you feel about something I mean I can always put out a video if I want if an etf was approved would you go all in on Bitcoin long-term model if a Bitcoin ETF was going to get approved it would probably already be baked into the price we've seen time and time again that the SEC does not keep things closed they're the people who are working at the SEC have no problem blab in their mouth to people and the information spreads quickly so I would assume that the but the big guys would already know and by the time we found out about it it would be baked into the price and then it would probably go up more a little bit but yeah i think i think that the etf would be a control mechanism that the government will try and put in place to see if they can manipulate the market even more that's what they did with gold it was a it was a price suppression mechanism but it does provide like these regulatory avenues do provide certain levels of mainstream liquidity being able to have like a charles schwab retirement account that has Bitcoin in is is huge because then that means financial advisors out there can recommend to their clients to actually purchase a high risk asset stuff so I think that would be bullish in terms of being able to get regulatory clarity on a lot of different things especially when it comes to Bach but I think it's still a long ways out and I think when it happens we will be the last to capitalize on it but yeah I would consider it to be bullish do you hold in leet Essos no not at the moment it is on my list of coins to research more but my portfolio in terms of what I plan on dollar-cost average again is a little bit more conservative and Tesla's did not hit the high risk category but it is in some of the top coins to research because it's a recognizable name and people talk about it but there's a lot of there's some projects ahead of it today that I need to research first before I get the Tesla's but it's on the list so you all right guys any other questions before we move Bibi has a few seconds while I check tensor charts so there's a big buy wall starting we're at the top of the range here the standard deviation – so in the expect that we should start seeing that retracement we had a second candle paint here there is kind of a crossover happening here at the bottom which is concerning but but to see how that plays out in terms of the volume already talked about a DA at some point I did yeah for sure and I'm not gonna talk about 88 today I don't think we have enough time a DA I think I talked about last stream and the consensus was they're marketing themselves of the blockchain 3.0 project but I don't know anything about them why I should be looking to them for scalability over others so yeah did you look in the Argo yeah they paid me for a review I think the while back I passed as an investor I didn't I didn't want to invest into it I thought it was a decent concept in terms of you know developing developer tools for version control and database database like functions I think all that stuff is gonna be relevant in the future and know we need to build out a lot of that stuff now for to enable like developers to come along and and businesses to come along and I think that there was some hype related to Samsung and being a Series A investor but now I'm seeing some FUD float around on telegram regarding them so I'm not sure the extent of that FUD but I did research them a while back they would have two months ago get a big pump on aetherium here for me I think that 180-190 is like kind of the danger threshold of what's coming in right now you sit around just trade if we want I'm in no rush I got to stay awake for another nine hours anyway I do need to put the dog away at some point though you the problem hatchery have you look at Elrond no take a look at it you you mmm-hmm a user-friendly blotching for deploying programmable money and then stoppable applications 100k transactions per second it's all about how you're doing it and whether it can scale everyone can do high TPS 10k is still not enough like these things when you say 10 k TX per second minimal latency negligible fees all black students are fast when there's no when there's no like usage or not usage but when the bandwidth is low also I need to know how you plan on scaling long term so I always take that stuff with a grain stall comparable and throughput as to centralized counterparts it's always a good argument to have our architecture goes beyond the state of the art and cannot be seen as augmented of existing models improving the performance while focusing to achieve a better Nash equilibrium state between security scalability and decentralization Nash equilibrium actually utilized Nash equilibrium in poker it's essentially like a zero sum like assume a a zero sum result in which your unexploited it's like true balance minimal energy and computational requirements Elrond eliminates the need for intensive approval working census algorithms and proposes a novel more robust secure proof of state consensus per mistake is typically referred to as centralized which goes against their first point of being decentralized but yeah we'll read on enhancing interest shard communication and printing the blockchain state to the most essential so that would pique my interest I'd have to look at how they relate to zoic us and that's the only other person I know that's doing an etherion that's doing some sort of sharding consensus I think aetherium wants to move into a POS sharding type of type of future but it's still kind of up in the air increase security due to the randomly selected block proposer Elrond introduces an improvement which adds security and reduces latency again I'm taking this with a grain of salt allowing East noted in the shard to determine the members of the consensus group block prosper proposer and validators at beginning of a rounds possible because the last aggregated signature it uses a randomization factor interesting these centralizing cross block chain operations Iran's EVM or a virtual machine