Is Bitcoin Core Development Corrupted From The Inside? Who’s Really In Control?

hey yo what's going on viewers of the tube my name is Tyler and welcome to the channel that brings you the content that is worth tuning in for if you're just looking for outlandish price predictions and reading news articles go look somewhere else because it's time for Chico crypto today I would like to revisit something that I said I would be keeping an eye on block stream and their control over the Bitcoin network many people accuse Bitcoin of being controlled from the inside by block stream especially the Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin SV camps now their theory goes like this block stream which was founded in 2014 by cyberpunk Adam back and some other Bitcoin developers has gone to the dark side of the bank's and are deliberately holding Bitcoin back to either destroy it or so centralized solutions like the Lightning Network take over where their banking partners can become dominant players like becoming a dominant channel node within the Lightning Network and there is a little bit of weight to their theory to one of block streams main investors is AXA Venture Partners as we can see their featured on their page and they invested in the 55 million Series A round who is AXA ventures they are the investment arm of the too-big-to-fail insurance baking and financial services giant AXA Group CEO and chairman at the time of the investment was Henry de Castries who also sits on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group which we can verify by going to their website and seeing his name right there but he's also listed on Wikipedia for Bilderberg besides being another piece in the global control corporate and political web that is the Bilderberg Group block stream has ties to the Federal Reserve Bank through digital currency group and Barry Silbert in February in the same 55 million Series A round they got their investment from Barry and BGC who sits on the board of D G C Glenn Hutchins and as we can see here he also sits on the board of the Federal Reserve now I have dug deeper into block stream and their connections to the banking elite so I will stop there if you want to check out that video it's in the description what I want to switch over to now is seeing the influence that block stream developers have over the Bitcoin code since the last time I went through this there has been some changes with block stream has this increase or decrease their influence over the Bitcoin code let's find that out to do this we will go to github and check out the contributors to the master from the beginning of 2013 to today looking at the top contributor that is al and WJ who is this this is Vladimir J van der LAN the main contributor and maintainer of the Bitcoin core repo and they're not attached to any corporate body thus he was given the role of lead by Gavin Andresen in 2014 so my role has been changing I was lead maintainer for the open source project Vladimir is now lead maintainer for the open source project I've tried to step back Gavin was given the reins by the one and only Satoshi nakamoto's so having Vladimir as the lead maintainer is a good sign unfortunately the next largest contributor is a block stream employee and this is CIPA better known as Peter you ella who sits on block stream leadership's board as a core tech engineer as seen from the corporate tree next we have Marco Faulk E which is a part of chain code labs of New York which we can verify if we go to their website and scroll down on the team after Marco is the uni who is better known as Cori fields who has worked alongside Gavin in Vladimir and he has no connections to any corporate body Cori is a true open-source pioneer working on the foundation and as a developer for the open source media player XBMC that are known today as Kodi the next highest contributor is Jonas Nelly who is working on his own project like shift crypto security and bit box and if we see from this tweet from him he is not the biggest fan of people saying Bitcoin core is controlled by block stream Jay Newberry is next on the list and he is better known as John Newbery and we can verify he is not part of block stream but part of chain code by checking out their team page once again the blue mat comes after John and he is better known in the developer world as matt corral I think you can tell why they call him blue Matt Matt used to be a block stream developer and was actually a co-founder but just recently has left and in May he said he is embarrassed to have helped co-found them and as we can see chain code has swept them right up as he is now on their team next comes practical Swift who has to be the most mysterious out of the group no picture but their Twitter says independent Bitcoin core developer number nine on the list is Luke jr. better known as Luke – jr. now Luke is involved with block stream and is a co-founder but he isn't considered a part of the team tree but if we see old archives of the team page he did work for them I would assume that this is continuing as nothing has came out in the public to prove any different the last developer I would like to do a profile on his number 10 on the list s daftar whose real name is Sahu staff Tarr and he is not connected to block stream but actually is a co-founder of chain code labs so out of the top 10 contributors only two are a part of block stream now let's go through the rest of the top ryan of skye works for chain code fan quick has no affiliations pro mag has no affiliations more Coase is the co-founder of chain code and finally we get to another block stream developer and JT Mon or Jorge teaming co-founder of block stream a chow 101 has no affiliation G Maxwell or gregory maxwell was former block stream CTO but has recently resigned from his position and is no longer affiliated the next two pavel Janek and cali woof are both independent and then once again we end up on another block stream employee insta Gibbs better known as Gregory Sanders who we can see as part of the current block stream corporate tree the only other contributor that could be connected to block stream in that list is Peter Todd but the guy hasn't even worked on anything in a couple of years so the official data was compiled and it was found out that chain code lapse is contributing the most to the Bitcoin code just over 26% then MIT DCI with just over 18% next unaffiliated at 13.2% then block stream at 8.5 percent and finally others at just over 34% now let's watch from my last video how much they had then to put this in perspective the number of commits by these five block stream developers they have contributed about 20% of the covenants to Bitcoin core a major drop from 20% to just 8.5% and I mean from the data it doesn't seem like block streams should be too much to worry about at this point they are losing talent and people are fleeing it like a sinking ship if the data is telling me anything we might want to start looking into chain code and their control over Bitcoin but that will be it for another video cheers viewers I'll see you next time

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  2. I'm waiting to hear that George Soros is Satoshi Nakamoto from this guy. The thing about conspiracy theorists is they have to create new conspiracies to keep themselves relevant. You want to know how Alex Jone became Alex Jones, then keep watching this guy.

  3. Well done Chico, how about come on the BitcoinSV Channel and we tell you how far the rabbit hole goes, Bitcoin was designed to hold data, instant tx, all disabled by blockstream.

  4. "Control over Bitcoin"
    You BTC maxilmilists are so delusional…
    BSV will be Bitcoin set in stone next Feb as it was always intended too.
    No developers trying to reinvent the wheel – Just a protocol that works.

  5. Definitely an interesting subject. Just FYI all commits are not equal, so percentage doesn't equate to control

  6. THANX Chico…another great vid…one point i would make is that your figures say almost half of all the developers are either "unaffiliated " or "unknown"…they could be "covert" blockstream contracters…??

  7. Can you please do a video on all these exchanges that are delisting coins without letting anyone know , then stealing and selling them? Bittrex, Kucoin, and Trade Satoshi. Please rain some truth down about their scam!

  8. The damage is already done Tyler. Blockstream has damaged the protocol beyond repair they don't need to do it any more

  9. Yes we know that! CIA just get ready for the mark of the beast and the chip up to come but you’ll do it because you want your crypto 1 step closer to be deceive

  10. ?Did you know, DASH has a thing called CHAINLOCK?? It's supposed to make it immune to 51℅ attacks!!
    DASH also has a thing called insta send you can send dash instantly with less than 1 confirmation!!!

  11. It's useless to see the current state of development now since they already got what they wanted, which is segwit and lightning.

  12. Satoshi handed over the reign to Gavin. But Wladimir was never handed over the reign by Gavin. In fact, Gavin was kicked out and his access to github was revoked. Wladimir in fact mentioned somewhere that Gavin was not suitable to lead the initiative. It was a highjack no doubt about it.

  13. CHICO, what the EFF does AXA Ventures and these other conglomerates have to gain in investing in open-source software that does not align with their power structure? What are their interests? Block-stream is a corporation. No longer a current, currency, clogged liquidity, etc.

  14. Great work chico. That's bad ass Corey fields is a bitcoin dev. Makes sense since hes an open source enthusiast. I love kodi.

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