implementation will hide the underlying architecture isolating the smart contract developers from system internals ensuring a proper abstraction layer and Elrond cross shading interoperability can be implemented by using an adapter mechanism at the virtual machine level this approach requires specialized adapters for each chain that is non EVM compatible and wants to operate with Elrond C this is interesting because IO I've said that if we want to have interoperability it's going to be it's gonna have to be a custom fit and it's gonna have to be a chain by chaining example so I would be interested in reading about that Elrond prototype validating state starting architecture cool yeah seems seems a seems alright it seems up my alley so I will say just from a quick read through very interested in the interoperability section as I'm trying to promote this type of stuff very interested in the the sharding stuff not as interested in the proof of state consensus as it's typically centralized and I think it kind of leads to a poor precedence in terms of centralized their competition against centralized parties this is kind of shot at yes so I want to see how you translate from here to here on the POS stuff but the other stuff seems cool so I'll read some more of my off time so we don't bore everyone in the channel each sharding led Raul Jordan at the prismatic labs is working with the elrond team that's cool v chain b chain is on my supply chain list of top supply chains that I'm interested in what the fuck Jimmy Carter's busting my balls he said that crypto Arne is doing a premium channel he wants to know when my competitive channels coming out when we bro that's cool de about the prismatic labs in hell huh yeah it seems like a decent project I'd have to read more about the technicals and get back to you super busy at the moment though so damn etherium is just I'm back it's gonna have to take a stand soon I'm a damn new to your channel could you take a look at Rapids and tell me what you think tabatha actually hasn't here like his thing I've never heard of rappers before Chris sorry I appreciate you coming by and asking about that if more people in the comments below want to learn about Rapids then by all means please comment it'll definitely help me get to that point without Rana have at least heard of it before with rap as I have him so I do appreciate your love and passion for Rapids and wanting to get some exposure onto it but I don't want to kind of derail the conversation with a project I haven't heard from before but thank you for for asking about that if more people in the comments below want to you know see a review on Rapids or whatever then we could potentially make that happen looks like a theory I'm getting a nice little break out here we'll probably end up closing out they didn't man that I was sick you yeah if we can break this 186 line I will totes go back into a long but I think right now where is this we said 180 1.90 we just broke up by 10 cents with time we got 1201 we got about 4 minutes otherwise yeah I'm into retracing the next four minutes otherwise this will paint and we will be seeing some weird shit happening down here at the bottom you still holding your position from last week's aetherium no I took a position on aetherium today and I made uh I made like a hundred percent ROI on the on the margin and now I have 50 percent of the trade still open and I'm up about a dollar on it but it looks like a theory I'm trying to go the opposite direction right now before project gotta snaps synapse the next change charting architecture by the way which project is a alright looks like here we go so this is gonna stop out here this is really interesting why aetherium is taking such a tear but this is why we take profits burrows yet I have today I have the short on a theorem at 183 55 and I rode that motherfucker down all the way to 176 and that's a profit on 20x leverage it was sick looks like we're hitting some sort of wall here on the cell wall lot of cells coming in right now 180 2.20 we need to drop back down below 180 1.90 in the next two minutes otherwise we're gonna be getting some weird shit happening looking at Bitcoin now I don't really see anything like substantial happening which is kind of weird so I'm a little hesitant to really exit my position of my the rest of my position on aetherium because bitcoin is really not doing anything and I don't think it's been long enough that a theory would just feel emboldened to to start like kicking ass on the other end of it so we'll see what happens getting a second rally here but it's getting hard to sustain time you guys still 1203 to drop about 65 cents wow there's 275 people watching right now that's consistent scene hey guys how's everyone doing I'm gonna guess someone's viewbotting me right now actually because we were at 46 on a natural pace and then all of a sudden it just started like climbing up which I don't support but thanks to whoever's doing that I guess it's your money not mine is what it is the have an idea of who it might be unless someone unless someone sent him over there we are Bitcoin bots hey Jay finger how you doing thank you pick one BOTS for come on I'll never Rienzi what's going on can you take a look at the charts for the Bitcoin ontology pairing we're gonna tell Japan sure I haven't so I haven't tested this new strategy against Bitcoin pairings but we can try it out let me just save this you you you I can actually put it on a tether USD pari you want to see Bitcoin though probably Bitcoin pairing is that one Bitcoin goes up it goes down and vice-versa so I actually prefer using a tether if that's cool let's see here this hasn't been after long this is on TV that sucks oh it's the Rinka blocks let me new chart you Thanks and ecology will set this to regular candles that way we can get the hourly ATR range sitting at about three cents so I'll put it at a one and a half cents point zero zero or zero one five pool put it up to the daily in Sedalia right now 12 cents so this will put it up to six cents of sex yeah select most all coins it went long around actually none this one went long around February 20th looks like it's in a trending phase right now it's a little too late to hop in if I was gonna happen I would have popped in on February 20th it gave the signal on February 15th so you had about five days to get in since that signal went off it's up 133 percent for each one X leverage so that's cool so yeah it's just maintaining a long trend looks like the trends flattening out here so it's going to get into the extended burnout looking here roughly resistance around $2 so it might have another like twenty-five percent to go into this to two to 15 range but in my opinion is just too late if I was gonna happen to this trade I would have gotten in on February 15th and like same thing for the short look at this got sick these look how sick these gains are bro October 11th on the short literally had a pullback handle you could have just crushed this like hard even like a even a fuck up trade was so good and then like look at this uh it's just like August 29th I was 29th august 30th so we had a whole day to get into here this one pulled back on you a little bit but you still would've made a little bit there this trade was like august 8 8 here sorry August 16 let's see this trade was like he lost a bunch of profit but he still got in here which was like it says August 17th so he had a whole day and it still went on maximum 35 to 45 to 38 it's just like sick and then like look at this like this is August 30th and then there was literally like 11 days between this so like what told you to get in like in this area and then literally want like 50% if you if you could short it obviously so yeah this the strategy was kicking some serious ass over on ontology Bitcoin pretty awesome you alright guys let me know if you have any more questions I'm probably gonna end the stream soon because someone's clearly trying to viewbot me which I don't really care he's wasting his money I pretty much know who it is I think so is what it is come on here you you that's weird that's even weirder you you apparently I banned Superman from my channel ABBA uh when can we buy ether I'm at 130 uh so if we look at the theorem see something here I want to look at the daily pyaare mattheum is like yeah so about five bucks a theorem is in the same boat that song calling base I don't want to come base so on you you you you looks like a theory I was about to start training again actually on the daily yeah aetherium just on a major run right now so I'm not really trying to touch it it's in this big resistance area but it actually might break out when we look at it as you see here it's about two it's in it's in what's I call it this like a drag down reversal pattern this is when you're going through like shit like this so yeah I took a short at the top and it was it was good so we're gonna have to see what happens here but it's a critical moment for aetherium at least on the daily if we can get above the all-time high I think like in the 183 whatever range then you could probably start looking for a theorem to test like the to the 250 range and see how it does up in that area and then up to 300 but in my opinion that doesn't seem feasible I think we eventually see a pullback and go from there I'm looking for shit for price to go down especially because I'm seeing that more on Bitcoin than etherium and I don't see them being unique to each other what's a good entry for bit max I don't have enough data on bit max to be honest but yeah what to say any price targets for etherium by the time it switches to proof of stake what's the date for the POS which if you get answered me for that I might be able to get you better I might be able to give you a better answer year end our q1 or 2019 year end or human think you won you you News you you you you you says serenity is not announced Casper's not even on here you q1 2020 that sounds a little bit more like it the red man would foresee there are some concrete proposals in regards to such as AIP 10:11 which proposes a proof-of-work purpose a hybrid consent model for the etherium core network privilege for the creation of new blocks and the new proof of state mechanism called Casper the Friendly Gadget there okay yeah I don't think it's saying I also postpone the one of the I don't think anyone fucking this to be honest you yeah I don't sit so you you hi guys uh wow we've been recording for two hours this is insane all right let me know if anyone has any more questions in the chat be more than happy to answer them okay weird yeah I am happy that everyone stuck with us thus far it's been an awesome livestream if you haven't done so yet please make sure to hit that subscribe and like button if you enjoyed the content and also let me know if you enjoy these types of live segments in the comments below or if you prefer more recorded cut down content I know we can cover a lot we can cover a lot in sessions like these so it's nice to be I have the back and forth atom flow and stuff like that but sometimes I think some things can be conveyed better and like a very short pre-pre like organized type of way so we're still kind of fleshing out stuff on the channel for the long term and I want to hear from you guys so make sure you hit that that comment button the description below and let invoice your opinion and be heard alright guys I will catch you on the flip only Mattia visa

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  2. I use tone's TD not perfect but it's pretty good on the 4 hr and 3d oddly. Good 300 bucks spent. Had a few good scalps using 30 minute and 10 minute on it as well. But i add this to my other indicators to stack the odds in my favor.
    Thank you for pointing out your observation though!

  3. Great show as usual! Loved your rant on how bitcoin maximalists are delusional… BTC is the 'king' but, there will always be more than one crypto currency with value of one form or another.

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